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The Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference is a
501(c)3 not for profit

Neighborhood Association since 1949- 66 years!

1507 E. 53rd St. #404
Chicago, IL 60615
773 288-8343
President: Joy Clendenning joyclendenning@gmail.com

Officers (Executive Committee) elected
October 1, 2017

President Joy Clendenning joyclendenning@gmail.com
Vice President
(1st) R Carson
(2nd) Ismail Turay
(3rd) Fylynne Crawford
Emilee G. Pulver
Treasurer Catherine Celimene

Board (additional, installed October 2018

Thomas A. Allen
Marjorie Bryant,
Betsy Budney,
Jane Ciacci,
George Davis
Stephanie Franklin,
Camille Hamilton-Doyle,

Allison Hartman,
Nina Helstein,
Timika Hoffman-Zoller,
Racquel Irvin,
Mila Jameson,
Louise McCurry,
Rudy Nimocks,
Gary Ossewaarde,
Donna Peace,
Eric E. Reaves,


Nominating Committee
Jane Ciacci (chair), Michael Bradley, Emilie Pulver;
non-board Camille Hamid ton-Doyle and Ismail Turay

Welcome to Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference: (HPKCC) information and doings- Our Guide to finding WHAT'S UP WITH AND CHANGING AT HPKCC, HOW WE ARE IMPACTING OUR COMMUNITY. "If you care about Hyde Park....HPKCC!"

February 4, 2017, 10:30 am-noon. HPKCC presented 4th Ward aldermanic candidate forum at Kenwood Academy Various mid-south organizations and HPKCC committees posed questions. Kenwood Academy.
At the live-streamed event, HPKCC asked 5 questions of the 5 candidates and collected c150 cards with questions from the over 300 attendees! These have been consolidated into 39 survey questions which have been submitted to the candidates, deadline Feb. 10, and will be published in the Herald and online by the Herald and the Conference asap.
Meanwhile, see the video (skip the first few minutes)-

WhistleStop is on again- you can get whistles at many locations!
FLYER. About.

Book collection started August 13 and will end October 1 for the Hyde Park Used Book Sale- Treasure Island lower level. The sale is Columbus Weekend Oct 7-9 (Sat & Sun 9-6, Mon 9-2 box and bag day) HP Shopping Center courtyard. For information, volunteering, or book pickup (sets fo boxes/bags) call Jane Ciacci, 773 419-1384. Visit Book Sale page. Supports HPKCC projects and programs.

Annual meeting and election of board members September 22, Sunday, 2018 2-4 pm, Augustana Church, 5500 S. Woodlawn.

September 15- Garden Fair Committee Annual Mum and Bulb Sale- HP Shopping Center Courtyard 10-4. Suports beautification and HPKCC projects and grants. Garden Fair website.

Books are being collected in Treasure Islan lower level through Oct. 1 for Hyde Park Used Book Sale Columbus weekend, Oct 6 and 7 9-6 and Oct 8 9-2.

Bulletin- June 2017. Coalition of Library Friends and Friends of Blackstone Library release survey results and call upon Mayor Emanuel to restore Library hours. Find in Friends of Blackstone Library.

Join us: to printable Membership Form.

Mailing address is 1507 E. 53rd St. #404. email President Hoffman-Zoller, zollerfamily@gmail.com.)

Open HPKCC board meeting 1st Thursdays 7 pm. Treasure Island lower level, 1526 E. 55th St. September 7, 2017.

Join our eNewsletter list or email rumsey@aol.com. OUR BROCHURE.

********SEE OUR UPDATES, PICS ETC. AT http://hpkcc.wordpress.com.
Current committee descriptions and contacts
or go to homepage, Programs

And remember we are on Facebook- type in HPKCC or the org. name- full url- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Hyde-Park-Kenwood-Community-Conference/132613809865

Get on the list to receive our eNewletters and short notices of meetings and important happenings affecting the community- hpkcc@aol.com. Or email gwrumsey@att.net.

2016 Annual meeting, elections and link to forum with UC Police Dept.

Hyde Park Used Book Sale. Always Columbus weekend. WebPage. October 2016 sale (which wil answer many questions ahead of 2017's sale). Release. Flyer. he Book Sale underwrites work and small community grants by the Conference. Our lead sponsor is Treasure Island. We gave nearly 19,000 2015-16. See "Where our money goes". This past year, proceeds from the book sale provided financial support for:
Friends of Blackstone Library
SECC Neighborhood Enhancement Grants
CECD Housing Market Study
Oral History Project of HP Historical Society
DARE cooking facilities
Projects and needs at Ariel, Shoesmith, Brett Harte, Murray, Ray, Kenwood, and King
Financial and office support for Park Advisory Councils
Beyond a Mammogram Walk and Run. Ray School Walk-a-thon for outdoor exercise equipment.

Thank You for the 2016 (and 2017) Book Sale success!

