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Next meeting Monday, March 11, 7:30 p.m. at the fieldhouse, 6401 S. Stony Island 60637

Jackson Park Advisory Council minutes February 11, 2013

Louise McCurry called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m. with eight in attendance.

January minutes were moved by Joe Kelly, 2nd Esther Schechter and approved. No financial report.

President’s report. Shown was Louise McCurry’s plaque and other materials from her award for her work largely at JPAC, at Friends of the Parks luncheon Feb. 7. She spoke there of park successes, value, priorities.

She reported that an updated list of safety items was given to the CPkD. Many have being fixed by CPkD. Members gave items to be added, including need for re-setting bollards and stanchions at the parking lot by the 59th tennis courts (Area Manager Cordell Hopkins will inspect the site).
McCurry gave details of security problem areas and significant progress (due to city police and park security diligence and citizen reporting). Large groups that hang out and or sellers drugs etc. were reported coming across Stony Island into the southwest corner of the park from time to time. The Darrow bridge has been further damaged and defaced by a large fire set by party-makers. Set fires are an ongoing problem there and at the Iowa building. Lots of repair, cleanup and patrolling has been done at the Iowa building.

Wooded Island and Bobolink are kept cleaned. McCurry is starting workdays targeting messed up areas such as the fence line at the golf course along 67th and near Cornell Dr. and has been recruiting volunteer groups for cleanups and to gather up deadwood in sections of the park such as the LaRabida and 56th sectors. Mt. Carmel is among those who have offered to provide groups for regular cleanup through the summer.
Nature trails. Fran Vandervoort showed an impressive informational folding map of the Indiana Dunes. Members said we need such a folding map, preferably an update of that from 1986 under Victoria Ranney, as well as brochures and signage. Assembling funding is the big hang-up now. Ad hoc interactive brochures are used for mini-tours with families and school groups. (An example about LaRabida’s Fossil Beach was distributed.) Pictures of Wooded Island and Bobolink have been assembled for display at the Hyde Park Historical Society Dinner February 23 that includes awards to JPAC and Washington Park Conservancy.

Hopkins described the painting, brightening up and fix-up done in the fieldhouse. The park did well in wrestling and is gearing up for spring track and field and soccer and is planning for summer- from camps to movies. JPAC will consider partial sponsorship of a second movie in the park (in addition to the one the CPkD provides). Movies although costly provide free, secure reasons for families to gather in and enjoy the park.

Members gave input into the new JPAC Members and Community room/Gallery in the fieldhouse, a major focus of which is hoped to be 1) rotating topical photo and art exhibits perhaps with contests and 2) photography classes that would be gradually phased into the advertized programs at the fieldhouse. Thanks to Spencer Bibs for leadership. The council will ask the Park District to name the room after Nancy Hays. (Naming of the Wooded Island North Bridge for Nancy is now before the CPkD committee. resp. for naming.) McCurry distributed a list of proposed exhibit themes for the room and also a suite of educational workshops and events through the summer. Members volunteered to take charge of various of these programs and recommended outside educational partners for them. The programs will be organized and publicized soon.

JPAC is in conversation with REI sports equipment regarding best exercise equipment locale- priority consensus was for first equipment to be by the bike trail south of LaRabida.

Members and those with whom we share information were encouraged to attend the Friends of the Park’s PAC Advocacy Conference March 9 at South Shore Cultural Center, gathering at 8:45; plenaries and breakouts; a Park Security and Safety Summit at 1 pm. Register with Maria Stone, stonem@fotp.org or 312 857-2757x17.

The meeting was adjourned at 9 p.m. Next mtgs. Mar 11, April 8, 7:30 at the fieldhouse. Gary M. Ossewaarde,

Workdays resume March. Bobolink’s this MARCH is on the 16th. See bluestem.info/bobolink. Wooded I March 23- sjlevy@jeromelevylaw.com. Save the date Earth Day project(s) April 20. Birdwalks Sat 8, Wed 7 from Darrow Bridge. March 13 10 am annual Clarence Darrow convening at the bridge and lecture in MSI.