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Published by Jackson Park Advisory Council, a recognized advisory body to the Chicago Park District, Chicago Illinois.
JPAC's fiscal agent is The Chicago Parks Foundation, a 501c3.
President is Louise McCurry, 773 844-2225, commissioner751@comcast.net.

Editor Gary Ossewaarde, JPAC Secretary. Hosted by hydepark.org (archive section Hyde Park Record) website of Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference (owner, hpkcc@aol.com) by Dot Easy and OnShore Communications

Founded in 1983

The purpose of the JPAC is to provide a forum for …users of Jackson Park; to advise and make recommendations to the Chicago Park District on park improvements and programs (and create/ ensure programs); to encourage long-range planning; promote community utilization and awareness of park and program and participation in planning; and seek alternative funding sources.
Protecting Nature, Preserving History, Promoting Recreation"

Next meeting: MONDAY JUNE 23, 2016 7p.m.
JP fieldhouse, 6401 S. Stony Island Ave.
Guests- invited persons to talk on projects using storytelling and nature skills/stewardship activities to engage youth and children in parks
A vote may be taken on a proposed bylaws amendment changing In Artaicle Three Sections 2 and 3 the number meetings in the preceding year one must be attending from 2nd to fourth.
Minutes & Finances
Old & New bus, Announcements, adjourn

May 27, Friday, c6 + pm. Join us in the fieldhouse for a citywide Faith in Action program, giving kids an alternative to the streets on the start of this traditionally problematic holiday weekend-- meet and celebrate the park's youth including winning teams and the Windy City Hoops bb program. Watch games with parents if you like!

May 28, Saturday, 10 am- 2 pm. Wooded Island amd Japanese Garden will be open for strolling or self-guided tours. Enter from the gate at the south end, off the parking lot northest of the Hayes/63rd Dr.- Cornell intersection. Repeats June 11, 25.

MAY 31, Tuesday, 6-8 pm. Alderman Hairston has convened a COMMUNITY MEETING CONTINUING DISCUSSION CONCERNING THE PROJECTS PROPOSED IN JACKSON PARK. Project 120 and Chicago Park District will be present. La Rabida Children's Hospital, 6501 S. Promontory Point Drive (off Marquette east of Jeffrey)- plenty of parking.

June 11, Saturday, 9-12 pm. Bobolink Meadow Workday.
Wooded Island and Japanese Garden open for strolling and questions.

June 13, Monday, 7 pm. JPAC Council meeting. Fieldhouse.

June 18, Saturday, 10 am-2 pm at 57th St. Beach (teams may be sent to other areas also). It's Your Park Day- Chicago Parks Foundation. Save the day for a cleanup and more, as well as the Wooded Island activities. Note, a Hunger walk is expected that day in the park.

July 11, Monday , 6:30 pm. Jackson Park Advisory Council ANNUAL PICNIC in the Iowa Building on 56th St. across from Montgomery Place retirement community.

July 18. Chicago Parks Foundation Golf Outing in Jackson Park. chicagoparksfoundation.org.


2nd Sat of Month
time-10-2 )
self guided tours with Lauren Umek and Jerry Levy there for questions

10-2 -tour 10-12 with Island staying open until 2 subject to change Guided tours with Lauren Umek and may include on the history and World's Columbian Exposition on Jackson Park

Tours start from the south gate. (Parking is available.) Because this is a construction area, access and visitation must be under park district supervision, with voucher sign in and out. Your patience is appreciated. Inquiry and questions can be addressed to Lauren.Umek@chicagoparkdistrict.com or Jerry Levy at sjlevy@jeromelevylaw.com.

CONTENTS p1 (Frontpage) About/announcements (see above and in pdf version)
p2-3 Minutes
p 3-6 Announcements, Features and attachments
(See that report by itself in pdf.)

