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Start on the 57th underpasses. Granite beach.

Continue with more 57 #2 , #3, then ...63rd underpass area at time of grand opening

Lake Shore Drive, 57th and 59th underpasses, and 57th boardwalk at time of grand opening, May 29, 2004

Artist's rendering of the 4 underpasses for the Grand Opening brochure.

Approach from east of Drive at about 56th. Note construction still in progress. Finishes of the Drive wall hardware echoing classical and 20s Art Moderne themes of the Museum of Science and Industry (background). The underpass under 57th Drive and the various paths and drives are now open.

Still a mess as appoach  undepass descent LSDrdive railing and detail north of 57th
Northeast 57 approach Northeast approach to the underpass under the Drive at 55th Street from the Lakefront Bike Trail. Inside the underpass on Grand Opening Day.
In 57 underpass under Drive day of grand opening, May 30, 04 Views o f the project in niches in 57 underpass- upper Annimal Bridge heads
construction A boardwalk bike trail merge

Construction of retaining walls, beach south of 57th Street Beach House. South end of the 57th Beach boardwalk (1st since Edgewater Beach on the North Side) looking north. Note overlook and ramp access points; note width of the bike path. See drawings for the boardwalk below.

Approach from northeast to 59th underpass and 59th Inlet (Glick Memorial) Bridge, then the grand 59th St. underpass, drawing inspiration from Roman traditions and the classicist White City of the World's Columbian Exposition.

North of 59th underpass
59th  underpass 59th underpass


Cross sectiion of 57th beach boardwalk
View of 57th boardwalk and ramp onto beach
Sketch of 57h boarwalk and plantings

Schematic of 57, 59, 63,  Marquette underpasses. Kemper-Lesnik

Top. To 57-2, 57-3, 63rd.