I'm happy to report that the volunteers who make the annual Used Book Sale work every year have survived another year, thanks to beautiful weather and tons of customers.

For those who always wonder where the money from the Garden Fair and the Book Sale goes, last fiscal year HPKCC donated $9,200 to community groups (CECD, HPHS, SECC, 4th on 53rd Parade, Blackstone Library, and several others), $3,880 to parks (Nichols, Spruce, Midway, Jackson, and others), and $5,780 to neighborhood schools (including Ray, Brett Harte, Shoesmith, Murray, Ariel, King, Kenwood, and others). That's $18,860 put back into our community.

And remember that no book goes to waste. After we spent Monday morning giving free books to instructors at Cook County Jail, to teachers from area schools, and to various nonprofits, the remainder were loaded onto a truck for distribution by literacy programs in northwestern Indiana. Jane Ciacci, co-chair


Link to Herald article on UCPD Chief Walker's talk at HPKCC Annual meeting Sept. 18, 2016. http://hpherald.com/2016/09/21/ucpd-chief-focuses-on-community-transparency/

2016 Neighborhood Enhancement Grant recipients announced July 6.

What! You don't get the Conference e-news? Write gwrumsey@att.net. and ask to be on the list.

SECC ANNOUNCED THE 2017 NEIGHBORHOOD ENHANCEMENT GRANTS. HPKC is one of the contributing partners and reps particiapted in the selection.

From announcement by Diane Burnham of SECC:

CHICAGO (July 2017) - The South East Chicago Commission (SECC) announced the eight winners of the 2017 Neighborhood Enhancement Grants. This year, to fund the grants, the SECC received a special dollar-for-dollar matching grant from the Elizabeth Louise "Betty Lou" Smith Fund, and established partnerships with the Hyde Park Kenwood Community Conference (HPKCC), Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH), and the Hyde Park Bank, a Wintrust Bank.

The recipients of the grants will further the program’s goal of creating high-impact neighborhood beautification projects, as community schools, religious congregations, community organizations, park advisory councils, and block groups have done since the inception of the Neighborhood Enhancement Grant in 1999.

"This is one of many ways the SECC and our partners commit to improving the quality of life in our five footprint neighborhoods, and we could not be more pleased with the response from the community. We received 26 applications–up from 15 in 2016–for this year's Neighborhood Enhancement Grant program, so there is clearly a need and enthusiasm for community beautification projects," said Wendy Walker Williams, SECC Executive Director.

The grant selection committee, comprised of community members from the five footprint neighborhoods, selected the following community groups for the strength of their proposals and the breadth of potential impact:

Bixler Park Advisory Council: A placemaking project that will install two permanent chess tables with seating in a vacant space just south of the Bixler playlot, near 56th Street and South Kenwood Avenue, providing a much-needed table area for families and chess enthusiasts. (Hyde Park)

The Brickyard Garden: A NeighborSpace Garden, this project consists of a second raised garden bed for floral and vegetables near 61st Street and Woodlawn Avenue to provide free produce to the surrounding community. (Woodlawn).

Friends of 51st Street: The 51st Street and Calumet Avenue Mural Project will contribute to the revitalization of 51st Street with inspiring and colorful mural art to attract businesses and residents to the historic Washington Park community. (Washington Park)

HelloBaby: The play center HelloBaby, which opens on July 10, will install seven flower planters in front of the business strip at 61st Street and St. Lawrence Avenue. This project has sparked the property owner to revitalize the surrounding storefronts located on this corridor. (Woodlawn)

Midway Plaisance Advisory Council: In a high traffic area once considered unsafe, this project will plant of 200 flower bulbs on east and west sides of the Metra train tracks between 59th and 60th Streets to beautify this east end of the historic Midway. (Hyde Park/Woodlawn)

Quad Communities Development Corporation (QCDC): Nestled away in the Oakland and Kenwood communities, and often used by local daycares and small businesses, Park 43, is a project that will install new plantings, repair a broken fence, remove overgrown weeds, and paint two benches. Park 43 is located at 43rd Street and Forrestville Avenue. (Oakland/Kenwood)

Urban Juncture: "Green Boxville," located at 51st Street and the CTA Green Line, is Chicago’s first street food market and container mall. The grant will support installation of two rooftop gardens on top of the shipping containers, demonstrating non-traditional ways to garden and introduce greenery to the community. (Washington Park)
William Hill Garden/Gallery: Once just an idea, the Woodlawn Botanical Nature Center is coming to life with native and botanical planting, fresh landscaping, and raised garden beds. The Woodlawn Botanical Nature Center is located at Hyde Park Academy High School, at 62nd Street and Stony Island Avenue. (Woodlawn)

"With so many amazing projects, it was not an easy task to select the final slate. The grant selection committee was truly inspired by the passion and dedication that all of the applicants bring to their communities. The impact and focus on long-term sustainable projects was prevalent in all of the proposals" stated Diane Burnham, Senior Program Manager at the SECC, who directly manages the grant program and selection process.

