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Chicago Park District information and meetings

Chicago Park District 2015 Board Meeting Calendar.You may also find Board Meeting dates at .

Whistleblower hotline- 312 742-DEED (3333).

E-mail addresses are always full first name "dot" full last name ex.

Park District Budget and Chain of Command (p. 1).
PAC Code of Conduct 2013

Re private events and permits, call CPD Park Services at 312 742-5369. (Questions alonzo.williams.... Special Events)

Diane Washington-Richards comm-leg. liaison 312 742-4764 under Kim du Buclet and Maria Stone.

Operations- Patrick Levar. Programming- Alonzo Williams.

Aricka Jones, Asst. Director Park Services,
Andre Taylor, Asst. Director Risk Management,
Art Richardson, Central Region Manager,
Maya Solis, South Region Manager,

You can get full information about and register for permits at the Chicago Park District website, Search for "permits", or "Special Services," which will get you all, including baseball diamonds, boat mooring etc. or "special events permits", which will get you to how, for example, to book a wedding at Promontory Point or your picnic or other 50-person-plus event. If you have questions and want to speak to a person, call the parks services office at the Park District, general number 312 742-PLAY.

Registration for events opens for a limited proportion of the slots for each program on a specific date in the first month of the quarter preceding the programs in question-- April __ for Summer. On Line opens precisely at the time given, usually 9 am and shuts down automatically as soon as the number of allotted slots is filed--sometimes almost instantaneously--like for Sox tickets.
In person registration occurs only at the park in question the Saturday after. (At the latter, numbers are given--when the number of slots available is filled, that's it.)

Full schedules are generally available online a few days before, such as first Monday of the preceding quarter April _ for Summer and are pulled shortly after the in-person registration day. Find it at

Get the full scoop on programs and happenings in the parks--at any library: the quarterly Chicago Park District brochure and Chicago Parks @ Play (resources to make the most of parks and park facilities). None of these, including the website, are comprehensive- talk to park staff ahead- and let them know what programs you want and when you want them.


(More in Parks Directory)

The Chicago Park District is headquartered at 541 North Fairbanks, 60611, 312 742-PLAY.
CEO and General Superintendent: Mike Kelly Office of the Superintendent.
Chief Administrative Officer: Richard E. Butler. Development: ?, Regions Supervisor Rodger Konow. Park Operations Manager: Anita Boyd.
New: Chief Programming Officer: Vaughn Bryant. Deputy Matt Marino.

Board of Commissioners: President Jesse Ruiz, VP Avis LaVelle, Dr. Scott Hanlon, Timothy King, Martin Laird Koldyke, A Juan Salgado, Rouhy J. Shalabi . See below for schedule of Park District Board of Commissioners and Committee meetings.

Parks security. 312 747-2193. Director Anthony Liace.

External Affairs (was Governmental and Community Relations and Intergovernmental Agreements (IGA Office)) and Park Enhancement Committee chair: Director of LEGISLATIVE AND COMMUNITY (External) Affairs Timothy King. Dana Andrews Manager of Community Outreach (including advisory councils): Erik Varela. Also involved Darlene Washington Richards. Spokesmen and press: Michele Jones, Lisa Arizzi. Communications: Yeama Vincent-Neal. Concessions: Raffie Sarrafian, and Stephanie Gibbons. Budget/Finance: Mark Thomas. Security: Kevin Ryan. Programs Officer Dr. Dan Hibbler.
See the chart, below.

Natural Resources Director: Cathy Breitenbach? Natural Areas Manager: Zhanna Yermakov. Volunteer Coordinators, Janis Taylor, Anita Boyd. Projects Ellen Sargent
Natural Areas education programs (Culture and Natsue): Peggy Stewart.
South Side Cultural Centers: Jackie Aldrich under Carolyn O'Boyle.
Dog Friendly Areas: Robert Foster (at least was)

The bureaucracy can be formidable and hard to reach if you don't have the phone number. The district is also poor at answering mail, but formal communications and requests should be in writing with request for reply. The Conference and Friends of the Parks can help with whom to contact. The e-mail for most at the District is the first name followed by a dot and (immediately after) the last Coordinating the advisory councils is Robert Steele.

Region offices. Hyde Park and Kenwood are now divided into two Chicago Park District Regions. Note that phone numbers in many Regions and local parks have been changed.

