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J.P.A.C. NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER 2016 Vol. 23 No. 10

Published by Jackson Park Advisory Council, a recognized advisory body to the Chicago Park District, Chicago Illinois.
JPAC's fiscal agent is The Chicago Parks Foundation, a 501c3.
President is Louise McCurry, 773 844-2225, commissioner751@comcast.net. Board- see the PDF version front page.

Editor Gary Ossewaarde, JPAC Secretary. Hosted by hydepark.org (archive section Hyde Park Record) website of Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference (owner) by Dot Easy.

The purpose of the JPAC is to provide a forum for …users of Jackson Park; to advise and make recommendations to the Chicago Park District on park improvements and programs (and create/ ensure programs); to encourage long-range planning; promote community utilization and awareness of park and program and participation in planning; and seek alternative funding sources.

Fieldhouse, Park Supervisor Bobbie Beckam, 773 256-0903.
Area Manager Farah Tunks, 773 324-0540. Parks Security- Lakefront - Thomas Snooks

Guests - Chicago Parks Foundation on teen programming and the #Giving Tuesday drive. (invited)- Daniella Periera of OpenLands
Minutes & Finances
Reports/updates/actions, OPEN NOMINATIONS and ELECT OFFICERS
Old & New bus, Announcements, adjourn
Then December 12.

JPACers and other PAC leaders, especially if your park has received new play equipment,
Saturday, November 19, 6 pm at Norman's Bistro, 1043 E. 43rd St. for a meet and greet party honoring Chicago Park District and Pacs.

Next workdays. November 12, Saturday, 9-noon. Bobolink Meadow Contact parrybell@ameritech.net (done.)
Wooded Island- expect one November 19, Saturday, 10:30 am mulching volunteer oak saplings. From the south entry. Contact Jerry Levy, sjlevy@jeromelevylaw.com.

WINTER PHOTO CONTEST with Spencer Bibbs, nature photographer
- DECEMBER 3 2016, 11 am. Meet at Hays bridge at the north end of Wooded Islan.
All camera and phone types welcome. Submission deadline Dec. 10 to JPAC Photo Contest Google Acct.

We are pleased to announce that Wooded Island is open permanently for all visitors. The gates at both the north and south entrances will be open. Fences will remain up to protect the new plantings but will not impede access to Wooded Island. Yoko Ono's world class new sculpture, SKYLANDING, will be open in the Garden of the Phoenix at the north end of the Island.

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President Louise McCurry called the meeting to order at 7 p.m. in the fieldhouse. A quorum was present with total attendance 28+. Introduced were several from organizations engaged with youth and residents in surrounding communities, several willing to volunteer in Jackson Park, and leaders from other PACs. Minutes of the September meeting were moved by Dwight Powell and Fran Vandervoort and approved.
Treasurer’s report. Dwight Powell reported deposits were $200.00, bank balance 9/30 was $4,767.39. Our manor expenditures are for the kids in park programs. He encouraged people to send in their contributions now.

Speakers: Loretta Lomax gave thanks for the dedication and success of the 67th Ridgeland playground.
Denyse Stoneback described the work of People for a Safer Society and invited all to a screening later in the month of Katie Courac’s “Under the Gun” at the Harper Theater. This led to discussion of a rise in homeless and persons with various problems sleeping in our relatively safer park and finding resources (increasingly scarce) to offer these people while mitigating problems to the park. Action: ask for a Park District committee including PACs.
illiam Hill described his garden and gallery at 64th/Dorchester, one of several new Woodlawn assets.
Jahmal Cole described My Block-My Hood-My City, which includes youth excursions and raises horizons.

President’s report and actions. Louise McCurry and others noted that a group rallied earlier, concerned through a misunderstanding that the basketball courts at Hayes west of the Drive might be removed. This was incorrect and members expressed their solidarity that the park’s bb courts are a positive force and must remain.
Skylanding, Yoko Ono’s lotus flower peace art would be dedicated at the Japanese Garden in the following week. October 20 JPAC and the Park District will open the gates to Wooded Island permanently and hold open house for the sculpture and Japanese Garden and the whole Island with its overlooks. There will be informational stations with maps and docents about the ecological restoration project.
McCurry said the peace sculptures by the Iowa building have been well received, with some programming and lots of people walking over and taking selfies or meditating. Thank You Farah Tunks.
Beach cleans September 17 accomplished much and were recorded for TV.
About 100 University of Chicago students helped with work projects on September 28.
October 15 (and after with volunteer teams coming in) JPAC will do two tasks the fieldhouse seeks- striping the tennis courts by the fieldhouse for pickleball classes and preparing next to it a kid’s garden for next year.

McCurry and Powell, with Park supervisor Bobbie Beckham, discussed the holiday events that JPAC usually helps – Halloween- members were asked to volunteer at the day camp party October 31, 4-6 pm. The Turkey Trot just before Thanksgiving and the Christmas party on December 23 also need help. Moved, seconded and approved to appropriate $75 for supplies and seek donations such as Turkeys for the Trot.
JPAC members are participating in reactivation of a PAC for Harris Recreation Center. It is hoped that the number of kids learning to swim there can be increased and that this will in turn feed into an enhanced, low-cost sailing program in the harbors-- Jackson Park Yacht Club is raising funds for a training boat.
“Wants” suggested by members for next year: youth teams at beach cleans / volunteer work, spaces and programs to highlight and teach biodiversity and nutrition, and a tree replanting program/schedule.

