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Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference
Transit Task Force

The Transit Task Force was formed in the 1990s to vet plans for Metra station renovation. It also addressed the largely successful overhaul and upgrade of CTA bus routes on the South Side. In 2015 the Conference, through the TTF, was a founding member of the Coalition for a Modern Metra Electric, advocating for increased frequency, CTA-level fares in Chicago, transferability to and coordinated schedules with CTA and Pace via the Ventra Card, and cleaner, safer stations on the Metra Electric lines (formerly the "IC").

Transit Task Force Following Up on Complaints About CTA #6 Bus Service

(As in the Nov. 18 2019 HPKCC e-Newsletter).
The HPKCC Transit Task Force held a listening meeting for residents on November 13 about complaints and suggestions we’ve heard about the CTA #6 Jeffery Express bus service for Hyde Park and the South Side. Attendees gave us specifics about consistent types and times of poor service that we will share with our contacts at the Chicago Transit Authority, along with requests for data and information about the route’s scheduling, ridership, public communication about delays, and other service issues. The Transit Task Force and meeting attendees will keep in regular touch; one or more of the attendees intend to make a three- minute public comment at the November 20 CTA Board meeting.
We expect to schedule a public forum after we have looked over existing and additional information. We can be reached at transit@hydepark.org. The webpage of the Transit Task Force is http://www.hydepark.org/programs/transit.html.

-Roger Huff and Gary Ossewaarde, Transit Task Force Co-Chairs

Here is link to CTA's #6 bus schedule https://www.transitchicago.com/assets/1/6/bus-tt_6.pdf

Community members interested in transit issues are invited to participate. Contact Gary Ossewaarde and Roger Huff via email: transit@hydepark.org

Upcoming events

CMME - monthly planning meeting:

When: Generally third Thursday
Where: If interested, email: transit@hydepark.org

IPO forum- Chicago Style: What the El? November 18

November 18, Monday, 6:30 pm. University of Chicago Institute of Politics holds a forum "What the El? Transit Equity in Chicago." Courtney Cobbs of Streetblog Chicago. 5707 S. Woodlawn. Register (does not guarantee a seat) at https://www.facebook.com/events/492456558015613/#.

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