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Louise McCurry, President
Anne Marie Miles, VP
Gary Ossewaarde, Secretary and Newsletter editor
Dwight Powell, Treasurer
Jake Young, Cherry Theard-
at-large:membership, web/media

Stewards: Bobolink- Norman Bell and Gail Parry
Wooded Island- Jerry LevyJerry Levy
Nature Trail- Fran Fandervoort

JPAC meets monthly 2nd Mondays, 6/13, 7/11, 8/8, 9/12, 10/10
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President Louise McCurry 773 844-2225 commissioner751@comcast.net

Gary Ossewaarde (Sec., mtgs., Newsletter, mail/membership
1765 E. 55th St. B6 Chicago, IL 60615. 773 947-9541 garyossewaarde@yahoo.com

Dwight Powell (Treas.) 7206 S.
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Jerry Levy (Wooded I steward)
Norm Bell/Gail Parry (Bobolink stewards)
(Nature Trail)- Fran Fandervoort

Chicago Park District-
Bobbie Beckam 773 256-0903 bobbie.beckam@chicagoparkdistrict.com
Region mgr Maya Solis and office
312 747-7661
Area Manager Farah Tunks- farah.tunks@chicagoparkdistrict.com,
312 828-2792


Louise McCurry called to order at 7 p.m. in the fieldhouse, a quorum being present, 16 in attendance. Former vice president Judith Hill was welcomed back. The agenda was distributed. Introductions were made. Minutes of the April meeting were moved by Dwight Powell, 2nded by Norm Bell, and approved.

Media upgrade team. Maddie Anderson, University of Chicago Accelerator group engaged to help JPAC update its website and media presence. The UC team consists of four persons from the Gamma Delta Sorority. Point persons for JPAC are Jake Young and Ray Johnson. Ms. Anderson reported on objectives including workday and events online registrations, memberships, and donations, update of videos, and creation of active social media pages. Emphasized: donations and membership are distinct. Approved by consensus that modest fee can be contracted if necessary to our internet server and platform providers.

67th St. Ridgeland playground area. Sylvia Brooks reported that work has begun. When the work is close to done, a community workday 2nd week in July? (spreading chips, planting, ribbon cutting and party) will be scheduled with CPD and JPAC. Cliff Kelly has offered to participate, and Home Depot will donate flowers. Meanwhile, new sidewalk is being installed on the entire north side of 67th by the park and replacement of curbs and catch basins continues on Stony Island. Thanks was expressed to the community groups and the Alderman’s Office, which have pushed for these for many years.

Bobolink Meadow and Migratory Bird Day, other workdays. April 28-30 about 30 teachers who work with the Museum of Science and Industry planted over 600 butterfly friendly plants and fixed the main path. May 14 workday removing trash and garlic mustard and other invasives will dovetail with Migratory Bird Day tours and bird ID programs. This program with many programs in the Music Court area and Bobolink is designed to introduce children and youth to wildlife and environmental responsibility and celebrates 100 years of the Migratory Bird Treaty, first signed by the U.S. and Great Britain. There is a wide range of sponsors. Noted- this might be a nice program to repeat in the fall.
McCurry will hold cleanup and mulching of trails by LaRabida Hospital Saturday May 21 1 p.m. The next Wooded Island tour is set for May 28, 10 am (Island open10-2) from the south end gate.

Fieldhouse and sports. Bobbie Beckam discussed which ball fields and tennis courts may be best candidates for rehab (and they are overdue) should selection of Jackson be confirmed. Need for seats was specified. JPAC was requested to submit a form. Our track team is advancing to citywide competition. Summer camp target is 150-160. JPAC was asked and agreed to help host a Faith in Action program ahead of the May 27 Windy City Hoops session—members are asked to come about 6 p.m. and can stay and watch bb action with the parents.
Members asked about a program whereby kids can earn school community service hours, especially nature stewardship. Lanita Ross said an impediment is lack of funding for busses to bring or move the kids around.
Lanita also gave details on the May 14 early morning Jackson 5K Classic race. Kids can earn community service hours for this. All proceeds will go for Tri Masters racing and fitness classes and for South East Chicago Commission/HPKCC neighborhood enhancement (beautification) grants in neighborhoods surrounding the park.
McCurry noted that a private permitted event May 7 led to activities and closures that interfered with soccer and other programs already permitted and paid for. On several other occasions this summer soccer fields are preempted. She is in discussion with CPD staff.

Treasurer’s report. Dwight Powell reported $5,189.41 in the account.

Old business. Earth Day beach cleanups April 23 netted 310 pounds of trash collected and sorted at 63rd and 57th beaches. Thank you Alliance for the Great Lakes and Green Energy. A bike clinic in the afternoon at 57th had less success, partly due to weather and time of year. The main trail through Wooded Island was mulched.

