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Start on the 57th underpasses. Granite beach.

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63rd Street underpass and granite beach preparation at the time of the Grand Opening, May 2004


Laying bed for the paved granite beach Pavers lined up
Granite pavers beside concrete base Approaching from the 1950s revetment south of the 59th Inlet and start of the 63rd St. Beach toward the Beach House, with base (along side the new ADA standard Lakefront Bike Trail) being prepared for the reconstructed granite paved beach; pavers stacked and waiting.
Trees, shrubs and grass plugs start to go into the sand  north of 63rd underpass and beach house New natural area planting 63d beach
First peak at 63rd underpass from rampway on east Northeast approach to the 63rd underpass from the Bike Trail with new plantings-plugs of dune-friendly grasses. Note new tree in its watering and protecting "diaper." The Greek and Mediterranean (63rd Beach House) inspired63rd underpass balustrade appears over the horizon. Note the giant trees saved. In 2006-07, some of the landscaping and slopes in this section are being revisited due to damage from blow off and rain wash.
Into the underpass; as set up for dedication; cleaning the day before (latter Chicago Tribune), from the west with new plantings, and as under construction in the preceding year. 2 below are new plantings taking root approach from southeast; west entry to underpass-note touches of surround mosaic and ridged arch.
East descent 63rd underpass
Nearing 63rd underpass from east
63rd underpass, gathering for grand opening May 30, 2004 Cleanup in 63rd underpass
West approach to 63rd underpass 63rd underpass arches lain but still all sand. Beachhouse behind. George Rumsey