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This page has the links to internal pages and outside resources, agencies and organizations on the Promontory Point dispute as well as related Lakefront resources and discussions. We suggest you start with Latest Point page and,if you wish, navigate from there through plans, reports and statements of the past 7 years including defenses of the then-proposed rival plans- see Recent Series 2003 >> index below- and return here for more pages or outside sources (including various plans by the city).

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Special announcement Feb. 2019

Meetings, shortcut

To be on a list for meeting announcements:

Nothing will be scheduled until the Congress has appropriated fnds for the design review charette to consider feasibility the preservation approach.

Community Task Force for Promontory Point has a list serve. Their meetings are open; contact Jack Spicer for information or to be placed on the Task Force's group-serve e-mailing list.
There at least was another serve list by a group led by Peter Rossi that wishes to achieve something closer to the City's 2003 plan; to reach it e-mail peter.rossi@gsb.uchicago.edu or http://www.gsb.uchicago.edu/fac/peter.rossi/more/open_letter_hairston.htm.

Next Task Force update or larger meeting may be after the Scope of Work Third Party Review charette.

What's up? See Latest page.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FEBRUARY 9, 2019 FROM THE PROMONTORY POINT CONSERVANCY (formerly Save the Point). Arrangements have been made and FUNDS ARE BEING SOUGHT FROM THE PUBLIC to install a commemorative limestone boulder with plaque honoring the SUCCESSFUL NAMING OF PROMONTORY POINT IN 2018 ON THE NATIONAL REGISTER OF HISTORIC PLACES. Sponsors were the Chicago Park District, Promontory Point Conservancy, Hyde Park Historical Society and more. Major in-kind and monetary grants have already been received, the boulder and location designated, and plaque wording approved. NOW SOUGHT ARE MANY SMALL DONATIONS TO MAKE UP THE REMAINDER NEEDED. Read or give, https://promontorypoint.org or https://promontorypoint.org/give. Or send (made out to) Hyde Park Historical Society, 5529 S. Lake Park Ave., Chicago, IL 60637. HPHS is fiscal agent and is a 5013c.


Other update pages

Landmark Status quest news, endangered listing, and official's letters of support for Point preservation (no changes lately)

To Supporting letters for the Task Force plan from Rep. Jackson, Richard Moe of National Trust to Mayor Daley, Ill. Hist. Pres. Agency. See Landmark Status (next listing) for coverage of LPCI listing of the Point among 10 most endangered historic sites


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Promontory Point Swimming issue
Walk around Promontory Point (photo gallery)
Burnham Park Timeline
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Burnham Park Framework Plan
Shoreline Protection Project for the South Side- Reports and links
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Final plan and views
Other sections of the Lakeshore Prot. Project, South Side
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South Lakefront Access Study report and updates
South Lake Shore Drive


The most recent Point Series (March) 2003>>

1: July 13 2003 Task Force Preservation and Access Plan text
2: Reports and text, views, links to view July 13 plans
3: The City counter/compromise plan, coverage and comments
4: September 10 2003 public briefing and summary
5: Reports of the Mediator of the Working Group meetings
(See also in Save the Point site)
6: Reports and Appeals March-December 2003, including re: mediation process
7: Reports, Appeals, Press from Jan.-Feb. 2004 breakdown period, incl. Mediator's Statement
8: Point dispute-statements-coverage-Rossi late Feb./March 2004
9: The March 9 summit and costing tasks to lead to final working group report
10: Listing on the '10 Most Endangered' list; disputes over plans and 1993 Memorandum, defenses of rival plans
11: Latest Promontory Point new (2005 late summer-April 2006)
13: About and responses to the Mediator's Report

14: Reactions to the ad hoc group; during the period of its meetings, June-July 2004; other moves including by Rep. Jackson
15: Late 2004, including Mediator's Final Report with "third option"
16: 2005 through June
17: Mid 2005: Jackson Amendment, IHPA-CPD, HPKCC and other letters of appeal, city/IHPA compromise plan
18: August through the Sept. 15 2005 meeting, HPKCC and Sen. Obama positions, more on city.IHPA compromise plan
19: Late 2005-mid 2006 incl. dev. of and agreement to review Scope of Work
20: Scope of Work for Independent Review and Preservation of Prom. Point

Latest page and news


Links to pages with background and process material related to development of a Community Alternative Plan, through March 2003, then major plans or processes since.

