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A service of the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference and its website To add or correct attn: Gary Ossewaarde. Join HPKCC and help build a caring community and build this website.

To Nonprofits and the Media-getting started. To Community Organizations/Nonprofits Guide (Arts, Business, Civic, Social and Other Service, Resources for Neighborhoods and Nonprofits) Community Resources. Help Line. Good Neighbor Guide. Be sure to see the many links in Cultural and Arts Resources. News of Collaborers in the Community.
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for in-site navigation to full suite of special site resource links by topic such as faith organizations (spirituality), schools, transportation, parks.
Shortcut to listing/links for University of Chicago websites. UC Calendar website. 2nd link.
Shortcut to listserves and blogs.
(May have shut down.) Important source for events, discussions: Visit crime maps and news in 1537- and
May also come as from

New Oct. 2019 from Univ of Chicago Real Estate, including a calendar on which you can post your events- Contact

New area bulletin board for orgs. and drives to post their services-

HYDE PARK HERALD- Has an expanded website, searchable and with subject departments, as of November 28 2012. It has received numerous compliments. You can search the latest issue like you can the archive, and news as it is known is also posted-- you can sign up to receive alerts as items are posted.

Radio Hyde Park-Andrew Holzman writes- You are the first to know about a new project of the Herald: Radio Hyde Park. This is a new way to tell your stories and get your news in Hyde Park. Read on to find out what it is and how we hope you will get involved!
In a week or two, you'll see a SoundCloud player go live on the Herald website. When you press play, you'll hear, or be able to choose if you prefer, news stories, music from and interviews with local artists, and, maybe most excitingly, stories and opinions from your neighbors.
If you have a story about your past, the history of the neighborhood, an opinion about it's future--- if you have anything to say, I want to hear from you. The Hyde Park Kenwood Community Conference has given me funds to come and record you using state-of-the-art equipment, and your voice will be added to the programming on Radio Hyde Park.
So get excited; there are interviews with the neighborhoods political and cultural players, carefully crafted news stories, and thoughts from your friends on the way.

Important calendar and "what's happening" is put out by the Good Neighbors and Hyde Park Village- comments and requests to Jay Mulberry. (or HydeParkWeek also works)

THE HPK SCHOOLS COMMUNITY ACTION COUNCIL (CAC) HAS PREPARED A COMMUNITY ASSETS MAP,with the help of the BLOCK 58 group at the U of C Booth School. Test template is temporarily on view at CAC's blog, The permanent but updatable site should be up from the blog in August 2015.

Group working on preservation solutions for (and opportunities to support) the FL Wright Blossom and MacArthur houses in Kenwood:

Check out the "rumors" and "alerts":

Festivals- (being rebranded as Discover-- for now see

Breaking news: Hyde Park Herald's site,, network websites, etc.

This site,, maintained by and a program of the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference, is the most extensive and comprehensive resource for Chicago's Hyde Park and Kenwood neighborhoods, both in material and as a major gateway to useful site links. The main topic portals and links to current-new pages are in the Neighborhood Index (click button on left or the home page). Visit the Committees button for more. Many of the topic portals are themselves extensive webs. Among such are the sites we maintain for our affiliate committees including Academic Games, Garden Fair and Nichols Park and for Jackson Park Advisory Councils.
About our website Contact: Site administrator: George Rumsey. U of C sites.
To Blogsites
. We have not yet addressed the issue of connecting to or what's of community interest in "social media" sites or "wiki" interactive sites.

Portal to our After School and Youth Programs Databases. Our Harper Court Survey results: Lots of events and news and blog material. Nicely done, appears to be open to all.

The Hyde Park Herald's revamped website, ( gives the week's stories and caches much more, especially the large number of letters on the Point. It also has a search engine to neighborhood websites, including this site.
Almost all of back issues going back at least 60 years are now digitalized on line with searchable feature now nearly complete- And there is now streamed Herald- "Hyde Park Radio"
Other very good sites (find below) include those of the University, and the Maroon.

