Generalized land use maps of Hyde Park and Kenwood (zoning, but by general type, not designation)

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The following maps are sections of maps distributed to select community groups by the Metropolitan Planning Council and the City of Chicago Zoning Commission and Mayor's Commission on Zoning Reform. They are likely still available upon request but each ward map is about ten feet on a side. First is the relevant part of the legend, then a view of central Hyde Park focused on the 53rd Street TIF central business area, then views putting parts of Hyde Park and Kenwood in surrounding perspective including Oakland and Woodlawn.

Note that at many places the designations (districts) do not reflect actual uses or molding forces, such as powerful public and private institutions such as University of Chicago (parts still zoned residential and commercial if outside the Planned Development District), Museum of Science and Industry (zoned commercial), CHA, schools and libraries (no separate designation). Smaller parks are not separately zoned. Residential and commercial both cover areas that are really mixed use, including most of the buildings facing 53rd and parts of 55th and 57th. It is amazing to this writer the amount of flexibility possible within the designations. Note that the categories such as residential are not broken down on these maps--here is not where to look to see whether your block is mainly R4 or R6.

Zoning land use maps- key


Zoning land use map-East HP and Indian Village Zoning land use map-South and North Kenwood, southern Oakland

Zoning land use map-Kenwood exc. east tip, central Hyde Park except east tip Zoning land use map-central Hyde Park and Kenwood, with east and sout fringes but not west edge

Zoning land use map. Central spine of Hyde Park, Kenwood Zoning land use map-Southeast Hyde Park and most of east and central Woodlawn