Note: Parks north of 51st St. will be in the Central District hq Garfield Park, Mgr. Art Richardson. Those south of 51st are in a new South District led by Region Manager Maya Solis. HQ Tarkington Park, 3344 W. 71st St. 60629, but parts of the staff are dispersed to various parks.

Landscape/Facilities: Frank Amato, Ernest Alvarado.
Other key staff: Mary Ann Dooling, Lori Manning, Monica Garcia. Matt Lishk-finance.

The South Region- Southeast offices left Kennicott Park, 3344 W. 71st. St.Main phone is still 312 747-7661. Main offices are at Tarkington Park, a few officers at Gage, and the the Area Managers at various satellite park sincluding Washington (Cordell Hopkins). Phone numbers are expected to stay the same.
Region Manager Maya Solis Area managers for HP-K parks are, for most Cordell Hopkins and for others Gloria Beard. Special projects and events- Anita Boyd.
Marketing and Communications: Tiffany Mayfield.
Park supervisors are usually assigned to and based at a park with a field house (i.e. Dyett, Midway Plaisance, and Washington) but manage a suite of other parks. Trades -.
Parks Operations: ask for Dominic Whitfield 312 747-6967. Security: Leroy Grant 312 747-7661.

Supervisor Nikki Peters's parks include Butternut, Elm, Nichols, Stout, Sycamore and Bessie Coleman (was Willow).
Rick Shaheen's parks include Midway and Spruce. Supervisors are expected to visit and inspect their parks on a twice a day to twice a week schedule.
Bobbie Beckam suprevises Jackson and some sections along the lakefront.
A major Area manager for South is Cordell Hopkins.

The Central Region- 300 N. Central Park. Area parks include Beech, Gwendolyn Brooks (formerly Hyacinth), Bessie Coleman (formerly Willow), Ellis, Ma Houston, Kennicott, Kenwood Community, and Mandrake. Region Manager Art Richardson. Area ?.

Schedule of Chicago Park District
Board of Commissioners and Committee meetings

Chicago Park District 2015 Board Meeting Calendar.You may also find Board Meeting dates at .



The regular meetings of the Board of Commissioners of the Chicago Park District for the Year 2005 will be held on 2nd (or 3rd, depending) 2nd Tuesdays. Unless otherwise specified in the applicable public notice or by further public notice, the meetings will take place in the Eighth Floor Board Room of the Administration Building, 541 North Fairbanks, Chicago, Illinois 60611. All Committee Meetings will take place in the Chicago Park District Administration Building.
In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (29 U.S.C. Section 794) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (42 U.S.C. SECTION 12101 et seq.), the Chicago Park District does not discriminate on the basis of disability in employment or admission/access to programs and activities.
Any person with a disability who desires special accommodations or the services of a signer in order to attend a meeting of the Chicago Park District Board of Commissioners should contact ? Section 504 Compliance Officer, 312-742-4686 (541 North Fairbanks, Chicago, Illinois, 60611) or telephone 312-747-2001 TTY at least 48 hours before the meeting.

Committee meetings as below, Board at 3:30 pm but committees meet briefly as early as 3. You must now register an hour ahead of time in person to speak.

They all normally meet on Wednesday, usually second, sometimes third Wednesday of the month. Meetings are in various parks rather than downtown 4 times a year.

Hyde Park and Kenwood parks lie in the South and Central Regions of the Chicago Park District, boundary at 51st St.

Lakefront Region is now part of South Region is headquartered downtown except for South Lakefront Area Manager (at South Shore Cultural Center) currently vacant.

Jackson Park and Promontory Supervisor: Bobbie Beckam; South Shore Center Director: Andrea Adams

Staffed Lakefront Parks (part of South Region) in Hyde Park/Kenwood: Jackson Park Field House- 6401 South Stony Island Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637, 773 256-0903, Promontory Point- (nominally), suggest contacting Jackson Park, (South Shore Cultural Center 773 256-0149, fax 773 256-1163).

Unstaffed Parks: Burnham, Cornell, Harold Washington w. Harold's Playlot.

South Region is headquartered at Tarkington Park, 312 747-7661. Area managers and several divisions are housed at various parks.