Our largest giving currently is for small school and other special gifts. We are also putting tutors and readers in schools. We have also given to DARE community for persons with disabilities.
We are also encouraging people to get involved in April LSC elections (filing to run deadline is March 4)- details and links in the LSC page.

One of the recipients of a HPKCC 2016 supplemental grant was Ray for its fitness equipment walkathon. Ray subsequently was one of a handful of schools to win the Michelle Obama Fitness Awards!

HPKCC late 2015/Jan 2016 signed on to the Letter for Metra improvement and joined the Coalition for a Modern Metra Electric (CMME). See the letter HPKCC co-signed in November 2015 for Metra Electric improvements.

HPKCC wrote a letter of support in February 2016 to officials for Solstice on the Lake, citing what we like about what they have done to meet community needs and desires.

HPKCC is a cosponsor of a project for interview videotaping youth in Woodlawn on their lives and experiences with policing. Here is a u-tube link from Gab Piemonte to part of the footage:

On our plate now - (for next year:) Used Book Sale. Community forums in planning. HPKCC, with CECD and the Southeast Coalition testified at the Metra board meeting July 22 2015 to push for a real seamless transfer system, as in the intent of the 2011. Read background, testimony and results, and media articles in Metratransferability. We believe this is an affordability and social justice issue. HPKCC with most other southeast and citywide transportation-intersted organizations, December 2015 released a letter calling for Metra Southside Improvements. See letter and signatories. The HPKCC Board passed the Resolution at its November 2015 meeting and has joined and participates in the Coalition fora Modern Metra Electric.

We are looking to host forums on cyber security and on the special 4th Ward Aldermanic election.

HPKCC had a splendid Annual Meeting and election- Sunday, September 18 2016, followed by a forum with chief Walker of UCPD. Elected were 6 new directors (and two eligible to be re-elected). Officers were elected at the October 6 board meeting (1st meeting of the year). Next annual meeting September __ 2017. Minutes of 2016 annual meeting.

At its First Meeting of the Year, October 6, 2016 the board elected the following officers: President- George Rumsey
Vice Presidents- first VP Joy Clendenning, 2nd Ismail Turay, 3rd R Carson.
Secretary- Emilie G. Pulver
Treasurer- Catherine Celimene

Elected as Nominating Committee (nom. by the executive committee): Jane Ciacci (chair), Michael Bradley, and Emilie Pulver from the Board; Timika Hoffman-Zoller and Gary Ossewaarde and as membership reps. .
The Board meets 1st Thursdays, 7 pm. at Treasure Island lower level. November 3, 2016.

Minutes of the 2016 Annual Meeting.

Timika Hoffman-Zoller called to order at 2:07 p.m. at Augustana Lutheran. The agenda was read. The business of the Annual Meeting is to elect one-third of the Board of Directors and consider the state of the Conference and community.
Minutes of the 2015 meeting were approved as presented.
5th Ward Alderman Leslie Hairston gave remarks and answered questions on city and ward issues.
Hoffman-Zoller explained the rules of election as in the bylaws. Michael Bradley reported for the Nominating Committee of Bradley, Jane Ciacci, and Emilie Pulver. Eight were nominated- Merry Bolt, Majorie E. Bryant, Betsy Budney, Jane Ciacci, Fylynne Crawford, Camille Hamilton-Doyle, Rudy Nimocks, and Ismail Turay. Ciacci and Nimocks are current members eligible to run for a second term. No nominations were made from the floor. Bios and ballots were distributed. Bradley and Pulver were assigned to count ballots.

Treasurer’s Report- George Rumsey made available the 2015-16 budget and actual results and the 2016-17 budget. Net results for 2015-16 were budgeted (1,650.00), actual 3,982.36. Budgeted net for 2016-17 is (7,600). Purpose for the negative net is spend an increased amount of our extensive surplus on community projects. This year $19,000 was distributed in the community-- $9,000 to community organizations, $6,000 to schools projects and $4,000 to park PACs and projects, the latter identified by the schools and parks committees. The state of the Conference is sound.
Hoffman-Zoller called attention to a display of where Conference money comes from and to what it goes in the community and the work of the parks and schools committees. Darryl Crawford described work of the transit task force for the Coalition for a Modern Metra Electric. Others described Whistlestop and the Book Sale.

The Nominating Committee selected for 2016-17 will be board members Michael Bradley, Jane Ciacci, and Emilie Pulver plus non board members Timika Hoffman-Zoller and Gary Ossewaarde.
Election results were announced by Michael Bradley. The eight slated nominees were elected. New members will be installed and Officers elected at the October 6 6:30 p.m. board meeting, Treasure Island lower level.
General announcements. Sue Alitto announced the Hyde Park Village gala fundraiser for October 2 and there will be a volunteer fair at the September 28 Drop In.