New business. Virtual Nature Trail. Consensus was to proceed with applying for a grant from Field Foundation for a virtual nature trail tour like the Park Services’ Ranger in Your Pocket. Fran Vandervoort with others 2
has explored the possibilities in consort with Park District staff and the Vamonde.com team at IIT, headed by Prof. Anijo P. Matthew, which has agreed to work with JPAC and CPD parties gratis and has developed such virtual tours for Humboldt Park and other places. Funds would be applied to signs at heads of trail and if necessary to hire a narrator. A committee will meet with Vamonde et al This Thursday. Moved by McCurry and seconded to name project leader Fran Vandervoort JPAC’s Nature Trail Steward. Approved.

Bylaws Amendment. Louise McCurry proposed an amendment to the current bylaws--to return to earlier practice (and current practice of some other PACs such as Nichols) that members have a longer familiarity with the full range of JPAC’s park responsibilities and operations before voting on major issues. The proposed amendment would change “second meeting” to “fourth meeting” in Article Three- Membership, Section 2 and similar in section 3 (which covers designated representatives of organizations).

“An individual is a voting member if he or she is attending at least the [second- del.] fourth meeting in the preceding consecutive 12-month period that includes that meeting.”

Six members spoke in support, pointing out that JPAC, to be effective and responsible as a recognized advisory and operating body for the long term good of a complex park, has to be primarily a standing group with broad park experience rather than be a set of community meetings. This need not diminish its role as an open forum to take the input and sense of the surrounding community, and new persons can be encouraged to become involved in committees and activities and so soon be voting members. At least two others disagreed strongly with this viewpoint and opposed the change. The proposed amendment was placed on the agenda for the June 13 meeting, with due notice to be sent that a vote may be taken on the proposed amendment.

News coverage and programs. Hyde Park Herald has agreed to expand sports coverage to the fieldhouse and Hyde Park High. Powell noted that coverage is important in seeking to keep and promote funding of programs and parent involvement.

Anne Marie Miles said that Jackson Park Yacht Club is raising funds for a boat to renew teaching Sea Scouts and others swimming and sailing.

JPAC is hosting an On the Table dinner discussion May 10 on ways parks can better make neighborhoods stronger and more united. To expand and continue the discussion, asked that our July 11 meeting be a picnic at the Iowa building.

Moved to adjourn. Next meeting June 13 at the fieldhouse.

Respectfully submitted, Gary Ossewaarde, Secretary

COMMUNITY MEETING ON JACKSON PARK PROJECTS MAY 31, TUESDAY, 6-8 PM AT LA RABIDA, 6501 S. Promontory Point Dr. convened by Alderman Hairston (5th). Project 120 and Chicago Park District will be present. Alderman Hairston announced at her April ward meeting that she has asked the Chicago Park District to convene community review process on Project 120 ideas and set up a timeline for proposal fact-finding, tracking and review and to clear up misinformation. (Ed. Note-There has already been considerable preliminary public discussion of proposals, including at JPAC open meetings and the ongoing CPD South Parks Framework Plan meetings. The process is expected now become more regularized and focused.)

Wooded Island open May 28, June 11 and 25. We’ll open Wooded Island this Saturday from 10:00 til 2:00. Enter at the south end off 63rd just east of Cornell. Walk at your leisure-no formal guided tours. Just a few new plantings have been done but native plants are popping up all over and the trees are mostly leafed out. The birds are plentiful and happy. At our last workday [April 23] the Park District had a film made. It was published on Youtube and picked up and shown on public TV recently. The link is www.Youtube.com/watch?v=1HRd-HA1mO. Jerry Levy. Jerry is also optimistic the Island will be open for good or more regularly by July.

Wrong places to wade: The Park District is addressing low spots and poor drainage in the 59th tennis court parking lot, path/trails problems are checked out and reported. JPAC is seeking clarification on which body is responsible to repair drainage and collected foul water in the underpass along Marquette Drive.

