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 Houses of Worship and Faith and Spiritual Institutions and Communities in the Hyde Park and Kenwood area.
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Several UC campus religious groups without contacts are included in

Denomination Place of Worship/meeting, website/email
* = has an entry in alpha detail table
African Methodist Episcopal
(Assembly of God- see Christian)

Grant Memorial AME

4017 S. Drexel (773 285-5819)
Baptist A Oh Church
Centennial MB Church

* Cornerstone (fundamentalist/Fairhaven)

Christian Liberty Missionary
* Ellis Ave (formerly Cornell, Baptist. Lib. and social)
Evening Star
Holy Vessel
St. John
Shiloh Missionary (moved to 11813 S. Michigan Av)
moved? (773 743-1865)
4138 Cottage Grv (773 536-9138)
824 E 43rd (773 548-4501)
Currently meets Neigh Club, 5480 S. Kenwood, Wed. elsewhere
(773 643-1865)

4834 Cottage Grv (773 924-5249)
5001 S Ellis (773 268-4910)
4235 Cottage Grove (773 924-5574)
1448 E 53rd (at United Ch HP)
1163 E 43rd (773 924-3687)
6154 S Woodlawn (773 667-8543)
(268-2733 for temp. phone no.)
Baptist-America USA * First BC of Chicago (
* Hyde Park Union C (
935 E 50th (536-3430)
5600 S Woodlawn (363-6063)
Baptist-Missionary Assoc.    
Baptist-Southern * Ellis Avenue (formerly Cornell) Baptist
( Also there: Metropolitan Alliance of Congregations Rogations
Pleasant-Gift MB

5001 S Ellis (773268-4910)

4526 S Greenwood (773 285-9181)


University of Chicago Buddhist Association, meditation (,) Contact Nathan Czuba:
Chicago Shambhala (


The home of Ira Abrahms & Rachel Krucoff
5441 S. Kenwood Ave., Apt. 3 (top buzzer)
Chicago, IL 60615

Catholic Byzantine (Roman see Roman Catholic) Vicariate Service Office, Archdiocesan of Chicago 4924 S King (773 451-0023)
Christian (Disciples see United CC) New Heritage Christian Center Assembly of God 5848 S Princeton (773 684-0444)
Christian-Disciples of Christ * University Church (www.UniversityChurchChicago) 5655 S University (773 363-8142)
Christian & Missionary Alliance Hyde Park Alliance Church 5139 S Dorchester (773 752-0469
Christian Reformed Hyde Park C R

5144 S Cornell (773 288-2677)

Christian Science

Christian Science Society of Hyde Park

General Information (see also in campus ministries/orgs; nearest: 8th at 4359 S. Michigan) Contact Christopher Freeman, Reynolds Club, 5707 S University.

1438 E. 57th St- mail to 1448 E.52nd st box 60614, Sun serv. 10:45

(773 493-1044)

(773 743-3417)

Church of God *Active Bible Church of God (affil. unknown)
Church of God
Church of God
Langley Av (Anderson, IN denom.)
(Note: Apostolic C of God ((Byron Brazier's)) identifies as Pentecostal qv)

5655 S. University (University Church)
4601 S Drexel (773 285-9342)
924 E 46th (773 624-7500)
6159 S Langley (773 643-9688)


Church of God in Christ Second Faith Temple 424 E 49th (773 624-0799)
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints * The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Hyde Park Ward) ( (Contact Scott Shurtliff, (Services 10:50 am Sunday, visitors welcome. )5200 S. University (312-523-8729)
(Disciples see United Church. Ecumenical see Nondenomen.)


