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If you have sites to add to this list, please forward the full name of the organization, its URL and, if you like, a line about the site to  Visit the bicycling links and Walkable for more sites; Regional and Beyond for CATS material and comments sites. Chairman's interactive blog service.

Note: A new resource booklet from NCBG/Campaign for Better Transit: "The Weary Traveler: A Citizen's Guide to Federal Funding for Mass Transit." Includes contacts for our state and federal legislators, committees and timetables, the agendas of various agencies and advocates, the "goods" provided by public transit, and a glossary through the transportation jargon. 312 939-9178.

The Transit Task Force of the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference calls your attention to the following organizations we have worked with or learned from and that actively seek to link local organizations into coalitions:

City of Chicago Home Page (navigate to departments, esp. Transportation including Lake Shore Drive and sub pages)

American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Links to everything and everywhere. A good  way to start using this site is  to go to Web Sites, U.S. transit websites, Illinois, Chicago
Gary Chicago Milwaukee Transportation Corridor Upcoming  maintenance and construction activities, Travel Times to and from the Loop, Individual Expressway Data, and more.
Campaign for Better Transit Works for safe, accessible, efficient, affordable and pleasant transit service and the funding needed to achieve it. Check out the Transit Bill of Rights and rider survey. Ally: Metro Seniors in Action. Considered by some too abrasive and unimaginative.
CBT's website, includes the West Side Petition, Quality TransitWoodlawn Metra Survey, analysis of 2003 CTA budget, material on Brown Line renovation, recommendations for CTA policy reforms, Cu8stomer Satisfaction Surveys, good and horror stories, chat, volunteering.

CATS (Chicago Area Transportation Study): New site for Shared Path plan and planning info (, / for alterative's:/#awg20021119, for Regional Transportation Plan mtgs, info.
Regional Transportation Asset Management: (registr. reqd.)

The official planning body for Northeast Illinois in conjunction with NIPC (Northern Illinois Planning Commission). Everything from new Plans, project approvals to bike trails and training to mobility and congestion issues. NIPC has lots of research links.
Center for Neighborhood Technology, Citizen Action/Illinois (same as Build Illinois) Major research and advocacy group with a very good site. (See note after "bike enthusiasts".)
Center for Transportation Efficiency Advocacy. Large, exciting website.
Central Electric Rail Association Fun and research; sells Moffet's books
Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) Big, important site with lots of sidebars
Chicago Transit Authority ( Big, outstanding site includes routes, schedules
Chicago Transit Coalition (info pending) 12 neighborhood and citywide advocacy orgs. Has ear of key legislators
Chicago Transit Railfan A bit of everything... a site to enjoy.

City-wide meeting calendar (NCBG)

on Transit, Schools, TIFs, and Public Works.  This calendar is maintained by the Neighborhood Capital Budget Group
Chicagoland Transportation and Air Quality Commission  (Citizens Taking Action-see at bottom) 

A coalition, largely under Center for Neighborhood Technology, of 140+  groups from Metro Chicagoland to innovatively improve air quality, smart growth, and wise choices and create more travel options.

Citizens Taking Action (cta ) One of the newer advocacy groups, esp. for seniors and disabled.
Civic Federation of Chicago  
Community Legislative Info Service of IL. Transportation legislation
A History of the Chicago "L" Just for fun....
Illinois Central Historical Society See also Central Electric Rail Assn.
I-GO Car Sharing  
Metra Info Metra's site, routes, schedules for commuter trains, including Electric District

Metropolitan Planning Council,
Campaign for Sensible Growth,
Business Leaders for Transportation

MPO, Bus. Leaders for Transp'n, Chicago Metropolis 2020, and Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce are working on next federal and state transit legisl, transit- oriented development, regional planning. Brochure plan for regional transp. agenda available.

NAPTA National Alliance of Public Transportation Advocates.

Associated? Center for Transportation Excellence

National Transportation Enhancements Clearinghouse  

Northwestern University Library


For serious research.  On campus--transit resource center is in the basement
Neighborhood Capital Budget Group  A major monitoring and advocacy group, largely resp. for Campaign for Better Transit. Has a very good site.

PACE suburban and suburb-city buses service provider

Regional Transportation Authority Controls funding and planning/expansion of the three service boards for the six county area-CTA, Metra, Pace. Site includes routes, schedules, destination planning.


Straphangers Campaign


Pioneer successful transit riders advocacy group. A part of the New York Public Research Group that advocates for safe, comfortable, reliable, and affordable subways and busses.

Surface Transportation Policy Project also as ISTEA [Transact]  A large activist justice-oriented site with many links. Works with federal and state legislators
Traffic Station Real-time traffic maps for over 20 U.S. cities, + register your route -TrafficStation will alert you with an e-mail if there's a traffic problem

And don't forget John Hilkevitch's Getting Around in the Tribune. Columns at E-mail Hilkevitch at



bike enthusiasts

Chicago Dept. of Transportation Includes new maps and routes
CDOT bike plan,  
or, or,  
Chicagoland Bicycle Federation Key organization
Chicago Clubs, chat rooms, ride/race schedules, resources
League of Illinois Bicyclists
Chicagoland Bicycle Map Maps--order/download
Selected Bicycling Links in Chicago An amazing set of links...  worth the visit
Bicycle Transportation Notes: Additional Resources Planning, laws, and more
Ride and Race Schedules, Shops
Model Laws
Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center Research organization
Cycling Advocacy Sites
Chicago Area Transportation Study- Soles and Spokes Research, resources, funding, planning, advocacy. Works with Chic. Bicycle Fed.

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