57th Underpass 1. #3. Lake Shore Drive and underpasses opening. 63rd underpass. Start of underpass construction. Lake Shore Drive Latest. Jackson Park home.

57th Street underpass and south to 59th, views #2

57tj imdepass east side still being built

Looking  west through 57th underpass over walk, new plantings, to Iowa Buiilding

57th from southeast, west from west end to new plants and Iowa building, from northeast, from west

west approach to the two underpases at 57th-Iowa Bldg at far left West approach to 57th
Still unfinished underpass under 57th Dr. 57th underpass and northwest ramp
Neomoderne detaling at 57 underpass  outer walls Neomoderne detailing 57 underpass interior wall
Inside 57th underpass Sleek neomoderne rounded corner with streamlines and start of southeast ramp
57th east side approach ramps Looking across roadway over underpass to Museum