Our summer 2016 Nature Photography Contest in Jackson Park or parks in surrounding neighborhoods is underway and will continue into July. Spencer Bibbs will hold a class June 11, Saturday. Details coming. All ages are welcome to submit a limited number of photos. The focus is birds, but all parks topics are welcome. Contact Louise or Gary for a copy of rules and how to submit photos.

TAKE A LOOK AT THE ANCIENT GAMES OF LAWN BOWLING AND CROQUET, RIGHT HERE IN OUR PARK. At the Bowling Green southeast of the Museum of Science and Industry. Parking is available- access via Science Drive/58th and veer left.
May 22- lawn bowling Opening Day 12:45. Go to lakesidelawnbowling.webs.com and find regular schedule.
May 28- croquet matches midday
June 11- croquet tournament

April 23, we had a great Earth Day. Many groups helped clear and wood chip the nature trails in the heart of Wooded Island, the Paul H. Douglas Nature Sanctuary. You can see and hear the action, and how it fits into the ecological and Olmsted restoration project, as well as the Nature Stewardship Program of the Park District. (Some nice shots of the Japanese Garden, too). It’s the first feature on the Park District’s recent tv show, in You Tube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1URd--HA1m0. A shout out to Jason Steger, Forrest Cortes, Michael Lange, Lauren Umek, steward Jerry Levy, the production crew, and the host of volunteers. Other volunteers cleaned 63rd and 57th beaches. The next weekend a group of MSI teachers planted in Bobolink Meadow. Do you have a group that would like to have a work session and learn about the park? Call Louise McCurry, 773 844-2225.

April 30 and May 1 JPAC members and many others had opportunity to learn about Japanese Gardens and landscapes in America and in Jackson Park (where it is now known as Garden of the Phoenix), nationally, locally, and in terms of families that have interacted with them.
April 30, Dr. Kendall Jones’ illustrated lecture at Montgomery Place Retirement Community showed the great variety of styles and purposes for which Japanese landscape has been appropriated for over a century in the United States. He, and Karen Szyjka of the Park District, who manages the Garden in Jackson Park, suggested that a good purposing today might be to adapt from the core use in Japan, for wellness, healing and contemplative walks or sits.
May 1, Robert Karr of Project 120 gave a largely attended detailed illustrated talk at the Museum of Science and Industry on Japan-U.S-Chicago connections and the story of the Japanese facilities at the Columbian Exposition and later on Wooded Island in Jackson Park and their influences, for example in the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright. At the center of the talk was the family of Shojo Osato, which managed the Japanese concession 1935-41 and both suffered afterwards and experienced renown through the ballet career of their daughter Sono. Karr also explained the evolution of recent improvements and ideas for the Island and the area between it and the Museum, then led a walk to the Garden on Wooded Island, including site for Yoko Ono’s art coming this fall honoring the Phoenix Pavilion of the Columbian Exposition.

May 10, JPAC hosted one of over 50 On the Table community potluck dinners held citywide to explore how our communities and cities can be more unified. 30 parks-interested and community active persons from Hyde Park, Woodlawn, and South Shore gathered in a sumptuous suite, once lived in by Al Capone and overlooking Promontory Point, to talk about the role of parks in building stronger communities—what’s working, what’s not, what’s needed, and “your big idea.” Some special guests who are neighbors participated, including Park District Commissioner and Vice President Avis LaVelle, Legislative and Community director Kim DuBuclet, Parks Foundation President Willa Lang, and Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Wallace Goode. And thanks to our host, Anne Marie Miles. All guests had insights and ideas. But the main observation, that has been heard city wide, is the need for improved communicating and listening—locally, with the Park District and city, and within these two. The need for constructive partnerships and for broad outreach and inclusion came in next. We expect our conversation will continue at our, and larger neighborhood meetings and JPAC’s picnic July 11 at the Iowa Building. See appended report.

