Dark Skies, Bright Stars (yes, this is past, but HPKCC and Nichols Advisory Council want you to know what this group does and why it holds these events 2-3 times a year. And it's an example of what groups can do to grow both parks and local and larger communities.)

Stargazing - Telescopes in the Park

Next program- Nichols Park "hill" north of the Neighborhood Club, April 29, 7:30 pm rain or moonshine.

Nichols Park, between Kimbark and Kenwood, north of 55th Street, near the hill in the south-center of the park, behind the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club. If cloudy, the observing session will be held on Wednesday night, same time, same place.

The Hyde Park Circle of Faith in Place (formerly the Interreligious Sustainability Project) is planning another "Dark Skies / Bright Stars" event in Nichols Park. The Ryerson Astronomy Club from the University of Chicago, and local residents, will provide the telescopes and expertise.

Our purpose is twofold. We are working on a project called Dark Skies which aims to modify city lighting in order to save energy, protect migratory birds, stop light pollution into residential buildings, and give city residents an opportunity to observe the night sky. The Park lights are turned off, but street lighting is not. The interference from the latter shows what is meant by light pollution.

There is also a community benefit to our "Party", when neighbors and friends, children and adults from the area get together to look at the stars, moon, galaxies, and planets. This has been a peaceful, educational, interesting, and enjoyable event for the community. Everyone is invited to join. Please join us and tell your friends about it.

We notify the local police, Neighborhood Club, N.P.A.C., Park District, and area residents about the event and the turn-off of lights in the park. Thank you for your help and cooperation. For more information, call (773) 684-2619.

Sponsored by Hyde Park Circle of the Interreligious Sustainability Project and the Ryerson Astronomical Society. The Interreligious Sustainability Project is a project of the Center for Neighborhood Technology (773) 278-4800 x 215.