South Region Manager: Daphne Jackson

Area Managers include: Cordell Hopkins; Midway Center Director Rick Shaheen, Park supervisors work out of staffed parks (having fieldhouses) and manage a set of parks. Kennicott: Renee Shepherd, Kenwood: Tony McCoy, Nichols: Nikki Peters

Staffed South Region parks in the HPK area: Midway, Nichols, YMCA Harris District, Washington

Central Region. Information pending. Staffed parks in HPK are Kennicott, Kenwood. Region Manager someone new?. Hq at Garfield Park, 100 N. Central Park Ave. (312) 746-5962. Region Manager for many of the local parks is Harold Bailey at same number.
Fax: (312) 746-5969


Directories: by Park District region, special facilities, parks with active councils

More information and Mapquest maps: Chicago Park District site. (Search by name from Parks and Facilities). Note, there is now a quarterly publication for each staffed park. In addition, you can get the full scoop on programs and happenings in the parks--at any library: the quarterly Chicago Park District brochure and Chicago Parks @ Play (resources to make the most of parks and prank facilities).

South Region, north of 51st are in Central



Contacts and Staffing

Amenities, Notations


Tech. north from 56th-12th. Pract. starts at 51st

Unstaffed, theor. Region office and Kenniccott, Jackson

Olmsted park. Not staffed now, for constr. duration programs and management at Jackson (Debra McDonald). playgrounds, var. gardens, 47th Nature Center, new amenities and sanctuaries going in to the north, scheduled for more. Jogging and biking, family and group events, small bb and other fields, fishing, swimming off 'pebble beach' at 49th

Cornell Park

5477? S. Cornell

Rick Shaheen at Midway. No fieldhouse

Council in formation- election mtg. Jan. 5 2015 at CTU

Harold Washington

51st to 53rd Hyde Park to Lake Shore Drive.

Unstaffed, See Region and Nichols fieldhouse- A. Nikki Peters

President Thomas A. Allen. Contact Lanita Ross of 5th Ward Office or Timika Hoffman-Zoller. President Thomas A. Allen

Harold Washington playlot (spec. equipt), major tennis, miniature yacht basin


56th to 67th, Stony I to the Lake. Fieldhouse 6401 S. Stony

JP Fieldhouse, 773 256-0903 Supervisor: Bobbie Beckam
Area Cordell Hopkins

Pres. ) Louise McCurry, 773 844-2225 sec Gary Ossewaarde 773 947-9541,

Major staffed fieldhouse (not A-1), Olmsted park, major natural areas, birding, Osaka Garden, Perennial Garden, Museum of Science and Industry, two beaches , two beach houses (rest'd 63rd major & has Shiff interactive play fountain. Boating/yacht clubs, 18 hole golf and driving range, sport playing fields and courts, lawn bowling/croquet,biking and running. Nature volunteer and educ'l programming. Perimeter playlots. Concessions & restaurant

Promontory Point

54th to 56th east of So Sh Dr/Lake Shore Drive, 5491 South Shore Drive, 312 747-6620

See Jackson Park field house


Historic fieldhouse "castle" available for private events. Restrooms. The historic, popular Point!, swimming (not tech. allowed), sunbathing, playing field meadow, picnicking, council rings

South Shore Cultural Center

Out of area but pop. with hyde parkers. 7059 So Shore Drive, 773 256-0149

Center Director Andrea Adams. 773 256-0149. Head Attendant Patrick Millhouse 773 256-0941, Reservationist Andrea Stokes 773 256-0159, Programs 773 256-0948, fax 773 256-1163
Area Cordell Hopkins.

Pres. Gary Ossewaarde,

Former country club. Historic building, lots of arts programs and kids programs--the lead pk distr cultural center, rentals, Nature Center, 9-hole golf, beach, gardens, concessions, Washburne Culinary Institute

Note, all north of 51st are now in Central Region



Contacts and Staffing

Amenities, Notations


c. 1300 57th east of Ray School.

Unstaffed, See Region Supervisor Rick Shaheen at Midway? Area Mgr. A.J. Jackson

No council

Rel. small but adjoins playing and sports fields. Fountain, state of art playground, benches, plantings. Hosts Comm. Art Fair 1st wkend June.


5300 blk of S. Woodlawn

Unstaffed, S. Region Supervisor Heather Kelly at Nichols. Area Mgr. ?

Informal group of parents

Small. Playground, sledding, seating, shade

Cornell Playlot

5401 blk S. Cornell

Unstaffed, See Region

Contact w concerns and new council in formation Lanita Ross at 5th Ward Office or Louise McCurry.


