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May 2007. Volume 14, Issue 5

Editor Gary Ossewaarde

Produced by the Jackson Park Advisory Council, Chicago, Illinois. Exec. VP Ross Petersen, 773 486-0505.

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Jackson Park Advisory Council
April 9, 2007 Advisory Council Minutes

Ross Petersen opened the meeting at 7:35 p.m. Minutes of the March meeting were approved as corrected.

Park news. Terry Jones described varied and growing spring and summer programs. Registration is always in the first month of the preceding quarter. The public is invited to the May 21 gym show, 4-6 p.m. to see what is offered and what the kids learn. The student/instructor ratio for the June 25th-August 3rd summer session is 10:1 for the younger kids and 20:1 for the older. Also, teens 14-16 serve as junior counselors, earning points. The camps also include significant cultural and sports field trips.

Jackson’s team took 3rd place in the Region in inner city league play. Some players were all-stars, and Terry Jones coached. Jones noted that Commander Franklin, 3rd Police District, had over 100 kids at a banquet. The District’s very active Explorers’ program works with Jackson.

The woodchip pile is now gone, with a reserve set aside for Earth Day work. The improved drumming circle has had sand removed and is ready for concrete to be poured. After that, evened stone-block seating will be set. An inaugural celebratory festival is being planned.

Nature Committee. Petersen reported that a good sized group worked in natural areas March 24 and that groups were signed up for work April 14 and 28 (regular 2nd and 4th Saturdays) and Sunday afternoon April 22 for Earth Day. The latter will include University of Chicago groups and will focus on several part of the park, including the new community garden. Petersen invited the park to have teen programs work with the volunteer worday and garden programs. Kenwood Academy students and teachers are already involved.

Olympics. Petersen reported that field hockey will be in the soccer fields rather than an enclosed area such as the Driving Range. The use will displace a solid group of established users and limit or prevent access to a large area for up to three years. Problems foreseen include lack of parking or indoor plumbing. No action was taken at the meeting.

New Orleans’ City (Center) Park. Melissa Cook gave a greatly-appreciated presentation on the history of one of the country’s great parks, very heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina. This park has several interesting Chicago connections. Upon motion by Fran Vandervoort seconded by Dwight Powell, the Council approved donation of $200 to the park’s restoration fund.

Old and new business. The Park District now formally has Mr. Barry Rapoport’s proposal for a plaque commemorating Frederick Douglass and his role at the Columbian Exposition. Rapoport described new learning programs he is developing that includes large puppets.

The meeting was adjourned. Next meeting May 14, Monday, 7:30 pm, 6401 S. Stony Island.

Respectfully submitted,
Gary M. Ossewaarde, Secretary


Volunteer workdays in the natural areas continue 2nd and 4th Saturdays, 10-1. Meet at Darrow Bridge south of the Museum. Ross Petersen, 773 486-0505

Doug Anderson’s bird walks. Weds at 7 am, Sats at 8 am. Darrow Bridge. 773 493-7058.

Gym Show May 21 4-6 pm in the fieldhouse gym.

June 20 Friends of the Parks holds a seminar on concepts for filling gaps in the south lakefront with public access. At South Shore Cultural Center. Details in June Newslstter.

Watch for a dedicatory festival for the drumming circle east of 63rd St. beach house.

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