Brent House (

* St Paul & the Redeemer (,

5540 S Woodlawn (773 947-8744)

4945 S Dorchester (773 624-3185)
Evangelical Covenant (affil. Lutheran)

The Storehouse EEC (

1100 E. 55th St. P.O. 178263, 60617. (773 757-7074)
Friends, Religious Society of (Quaker) * 57th St Mtg (Religious Society) of Friends
5615 S Woodlawn (773 288-3066)

Bhav Bhakti Hindu Society (Sangam) ( contact Akshay Birla

* Vivekananda Vedanta Society (Ramakrishna Mission) (

Meets Bartlett Lounge 57th University (773 324-0726)

5423 S Hyde Park (773 363-0027)

Islam, Mosques of

Masjid al Faatir

Muslim Students Association ( contacts Omar Mozaffar,, Yusra Gomaa,

Hyde Park Muslim Family Circle. Dr. Jihad Shoshara- in Spiritual Life at Rockefeller Chapel, 5850 S. Woodlawn

47th & Woodlawn

1135 E.57th St. (630 881-5211)


in Spiritual Life at Rockefeller Chapel, 5850 S. Woodlawn

Jewish- see Synagogues and Congregations    
Latter Day Saints- See in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints    
Lutheran var.

Lutheran-Evangelical * Augustana Lutheran (
Rev. Nancy Goede
Lutheran Campus Ministry (
5500 S Woodlawn (773 493-6451)
5500 S. Woodlawn (773 493-6451)

Methodist-see United Methodist

(Mormon see The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)
(Muslim see Islam)

New Age, spiritual, mystical *Oneness Spiritual Center (was Power of Oneness Spiritual Center) (http://www, contact Pastor Rev. Celeste A. Frazier, Chiquita Lowery, Scinece of mind Minister.

Merged in 2012 with Namaste Center for Spiritual Living
Mailing P.O. Box 198779, 60619-8779 (773 962-9081)- these may be out of date. Meets at Catholic Theological Union, 5416 S. Cornell.
Nondenominational and Ecumenical or unknown. (Multi-denom are listed under at least one denom component, examp. United Ch of HP, University Ch.) Asian American Students for Christ (try to locate through Intervarsity Chr. Fellowship

The CityLight

Graduate Christian Fellowship contact Joel Selking 1212 E.59th

Hope Church of Chicago (formerly God's Way MBC on Indiana)

*Hyde Park Church

*Hyde Park Alliance Church (evangelical) (

* Hyde Park Vineyard Contemp Christian Church (evangelical) (http:/

* Holy Trinity ( Non-dem. in reformed tradition. Four Holy Trinity geographical subcongregations.

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship ( subdivs incl. Asian and Graduate

*Remnant Worship Assembly. Dr. Tim andJone' Jones

Resurrection Metrop. Community Church (inclusionary)

* Rockefeller Memorial Chapel ( New Dean tba

United Protestant Campus Ministry (Amer. Bapt., Church of Brethren, Presbyterian, Un. Method.) contact: Rev. Norval Brown, May no longer exist?

Urban Village Church. Technically Methodist-affilated

Vineyard. See Hyde Park Vineyard above.


824 E. 43rd St. 60653, Gregory Igiwola,
W. 847-379-8822 ext 4, C. 224 717-1504

1212 E. 59th St.

At KAMII, 1100 E. Hyde Park Blvd.

54-- S. Hyde Park Blvd.

5139 S Dorchester (773 752-0469)

Opens Ap. 9 2017 at 5333 S. Greenwood.10 am Sundays, (773 939-3445). Moving to 5335 S. Greenwood.

South Side of 4 congregs. currently meets 4 pm at United Church of Hyde Park, 1448 E. 53rd St.(773 221-9856?) office 28 E. Jackson Ste 210 60604 phone 312.447-0962, fax 312.447-0978,

1212 E. 59th St.?

location, contacts not found

Worship at Chicago Lakeshore Hotel, 4900 S. Lake Shore Dr.

