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Welcome to April 2008 J.P.A.C. Newsletter online

Monthly Publication of Jackson Park Advisory Council, Chicago, IL

Volume 15, Issue 4

President Rosss Peterson, 773 486-0505
Editor and Secretary Gary Ossewaarde

Web edition hosted in www.hydepark.org, organ of the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference, administrator George W. Rumsey.

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In this issue:


Jackson Park Advisory Council March 10, 2008 meeting minutes

Ross Petersen convened the meeting at 7:35 pm, a quorum being present. There being no objection, the minutes of the February meeting were approved.

Nature Committee. Petersen reported on recognition of the Wooded Island Working Group collaboration at Friends of the Parks annual lunch. He praised Doug Stotz’s technical guidance and other work in the success of the Group.
Aramark’s contract to work in the park and on natural area restoration has been renewed by the park district. There may be at least one burn in natural areas this spring. The importance of burns to a sustainable habitat was explained. A walk through of natural areas was planned for Wednesday, led by Yhanna Yermakov, CPD Natural Areas Manager, and Becky Schillo, CPD Volunteer Coordinator. They plan to mark every one in three trees to be removed in each of the next three years so interested parties can view at convenience and comment. Staff and volunteers will share the work. A herbicide stump application license is being refined and sought.
Petersen reported beaver activity is on the rise, a vagrants shack reappeared, and dog control signs were marked up again. Tire ruts have appeared in Bob-o-link meadow. An additional report on status of any hazardous material at the former Nike missile base is being reviewed, and more reconnaissance is expected.

CPD’s proposed advisory council guidelines and by-laws. Jackson Park was among a few council asked to review and comment upon the draft of new guidelines. As only limited review was possible at tonight’s meeting and many concerns were raised, Petersen moved and Dwight Powell seconded a resolution that the secretary ask the park district grant an extension for careful review and comment. Unanimously approved.

Council elections. The floor was opened for nominations for president, vice president, secretary, treasurer and at-large positions. Upon motion of Petersen seconded by Esther Schechter, the previously announced slate was read and proposed for nomination. There being no other nominations, the slate was unanimously approved:
President Ross Petersen, Vice President Fran Vandervoort, Secretary Gary Ossewaarde, Treasurer Dwight Powell, At Large Geneva Calloway, Vernita Jones, and Louise McCurry.

Old and New Business. Barry Rapoport announced progress raising funds for the Douglass monument and said more is needed along with some reimbursements. The editor offered to run the announcement again, and on motion from Powell, the council agreed to pay up to $100 of mailing.

Sports bubble in courts near the fieldhouse. Gary Glinsey, long a sports teacher with the park and Apostolic Church, raised questions about the project and whether all ts had been crossed on details, approvals, stakeholders’ concerns, and for adequate access by the public. It was agreed that Tyrone Mason of Athletes Committed to Education will be asked to review this with a future council meeting.

Park programs. Bill Tillis, Park Supervisor, and Daphne Johnson, Area Manager reported on three successful essay contests, with local winners competing in regionals. More schools are being recruited for our after school and camp programs—especially girls (programs led by Andrea Frink. Help is offered to kids in social agencies such as St. Martin de Porres. Spring programs will be outside and feature track and softball. The park staff and JPAC expressed appreciation for repair of the gym floor, in progress. The teen program advances. Mr. Glinsey moved praise for Bill Tillis and Terry “TJ” Jones who lead the sports program.

There being no other business, the meeting was adjourned. Next meeting April 14, Fieldhouse.

Respectfully submitted,
Gary M. Ossewaarde

In JPAC’s immediate focus are 1) the proposed guidelines (under discussion with the District in conjunction with other councils),
2) expected work and reports in the Nike Site, and
3) Olympics—Ald. Hairston hosts a community discussion on planning April 24, Thurs., 6:30, fieldhouse.

Don’t forget—Workdays 10-1 Apr. 12, 26, May 10, 24… Meet at Darrow Bridge. Ross Petersen, 773 486-0505;
Bird walks Wed. at 7 and Sat. at 8. Darrow Bridge. Doug Anderson, 773 493-7058.
Sign up for programs for Spring and Summer. Call the fieldhouse, 773 256-0903.