Lake Shore Drive Opening. 57th underpass area-1, 57th-2, 63rd. Start of underpass construction. Lake Shore Drive Latest. Jackson Park home.

57th-59th underpasses and boardwalk-#3

Construction remained very much in evidence in summer 2004 on the underpass under 57th Drive, north half of the 57th beach, including new underpass ramps, a protective beach groin, and the seawall connection to Promontory Point revetment. Landscaping had also barely begun.

57th Dr. underpass summer 04 Curbs and bullwarking, prep for landscaping east of 57th underpass debouch  summer 04
Approach form northeast side (Promontory Point) East side ramping
constuction still in evidence north of 57 beach house
construction north end of 57th beach summer 04
Constuction east end 57th beach construction cribbing
Over the underpass On the east bike trail over the underpass-sleek railings, bleak unfinished work at  lakeshore

From the 57th Beach Boardwalk to the 59th underpass. Note also the 'God Rocks' art.

57th beach boardwalk Access ramp off boardwalk to beach
South start of boardwalk "god-rocks" set on tossed boulders at shore near 5800
Nearing the appoach ramp fromthe 59th underpass  north to the Lakefront Bike Trail , east side of Drive New tres on the northeast approach 59th underpass
59th appoaches before planting Looking at high-classic lined face of 59th underpass from southeast
Looking through 59th underpass from east, railing partly installed