Small. Seating/picnic, personalized plantings shade, play equip't

Dyett Rec'l Ctr., Walter H.

513 E. 51st. 312 747-6118


No dir. at pres. Washington. Area A.J. Jackson?

Co. pres. Vinston Glover

School pool-linited hours. Rec. equip't dispersed


5215 S. Woodlawn

Unstaffed, See Region. Supervisor Heather Kelly at Nichols. Area Mgr. Cordell Hopkins.

President Piotr Gornicki

Small. Shade, sitting area, gazebo, some play equip

Houston, Jessie "Ma" -Moves to Central Region

50th and Cottage Grove

Unstaffed. See Region

Drexel Square Block Club? Reavis Scl kids active cleaning etc.

Small but near more open space. Awarded grant for a garden.

Kennicott-Moved into Central Region

4344 S. Lake Park, Chicago, IL 60653

Region headquarters

Sup. Renee Shepherd 312 747-7138

Co. Shari Nichols-Sweat 773 285-0844, Mary Bordelon

Active field house. Named Cultural Center. Ball field. So Oakland/N. Kenwood's "Central Park". (To n are Ellis and Mandrake)

Kenwood (Farmer's Field)-Moved to Central Region

1330 E. 50th. 49th to 50th, w. of Kenwood to Dorchester

Sup. Kiesha Taylor 312 747-6286 (maybe 85) , Area Manager Jackie Payne, 312 746-5962?

Sundeep Mulignani

Medium sized park-neigh. with regional draw. Small fldhse active progrs some in adjoining Shoesmith School. State of art playground. Several base and softball/ soccer fields, tennis. New gateway in se corner. Kenwood's "Central Park"

Midway Plaisance Center

1130 E. N. Midway Plaisance, 60637

59th to 60th, Cottage Grove to Stony I. Hqtrs Skate Rink Warming House, center panel between Ellis and University (Woodlawn)

Center Dir. Rick Shaheen, 312 745-2470, Area Mgr. A. J. Jackson.

Council David Guyer, 773 834-4549

Olmsted design. State of art 2nd busiest skate rink, used also for summer sports and w concession. Sports camps and lots of fields esp soccer. Spec events, rentals, concert-movie series. Open space, plantings and tree avenues, winter & readers gardens. Major statuary. Univ. of Chicago campus

Nichols, John Fountain

1355 E. 53rd St. 53rd to 55th, Kimbark to east of Kenwood. Watch for phone and mail address.

Supervisor Vikki Peters. Region Mgr. Cordell Hopkins. 312 747-2703

Council: Stephanie Franklin, 773 955-3622

Gym rec'l ctr shared use Formal gardens & fountain north and south ends. Ball field south by HP Neigh. Club. Playlots, sled hill, tennis. Award winning Wildflower Meadow and other plantings. "Hyde Park's Central Park"


5301 blk of S. Blackstone

Unstaffed, See Region Supervisor Rick Shaheen of Midway, Cordell HopkinsArea Mgr.

Council none

Rel. small. Play equip't, seating-shade, comm. maint'd plantings

Stout, Florence

5400 blk of S. Greenwood

Unstaffed, See Region. Supervisor Heather Kelly at Nichols. Area Mgr. Gloria Beard's successor

Small. Famous sledding hill. Play equip't, fields, shade


5109 S. Greenwood

Unstaffed, See Region. Supervisor Heather Kelly of Nichols. Area Mgr. Gloria Beard's successor

Council leader listed as Willa Booker-Woodson

Washington Park and Refectory

5531 S. M. L. King Dr. 51st to 60th, King to Cottage Grove. Field house King so. of 55/Morgan, Refectory east off fieldhouse and south of Morgan at 5531 S. Russell

Supervisor Janie Collins 312 747-6823. Area Mgr. Cordell Hopkins. Reservationist Wesley Wiley, Adventureland rec'l David Stephens Refectory 312 747-7618

Council Cecilia Butler, 773 667-4160

Olmsted historic park. DuSable Museum. Gt. Meadow playing fields, tennis. Lagoons and Bynum Island nature area. Fieldhouse very active with rec., shops, outdoor pool. Historic bldgs. incl. Refectory, form. stables. Fountain of Time and other import. statuary. Biking, running. Spec. events, rentals, concessions. Some areas under constr.