May 14. Migratory Bird Day. Jackson Park is one of the great stops on the Great Lakes-Mississippi Flyway. We are overwhelmed by the large number of partners who sponsored or helped with these MBD activities in the Music Court and Bobolink woods and meadow and the families who participated on a very cold, windy day. A special shout out to Boy Scout Troupe 999 including for supplies, Home Depot for bird house kits, Chicago Zoological Society, AYSO 751 youth soccer, to naturalist Wilma Asis-McNelis, Field Museum, the naturalist books?, Fran Vandervoort and Wilma for bird checklists, Wendy Williams of South East Chicago Commission, and those who wrestled Louise’s tent.. Thanks to Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference parks committee for binoculars (lent and given away to those who were able to find every species on the checklist). Eric Ginsburg led families on bird ID walks. Norm Bell and Gail Perry led volunteers including teens and school kids in cleanup, invasives removal and learning in Bobolink Meadow. Volunteers helped kids, parents and grandparents assemble bird houses and bird feeders. Spencer Bibbs inaugurated our 2016 Nature Photo Contest. And of course there were many others looking for wildlife, enjoying and photographing, as there usually are on a Saturday morning – get acquainted and ask questions. Altogether a fine event. While we especially wanted to celebrate the centennial this month of the US-British Migratory Bird Treaty signed in 1916, we hope to repeat the Day in the fall.

And May 14 there was also a large Jackson 5K Classic set of races arranged by the 5th Ward and South East Chicago Commission to raise funds for TriMasters fitness and marathon training and for neighborhood enhancement grants (including in parks) overseen by a committee with SECC and Hyde Park –Kenwood Community Conference and other representatives. (The request for proposals on the latter is going out soon, so if your PAC or organization is interested, email Diane at diane@secc-chicago.org.

May 24 the design for Yoko Ono’s “Sky Landing” was revealed at an event at the Art Institute of Chicago. Extensive background, the evolution of the idea, and the meaning of the piece was given by Robert Karr. Larger context was also provided by Tao Wang, Pritzker Chair of Asian Art at the Art Institute and restorer Janice Katz, who announced that painted sliding panels (featuring phoenixes) from the 1893 Phoenix Pavilion, by artist Hashimoto Gaho and that survived the burning of Pavilion and were found in 2011, have now been restored at the Art Institute and are being scheduled to join the four carved surviving transom panels on display in the Asian wing.
Yoko Ono’s design selection is a set of twelve human-size pieces representing petals of a sacred lotus blossom (representing peace), each distinctly-shaped petal standing for one of the 24 principles for living in Buddhism and placed on a point in a geometric grid of circles related to the cardinal points of the compass. The piece will be installed during the summer and dedicated by Yoko Ono in a public ceremony this fall.

Report of the May 10 2016 JPAC On the Table Dinner Report
By Louise McCurry (See this report by itself in pdf)

Theme: Great Parks Make Great Communities
Group topics discussed /ideas presented.

I. 3 things you do in Jackson Park
Walk dogs, clean up, pull invasives, repair holes and trails, run and walk, have meetings, teach students about nature, play guitar, take pictures, paint pictures, golf, play soccer, cross country ski, swim, ice skate, sled, skate, bike, skate board, fish, make movies, sail, canoe, kayak, horseback ride, croquet and lawn bowl, do bird and dragonfly counts, history tours

II. 3 things you like most about Jackson Park
The Lake, beaches, and lagoons, Japanese Gardens, playgrounds, Bobolink Meadow and Wooded Island, MSI, the diversity of people there, the Jackson Bark, historic 67th street beach, The Golden Lady.

III. 3 things you go to other parks to do instead of Jackson Park and why
Live Music, plays, presentations, paddle boats, mini golf, bathrooms, concession areas, adult exercise equipment and yoga, climbing wall, archery, indoor swimming pool for winter swimming.

IV. 3 safety issues in Jackson Park.
Condition of bike and running paths, the drinking and partying at 67th and Stony Island. The lack of shelters and bathrooms, the poor condition of the Iowa Building, stopping of hourly safety patrols

V. 3 ways you interact with the greater community in Jackson Park.
JPAC Work days and tours, community garden, JPAC events, beach activities, soccer games.

VI. 3 things you would improve or add (think big new ideas)
A. Replace the breakwater at LaRabida and repair the historic 67th street beach
B. For kids: Paddle boats, sailing, and mini-golf
C. Better signage and park maps and an interactive Nature Trail
D. Repair the Iowa building roof and bathrooms and enclose it
E. Replace the bathrooms, concessions, and education area and add a bird rescue area to Music Court
F. Repair the Darrow Bridge connecting the Science Drive parking to the Wooded Island
G. Reopen the Harbor Restaurant
H. Add a dog fountain
# # #