5850 S. Woodlawn (773 702-7095)

No current found address or contact

1407 E. 60th St. (CTS).


Orthodox Christian (Eastern Rite)

Center for Study of Religious Life
St Columban's Theologate
also Orthodox Christian Fellowship, Fr. John Schreodel or Craig Jackson,

* St. Makarios Orthodox Chr. Ch. (all ethnicities)

5420 S Cornell (773 752-2720)
5103 S Ellis (773 955-0660)
(773 643-4468)

Bond Chapel Sat and weekday, 1421 E. 53rd St. Sunday.
Pentecostal (see also United Pentecostal)

Apostolic Church of God (Bishop Brazier) (

City of Faith Christian, progr./social and orthx.
Pastor Patrick Shaffer

6320 S Dorchester, (773 667-1500)

Meets at KAM, 1100 E. Hyde Park Blvd.


(Quaker see Friends)

*Bethel Christian at U of C (Presbyterian Church of America) (708 280-8779 ( for commentary on weekly sermons)

* First Presbyterian (P-USA?) (e-mail:
* United Church of Hyde Park


Sundays 11:30am worship and lunch at Ida Noyes Library, 59th and Woodlawn
contact Pastor Brad Beier

6400 S. Kimbark (773 363-0505)
1448 E 53rd (773 363-1620)

Reformed/Reformed tradition. See also Christian Reformed, Presbyterian

*Bethel Christian at U of C (Presbyterian Church of America) (708 280-8779 ( for commentary on weekly sermons)

* Holy Trinity ( Non-dem. in reformed tradition. Four Holy Trinity geographical subcongregations.


Sundays 11:30am worship and lunch at Ida Noyes Library, 59th and Woodlawn
contact Pastor Brad Beier

South Side of 4 congregs. currently meets 4 pm at United Church of Hyde Park, 1448 E. 53rd St.(773 221-9856?) office 28 E. Jackson Ste 210 60604 phone 312.447.0962, fax 312.447.0978,

Roman Catholic

Calvert House ( Contact The Rev. Michael Yakaitis or Patrick Rugen? (
Christ the King Sovereign Priest Shrine (Latin rite) (

Discalced Carmelites
Missionaries of the Precious Blood.

*Institute of/ Shrine of Christ the King Sovereign Priest (, info@) TEMP ARRANG

* St Ambrose (,

* St Thomas the Apostle
St. Gelasius (old reg. parish contact St. Thomas The Apostle or Christ the KIng... or Institute/Shrine of Christ the King)

5737 S University (773 288-2311)

6401 S Woodlawn (773 363-7409)

5345 S University (773 752-6943)
5332 S Woodlawn Ave., Chicago, IL 60615. 773-752-0672.)

6415 S. Woodlawn Ave. (773 363-7409 F 363-7824)
Temp services at St. Thomas Apostle.

1012 E. 47th St. 60615. (773 624-3695)

5472 S Kimbark (773 324-2626)

Seventh-Day Adventist Goshen SDA
Hyde Park SDA
4608 S Drexel (at Kenwood UCC) (773 373-2909, pantry
773 288-0429) PO
Box 805509, Chicago, IL 60680
1525 E 53rd (773 324-7513)
Synagogues/congregations-Conservative United Synagogues of America * Congregation Rodfei Zedek ( Rabbi David Minkus 5200 S Hyde Park (773 752-2770)
Synagogues/congregs/ministries affil. unknown-conserv Hasidic Chabad Jewish Center (,,
Meets at Chabad House, 1236 E. 57th, sometimes Judd Hall, 5835 Kimbark (773 955-TORAH)

* KAM Isaiah Israel Congregation (
Rabbi Frederick Reeves.

1100 E Hyde Park (773 924-1234)
non or multi-affiliated Jewish Newberger Hillel Center UC Campus ( contact Daniel Libenson Exec. Dir., Operations Raif Melhado, 5715 S. Woodlawn Av. (773 752-1127)
Unitarian-Universalist * First Unitarian of Chicago ( or
also as Unitarian Universalist Campus Ministry
Contact: Rick Brown church administrator. , Incoming senior co-ministers Teri and David Schwartz
5650 S Woodlawn (773 324-4100)
United Church of Christ


* Hyde Park Union Church (also American Baptist) ( Rev. Ashley Whitakre

*Kenwood UCC (

* United Church of Hyde Park (also Presbyterian, Methodist)

University Church (also Christian/Disciples) ( Rev. Julian M. DeShazier, Senior Minister

Disciples Divinity House at University Church. 1156 E. 57th St.. Kristine A. Culp, Dean.

