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Final design option views and schematics -1
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Morgan Shoal (45th-51st) Final design plan views and schematics -1

As per the March 2 and March 23 presentations (end of the "Concept" phase)

After showing here four general views stressing different overlayerings, the remaining views and schematics continue


final morgan colored drawing: Activities

Other suggested activities provided for or envisioned include fishing (esp at the revetment transitions at the ends and along the peninsula), viewing vistas, educational outings, bird watching, interpretive trails, an nature area tours. Note the bird stands, shoal overlook, signed boardwalk trails, and bridge. A beach house (not funded in the project) is envisioned at the north swelling where the side trail meets the 47th overpass.

See detail in Views -3 page


final Morgan plan drawings: Circulation

The bridge and its road have to be substantial for emergency and service vehicles but not look that way. Principal access will be from the north- 47th overpass (separately funded) . Envisioned, but not funded in the project is a drop-off and emergency vehicle access near 50th, which will eventually have an ADA-compliant replacement overpass.


The view below shows the major habitat/plant community zones. However, it is more complex, as can be seen in the character study images that follow. It is envisioned that some of the zones and sub zones will shift with changes in the lake level and climatic adjustments. The key communities are: traditional parkland, wetland, wetland edges, lightly wooded areas, sand edge, foredune planting, prairie/savanna.

More detailed community types: active sand edge, native beach vegetation, foredune, mature dune, swale, prairie buffer, sand prairie, wetland-mesic, wetland-emergent, wetland-submergent, traditional parkland.

Final Morgan plan drawings: Plant Communities

Next: Ecological Goals. Note areas shaded in blues- primary and secondary aquatic enhanced areas, primary bird habitat enhancement (within brown perimeter) and high-quality native plant areas (dune, prairie, and emergent shore- some inside the prime wetland.

Goals are improved bird habitat, improved aquatic habitat, plant community restoration, increased geographic diversity, and educational outreach opportunities.

Final Morgan plan drawings: Ecological Goals

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