Morgan Shoal final design plan views- 2 (cross sections)

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Character cross sections 1 & 2: Hill at 47th Street and Pebble beach looking east. Note in lower cross-section the set of reused limestone blocks (middle) separating the beach from the intensive low plantings (natural area). The blocks end in the start of rubble-edging for the peninsula to the north and transition to the step stone revetment to the south.

Final Morgan character cross sections  of hill and pebble beach


Character cross sections 3 & 4: wetland overlook, dune and swale ecosystem looking southeast. The former shows a revetment overlook at a submergent wetland edge. The latter show a boardwalk near the edge of an emergent wetland (dark blue) of the internal lagoon with expected tree heights for scale.

Final Morgan plan character sections wetland overlook, dune and swale


Character cross sections 5 & 6: Wetland plant communities and Terraced wetland edge. These are taken respectively about one third and two thirds of the way along the north beach to the end of the peninsula but show from the interior wetland to the top of the inland sand ridge. Wetlands act as important habitat that encourages a variety of bird, insect, aquatic and animal life.
At the close-in section, the communities are submergent wetland, emergent wetland, mesic wetland (only roots in water table), and sand prairie. The terraced wetland edge cross section, further out, does not show sand prairie: it's much more gently sloped and would be covered at very high lake levels.

Final Morgan character sections wetland plant communities, terraced wetland edge


Character Sections 7 & 8: Peninsula with fishing stations looking east and Lakefront Trail through prairie looking south. The first is near the end of the peninsula, the second in the south enhanced prairie/natural area. Note the rubble mound protection extending until where the lake bottom flattens out. The Trail is flanked by low then prairie to the right and low to the left.

Final Morgan plan character sections-peninsula with with fishing staions, lakefront trail through prairie

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