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Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference

More about Schools

The Schools Committee has a new focus on providing small grants for projects and needs in schools and classrooms as well as on working with the HPK Comunity Action Council (which we helpe dto found) and the LSCs and on enouraging community engagement and activism and support for neighborhood schools. We hold principals' coffees and recognition dinners for LSC and parent suppor groups in schools. We occasionally take stands in support of schools on issues wd consider of community significance. For example we strongly supported the reactivation of Dyett High School as both a neighborhood and selective/arts school.

The Schools Committee supports Kozminski, Shoesmith, Ray, Bret Harte, Murray, Reavis, and Robinson elementary schools, and Kenwood Academy, King and Dyett High School.

Chair Joy Clendenning is ending her tenureand a new chair is being selected.

The Committee generally meets except in summer 4th Thursdays at 5:30 at Kenwood Academy Media Center.


Remember the 55th Street Walk and Roll survey we did? Well, our renewed Share Our Streets committee (connected to Whistlestop and Safety Committee) is in training to take a hard look in fall 2018 at how cars, bikes, pedestians, and the new modes of getting around interact and do or do not share the right of way, ans whic street, sidewalkd, and intersectins are equiped to handle the varied needs and users.
To learn how you can get involved contact Nina Helstein.



Conference Goes Digital!

The Conference issues from time to time a Constant Contact newsletter online. To be sure that you're on our mailing list, send your email address to hpkcc@aol.com.


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