September 21 , 4:30 p.m.- Emerging Peace Sculptures will be celebrated, with a youth presentation, at the Iowa Building.
September 24, 7 a.m. the Beyond a Mammogram race and walk - starting at Harold Washington Park.
Scheduled for after today’s meeting is a conversation with University of Chicago Police Chief Fountain Walker, cosponsored with the Hyde Park Village.
Moved to adjourn. The next meeting will be in the fall 2017.
Respectfully submitted,
Gary Ossewaarde, Secretary.

THE NEW WEBSITE OF THE CONFERENCE IS AT http://www.hydepark.orgwithout extensions. (From here and many pages simply click HOME.)
See it first. Return to Hyde Park Record via the Hyde Park Record button. WHOLE-SITE NAVIGATOR. CALS & DIRS.

YOU ARE IN HYDE PARK RECORD (the rest of the site, mostly about the neighborhood and hot topis from HPKCC's perspective). Page addresses remain the same-
http://www.hydepark.org/with extension) EXCEPT for the old homepage (links important to finding things in HP Record and also affiliated sites). ACCESS THE OLD HOMEPAGE HERE or from outside via http://www.hydeparkrecord.org),

HPKCC Quick Finder (about the Conference and its doings-RECOMMENDED!!!)
Whole Site Navigator (all except the new Conference homepage website)

HPKCC Supported a letter to CPS supporting the Coal. to Revitalize Dyett, April 2015. We are pleased to announce success.

Fair UC policing: in fall 2014 this issue boiled over with a large public forum and formation of a task force under approval of Ald. Hairston.
by George Rumsey (Up to $1000 has been allocated by HPKCC WhistleStop-Safety Comm has been appr. for this.)

HPKCC is working with the Hyde Park Herald in an effort to document community experiences with the University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD). The project theme is education and empowerment of community teens:

A videographer will record six in-depth adult interviews with UCPD, state representatives, HPKCC representatives, and other community leaders.
The Herald will choose 20 teens to tell 3-minute accounts of their UCPD experiences, along with videos that educate teens about how to file police conduct reports, how to behave and talk when stopped by police, and how parents can support their teens in making their reports. Teens would do the videography and interviews as a skills-building project.

The resulting videos would be on the Herald's site for educational use by schools, community groups, etc. The HPKCC Whistlestop / Safety Committee, which is issuing the grant to fund this project, feels it is a win-win for the teens, the Conference, the Herald, the UCPD, and the community

In late spring 2014 HPKCC partnered via grant with the Herald and Andrew Holzman for a new digital media project. Here is the first announcement. Andrew has already been busily videotaping public meetings, small happenings, and persons of note or interest. In addition, our Safety/Whistlestop Committee will be working with the Herald on a public and online video. Other topic or committee based videos may follow.
Radio Hyde Park-Andrew Holzman writes- You are the first to know about a new project of the Herald: Radio Hyde Park. This is a new way to tell your stories and get your news in Hyde Park. Read on to find out what it is and how we hope you will get involved!
In a week or two, you'll see a SoundCloud player go live on the Herald website. When you press play, you'll hear, or be able to choose if you prefer, news stories, music from and interviews with local artists, and, maybe most excitingly, stories and opinions from your neighbors.
If you have a story about your past, the history of the neighborhood, an opinion about it's future--- if you have anything to say, I want to hear from you. The Hyde Park Kenwood Community Conference has given me funds to come and record you using state-of-the-art equipment, and your voice will be added to the programming on Radio Hyde Park.
So get excited; there are interviews with the neighborhoods political and cultural players, carefully crafted news stories, and thoughts from your friends on the way. andrew.lee.holzman@gmail.com.

In late 2014 and early 2015, HPKCC gave a $1,000 grant to Kosminski's library, $950 to Kenwood's Model UN Program, $500 to Bret Harte's trip to Washington program, and $350 towards Black History Month observations in area schools.
In late 2015 we helped unerwrite a Market Rental Seniors Assessment.

Hpkcc has been very interested in resolution of the issues surrounding preservation of the FL Wright Blossom and MacArthur houses in Kenwood (esp. interiors) and vetting of proposals for restoration with or without commercial use such as a bed & breakfast. (We hosted a public forum.) VISIT OUR HOME PAGE FOR INFORMATION. Also visit the site of a ad hoc group exploring solutions- http://www.wright4kenwood.org, where there is an online petition for those in favor of preserving. Both houses are now sold and we hope will be restored as single family homes.

HPKCC Schools Committee is working with CPS and others to establish a Community Action Council to work for the best excellence and balance in all our area schools. 4th Wednedays 6 pm. (Summer at Hyde Park Art Center, fall 2014 returns to Kenwood Academy. WE NEED YOU THERE!

HPKCC has helped create a Community Action Council for HPK schools. It is now up and running and independent with permanent officers and bylaws.. http://hydeparkcac.blogspot.com. Objective is a strong K-12 continuum for all students including early learning, middle years, and emotional social skills learning.