Announced: Nomination and election of officers will be held at the November 14 meeting at the fieldhouse. Adjourned.

Respectfully submitted, Gary Ossewaarde, Secretary.

Upcoming and information:

Winter Nature Photography Contest with Spencer Bibbs- December 3, 11 am at Nancy Hays Bridge at the north end of Wooded Island. All ages, any equipment. Entries due Dec. 10 at JPAC Photo Contest Google Gp.
Details: jacksonparkadvisorycouncil.org/events, https://facebook.com/JacksonParkAdvisoryCouncil

Last Bobolink Meadow Workday of 2016. November 12, 9 am-noon. parrybell@ameritech.net.

On October 15 volunteers including William Hill of William Hill Garden and Gallery worked by the fieldhouse smoothing out the playground and removing weeds hiding the tennis court while Louise McCurry striped courts for pickleball classes the fieldhouse will be giving. In subsequent days, a large volunteer team bused in finished the court fence and prepared the area between the court and a trades shed for a kid’s teaching garden the fieldhouse classes will be working next growing season.

Other parks and their PACs in the area have been making great strides getting organized and identifying and getting accomplished fixes and improvements. Several playgrounds have been refurbished via the ChicagoPlays initiative—thanks also to aldermen for promoting this. Cornell Playlot Park (a block + from Jackson) became the first pocket park to construct a Nature Play Space (along with a gorgeous kiosk and the first step in native plantings) thanks to volunteer labor and material and funding from the Neighborhood Enhancement Grant program of South East Chicago Commission with Hyde Park Bank and Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference and parks committee. A shout out to JPAC members Norm Bell and Gail Perry, President and Treasurer of Cornell PAC, and to the Park District staff for the Nature Play program and help with the park. Neighboring Midway PAC has also accomplished much in its short existence. And member Jake Young led an OpenLands team in planting trees at a new playground in Washington Park as part of Oaktober.

A shout out to Stephanie Franklin, who was honoree at the Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce November 10 Annual Dinner for her years of service as president of Nichols Park Advisory Council and for 4th on 53rd St. Parade and Picnic, and to Anne Marie Miles and Gary Ossewaarde as part of team that brought a new opera and its composer to South Shore Cultural Center, “Harriet Tubman: When I Crossed That Line to Freedom,” highly acclaimed. Keep an eye out for the great programs at South Shore CC, from the CSO to Court Theater.
An op ed by Gary Ossewaarde, Newsletter editor:

The most important and significant additions of the past month are the re-opening of Wooded Island October 22 with a popular outing experience and opportunities to observe and learn about the ecological and landscape restoration, and the addition of a world-important quality piece of public art, Skylanding, designed by Yoko Ono and installed at the Garden of the Phoenix. Reflecting the universal symbol of the lotus blossom, its purpose is to promote reflection upon peace in the world and in our communities and to call attention to one of the many peoples, the Japanese, who played a part in the making and history of Jackson Park and the country. One has to hope that it contributes in those regards as well as aesthetically—many have already visited to enjoy and take selfies with it. It is the most significant sculptural addition in this South Side park since the replica Republic by Daniel Chester French in 1918. Thank you to all who had this vision.

Some have expressed disappointment that the unveiling was by invitation to a small number given the limited 3 space, security concerns, and that it was a celebration by those (including from this area) who made it possible. Many from the South Side were invited, including parties less than enthusiastic—and the park welcomed many from other parts of the city, as we would expect to be welcomed in Lincoln or Garfield Park, also ours as Chicagoans. There will be discussion of involvement of and contribution by private persons and bodies to park assets and changes and of how such decisions are made and what kind of and how much public input there should be. Such discussion will be held and be necessary as long as there are parks and people to use them. Some details were not shared widely or easily discerned, but major facts were either in public documents or online and there were both several public meetings and consultations with stakeholder organizations that included general information on the ideas and intent for Skylanding. Skylanding was a gift and did not involve public funds, including for upkeep, for which funds will have to be raised. It was not a forced deal, nor involve private control or sequestration or fencing off, or making money off the park that belongs to all, nor dit it involve discernible opportunity costs other than that the donors chose to do this, for our park and communities. This asset would not have been added if it depended on taxes, nor should the overburdened taxpayer be expected to cover it. Having achieved this addition and with the Library and its impact on the park expected, we can and should pause to look carefully at the future of our park and further changes that may or may not be desired and make sure any changes are done compatibly, including with respect for the historic Olmsted design and a healthy, nature- and tree-respective open space. With one exception: restoring and reopening the broken anchor connector, historic Darrow Bridge with all due speed remains a top priority.
For information on Skylanding and the Japanese Garden from the planners and funders, visit www.skylanding.com , www.gardenofthephoenix.org , and www.project120chicago.org.