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Jackson Park Advisory Council meetings, April 12, 2010

Ross Petersen convened the meeting at 7:35 p.m. Adjustments were made to the agenda. 63rd beach site steward’s Paul Grabowski’s presentation on the 63rd St. natural area reconstruction and update from the Friends of Osaka Garden will be rescheduled. The minutes of the March meeting were accepted.

Nature Committee. Ross Petersen reported that a large contingent of volunteers, including from University of Chicago who worked on cleanup of Osaka Garden and placement of protective rocks on its shoreline. A group under prospective Bob-o-link Meadow site steward Sam Betcher stayed until 5 p.m. As an expansion of our volunteer effort, work will regularly be done in the Meadow on the regular 2nd and 4th Saturday workdays from 1-5 p.m. Contact for details Mr. Betcher at snipp13@hotmail.com or Ross Petersen at 773 486-0505. JPAC expressed its appreciation of groups and volunteers from the University of Chicago, who were also scheduled for service days in Jackson Park April 17 and 22 (actual Earth Day).

Petersen reported that two trees were removed and one damage in Music Court parking lot islands during placement by the contractor of parking meter devices. This was reported. Petersen noted that no direct communication or discussion was held with JPAC on charged parking placement of machines in the lots throughout the park, such consultation and consideration being essential on major changes in the park.

Members stated regret and concern over the parking policy including park effects by drivers avoiding meters, but no action was voted. Rosalind Moore of Ald. Hairston’s office encouraged all to attend a public hearing on the matter with Park District representatives on April 15, 6:30 at Montgomery Place, 5550 S. South Shore Drive. She cited lack of consultation and public hearings on changing plans. She said that none of the money goes to particular parks.

Petersen reported his concern about continuation of Wooded Island Working Group, an entity separate from JPAC, that vets plans and templates for natural area habitat reconstruction and maintenance, set up in response to concerns about plans a couple years ago. While walkthroughs of the Island are welcome as needed, Petersen said, JPAC is the recognized agency for review, and also the needs that led to formation of an ongoing WIWG have passed. Petersen said he informed the Park District of his intent to withdraw and now moved that JPAC ask dissolution WIWG and that JPAC halt participation in favor of Park District discussion of Wooded Island plans at regular JPAC meetings, commencing May 10, and at open walkthroughs scheduled on an as needed basis. Seconded by Kevin Quinn. Passed 8-0 with one abstention.

A new set of trees is expected north of the Wooded Island north bridge. Schedule will be sought on the MSI west lot project

Financial. Treasurer Dwight Powell reported on balance and dues and contributions. Noted was a generous gift from Elston ACE Hardware. Moved by Petersen, seconded by Esther Schechter to appropriate a not-to-exceed $300 for rental and $150 for honorarium for the April 17 science lecture organized by JPAC, with the understanding that co-sponsors will reimburse part of the cost to JPAC.

Park and Program. William Tillis, Jackson Park Supervisor, said track and field is getting into full gear. The fieldhouse easily fills its programs without scholarships, but now has to reach out to youth away from the immediate neighborhood to the west to do so, cost and the economy being cited. Go Girls Go led by Selma Sims is very popular and provides much needed mentoring and recreation specifically for girls.

Plans for a new playground southeast of the 63rd Pavilion were discussed by Rosalind Moore of Ald. Hairston’s office. She regretted any oversight and scheduling problems in consulting with JPAC. Plan approved by consensus.

New Business. Baseball program. Keronn Walker and Mr. Christianson of B.I.G. Baseball Academy described hopes and concepts for expanding their program into Jackson Park via improvements to the field near the tennis court, including scoreboard, artificial turf in the infield, dugouts, and bleachers. Cautions were expressed about permanent standing structures and any interference with existing activities or teams. Information was generously shared. They will return after discussions with the Park District and with more detailed plans, possibly in May.

Rebecca Graff said the extensive material from her previous archeological survey in parts of the park is being analyzed. She noted that any digging projects in parks requires archeological mitigation via Illinois State Museum.

Adjournment. Next meeting June 14.

Respectfully submitted, Gary Ossewaarde, Secretary

Since the meeting…and announcements

A walkthrough of Wooded Island is scheduled to consider prospective planting and more. June 9, Wednesday 12-2 Darrow Bridge. Interested parties are welcome.

Volunteer workdays May 8, 22 10-1 pm (may continue to 5 p.m. in Bob-o-link)- Darrow Bridge. Information Ross Petersen 773 486-0505.

Join the birders on Wooded Island- led by Doug Anderson or another experienced. Saturdays 8 a.m. from Darrow Bridge so of MSI.

A nice crowd heard Dr. Greg Mueller explain the role of mushrooms and underground micorhyzal networks to a good crowd on Saturday afternoon April 17. JPAC's thanks to Dr. Mueller, Hyde Park Historical Society, UC Civic Knowledge, volunteers, attendees, and U of C Multicultural Center (which provided the venue).