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Granite Paved Beach. 'Iowa' Buildings.

The text and views from Hyde Park History on-line in the Historical Society website.
Columbian Exposition.

Old views of the Paved Beach and Iowa Building

As in Hyde Park History, Vol. 25, No's 3 & 4, Fall/Winter 2003. Hyde Park Historical Society members publication.

Families enjoying the paver beach c. 1910

Parts of the paver beach have already deteriorated by the early 1910s

Boats arrive and leave from the intact paver beach at 57th and the shore drive 1913. German Pavilion still standing from the fair.

View south over the Columbian Exposition from Iowa Building and shore

Main entrance to the Fair Iowa Pavilion

Iowa Building looking Northwest at the fair

The original pre-fair part of the building ass remained as shelter building, 1910