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Jackson Park Advisory Council October 10, 2011 meeting minutes

The meeting was convened by Louise McCurry at LaRabida Children’s Hospital, 16 present. The meeting expressed its gratitude to Brenda Wolf, Director of the Hospital. Welcomed were, CPD Area Manager Cordell Hopkins, guests, and (we hope) new members: Richard Dervin and Elizabeth Wyman.

Alicia Feldman of American National Red Cross in Chicago discussed Red Cross safety, first aid, and disaster workshops in schools and low income areas. JPAC approved general support for such workshops or classes in Jackson Park. Area Manager Dwight Hopkins will follow up on conditions etc.

Minutes of the September meeting were approved with correction that the natural areas contractor’s name is Pizzo. Moved by Jerry Levy, 2nd Norm Bell.

Financial. Dwight Powell reported $5,571 and one deposit of $25. A letter was sent to Rosebud Farms regarding furnishing of turkeys for this year’s Turkey Trot. General consensus was to prepare membership and contributions letter as start of fundraising.

Natural areas and work. Jerry Levy, Gail and Norm Bell, and the McCurry’s were among those who cleaned and pruned in around the ‘Iowa’ building in preparation for the Bike Clinic. Nighttime drugs, activity continue. Proposed was inviting the 3rd District.
More work, including with over 200 volunteers has been done at LaRabida. Walk throughs were held and scheduled with the Park District including re major tree work and other quick fixes. Public enjoyment is up.
Tree planting west of Darrow Bridge, coordinated by Friends of the Parks was planned for October 14- volunteers were asked.
Bobolink Meadow was abloom with golden asters was and heavily used by birds. Lab School 7th graders are scheduled to work on invasives and collect seeds October 28.
Wooded Island work included a large project planned for Sunday, October 23 with a group from Loyola.

Park programs. The fieldhouse is up to full staff and working to attract girls as well as boys.

Details of the October 15 bike clinic were discussed. JPAC was thankful for the many organizations involved, especially the chief presenter, Chicago Conservation Corps of the City of Chicago.

Motto- a vote was held, after which it was changed some more. Preference was for variants of JPAC- “sharing nature, recreation, and history.” Moved by McCurry, seconded, and approved.

Nominations. Discussed was having two vice presidents- one to focus on development and fundraising, the other on programming. Also suggested was a director of nature education (Fran Vandervoort volunteered) and a designated historian and archivist. Toshia Booker asked to be excused from serving as an officer for personal reasons. Nominated were:
President- Louise McCurry, Vice President- Judith Hill, Treasurer- Dwight Powell, and Secretary Gary Ossewaarde. Election will be at the November 14 meeting at the fieldhouse.

The Finance and Development Committee was scheduled to meet November 2 at the fieldhouse.

New business. Barry Rapoport announced that the final video and repot on the 2009 Frederick Douglass Memorial (on the path west of the 59th Lake Shore Drive underpass) is available- search Frederick Douglass Dedication or contact Barry at barryrapoport7@gmail.com.
Members were reminded of the Bike Clinic Oct. 15 2-5 and the ribbon cutting for the track and field at 62nd and Stony Island Oct. 15 about 3:30 pm.

The meeting was adjourned after 8:30 pm. Next Nov. 14, 7:30, fieldhouse.

Respectfully submitted, Gary Ossewaarde, Secretary.

News and Announcements

JPAC is launching its 2010 Membership Drive. Those who have been members or we would like to become members and for whom membership is appropriate, we will be sending a letter and form explaining our categories and the uses to which we hope to put your money. And thank you.
Two tree plantings grace the park with nature’s poems. On October 14, under arrangement by Friends of the Parks, a set of trees was planted between Cornell Drive and the Darrow Bridge. Several JPAC and other volunteers helped.
October 26 a wonderful suite of ornamental trees and shrubs were planted at Osaka Japanese Garden by the Park District and its contractor Clauss Bros. Jerry Levy, Wooded Island site steward, writes (revised):

Yesterday was a fantastic day for the Garden and the adjacent area. The contractor under the Park District's supervision planted nine beautiful Canada Red Select Cherry trees (Prunus virginiana var. Schubert Select) just to the north and right outside the entrance. They also planted three Crabtrees, Malus sargeantae (sp?) two outside the gate and one inside it and six Serviceberries Amalanchier Alteas (sp?) (very large clumps) inside the entrance. The stone path inside the Garden has also been extended. The fall colors there are brilliant. You'll really enjoy it if you can get out there this weekend.

By the time you read this, 63rd St. Beach House will have been turned into a haunted house for Halloween and the afterschool Park Kids will have had their Halloween party in the fieldhouse. JPAC sprung for candy.

The Chicago Park District Board of Commissioners is expected to select Mike Kelly as its permanent General Superintendent and CEO at its November board meeting. JPAC has received great communications with Mr. Kelly and staff, and help from his office in management of traffic and events in the park.

JPAC thanks the many organizations and agencies who presented and explained at the Bike Clinic held by the Chicago Conservation Corps, co-sponsored by JPAC October 15 afternoon at the so-called Iowa building former comfort station in the northeast corner of the park. JPAC and the park district worked hard to make the site presentable and are considering future uses and improvements. Some of the members of adjacent Montgomery Place Retirement Community have been visiting the site regularly of late. Anyone who wants a copy of our handout on the story of the comfort station can contact Gary at garyossewaarde@yahoo.com.
Some of the participants in the clinic were Active Transportation Alliance, Athletico, Blackstone Bicycle Works, City of Chicago Bicycle Program. Organizer was our vice president, Toshia Booker-Blakely.

Later that afternoon, the new Take the Field track and field near 62nd and Stony Island were dedicated by Mayor Emanuel, Park District Superintendent Kelly and commissioners, officers and staff, elected officials including Ald. Hairston, The Chicago Bears, the Pritzker-Traubert Foundation, JPAC, and about 300 attendees including from school and other teams. JPAC expresses its gratitude to funders and the special oversight committee and expects there will equitable and creative scheduling and sharing of the facility- and that everyone will treat it properly. One set of guests that will hopefully stay away are the geese.

Save the date- November 12, Saturday, 1-4 pm for the next clinic, “It’s Weatherization Time.” Several experts have been lined up to help you save money and energy in a healthful, environmental way. To volunteer contact Toshia at jpacattack@gmail.com.

Remember that Elections will be held at the November 14 meeting at the fieldhouse, 7:30 pm. A slate was nominated- President Louise McCurry, Vice President Judith Hill, Treasurer Dwight Powell, Secretary Gary Ossewaarde. Additional nominations can be made from the floor. In order to vote, this must be one’s second meeting attended within the past 12 months.

The Chicago Park District budget should be available for viewing by November 8. Friends of the Parks has invited PAC leaders to a primer and discussion November 28. The Board has its public hearing December 7 and votes December 14.

Workdays are just about done for the year. Inquire of Norm at parrybell@comcast.net and Jerry at jslevy@jeromelevylaw.com. There may be one on Wooded I November 26 12-3 pm. Call Louise about other projects- 773 844-2225.
But bird walks continue Weds at 7, Sats at 8 from Darrow Bridge through New Years.