Timeline: in Latest Point page

1993 Memorandum of Agreement

The City's Nine Point Plan,the compromise, mostly concrete and steel, rejected at October, 2001 community meeting but the city's plan (and rejected by the Il Hist. Pres. Agency) until modified in July/August, 2003, and is still the basis for its proposal and commitment. Compare with the July/August 2003 city counter.

Background: Evolution of a community plan, October 2002-May, 2003

The Galvin (Preliminary Community Task Force Engineering Plan- before access and preservation study, expanded engineering, and compromise): [note: this is a loose use of the word "plan", these were concepts- neither the city nor the task force had a "plan."

Hyde Park Herald reports on Galvin's Final Report and the January 21, 2003 access-discussion meeting

December, 2002 Final Report of Cyril Galvin Coastal Engineer on feasibility of rebuilding the Point, with accessibility, using limestone. Only parts are here. For a complete version, including the October 1 Report, the November 20 Conference Call with city/Corps engineers, and the December 7 Final Report and adjuncts, go to www.savethepoint.org. Note that sections there are in pdf.

January 3, 2003 Letter from the Task Force and addendum by Cyril Galvin, Coastal Engineer

March, 2003 Task Force brochure: Preliminary Plan (incl. access), Views and update background from the Task Force and basic text for the plan by Heitzman-Tjaden.

July Task Force Plan and City Compromise Plan, 2003 and linked pages

Mediator's Final Report and design suggestion, 2004 and linked pages

City/Illinois Hist. Pres. Agency compromise , September 2005

Scope of Work for Preservation of Promontory Point Third Party Review, Aug. 14 2006


Outside links:

Save the Point Website (Must-see, in entirety.) Produce by the Community Task force for Promontory Point. It includes the 2003 reference May 1 preliminary and July 13 full final reports. Post comments on-line at info@www.savethepoint.org or webmaster@savethepoint.org.) This site also has much archived and background material. UP: THE FULL JULY 13 REPORT (Takes time to load). Links posted mediator's reports on Working Group negotiating sessions.
The Preservation Plan: http://www.savethepoint.org/prop200303/index.html
Latest put: a 17-page profesional review of the entire six-year CTF fund raising effort.

Preservation Chicago

Peter Rossi contact peter.rossi@gsb.uchicago.edu

Alderman Hairston's email. To Alderman's website- find City Council and scroll to name

Rep. Jesse L. Jackson, Jr.
Web http://www.jessejacksonjr.org.
Contact: Rick Bryant (aide): rick.bryant@mail.house.gov

Illinois Historic Preservation Agency. Bill Wheeler, Assoc. Director.

Chicago Department of Environment Shoreline Protection site- view August 2003 city counter (current plan until late July 2005) and updates.

Chicago Department of the Environment Shoreline Protection Project website:
www.cityofchicago.org/Environment/Shoreline.html (overview, then click on the location of interest on the map to see the power point for that sector.)
(If this address is too long for your server, just go to www.cityofchicago.org and scroll or type in "environment" in "departments".) Includes e-mail link.

Chicago Park District. Superintendent Timothy J. Mitchell.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Links to the chief project report; much more can be learned by navigating the site, including 1980s and 1990s background.)

The huge inflow of 2004 letters to the Herald were cached in (but unlikely to still be up in) www.hpherald.com/pointletters022504.pdf

Reports of the Promontory Point Working Group, by mediator Jamie Kalven (http://thepoint.invisibleinstitute.com)
Final Report of Mediator and his review engineer-went up May 18-
all 32 pages in Invisible Institute site, web or pdf., conclusions, background and key other parts in Mediator's Report page. See also Latest.

Hyde Park Historical Society Website (includes a brief history of the Point)