One of our biggest yearly projects and our biggest fundraiser is the Hyde Park Used Book Sale, Columbus weekend Sat.-Mon. in HP Shoping Center Courtyard. Starting August 17, we will be collecting and sorting books in the lower level of Treasure Island store. This year we will will have a contracted director. Many volunteers are needed.

The HPKCC Board of Directors meets normally in open session 1st Thursdays 7 pm - in the lower level "Island Cellar" of Treasure Island, 1526 E. 55th. February 2, 2017, 7 pm.

HPKCC initiated the WhistleSTOP program in 1972, and reinstituted it along with the University of Chicago Police in 1988. The Conference still sells whistles. We think they can be useful today. And come get or buy a crime-stopper whistle! Or come to the August 24 picnic. Please call 773 288-8343 or email Timika Hoffman-Zoller. (We do not sell small quantities on line. Whistles cost $2 each. Call also for contacts to our chairs for buying in bulk or other information.


(from Disab Task Force:)WALK AND ROLL: SIDEWALK SURVEY OF 55TH STREET: From the Lakefront to Elllis Avenue: FINAL REPORT (comments: gwrumsey@att.net incl. to participate in the September Walk and Roll 2. More in Disabilities page.
Report on the 2012 HPKCC Annual Meeting
Book Sale thanks 2012

HERE ARE KEY LINKS TO MATERIAL ABOUT THE CONFERENCE, some the same as in the new Conference site, some additional. THEN SCROLL ON FOR MORE INFORMATION AND LINKS. Our archives in Reg. Lib -online finding aid
(Read about this at http://news.lib.uchicago.edu/blog/2012/02/24/hyde-park-kenwood-community-conference-records-available-for-research/
"ABOUT hpkcc".
General Meetings. HPKCC meetings (this page, below)
Hot Topics and Community Issues home (find what we're thinking!)
Members' home and information page with more on what we're doing

ARE YOU (REALLY) A MEMBER? YOU HAVE TO JOIN OR RENEW YEARLY. Only $15, 20, or $30 dep. on senior, individual, or family category (other categories for businesses, 501s). To join or donate go to http://www.hydepark.org, click Membership on the top bar and go to Membership Form, fill in and submit.
Or contact us at hpkcc@aol.com, or call 773 288-8343.
Consider joining us. Our mission? "to attend to the civic needs of the community; work toward an attractive, diverse and caring community; and to promote participation of residents, businesses, institutions and organizations in programs and activities that advance the interests and concerns of the community." We serve as "a watchdog, independent voice, in the community's ongoing conversations and decisions about those matters which affect and define community life." Read about us at www.hydepark.org where you'll find the membership form! .

Over the past few months, the Conference (HPKCC) elected new board members and officers. Held a smashingly successful Used Book Sale. Asked for more protective guarantees (provided) and a landmark district for Woodlawn Ave. Engages schools and is preparing a supplies drive. Held its first and is planning 2nd confab of community organizations. Co-convened a meeting on closure of District 021 police. Revamped its website and HAS LAUNCHED A NEWSLETTER/IN INFORMATIONAL MESSAGING SERVICE: MEMBERS AND FOLLOWERS PLEASE GIVE US YOUR EMAIL ADDRESSES- to hpkcc@aol.com attn: Jane Ciacci.

Earlier Releases
code to online aid
(you may have to sign up to use). Library's release about.
HPKCC CONVENES COMMUNITY ORGANIZATIONS Oct. 15 2011. March 10 2012 HPKCC ASKS UC to present "constructive and substantial plan to protect" Woodlawn Ave. HPKCC LETTER ENDORSES LANDMARK DISTRICT
HPKCC was among group convening mtg Nov. 2 on 021 police district closing.
HPKCC gives a word of thanks to Howard Males leaving 53rd TIF Council.
HPKCC joined Friends of Blackstone Library in opposing proposed library cuts in the proposed 2012 budget. See release in pdf & HPKCC longer release (not including response to modifications
Have a Heart School Supply Drive and Frs of HPK Pub. Schools- release, thanks
HPKCC, committee, new Friends of HPK Public Schools letter for Quality Day (fm Disabil Task Force) WALK AND ROLL: SIDEWALK SURVEY OF 55TH STREET: From the Lakefront to Elllis Avenue: FINAL REPORT (comments: gwrumsey@att.net
Report on the 2012 Annual Meeting
Report and Thank You on the 2012 Used Book Sale

Ann't of May 6 2013 53rd St. Zoning Forum REPORT ON MAY 6 2013 HPKCC FORUM ON 53RD ST. DEV. AND ZONING

Read about the Schools Committee May 3 2012 Appreciation Dinner and what it tells about our local schools . New subcommitee Friends of HPKPS.

