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Welcome to the January 2008JPAC Newsletter online

Volume 15, Issue 1

Published by the Jackson Park Advisory Council, Editor Gary Ossewaarde
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Minutes of the December 10, 2007 JPAC council meeting

Ross Petersen, interim president called the meeting to order at 7:35 pm.

The minutes of the December meeting were moved and approved with the following correction, with apologies to Ms. Yermakov and Ms. Schillo, who were not present:
“Ross Petersen summarized the draft Wooded Island management plan, prepared by Zhanna Yermakov, discussed at a meeting with representatives of many stakeholder groups, and undergoing final review. The multi-year plan calls for staged removal of invasive growth, particularly buckthorn, and replanting with native, bird-friendly plants for a balanced ecosystem.”

Next meeting: Dwight Powell moved that JPAC hold no meeting in January hold our next meeting in on the regular date February assuming no conflicts with fieldhouse holidays. (Subsequent inquiry found no conflict except in October and November.) Powell also will work to relocate our bank account so we can take dues by the February meeting. The meeting agreed that officers for 2008 will be elected then. Growing Power is expected to present on the Jackson Park Community Garden at the February meeting.

Nomination of officers. Ross Petersen proposed the current officers as slate for the February election. Other nominations can be submitted to the Secretary at 773 947-9541 or garyossewaarde@yahoo.com.

There was no park and program report because the park district was celebrating Veterans Day.

Nature: Petersen noted the city has passed an ordinance banning invasive plants.

Museum of Science and Industry outdoor exhibit on efficient housing. Petersen reported on a planning meeting at the museum. The temporary exhibit, which opens tentatively in March 2008, would be approximately where the submarine had been. There will be no disturbance to the park, including the oak stand to the south. After the exhibit comes down. The area will be replanted in native plants. Archeologist Rebecca Graff will have access to the area. No objection was expressed.

Move for adjournment. Next meeting February 11.

Respectfully submitted Gary M. Ossewaarde