Harper Court Partners developer's official website

East Hyde Park News- Opt-in
Good Neighbors and Hyde Park Village are opt-in

Giving feedback on Hyde Park Parking and Traffic Study 2013-14-
Twitter: Hyde Park 53 blog is in Twitter- South East Chicago Commission- or
SECC website is

An evolving general site on programs and offerings on the South Side, especially arts is a sub site of the U of C Humanities Civic Knowledge website (see below): South Side Chicago: We suggest also that you subscribe to the Civic Knowledge (UC) listserve: from To listserve url.

While this site,, has a large archive of park photos, a good outside source for the neighborhood is in, along with some limited by interesting and revealing blog vignettes of the neighborhood.

Elected Officials and government service offices contains website and e-mail addresses and links, including to the aldermen, state representatives, and congressmen.

News and profiles, nice printable maps on Chicago neighborhoods: Google Maps is very sophistocated and allows you to modify-- but they store and own.

Some general Chicago and Hyde Park sites, any with calendars. See also University calendars and in our Arts and Culture Directory.

City of Chicago Bureau of Tourism, including calendars and cultural tourism, and it's voted number one in Twitter feeds- The following are just examples:
Wine, Dine and Fun and reviews- (/restaurants, etc.)
Our restaurants/entertaiment venues plus page.
Half off deals etc.-
Cultural happenings- (Get the South Chicago edition of "Eat, Play, Love" from them.),, ...../festival/styles/ethnicultural.html
Community calendars-

Hyde Park:

Culture Coast (was HYpA Hyde Park Alliance for Arts and Culture)- or
Downtown Hyde Park- (coming online)
Friends of Blackstone Library- Ask to get their e-newsletter Views from the Stone by emailing
Hyde Park Historixcal Society-,
Hyde Park Jazz Society-
Hyde Park Jazz Festival-
Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce-
Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference- (you're here)
Hyde Park: The Intelligent Choice (in site of South East Chicago Commission) Hyde Park-
Chicago Life: A User's Guide for Students-
South East Chicago Commission-


News and profiles, nice printable maps on Chicago neighborhoods:
Chicago Architecture Foundation tours-

To get on Ald. Will Burns' eblast list: Websites- search in city site.,
Fifth Ward on Facebook:

Experience Chicago: For Students, by students-
Chicago Life: a User's Guide for Students-
Choose Chicago: The Official Visitors Site for Chicago-
City of Chicago website-
Chicago Neighborhood and City Guide-

Getting Around:

Transportation and parking at University of Chicago-
CTA (Chicago Transit Authority buses and trains)-
Metra trains-
The Local Tourist: Taxi Directory in Chicago-
Car Sharing-,
Airports- O'Hare or Midway-

The University of Chicago website

The neighborhood has lost The University of Chicago Chronicle, an indispensible print source of news, events and thought-provoking features as well as clear statements of institutional positions and actions. Taking the lead in taking its place (eventually to include print-on-demand and e subscriber serves) is Note, Chronicles will be archived there. (Can be hard to reach). Or click back to the UC main site,

The new webiste of the Office of Civic Engagement, with as wide range of news including neighborhood and links:
The 53rd Street news site is being reactivated - Wendy Parks, administrator.
Also: 53rd St. - News about 53rd St. in Hyde Park, Chicago" <>
(one may have to be in the UC network to get this.)

(Be sure to visit UC led South Side Health Collaborative's directory to all kinds of health and other services and businesses at includes a calendar. or The largest webplex based in our neighborhood is that of The University of Chicago. This source is often difficult to use as addresses have to be exactly right—with or without prefixes, some starting with name prefixes such as Look in the site for keywords "docs", "maps", "masterplan", "thingstodo", etc. Using the browses and searches-- and attempting several pull up tries-- may be your best bet. Some of its many important pages that may be useful to neighborhood residents are linked from our Cultural and Community Organizations, Cultural and Arts Resources, Educational Resources, , and Religious Organizations pages. Some other UC pages are:

Experience Chicago: For Students, by students-
Chicago Life: a User's Guide for Students-

Here are some key University of Chicago urls (not all in the main site): (visit our pages including Cultural Resources for many more).