Congratutions to First Unitarian,

2011 Membership appeal letter. Form- we will gladly take memberships for 2012.
Article in June 2011 Reporter on saving Harper Theater shows how preservation and development can work together. Find all articles in June 11 Reporter (and previous).
view June 2011 Reporter issue (Vol. 17, No. 2) in pdf. May 2011 Reporter FLASH,

Sign up to "find out about it":
Committees/Committee Contacts
See also From the Board and the President's desk- ongoing reportage
Call for board nominees for September 15 Annual Meeting 2013
2011 Membership appeal letter

JAN. 2011 REPORTER. Feb. 5 forum report.
MAY 2011 FLASH. June 2011 REPORTER.

Becoming a member, member services, chairs, updated dues schedule

ABOUT HPKCC . MORE About HPKCC. Mission. Early HISTORY and involvement in Urban Renewal
2011 Membership appeal letter

Committees/Programs. Details...HPKCC news and members homepage

Article in June 2011 Reporter on HPKCC role in saving Harper Theater shows how preservation and development can work together.
Supporting stronger protections ("transition language") AND landmarking for Woodlawn Avenue
Schools- join the Schools Committee- mtg. tba.
About from Jan. 2011 Reporter- see in Schools home.
Read about our co-sp'd 4th Ward Ald. candidates forum
Hosting meeting of community organizations Oct. 15 and in March.
Disabilities needs and sidewalk surveys.
Safety/Whistlestop is involved with task forces on equitable policing.

Go to these linked pages for latest committee and Conference reports, actions, news:
HPKCC and its development committee weigh in on opening Harper Avenue, Shoreland project
HPKCC completes commissioned structural study of Harper Theater
Condos Committee holds seminar on important requirements [link to view 2010 law in pdf]
Schools Committee holds and plans networking dinners and principal meetings, investigates school/out of school enrichment, shows intern teachers the neighborhood.
Friends of Blackstone Library hosts lecture series, participates in Art-RAGEOUS summer reading programs.
SPAF takes on documentation of Woodlawn District after overseeing Harper Theater structural study

See a report from our urgent update seminar for condo associations. And in the FLASH (coming 2nd wk of June 2011)
Visit report on HPKCC's April 19, 2010 "Keeping YOU and Your Computer Safe" seminar.

Programs updates/descriptions/page links (below) NEW! Our FACEBOOK fanpage


The Conference publishes the quarterly Conference Reporter for members and friends, and maintains hydepark.org.
Access past Reporter issues. Most recent- click at the bottom of the homepage www.hydepark.org.
Join the Conference to get the annual Reporter at your door first class mail and (if you give email also) regular eNewsletters and announcements.
Join the Conference on line or donate on line (or print membership form)
Join Friends of Blackstone Library by clicking into that program's link/

HPKCC is a membership based and supported organization.
Anyone who shares our interests may become a member by paying and remaining in good standing with annual dues payments. Members get the Reporter and other informational services, discounted fees at events that charge, and receive (one) vote at the Annual Meeting in September. See above for links to appeal, membership form, and informational brochure. We have about 150 members at present and would love to include you. Also, most of our work is done in our open committees. .

Dues schedule.

Individual $20, Family $30, Senior $15, 501c3 Nonprofit Organization* $75, Business* $100. Contributions at any level are welcome. Since HPKCC is a 501c3 nonprofit in good standing, contributions are deductible as per law. Please print and fill in the Membership Form in its entirely (we need current email addresses, also current contacts for condo and coop associations) and mail to HPKCC, 1525 E. 53rd St. #907, Chicago, Illinois, 60615. Questions? hpkcc@aol.com or 773 288-8343. Membership chairs (selected June 2010): Jane Ciacci and Irene Freelain.
*New categories adopted July 2010.

January 2011 issue, which features responses by aldermanic candidates and features on schools, board news.

May 2011 Reporter FLASH. May 13-14 Garden Fair, Board News to date 2011.

June 2011 Reporter issue.

Role of the HPKCC Board in harper Theater & Harper Court Development
Chicago Theological Seminary Buildings and the Woodlawn Avenue Corridor
From the President's Desk
Development in Hyde Park-South Kenwood
News from the Board
Membership Appeal Letter
Call for Nominations
Hyde Park Used Book Sale 2011

The purpose of the Conference is to attend to the civic needs of the community; work toward an attractive, secure, diverse, and caring community; and to promote participation of residents, businesses, institutions, and organizations in programs and activities that advance the interests and concerns of the community. It serves the community as a watchdog, independent voice, and clearing house in the community's ongoing conversation and decisions about those matters which affect and define community life.







UPCOMING HPKCC MEETNGS & EVENTS- informational seminars!!
Other meetings

Monthly HPKCC board meetings- are open to the public. 1st Thursdays at 7 pm at Treasure Island Lower Level (Island Cellar), 1526 E. 55th St.

Annual meeting and election- See you September 2018.