Bessie Coleman (was Willow)

5445 S. Drexel

Unstaffed, see Region. Supervisor Heather Kelly at Nichols. Council Peter Cassel

Other nearby South Region parks:

Beehive, 6156 S. Dorchester

Harris Recreational Center, 6220 S. Drexel (staffed, Gerald Washington Director, Call PD or 411 for phone numbers) Pool. Active Council led by Linda Austin, 312 282-7321. .

Huckleberry , in Woodlawn

Other nearby parks in the Central Region:

Beech, 4458 S. Oakenwald (proposed to be named Vivian Gordon Harsh)

Ellis, 648 E, 37th (staffed)

Hyacinth- now Gwendolyn Brooks, 4542 S. Greenwood

Mandrake, 39th from Cottage, which has a large comfort center, to the Metra. Large track. (unstaffed)



Special facilities

Contact Gary Ossewaarde for more information.

Always check the Park District website to make sure your beach is open.

Concessions: Urban Concessions.

Urban Concession Managers, LLC, 900 N. Michigan Av, Suite 1300, 60611. Ryan Hallihan Gen Mgr.
CPD Director of Park Services Raffi Sarrafian.

Comfort facilities- South Lakefront

(below: use phone directory under Chicago Park District)

Harbors (managed by Westrec)

In Jackson Park: Jackson Park, Museum Shores, and Southern Shore Yacht Clubs. (Harbors and Clubs not open year round. Look for harbors in telephone directory under Chicago Park District; query this site for contacts to yacht clubs. Overseeing Westrec for CPD: Scott Stevenson)

Golf Courses (Managed by Billy Kaspar Sports)

Jackson Park Golf Course. 18-hole Course. Partee Golf Clubhouse, 63rd and S. Lake Shore Drive, 312 747-2763

Jackson Park Golf Driving Range, 63rd and S. Lake Shore Drive, 312 747-2762.

Contact also Jackson Park Golf Association, 1718-20 E. 75th St., 60649, 773 493-8820 Note- moved or closed?

South Shore Golf Course. 9-hole Course. 71st and South Shore Drive, 312 474-6250. Junior Golf also.

Golf course management (Billy Casper) : 455 N. Cityfront Center, 312 245-0909

Jackson Park Bowling Green.

Located southeast of Science and Industry and Science Drive near Lake Shore Drive, the special-turf green and fieldhouse are open in season. Mostly scheduled for the Lake Side Lawn Bowling Club and South Side Croquet. Lawn bowling open house include midday Saturdays and Sundays and Tuesday evenings. Phone- 773 684-9799 or ask at field house or park district website.

Tennis: Burnham incl. 53rd, Jackson (several), Kenwood, Nichols, Washington... Current pd overseer has not been named yet.

Ice Skating Rink--see Midway

Indoor pools

Don Nash Community Center, 1833 E. 71st St.,312 747-1860.

Dyett, 513 E. 51st St, 312 747-6118. Hours are limited and those answering at Dyett or the Southeast Region don't always have the answer. Yes, it's open! 312 747-0832.

King Magnet High School.

Washington Park by the fieldhouse 5531 King Dr. (summer only) 312 747-0832


Get the Nature Oasis-Chicago Wilderness program brochure from the Park District at park fieldhouses.

Concerts (and some movies) at Midway, Nichols, 63rd Beach House, South Shore Cultural Center--see under those parks.

Butterflies in the City program. Visit Jackson Park Perennial Garden (east of 59th/Stony Island) , Bob-o-link Meadow east of the lagoons, and Wooded Island. Visit Rainbow Beach. Visit South Shore Cultural Center Nature Center. Nichols Park Wildflkower Meadow.
Illinois Butterfly Monitoring Network programs.

Cultural Centers--South Shore Cultural Center, 7059 South Shore Drive, 312 747-2536. See South Shore Cultural Center page. (There are others, including Kennicott Park, but SSCC is the grand one on the South Side.)



Executive officers, Chicago Park District, as of March, 2004- with continuing updating as known

Some commonly needed contacts

Community Relations, Dir. of External Affairs (also called Legislative and Community) 312 742-5366
Dana Andrews 312 742-4762

Board- Liaison 312 742-4733

Chief Program Officer 312 742-4868

Director of Natual Resources 312 742-4116

Budget 312 742-4761

Regional Office- South 312 747-7661

Mike Kelly
General Superintendent & CEO
Office: (312) 742-4200
Fax: (312) 742-5360

Patrick Levar
Chief Administrative Officer
Office: (312) 742-4500. (312) 742-4300
Fax: (312) 742-5276

Alonzo Wilimas
Chief Programming Officer
Deputy Matt Marino?

