Welcome to the March 2007 J.P.A.C. Newsletter

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Volume 14, Issue 3

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The February JPAC meeting was cancelled due to weather. Copies of the January minutes and newsletter will be available at the March meeting and are available in our website, www.hydepark.org/parks/jpac/newsletters/Feb07nl.htm or www.hydepark.org/parks/jpac/jpacminandresolu.htm.

Your invitation to our important Meeting on March 12 2007 (Monday), 7:30 p.m. (generally second Mondays)

By approval at the January meeting, JPAC now has two workdays a month, the second Saturday for plant management and the fourth Saturday for planting, other maintenance depending on need. Additional days may be scheduled. The April 28 program is an Earth Day special. Usual hours are 10 am-1 pm. Meet at the Darrow Bridge south of the Museum and Columbia Basin. For more information call Ross Petersen at 773 486-0505.
2007 schedule:
April 14, 28
May 12, 26
June 9, 23
July 14, 28
August 11, 19
September 15, 29
October 13, 27

Coming: March 13, Tuesday, 10 am. Clarence Darrow annual wreath toss at Darrow Bridge and Symposium in Museum of Science and Industry Columbian Room. Ed Yohnka, ILACLU: 150 years after Darrow’s birth- what can his legacy say to our times? 312 578-9114.

April: Friends of the Parks forums on managing natural areas. 312 857-2757.