5600 S Woodlawn (773 363-6063)

4600-4608 S Greenwood (773 373-2861)

1448 E. 53rd St. (773 363-1620)

5655 S University (773 363-8142)

1156 E. 57th St. (773 643-4411

United Methodist Hyde Park Korean UM/ United Methodist (Korean) or Korean American Christian Ministry. Contact The Rev. Sung-Kown Oh,
* CLOSED: St James UM
* United Church of Hyde Park

5745 S. Blackstone (773 643-2144)

4611 S Ellis (773 285-4244)

1448 E 53rd (773 363-1620)

United Pentecostal

Pentecostal Church of God 4022 S Drexel (773 373-6755)
Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches Resurrection MCC 5757 S University (773 288-1535)
Affiliation not known

Bethel Christian UC on campus (
*Holy Trinity
Ghanan Community Church
Grace Hope Light of the World Community Church
Metropolitan Apostolic Church (Dr. Leon Finney, moved to old Metropolitan Ch, in Bronzeville.)

708 773 280-8779
Meets Sun. afternoon at Ray School
Services at Augustana, 5500 S. Woodlawn
Services at Disciples Divinity House, 1156 E. 57th

4100 S. King Dr.



Links, umbrella organizations, religious social ministries

For a beginning list & links to denominational websites, visit the McCormick Seminary website.

Hyde Park and Kenwood Interfaith Council.

Member congregations: Augustana Lutheran, Church of St. Paul and the Redeemer, Congregation Rodfei Zedek, Ellis Avenue Church, 57th St. Society of Friends (Quaker), First Baptist Church of Chicago, First Unitarian Church, Hyde Park Union Church, K.A.M. Isaiah Israel Congregation, Kenwood United Church of Christ, Oneness Spiritual Center, Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, St. Ambrose Catholic Church, St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, United Church of Hyde Park, University Church.

The umbrella group, very active, for religious organizations in the area is the Hyde Park and Kenwood Interfaith Council, 1448 E. 52nd St., Box 117, Chicago, IL 60615. 773 752-1911. Also given as 312 458-9313.
Organized February 7, 1911. HPKIFC is a 501 c3.

Organized February 7, 1911. HPKIFC is a 501 c3. Over 100 YEARS!

Their new website includes:
• A general “Donate” button on the Home page

• Mmany color photos
• HPKIFC Happenings – Executive Committee, Interfaith Dialogue, Monthly Happenings, Thanksgiving Day Interfaith Worship Service, and the Council By-Laws
• HPKIFC Member Organizations with descriptions of Congregations, Seminaries, and Other Member Organizations – many with links to their websites, and photos from many Congregations
• Services for Poor and Homeless including HPK Hunger Program, Hyde Park Transitional Housing, Sanders Free Medical Clinic, and Angels Outreach – each with a “Donate” button – and Other Programs
• Activities for Children and Youth ("Good Stuff to Do"), and
• Other Social Services

One example of its outreach has been the Community Food Pantry at Union Church 5600 S. Woodlawn: emergency groceries Sats. 10-1; The Open Kitchen at Kenwood United Church of ?Christ, 4608 S. Greenwood: meals at noon Mon.-Fri. Also, Social Justice Committee supports the Transitional Housing Project and the Council holds the Community Thanksgiving Service at Rockefeller Chapel.
Mission/Vision, adopted at the Annual Meeting, June 26, 2007
The Hyde Park and Kenwood Interfaith Council is an association of religious and spiritual communities, seminaries and service organizations which intentionally cooperate to foster just and compassionate relationships and interconnections.

