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Welcome to the August 2007 J.P.A.C. Newsletter on line

Volume 14, Issue 8

Produced by Jackson Park Advisory Council, Chicago, Illinois, a recognized advisory body to the Chicago Park District.

Editor Gary Ossewaarde

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In this issue:


Jackson Park Advisory Council minutes of July 9, 2007

Ross Petersen convened the meeting. June minutes were approved. Petersen announced with sadness the passing of Tibor Heisler, who served as JPAC treasurer. The council agreed that nominations for all offices are open, nominations can be taken at the August meeting and the election will be held September 10.

Park and Program. Alonzo Williams, Lakefront Director announced a park walk through July 11 with members of the JPAC visitation committee and park district Natural Resources and Landscape; also a meeting the same day of the parties concerned with management and template for the park’s natural areas. Petersen suggested open site meetings before future work is done. The south lakefront first round budget hearing would be July 17. The drumming circle signage was approved and ready to go up. “No barbecuing” signs are up along 67th and the new playlot nearly ready. Members brought to his attention problems with graffiti, benches, and along paths.

Terry Jones, Physical Instructor, described a full summer camp and how well our track team members did in meets. One youth was struck crossing Cornell Drive to the fields; safe access needs attention, he said. The community garden has been weeded. Petersen said that we need to hear Growing Power’s plans.

Other business included a review of a meeting on plans to complete public access to the lakefront on the South Side. Concerning future JPAC needs, Dwight Powell offered to help with treasurer duties.
Condolences were offered to Ross Petersen, whose mother has passed away.
Olympics. Secretary Ossewaarde noted we have not had communication from officials on Olympic plans for Jackson Park. After discussion, Petersen moved, seconded by Dwight Powell the following resolution, approved:

“The Jackson Park Advisory Council opposes as ill-advised and inappropriate the siting of Olympic venues in Jackson Park.”

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned. Next meeting Monday, August 13, 7:30, field house.

Respectfully submitted,
Gary M. Ossewaarde


2008 budget requests for Jackson at July 2007 first round hearing

For the Council Gary Ossewaarde thanked the district for expansion of youth programming, for budgeting repairs of certain drives and parking lots, and for the new playground on 67th--with encouragement to find ways people can feel safer using these facilities and the park. He asked for increased budget for maintenance and physical upgrades, including to paths. JPAC is taking a cautious approach to anything new or large for the park.

Rosalind Moore of Alderman Hairston's office asked for improvements to the harbors--inner harbor, Southern Shores, west seawall railing, 59th/Lake Shore Dr. pillar repair; also reduced permit fees for small, family events.

Vernita Jones of the JPAC park visitation committee asked for renewed landscape east of the Drive, especially at the 63rd overpass, which has acknowledged poor grades and design. Sand needs to be removed by guard rails especially on the boardwalk south of 57th more than once a week. Other paths t were cited for renewal as were the stairs by LaRabida on Promontory Circle, and missing mileage signs on the Lakefront bike path (Lakefront Director Alonzo Williams said the latter and the Driving Range path and Cornell/Hayes lot are in progress). The base of the Wallach fountain at Promontory Point needs proper repair, Jones said.

Queen Sister focused on problems at 63rd Street beach and bathing pavilion. Needed are benches, play equipment, a pay phone for safety backup, and posting of faces and names of sexual predators living in the area, she said. The washrooms are closed too early, she said. She asked that the craft room be fixed up and open for community and group use.


Next Saturday Volunteer natural areas workdays: July 28, Aug. 11 and 25, Sept. 8 and 22, Oct. 6 and 20. 10 am-1 pm. Meet at the Darrow Bridge south of the Museum; parking to east from Lake Shore Drive. Call Ross Petersen, 773 486-0505.

Watch for the second round of park district budget hearings, in September. Also the Councils awards party on Northerly Island is coming in early September.