Friends of Blackstone Library Despres Family Lecture Series- 4904 S. Lake Park. 4th Occasional Wednesdays at 6:30. Check for next. Friends of Blackstone meets 1st Weds 6 pm at the Library.
Blackstone Library lectures and panels- see in Friends of Blackstone, Culture and Arts Calendar

Garden Fair- mum and bulb sale us. May 19, 20 2017 (9-6 and 9-4); September 2017, 9 am-4 pm Hyde Park Shopping Center Courtyard.

Used Book Sale- Columbus Weekend Sat, Sun, Mon. Book drop off 3rd Monday in August , at Treasure Island lower level, through October 4.

Current focus and The Conference in Action

Obama Center and other changes in Jackson Park and the Midway- January 8, After lengthy board discussion, the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference affirmed its support for having the Obama Library on the South Side of Chicago; it did not offer an opinion on the siting or conditions in the U of C bid.

Civics- starting with two aldermanic candidate forums, January 24 and 31 2015

University policing and youth. The Conference participates in a community committee on the mattter, authorized by Ald. Hairston, working to set up a comunity forum and a policy resolution going forward. The Conference has underwritten a video project with the Hyde Park Herald, youth from Hyde Park High, and the media program at Kenwood Academy.

Schools Committee - advancing all our area schools and particularly CPS district-run neighborhood schools, and helping them work as a whole. A whole suite of projects and collaborations including funding for school projects is underway.
March and April 2015 the Committee and the Board backed the Coalition to Revitalize Dyett High School RFP. Letter.
Supporting the new Community Action Council to develop a join priority and plan for area schools.

Parks Committee - conducting an assessment and user surveys in all our parks and facilitating a PAC for as many as possible and toward coordinating PACs and park activism and volunteerism and programming and planning throughout the community. In 2015 the committee has been instrumental in establishment of 4 new PACs and obtaining several sets of new playground equipment.

We watch planning of streets and streetscape for practicality and safety- lately 55th and 57th, and watch for ADA and mobility issues.
We look into failures and opportunities for our transit system including Metra such as its lagging on universal fare transfer and payment.

Proper zoning and non-residential uses in landmark districts such as S. Kenwood. (HPKCC held a forum on Dec. 17 2013).

Woodlawn Avenue Corridor and U of C Planned Dev. changes and MOU with city.
Statement printed in Herald Oct. 5, 2011: (see on this issue Woodln Cor. page)

"The Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference takes the future of the Woodlawn Avenue Corridor very seriously. We hope the university will present at the October 6 meeting some constructive and substantial plan that will protect this ommunity asset." We later said that while improved language is very important, the street also deserves a landmark district.
Ellen Sahli, then Dir. UC Civic Engagement visited with the Board in December 2011.

(We are pleased with the outcome of negotiations but continue to support exploration of a historic district. Some neighbors say that not all communication or promises have been kept.)

HPKCC contributed $500 to the Hyde Park Historical Society Oral History Program for interviewing past community leaders associated with HPKCC.Public Safety- Reactivation of Block Clubs, WhistleStop whistles.

Our key projects at the moment are nourishing community; the collaborative community concerns impacting development including Harper Court (See Harper Court home and Vermilion presentation) and the future of Harper Theater, school improvement; neighborhood revitalization conditions and priorities; informational programs for residents, underwriting programs at our endangered nonprofit services; the fall Used Book Sale; and building collaborations that further education or focus and drive forward realization of community vision (affordable housing, transit oriented development, openness and transparency in planning and community life, and our mission in general. We also serve as umbrella to worthy organizations and causes. Coordination between community organizations.

Supported public libraries against cuts.

And we DO THINGS- like 2 garden fairs, and a used book sale each year, forums, collaborations, sell histles, and attend a lot of meetings and make personal contacts!

Positions/actions recently adopted: October 2009: Support for the South Lakefront Transportation Corridor Improvement Study; the principles pursued in the Shoreland renovation and Del Prado rezoning projects. Continuing: Principles for Harper Court Area redevelopment
, support for reuse of Harper Theater building, support for the Op Shop pop up arts venue. Support for a neighborhood proposal to reopen Dyett High School


Programs and Committees

Coalition for Equitable Community Development

HPKCC is a founding member of the Coalition for Equitable Community Development. CECD website. About that organization relevant to HPKCC interests.




Condos / Coops +

Condos and Co-ops Governance issues and seminars. Occasional seminars and forums.Our page also has helpful information. Chairman- is Allison Hartman. Watch for a forum on the many mandates pressuring associations.

The Illinois General Assembly passed changes in May 2010-
view 2010 law in pdf.

Report from forums of November 6 2007, December 8 2008 in Condos/Co-ops page.

Since you need to know: High-rise Life-Safety Ordinance.
Taxes and rebates.

Photo of John Bickley

Development and Zoning
(Committee page)


Development, Preservation and Zoning Committee page. Includes July 2009 report on the approach and this year's actions of of our Committee. Contact the president regarding current chair.
Dev.-Pres.-Zoning homepage- navigate to analyses and positions on several developments
Report on May 6 2013 forum on 53rd St. zoning.