Promoting mutual understanding and respect through interfaith experiences of sharing, dialogue and learning;
Seeking peace and healing for Hyde Park and Kenwood and the world by strengthening and supporting community service and social and environmental justice efforts.
It is a priority for the Interfaith Council to expand the network of our relationships and to invite individuals and families to participate in our member organizations.
"Founded in 1911, the Interfaith Council is among the oldest interfaith organizations in the nation, and is the recipient of the National Ecumenical Service Recognition Award of the National Council of Churches. Its members agree to respect the integrity of their different faiths and the right to practice their beliefs. The Council is dedicated to projects for the betterment of life in the community and to the struggle for human equality. The purpose of the Association is to provide effective channels for cooperative expression of our shared mission for the care of the community. These channels include: community service, social justice, mutual spiritual enrichment and understanding... We seek ways to offer support in times of need, to witness to values that heal and repair division, and to create interfaith understanding."
Programs: Social Justice Committee, Community Thanksgiving Service.

Metropolitan Alliance of Congregations is a citywide umbrella with participation from many local congregations. 5001 S. Ellis, 773 538-8781. Very socially and politically active, one of the first such alliances in the country.

See also Metropolitan Area Council of Black Churches, 10057 S. Wallace, 773 881-7823. There are others, example chapter of the National Council of Churches.

Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago (Ex Dir Paul Rutgers, contact not yet found)

The Interfaith Alliance (TIAF Chicago) meets in Hyde Park. Information:

National Association of Evangelicals

National Council of Churches, World Council of Churches (is no longer a Chicago Federation of Churches)

World Alliance of Reformed Churches

An important resource on environmental, social and spiritual issues, resources and opportunities, which helps congregations and religious groups create websites is Website Creation (getting correct url.) It is a spin off of the National Council of Churches' site and is currently maintained by McCormick Seminary qv.

Outreach help includes Night Ministry 4711 N. Ravenswood,-- Emergency 773 296-6500 or 773 935-3366.

Center for Parish Development. For contacts and weblink call United Church of Hyde Park, 773 363-1620.

Chicago Center for Global Ministries

Church World Service



Many of the neighborhood's religious organizations are affiliated with or part of University of Chicago Recognized Student Organizations as Religion on the Quadrangles. Several campus groups without contacts are found in or (a new address replacing or the full url address of the organization. Also, an Interreligious Center consolidating many student religious activities is open in the lower level of Rockefeller Memorial Chapel. For more information on campus religious opportunities or clarifications call 773 702-7111 or 773 702-8787.

The following participate in the University religious community:

Campus places of worship include: (Visit 773 702-7111 or 773 702-8282 or Religion on the Quadrangles in UC website,

Department of Spiritual Care, UC Medical Center. Consult the University of Chicago Hospitals, University of Chicago Medical Center Department of Spiritual Care, MC 2120, 5841 S Maryland Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637, 773 702-6246. Mgr. Deborah Derylak, 773 702-3467, On-Call Chaplain. 773 702-1000. pager 188-7008. Volunteering: 773 702-4421. The Hospitals has two chapels, open 24/7. Benson Chapel is located in the Mitchell Hospital Rubloff Tower 2nd floor (D288). The Piccolo Chapel is in the Comer Children's Hospital 1st floor.

And consult nearby affiliated houses of worship (above) and the following theological seminaries: (Association of Chicago Theological Seminaries/ACTS) (Consult also Association of Theological Schools, American Academy of Religion, Society of Biblical Literature, Taize.) Note- many smaller religious communities with instruction are included beyond.


Campus student religious organizations include: Visit Religion on the Quadrangles in UC website,

More campus religious organizations: visit or




Some Other Area Religious Organizations in the neighborhood or mid South (not inclusive):

Schedules of services and programs, Religious events calendar:

Schedules and congregation vitae

Link to HP&KInterfaithCouncil's index/contacts for congregations:
Several UC campus religious groups without contacts are included in

Rockefeller Chapel University of  Chicago
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