Anita Boyd
Park Operations Manager

Stephen Hughes
Chief Financial Officer
Office: (312) 742-4761
Fax: (312) 742-5391
Budget Director-Mark Thomas

Francine Bailey
Human Resources
Office: (312) 742-4441
Fax: (312) 742-5326


Facility Management
Office: (312) 742-4441
Fax: (312) 742-5326

Wade W. Ellis
Office: (312) 742-4341
Fax: (312) 742-6836

Jacqui Ulrich
Cultural Enhancement Manager

Maria García
General Counsel
Law Department
Office: (312) 742-4602
Fax: (312) 742-5328

? was Erik Avela
Intergovernmental Agreements (?)



Ariel Gonzalez
Office: (312) 742-4416
Fax: (312) 742-5326

????Yeama Vincent-Neal
Communications and Marketing Manager
Michele Jones or Lisa Arizzi
Office: (312) 742-4786
Fax: (312) 742-5390

Anthony Liace
Office: (312) 742-4412
Fax: (312) 742-5329
24-Hour Park Security:
(312) 747-2193

Tanya Anthony or Michael Hughes
Budget & Management
Office: (312) 742-4323
Fax: (312) 742-6836

Dr. Dan Hibbler
Chief Program Officer, and staff development

Timothy King

Kim DuBuclet
Legislative and Community Affairs, IGA office, Park Enhanc't Comm. chair
Office: (312) 742-4745
Fax: (312) 742-5391

Erik Varela
Community Outreach

Tom Lynch
Information Technology
Office: (312) 742-4570
Fax: (312) 742-5329

Michael Dimitrioff and Cathy Breitenbach
Natural Resources
Office: (312) 742-4069
Direct: (312) 742-4116
Fax: (312) 742-5349

Jason Steger
Nat'l Areas Stewardshp Mgr.

Natural Areas Manager: Zhanna Yernakov
312 742-4122.

Heather Gleason
Planning & Development
Office: (312) 742-4686
Fax: (312) 742-5347

Melinda Molloy
Office: (312) 742-4337
Fax: (312) 742-4840

Raffi Sarrafian, Alonzo Williams?
Park Services
Office: (312) 742-4825
Fax: (312) 742-5339

Caroline O’Boyle
Environment, Culture and Special Events
Office: (312) 742-4946
Fax: (312) 742-5391

Rob Rejman
Capital Construction
Office: (312) 742-4644
Fax: (312) 742-5347

Kimberly Ryan
Office: (312) 742-4854
Fax: (312) 742-5339


Elizabeth Millan
South Region Manager
Office: Kennicott Park, 4434 S. Lake Park Ave. 60653
(312) 747-7661
Fax: (312) 747-7665

Matt Marino
North Region Manager
Office: (312) 742-7910
Fax: (312) 742-7875
Warren Park, 6601 N. Western Ave. 60645
773 262-8658

Art Richardson
Central Region Manager
Office: Garfield Park, 100 N. Central Park Ave. 60624
(312) 746-5962
Fax: (312) 746-5969

Carolyn O'Boyle
Environment, Culture and Special Events
Office: (312) 742-4946
Fax: (312) 742-5391

all landscape-type departments

Yeama Vincent-Neal
Communications and Marketing,

Manager Lara Khoury
Special Projects



Dr. Bryan S. Traubert
Office: (312) 742-4732
Fax: (312) 742-3374

Avis LaVelle

Erika Allen

M. Laird Koldyke

Juan Salgado

Donald J. Edwards

Tim King





Park Advisory Councils
Monthly Date
Gwendolyn Brooks- see Kennicott     Belinda Starks
Bessie Coleman 4th Tuesday, 7 pm. Now meets with the local block club West Hyde Park Neighbors?   Peter Cassel
Cornell Playlot council being formed 54?? S. Cornell Lanita Ross , Louise McCurry
Dyett no regular mtgs lately, is active 513 E. 51st Street

Vinston Glover, president, 773 955-7784 or
Bobbie Townsend, 773 548-2199

312 747-6118

Jackson 2nd Monday 7 pm usually but not always at fieldhouse Field House, 6401 S. Stony Island, 7:30 pm

Louise McCurry, Pres.
Gary Ossewaarde, 773 947-9541

Supervisor Wm. Tillis 773 256-0903

Harold Washington New council in formation Del Prado, 5307 S. HP Blvd. 2nd floor lobby.

