Chicago Park District parks budget requests

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See the Parks budget now at

FOTP's CPD 2017 budget webinar available for viewing at

Budget hearings- for 2018

Chicago Park District Public Budget Hearing - Wednesday, December 6th 2018 3:30 pm.
Find the 2018 Budget Recommendations and full Summary (large pdf) at The hearing for public comment is at the Park District, 541 N. Fairbanks, 8th floor board room at 3:30pm.
Note that the format for the budget document has changed- lesson what parks get and more on goals and offerings. Sign-up to speak, as for board meetings, is the day before (December 5) by 4 p.m. – Go to . The budget will be voted on at the next board meeting, December 13 at 3:30 p.m. According to media, the draft budget includes expansion of special recreation programming including at 10 new locations and including pilots in “adaptive sports, cultural and social opportunities,” aquatic and triathlon training and environmental education and continues adding natural area acreage towards its goal of 2020 new acres by 2020. Various fees are modestly raised including for day camps (averaging $11) (but a $3 million scholarship fund for families remains), golf, and harbors. There is a modest cut in full time equivalent staff positions and other savings. The tax levy is increased for the first time in 4 years amounting to $7.6 million (said in media to be $6.48 on the average bill). Total budget is $462.3 million, up $12.9 from 2017 $449.4.

Share your budget ideas and concerns or submit written comments only through the dedicated budget webmin form by clicking on the link below. (The CPD 2016 has been adopted.)

FOTP's CPD 2017 budget webinar . After, it will available for viewing at They also have a summary - find link in

Notable in the 2017 budget: No property tax increase. Program fees go up about a dollar per hour (financial assistance and free scholarships ocntinue)/ Parking goes up $.25 per hour- most by beaches and harbors will be $2 per hour, the increase behind MSI would go up between x25 and $1. Harbor fees go up about 2 percent (nonresident sucharge at 31st is waived). Go Run is in more parks. A joint program with CPS will bring sports to more middle school kids. Capital projects continue. Various pension special payments are made.


Tips for councils to protect your park from budget cuts- Friends of the Parks 2009

Broaden the team of park friendly supporters - the issue is quality of life for citizens in the community.

Publicly post your.. meetings and expand outreach so more people and elected officials will care.
Prepare a brocure stating activities and special events.
Attend LSC, PTA, Beat meetings and share what's happening in the park. Note there is an "Adopt-A-Park" program.
Host beat and district area council meetngs at the park (note-they won't now that parks charge); get to know officers and police commanders.
Host bi-annual open houses with the supervisors, and or a walk-through. Document the park ahead of time or with officials, get officials in the park.
Issue media alerts about programs and elections. Know the media.
Testify at park board meeting and budget hearings, city council committee meetings.
Invite Friends of the Parks to meetings share ideas.