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Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference

Chair: Camille Hamilton-Doyle pro tem. The Schools Commitee meets monthly. Next usually 4th Thursdays 5:30 - new location is being sought. - contact the chair- schools@hydepark.org for details including about participating in the committee.
The HPK CAC(Community Action Council for schools) meets 4th week Wednesdays day, 6 pm at rotating high schools.

The Schools Committee of the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference had a long and illustrious history and citywide reputation and continues to promote quality schools with community and parental participation- "every school a source of pride". Read ABOUT THE HPKCC SCHOOLS COMMMITTEE and give us a try!. THE SCHOOLS COMMITTEE MEETING OF FEB. 25 HAS BEEN POSTPONED due to other community meetings. A new date and location will be posted.

The Schools Committee serves Ariel, Carnegie, Bret Harte, Kozminski, Murray, Ray, Reavis, Robinson, and Shoesmith elementary schools, and Hyde Park, Kenwood Academy, and King High Schools. 

Visit in Hyde Park Records our EDUCATION/SCHOOLS COMMITTEE IN-DEPTH HOMEPAGE, from which you can navigate to our rich resource, information and directory pages, and visit SCHOOLS, which includes our large Youth Programs Database of enrichment programs in the Neighborhood.

Some current concerns and activities- . We support and interact with the principals and local school councils including with coffees and recognition dinners, have helped fund special projects in schools, prepared a list of afterschool programs available for youth and families, and provided small funding for projects.

We like to promote our schools' activities.
One of the recipients of a HPKCC 2016 supplemental grant was Ray for its fitnes equipmnet wakathon. Ray subsequently was one of a handful of schools to win the Michelle Obama Fitness Awards!

November 22, 2019- Jane Averill Reading Day, which is this Friday am at most HP public elementary schools, organniced by the HPKCC's Community Action Council. They may still need readers for the classrooms, but they were able to buy all 400 books. So, if you want to be a reader, look it up online and volunteer. http://hydeparkcac.blogspot.com/2019/10/3rd-jane-averill-community-reading-day.html



Local School Council Elections are upon us and you should consider running! The deadline for applying is in early mach by 3:00 p.m. at the school where you wish to run.

For more information: http://cps.edu/Pages/LSCElections.aspx

Being part of an LSC (as an elected parent representative or an elected community representative) provides a meaningful way to make positive improvements at our schools. The LSC is tasked with approving the school budget, drafting the school improvement plan yearly, and doing principal evaluation/selection, among other things.

LSC elections happen every two years. Elections are mid April - next in 2020 for elementary schools and for high schools. They coincide with Parent-Teacher Conference Day.

You can pick up a candidate's packet at any school or find materials on the CPS Local School Council Relations website http://cps.edu/Pages/LSCElections.aspx

Programs of the Conference

Additional Links

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Table of Public Schools with Address/Phone, LSC calendar, Uniform policy, Principal, and LSC or Alternative Contact Person