Irene Sherr (Irene Sherr) (no elected officers). 773 752-2770

Under Kenwood Park, Tony McCoy? seems to be Nikki Peters

Harris Recreational Center 3nd Thursday, 6 pm. 6200 S. Drexel

Linda Austin, president, 312 282-7321

Gerald Washington, Supervisor. Mail to ctr. Attn: Lorraine Simmons.

Kennicott Monday after the first Thursday Kennicott Park Field House, 4344 S. Lake Park Avenue, 7 ? pm

?Shari Nichols-Sweat, president, 773 288-0844

Sup. Renee Shepherd, 312 747-7138

3rd or 4th Wednesdays every 2 or 3 months St. Paul and the Redeemer, 4945 S. Dorchester- Bylesby Room or Chapel off east lot entry.

Sophia King, President.
Julie Lemon

Supervisor. Tony McCoy, 312 747-6286, Area Manager ?, 773 746-5962

Midway Plaisance Not meeting currently Skating Rink Warming House

(no elected officers) 773 834-4549

Dir. Rick Shaheen, 312 745-2470


2nd Thursday 7:00 pm

Nichols Park gym fieldhouse, 1355 E. 53rd St., 7 pm

Stephanie Franklin,
773 955-3622

Sup. Nikki Peters, 773 747-2703

Promontory Point Not organized, does not meet.  

Re: park call Jackson Park Supervisor, Wm. Tillis, 773 256-0903.

South Shore Cultural Center 2nd Saturday 10:30 am (excepts October, April- tba) 7059 South Shore Drive

Edie Moore, President

Ctr. Dir. Andrea Adams 773 256-0149

Spruce Not meeting.  


Sup. Rick Shaheen, 312 745-2470 at Midway or Heather Kelly at Nichols 773 747-2307

Washington Park

3rd Wednesday, 7 pm Field House 5531 S. King Dr., 7 pm

Cecilia Butler, president,
773 667-4160

There is a Conservancy for natural areas

Fieldhouse 312 747-6823, Refectory 312 747-7618. Sup. Janie Collins







Maps of the area parks- Central and Lakefront, South and Lakefront divided at Hyde Park Blvd.

Names and numbering are old. The first is using Kenwood and Harold Washington as foci, the second Nichols and Jackson-Promontory and Washington.

Schenatic map of HPK parks in Central and Lakefront regions.

Naming north to south is Burnham, Chamberlain Triangle, Beech (being renamed Vivian Gordon Harsh), Hyacinth (now Gwendolyn Brooks) , Kenwood. Some are since renamed. Only those of 3 acres or more are shown solid. Map source?

Schematic map of HPK parks in South and Lakefront regions.

Named parks (some out of date) n-s Burnham, Sycamore, Elm, Butternut, 291 now Stout, Willow (now Bessie Coleman), Spruce, Cornel, Nichols, Jackson,Bixler, Midway Plaisance.


Map of the new regions (51st divides Central from South)

A publication a few years back evaluated park adequacy by neighborhood.

Hyde Park: Well above ideal standard in total park acres (144.44). Less than 75% below standard in 5 key facilities: ball diamonds (49%), athletic fields (65%), swimming pools (none, although has a beach), and gymnasiums (66%). No significant unserved areas. Key internal park: Nichols

Recommendation- 3 ball diamonds, shared athletic field, 1 swimming pool, in existing parks .

Kenwood: Above ideal standard in total park acres (60.94). Less than 75% below standard in 3 of 6 key facilities facilities: fall diamonds (57%), athletic fields (61%), and swimming pools (none, although there is a beach). 1 unserved area of 10 blocks combined with 30 underserved blocks in Grand Boulevard for a total need of 40 blocks.

Recommendation- 2 ball diamonds, shared athletic field, 1 swimming pool, add facilities to existing parks, improve access to lakefront. It may be necessary to acquire additional park acres off the lakefront. A good location would be at Price school [done] and near Beech and Oakenwald playlots. Consolidate some small lots into one.