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Welcome to the December 2006 J.P.A.C Newsletter Online

December 2006, Volume XIII, No. 12

Produced by Jackson Park Advisory Council, Chicago Illinois, a recognized advisory body to the Chicago Park District.
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In this Issue:


Minutes of the November 13 2006 JPAC Meeting

JPAC President Ross Petersen opened the meeting 7:35 p.m. The minutes of the October meeting were approved with a correction offered by Mr. Rapoport for re-wording the tribute at the Frederick Douglass marker. Mr. Petersen moved that the new phrasing be accepted by the Board. Ms. Vandervoort suggested that she and Mr. Rapoport work on an acceptable format.

Report by Mr. William Tillis, Park Supervisor:
1. Mr. Tillis thanked JPAC for support given to the football team.
2. He and his colleagues are currently recruiting students in local schools for winter Chicago Park District programs. Schools and classrooms are visited and receive mailings. Also, churches and The Woodlawn Organization are contacted.
3. The Turkey Trot cross-country race will be held Friday, November 17; from 4-6 PM. Different categories of young people will compete. Approximately 35 turkeys will be given away as prizes.
4. There will be a Thanksgiving meal Tuesday, November 21, in the fieldhouse gym.
7. The Football Banquet will be help on Thursday, December 7, in the gym. All are invited.
8. Parents’ clubs exist for various sports.
9. It is more difficult to motivate girls to be involved in sports than boys. Girls need creative programs.
10. The Teen Club provides programs for kids 13-15, and is in every lakefront park.

Nature Committee Report
1. Mr. Petersen presented proposals to remove trees downed by the September storm. 54 city parks sustained tree damage. He asked that CPD forester Jerome Scott be invited to lead a park “walk-through.”
2. The mulch in the parking lot of Jackson Park at 63rd Street is available for anyone who wants it. Mr. Williams assured members that the pile of mulch will be gone by March.
3. Mr. Petersen reported on two successful workdays during which weed trees were removed.
4. Growing Power, a local gardening organization, is seeking money to put a chain link fence around a garden in Jackson Park. This organization may send a representative to a future meeting.
5. Holiday Wirick of the U. S. EPA and a colleague will report at the February meeting about efforts to manage beach water quality.
6. Esther Schechter asked about the Korean commemorative structure. Mr. Petersen said we do know that not much is happening.

Report of Mr. Alonzo Williams, Director of Lakefront Services:
1. The October 28 Halloween party took place at the fieldhouse. Attendance was good, even though past parties had been at the South Shore Cultural Center.
2. South Shore Cultural Center will celebrate its 100th birthday Saturday, December 9.
3. Mr. Williams was asked about unfilled holes in areas of Jackson Park, presumably dug for tree planting. Where are the trees?

Report by Sharonjoy Jackson about the Iowa Building.
1. Ms. Jackson seeks support to restore the Iowa Building. She has concern about its use as a concession stand. It might possibly be available to rent for receptions, weddings, etc.
2. Ms. Jackson asked JPAC to support efforts at the upcoming CPD budget hearing.
3. Mr. Petersen commented that JPAC has made efforts to have the building restored. The structure is basically good, but much of the metal has been stripped. It has never attracted much interest as a permanent facility. Its location near heavy traffic and its open structure may have hindered its acceptance as a permanent facility – it remains an orphan.

Old Business
Mr. Rapoport proposed better signage for the Park. Mr. Petersen said better signage was proposed 6 years ago, but not done.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:15 PM.


Frances S. Vandervoort