Jackson Park Workdays and Log

July 29 (changed) 2017 10 am is the next workday for Wooded Island. meet by the Skylanding to remove invasives (a specific one that is easy to pull).
Next Bobolink- August 12 9 am-noon. Meet at the south entry to the Meadow mear Golf Driving Range lot.

Starting summer 2016
By Jackson Park Advisory Council, Chicago, a recognized advisory council to the Chicago Park District. We are alsoa partner with and under the fiscal agency of the Chicago Parks Foundation, a 501c3.

Our official website is www.JacksonParkAdvisoryCouncil.org. Click Events for Calendar. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JacksonParkAdvisoryCouncil/
See a video of one of our workdays! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1URd--HA1m0

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Note- our workdays generally include a component of learning about the park- its history, ecology, and parks experience and stewardship. Signed wavers (usually signed on site) are required by the Park District to work in the park. Please discuss with the booking contact your schedule and personal supplies (such as water, gloves) that you will bring or wish us to supply; we provide equipment such as rakes, cutters. Also re driving and parking instructions

STANDING SCHEDULE OF WORKDAYS (Check for changes. And few are scheduled during winter.)

Primary: Louise McCurry, 773 844-2225, commissioner751@comcast.net. (If you get a message, leave yours after it finishes.)
Jerry Levy (particularly for Wooded Island) sjlevy@jeromelevylaw.com.
Norman Bell (particularly for Bobolink Meadow) parrybell@ameritech.net. Information about: http://bluestem.info/bobolink/

SCHEDULE OF OUR REGULAR AND CURRENTLY SCHEDULED WORKDAYS- special days can be arranged for Bobolink and La Rabida, sometimes for Wooded Island. Workdays can be arranged for other parts of the park- call Louise.

(Natural areas: Park District manager is forrest.cortes@chicagoparkdistrict.com.)

Bobolink Meadow- this gorgeous natural area of meadow and woodland, replete with birds and dragonflies is nestled on the east side of the Jackson Park Lagoons. Parking is best in the adjacent Golf Driving Range parking lot, reached by a roadway northward from 63rd (Hayes) Drive near the Golden Lady statue. Norman Bell, parrybell@ameritech.net
Work may include light removal of invasives or overgrowth, planting of native plants and flowers including monarch- and other butterfly-friendly plants, collecting or scattering seeds, trail mulching, or general cleanup and trash removal.
Second Saturdays April-October. 9 am-noon. MARCH 11/

La Rabida Workdays- tentatively 2nd and 4th Saturdays about noon to 2 pm. Start in front of the main entrance of the Hospital, 6501 S. Promontory Circle Drive, which exits Marquette Drive northward between Jeffrey Drive and 67th/South Shore Drive.
Promontory Circle has a gorgeous non-swimming historic beachs, gardens, and wheelchair friendly mulch paths that need to be kept up. It is also a great place to view harbors, the rest of the park and World's Fair history sites, and vistas to Downtown and to Indiana.
Louise McCurry, 773 844-2225, commissioner751@comcast.net.

Wooded Island. Usually 4th Saturdays, 10 am- noon/1/ or 2 pm.
(Note, wondrous Wooded Island has been under major ecological and landscape reconstruction and so is by gate access only, from the south side of the Island from the parking lot north of Hayes/63rd Drive east of Cornell Drive. Workdays are at discretion of the Park District project manager-- contact Jerry Levy, sjlevy@jeromelevylaw.com. MARCH 25.

LOG OF SPRING-SUMMER 2016 WORKDAYS. As you see, our schedule is flexible.

LaRabida Work day August 5 2016 was highly effective. The UNUM corporate team is amazing. I am grateful that Ray came today to co lead the UNUM group.. We pulled 20 big black bags of bottles, cans and trash , and 3 tractor trailer sized piles of invasives and limbs . We chipped all 3 of the paths. We both agree that the LaRa North beach, when it is cleared, is the most beautiful and peaceful place. Here are pictures. Isn't LaRa north beautiful now.!!!!!!

Today we had 180 of the most exciting eighth graders and their High school Mentors coming to LaRabida for work day that I have had in 6 years of school groups. African American, Puerto Rican, and Mexican, took responsibility for their group roles. it was 90 degrees and no one complained.They come from difficult gang neighborhoods and have stayed in school. Awesome teachers!
They have had no city history in their school years. They were willing to take on new experiences. They want to come back to LaRabida. They tried all the group development exercises without complaining. I will send pictures for the Web site as soon as I get them. It was a wonderful educational experience.
And we get to do it again next week [July 27, 10 a.m.] with a new group.!
What a Rush!!!!
Louise McCurry


April 23- Earth Day- Wooded Island trail mulching- community and private groups including Goose Island Brewery;
57th and 63rd St. Beach clean with Alliance for the Great Lakes
30 people x 3 hours, 10 x 3, 5 x 2 = 130 hours

April 29 and 30- Teachers planted et al in Bobolink Meadow
30 x 6 = 180 hours

May 14- Migratory Bird Day- 10 volunteers led tours for kids, taught kids to make bird house, birdseed trees, and take photos.
10 x 7 = 70 hours
Also work in Bobolink Meadow- several persons

May 25th - Great Lakes Clean Up day- 57th and 63rd St. Beaches
Community volunteers
20 people x 3 hours

June 11- Bobolink meadow workday- several persons

June 18h It's your Park Day Community volunteers -mostly in Music Court area mulching and cleaning
12 people x 2.5 hours = 30 volunteer hours

July 16 Wooded Island workday
(details to be filled in)

July 20 Leadership Academy
125 people x 3 hours= 375 volunteer hours

July 20. Green Corp
16 people x 1 hour = 16 hours

July 27 Leadership Academy
150 people x3 hours =450 volunteer hours

August 1 Green Corp
30 people x 2hrs =60 volunteer hours

August 5 UNUM
50 x 3 hours =150 volunteer hours

August 13 Bobolink Meadow Workday
(details coming)

August 13 Wooded Island workday-mulching