Views of the plan options for Morgan Shoals/45-51st Streets section

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Basis/background concept renderings for this section of the project.

January 2004 morph of the views below into a new Morgan Sands (linear) and Morgan Peninsula.
Continue on the (March 2004) final concept plan and to views of that plan.

Note, dark text is funded in the project, light (such as "Beachhouse & small boar rental" are ideas for a separate or later project. Cross sections were also provided, generous in vegetation and stone slabs.

First, combined view of all four concepts follows 1-4 as of October 22 public meeting.

Next the 4 concepts as of November 19.

#1, Morgan Sands A

The "Morgan Sands A" concept

#2, Morgan Sands B

Morgan Sands B concept

#3, Morgan Peninsula A

Morgan Peninsula A  concept

#4, Morgan Peninsula B

Morgan Peninsula  B concept

Below: Comparison drawing, the earlier views presented to the October 22 public meeting

Revised Morgan concepts side by side