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Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference
Transit Task Force

Chair: Please contact our president. Issues and broad meetings such as of the Association for the Southeast and Coalition for a Modern Metra Electric are handled and meetings occasionaly convened by Gary Ossewaarde and Roger Huff.

The Transportation Committee, which concerns itself with all aspects of getting around the neighborhood, the city, and the region, is currently inactive.  However, the Board’s goal for 2012 is to revive the committee and refresh its purpose. Meanwhile, here are some useful links to transportation information. 

Other Useful Links

HPKCC, with CECD and the Coalition for a Lakeside CBA testified at the Metra board meeting July 22 2015 to push for a real seamless transfer system, as in the intent of the 2011. Read background, testimony and results, and media articles in Metratransferability. We believe this is an affordability and social justice issue.

Programs of the Conference