(homepage has link to rehearsal blog)
(University Theater) (Off-Off Campus improv)

University of Chicago International and Area Studies Multimedia and Outreach Source: Programs of an international or regional nature, especially at International House can be streamed or downloaded there.
Chicago Studies Program for student engagement from arts to volunteering: http://chicagostudies.uchicago,edu

U of C Listhosts including Civic Knowledge Project or,
Civic Knowledge UC Calendar: (Southside Arts & Humanities Network is now
University of Chicago, Sustainable Partners of Civic Knowledge Project:
An important student group that is also important in community issues is Southside Solidarity Network,
Chicago Studies Program for student engagement from arts to volunteering, including The Blog That Works: http://chicagostudies.uchicago,edu

Dear Friends of the Civic Knowledge Project--Just wanted to let you know that we have some absolutely terrific new interns working for our Winning Words afterschool program (the only philosophy afterschool program in Chicago). They would like you to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, at:

Facebook page link:
Twitter page link:

Among the sites of other institutions in the neighborhood (see the pages listed above), the largest is that of the Museum of Science and Industry, It has a community section. Just getting started by can become a major place to go, to include an integrated arts calendar: Hyde Park Alliance for Arts and Culture (becoming critical) and its allied
The Hyde Park Historical Society website is becoming increasingly essential and powerful. Also those of Hyde Park Neighborhood Club and Hyde Park Art Center. See also business sites such as Co-op Markets, Hyde Park Bank, University Bank. (To give the url for one is to need to list a hundred; many are in the directory or website of the Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce,


There is a new bulletin board type site being set up. So far it has the site of Hyde Park Exercise Club and a so-far empty calendar that could become very useful. http:/

A new outlet for thoughts, experiences, arts ofblack youth. Black Youth Project: Provides a place for black youth to speak. To generate new media information, blogs, art, conversations, webinars, data, research, policies and movements that will expand the human and social capital of young black youth, facilitating their empowerment through highlighting their voices, attitudes, lives, and experiences. Features:

• Black Youth Blogging – daily blogs by black youth on important and controversial topics and links to black youth bloggers
Rap Lyrics Database – the first public searchable database of rap music lyrics based on Billboard charts
• Curriculum Workshop – teachers, social workers, community activists, and artists can download and add to curriculum centered on the experiences of black youth and use data from the Black Youth Survey.
• Black Youth Create! – uploaded videos, spoken word, webisodes and other offerings made by black youth
• Research and Resources – listings/links to latest reports, research, books, films, documentaries, organizations and websites focused on black youth
• Survey Data & Findings – the Black Youth Project Survey includes the most extensive dataset on black youth
• Black Youth in the News – articles on black youth from newspapers across the country

Major or helpful organizational and other websites in the neighborhood and nearby (Help us build this directory): (of course there is Every Block, back up.


Site and e-mail non existent or not yet identified:

Other blog-interactive sites and listserves, bulletins, general sites, and e-groups in and near Hyde Park. This is a fast-growing source, ranging from post-breaking-news to commentary restricted or open. See a new Hyde Park News Blog (and caution)

Information about meetings, hapenings incl. HP:

Enrique's Communities Profile: contact


A few beyond-the-neighborhood general sites that are resources for neighborhood-building

A more complete guide, with links, is in Guide to Community Nonprofits (navigate to bottom). See in the webs and pages of cited above e.g. Parks, Transit, Zoning
Go to government sources, especially City of Chicago:
Navigate from the home page or type in department or subject titles. Those below are some HPKCC regularly consults and receives news and bulletins from. Visit also