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Park Councils schedules in the Hyde Park-Kenwood Area

Presented by Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference, its Parks Committee (chair Gary Ossewaarde), and its website This page is not the website of particular park councils or the Chicago Park District. The pages linked at the top give links to park council websites, and visit. Communicate with our parks committee via or 773 288-8343.

See below: special meetings-


Updated schedule of regular meetings. An expanded chart of status, meetings, contacts et al follows.

Meeting schedule (See message below this block about the Nov. 13 Midway elections.

by park

Bixler- 57th and Kenwood- tba

Cornell - 4th Monday at 6:30 at Catholic Theological Union, 5416 S. Cornell room 304 (sometimes 504). 4th Mon. March 23.

Elm- 4th Tuesday at 6 at Nichols Fieldhouse, 1355 E. 53rd St. February 25

Harold Washington - organizational to be announced.

Harris. tba. 6200 S. Drexel. tba

Jackson- 2nd Monday at 7 at Fieldhouse, 6401 S. Stony Island. April 13 .

Kenwood- 2nd Tuesday at St. Paul & Redeemer, 4945 S. Dorchester parking lot. Bylesby room. tba

Ma Houston tba

Midway- 2nd Wednesdays 6:30. February 12 at the Skating Rink. March 11 at tba. MARCH MTG POSTPONED- hope to reschedule 1st week of April.

Nichols- 2nd Thursday at 7 at Fieldhouse, 1355 E. 53rd St. April 10.


Stout- 1st Tuesday at 6 at Nichols Fieldhouse, 1355 E. 53rd St. ?

Washington (George)- 3rd Wednesday, 7 pm at Fieldhouse 5531 S. King Dr. March 18.

(South Shore- 2nd Saturday, 10:30 am, SSCC Oak Room, 7059 South Shore Drive
March cancelled, check back re: April.


Presidents (as of Madrch 2020)

Bixler- Mila Jameson

Cornell Park-Norm Bell

Elm Park- Timika Hoffman-Zoller

Harold Washington PlayLot Park- interim convener Darva Watkins

Jackson- Louise McCurry

Kenwood- Sundeep Mullangi

Midway- Bronwyn Nichols-Lodato

Nichols-Stephanie Franklin ( no email) phone 773-955-3622

Spruce Park -to be elected

Stout- Kenneth East

Washington- Cecilia Butler

(South Shore- Walter Kindred)

chart of status, meetings, contacts et al- to be updated from above

Chicago Park District 2015 Board Meeting Calendar.You may also find Board Meeting dates at .

Parks north of 51st St. (E. Hyde Park Blvd.) are in the Central Region, Art Richardson, those to the south are in South Region, Daphne Johnson. Area Manager for most or our South Region parks is Cordell Hopkins.

Monthly Date
Gwendolyn Brooks- see Kennicott     Belinda Starks
Bessie Coleman 4th Tuesday, 7 pm. Now meets with the local block club West Hyde Park Neighbors?   Peter Cassel
Cornell Playlot council being formed 54?? S. Cornell Lanita Ross , Louise McCurry
Dyett no regular mtgs lately, is active 513 E. 51st Street

Vinston Glover, president, 773 955-7784 or
Bobbie Townsend, 773 548-2199

312 747-6118

Jackson 2nd Monday 7 pm usually but not always at fieldhouse Field House, 6401 S. Stony Island, 7:30 pm

Louise McCurry, Pres.
Gary Ossewaarde, 773 947-9541

Supervisor Wm. Tillis 773 256-0903

Harold Washington New council in formation Del Prado, 5307 S. HP Blvd. 2nd floor lobby.

Irene Sherr (Irene Sherr) (no elected officers). 773 752-2770

Under Kenwood Park, Tony McCoy? seems to be Nikki Peters

Harris Recreational Center 3nd Thursday, 6 pm. 6200 S. Drexel

Linda Austin, president, 312 282-7321

Gerald Washington, Supervisor. Mail to ctr. Attn: Lorraine Simmons.

Kennicott Monday after the first Thursday Kennicott Park Field House, 4344 S. Lake Park Avenue, 7 ? pm

?Shari Nichols-Sweat, president, 773 288-0844

Sup. Renee Shepherd, 312 747-7138

3rd or 4th Wednesdays every 2 or 3 months St. Paul and the Redeemer, 4945 S. Dorchester- Bylesby Room or Chapel off east lot entry.

Sophia King, President.
Julie Lemon

Supervisor. Tony McCoy, 312 747-6286, Area Manager ?, 773 746-5962

Midway Plaisance Not meeting currently Skating Rink Warming House

(no elected officers) 773 834-4549

Dir. Rick Shaheen, 312 745-2470


2nd Thursday 7:00 pm

Nichols Park gym fieldhouse, 1355 E. 53rd St., 7 pm

Stephanie Franklin,
773 955-3622

Sup. Nikki Peters, 773 747-2703

Promontory Point Not organized, does not meet.  


Re: park call Jackson Park Supervisor, Wm. Tillis, 773 256-0903.

South Shore Cultural Center 2nd Saturday 10:30 am (excepts October, April- tba) 7059 South Shore Drive

Edie Moore, President

Ctr. Dir. Andrea Adams 773 256-0149

Spruce Not meeting.  


Sup. Rick Shaheen, 312 745-2470 at Midway or Heather Kelly at Nichols 773 747-2307

Washington Park

3rd Wednesday, 7 pm Field House 5531 S. King Dr., 7 pm

Cecilia Butler, president,
773 667-4160

There is a Conservancy for natural areas

Fieldhouse 312 747-6823, Refectory 312 747-7618. Sup. Janie Collins





Special meetings

Chicago Park District Regional 2016 Budget Hearings coming up late summer 2015.