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What are the new or renewed places, things, ideas and ways of living in Hyde Park and Kenwood?

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This is a place for exploration and imagination, of dreaming what has never been and asking "why not?"

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Harper Court, and Village Center will change so much, hopefully opening up new possibilities.

The University is said to be considering relocating Court Theatre to Harper Court.

Harper Theater-- The University for present intends to fix up and lease the retail spaces. Using part now is a suite of pop up galleries in coordination with
Hyde Park Alliance for Arts and Culture (HyPa)-- ArtHereArtNow. On the Harper side north of the theater are the DOVA Temporary UC art space and HyPa Space.
Meanwhile, the former Hollywood Video- destined for demolition for Harper Court- is put to temporary uses.

And the University continues to build the Logan Center for Creative and Performing Arts on 60th Street.

One of the former pop up uses of the Video, The Op Shop, is developing proposals for a teaching, afterschool, arts, and community center--a cultural laboratory-- for Fenn House (north of First Unitarian Church at 5638 S. Woodlawn) or at another facility. This would fill a number of voids. Has similarities to The Woodlawn Collaborative at First Presbyterian. Together it will be known as S.H.o.P, a "cultural lab based on multigenerational peer-driven learning dediated to collaborative exploration of art and ideas" in a welcoming social space. The partners are The Op-Shop, The Chicago Wisdon Project of Theordore Richards, Dilettante Studios (wood shop that mentors youth similar to Blackstone Bicycle Works), The Midwest Media Group (internet radio involving youth and churches), and The Time Bank-- reciprocal community time sharing (based on equal value of time from a bank, not value per skill or person by person swap).

Hyde Park Neighborhood Club is building its new youth and early childhood focus. Senior programs are finding other homes.

Speaking of seniors and time sharing, the Hyde Park Village community to help people be able to age in the homes of their choice is getting ready for start up. Meanwhile, neighbors are starting take each other places, recommend snow removers etc.

The Experimental Station, 6100 S. Blackstone with 61st St. Farmers Market, Blackstone Bicycle Works, Invisible Institute and more.