Welcome to the December 2008 J.P.A.C. Newsletter online
Volume 15, No. 12

Published by Jackson Park Advisory Council, a recognized advisory council to the Chicago Park District.
Friends of the Parks, fiscal agent

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From the December Newsletter front page:

In This Issue- December 8 announcement and agenda; Special announcements, vitae; November minutes,

Next council meeting Monday, December 8, 2008, 7:30 pm, Jackson Park field house, 6401 S. Stony Island Avenue.
Agenda: Adjustments, minutes, guests (Plans for the south side of the Museum of Science and Industry)
Introduction and discussion of Bylaws changes to conform with revised Chicago Park District Guidelines 2008
Opening of Nominations for January 12 Election of Officers
Park and program reports
Nature committee
Aldermanic and other reports
Old and New business

Those unable to attend the December 8 meeting please send email or other address so we can send proposed bylaw changes or committee date for discussion of same.
Nominations will be opened for election on Dec. 8 fo the expected January 12 council meeting.

Notices of 2009 meetings wil be posted at the field house. Records, resolutions and proposals will be placed in the binder at the field house (open for inspection.)

The purpose of the JPAC is to provide a forum for organized and unorganized users of Jackson Park; to advise and to make recommendations to the Chicago Park District on park improvements and programming, and to encourage long-term planning for the park.

Jackson Park Advisory Council minutes November 10, 2008

Ross Petersen convened the meeting at 7:35 pm, a quorum being present, including the President Ross Petersen, Vice President Fran Vandervoort, Secretary Gary Ossewaarde, and Treasurer Dwight Powell.

The October minutes were approved with correction that the number of plants to go into the natural area is “a substantial number, over the next few seasons”.

Resolutions and Business. Three sets of proposed resolutions were distributed and explained by Roger Huff, Attorney. The resolutions (1) authorized and instructed the Treasurer to close the JPAC account at Palos Bank, (2) authorized Friends of the Parks to serve as JPAC’s fiscal agent (fee/ membership $100 per year), and (3) authorized the officers to open a new account at Hyde Park Bank. After discussion, each resolution was approved unanimously. Copies of the formal resolutions are on file in the JPAC binder.

Mr. Huff recommended review of the JPAC by-laws for conformity to current Park District guidelines for Park Advisory Councils. JPAC agreed and a committee for such will be appointed aiming toward coordination with the next election of officers. Nominations will open at the December meeting and elections will be duly announced, to be held the next meeting after. Also, the council will give the park supervisor a schedule of JPAC’S 2009 meetings to post in a secure bulletin board and supply a binder of appropriate JPAC records which will be available for public review at the field house.

Nature Committee. Friends of the Parks volunteer recognition ceremony: November 16 at Forest Preserves hq.

Natural Resources Manager Zhanna Yermakov communicated there may be controlled burns this fall in Bob-o-link Meadow. Shrubs, saplings and other plantings have started going in, to be continued over the next four seasons. JPAC expressed its thanks and appreciation.

Inquiry and concerns have been voiced about handling of hazardous waste at the Museum of Science and Industry’s west lot. Also, the Museum may come to a future meeting about plans for the south side of the Museum.

Beavers have grown in numbers and are causing some damage in the park.

The last Volunteer workday this year will be on November 22.

Flooding was reported at Richards Drive near the inner harbor. This will be referred to authorities to determine what agency(s) is responsible for investigation and remedy.

Gary Ossewaarde reported that request was sent to the Olympic Bid Committee, cc to Ald. Hairston, asking that the proposed Olympic venue be moved sufficiently away from the natural areas and that no enlarged roads be installed.

Petersen reported continued concerns over contaminants in some kinds of artificial turf. Two artificial turf soccer fields had been proposed as Olympic legacies.

Park and field house. Cordell Hopkins has assumed area manager responsibility for Jackson Park.
Jackson Park has championship teams—football city wide; track came in second last spring.
Tillis confirmed that coach/instructor positions have been eliminated or reduced to part-time hourly and significant budget cuts made, but staff works hard to keep programs from suffering. They are still able to have the Turkey Trot and the Thanksgiving games and meals this year.

Old business. Concerns were discussed about the proposed ACE youth sports facility: lack of details about business plan and budget, use and financial sustainability, at least one similar program within three miles, and status re park district control.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm. Next meeting Monday, December 8, with nomination of officers.

Respectfully submitted, Gary M. Ossewaarde, Secretary