The committee met with the Vue 53 devloper and UC for details andimput on the project.

Visit Hot Development specific and Hot Development general discussions and links pages

Article in June 2011 Reporter on saving Harper Theater shows how preservation and development can work together.

The HPKCC Development, Preservation, Zoning Committee monitors and seeks proactive community input in neighborhood and localized development and use changes. The committee reported on our highly successful online Harper Court Web Survey at a TIF meeting and subsequently comments on the Harper RFP guidelines. Our records and discussion of the Harper Court-53rd Lake Park site and Harper Theater.

We stand for broad, open community planning.

Disabilities Task Force

The Hyde Park Disabilities Task Force remains watchful on several fronts and works collaboratively. It's a multi-organization initiative including with ward offices and the city. Its Business Information Packet for interacting with persons of all abilities. Contact: President Rumsey or Lenora Austin. We interface with several active groups in the neighborhood and with the Mayor's Office including on correction of intersections/curb cuts. We seek to ensure respect for and respect for laws regarding persons with disabilities or other abilities (including seniors), whether by residents, businesses, or our infrastructures of physical accessibility, outdoors or in. Visit Accessibility Hot Topics discussion and link page.


HPDTF chair is Lenora Austin, for HPKCC George Rumsey.

Environmental Sustainability Task Force

Sustainable Environment Task Force. Currently a subdivision of the Parks Committee. Visit Sustainability Committee page and Documents and our Green page and calendar. Visit also Quality of Life Hot Topics for discussion and links.
Contact Gary Ossewaarde.


Friends of
Blackstone Library

FOBL is the most recent committee of the Conference. It builds support for the Library, provides public programming, and raises support or capital and other needs of the oldest and historic branch of the Chicago Public Library system. Its most recent accomplishments are the restoration of the historic Oliver Dennett Grover murals and initiation of the Despres Lecture Series. Chair Brenda Sawyer. FOBL. Story of Blackstone Branch.
Friends of Blackstone website:

HPKCC SUPPORTS PUBLIC LIBRARIES. Original release against cuts incorporating open letter from Friends of Blackstone Library.

The 2012-13 Despres Family Memorial Lecture Series will begin in October (Wed. Oct. 24 at 6?). This season brings thought-provoking writers and challenging discussions. Our first author, Dmitry Samarov, is a painter and writer. His first novel, Hack (UC Press), debuted in 2011. He is currently working on his second novel.


Community Forums

More information, reports on trends in our community!
Planning is starting for the next forum on condo associations.
What's Right/Wrong with Hyde Park HPKCC 2005 forum, after which we held many community planning forums. Most recent: Feb. 18 2009 Hyde Park Challenging the Next Decade.
More schools forums coming, including our awards ceremony and lecture Feb. 23 2010. For information contact Gary Ossewaarde at hpkcc@aol.com. Past and coming forums.

Hyde Park Garden Fair

53rd year!! A wonderful celebration was held May 31, 2009.
Learn about its 1st 50 years in the April 2009 Reporter (in pdf).

Bulb and Mum Sale Sept. 13 (prob.) Hyde Park Shopping Center.
Spring Garden Sale in May.

Visit the Garden Fair website for details. Committee page. Liaison and information about: rumsey@aol.com.
Volunteer with Sue Purrington, 773 363-4368.
See also in the May 2011 FLASH.


Nichols Park Advisory Council

NPAC is under the fiscal agency of HPKCC, works with the HPKCC Parks Committee, and is a recognized advisory council to the Chicago Park District. (There are several other park councils in the area). Nichols Park Council homepage. Contact the president of Nichols Park Advisory Council, Stephanie Franklin, 773 955-3622.

Workdays usually mid-late Sunday afternoons spring-fall, in the wildflower meadow or formal garden. Call Carol Schneider, 684-2619.
Next May 8 4-6 pm.

NPAC meetings 2nd Thursdays 7 pm-Nichols Park Fieldhouse, with Park District.
Fieldhouse/gym programs fill fast! and such a bargain!

President Stephanie Franklin, 773 955-3622. Sec./minutes/HPKCC liaison Mark Granfors.


Parks Committee
(Committee page)

Parks homepage + index-navigator to the parks & gen. pages.
Parks Committee
. Jackson Park Website

Parks council meetings sched./calendar

Thanks from Nichols and our committee to everyone who helps make 4th on 53rd a great success.

Co-Chairs Gary Ossewaarde- hpkcc@aol.com or garyossewaarde@yahoo.com and Louise McCurry, commisioner751@comcast.net, 773 844-2225.
Visit Park Issues.

Chicago's bid for the 2016 Olympics was a matter of major neighborhood concern. The Parks Committee's letter on the Olympics. and about.

Kenwood Park controversy, how successfully resolved. About park and council.
Rebuilding our parks. (Report in December 2007 Reporter)

Park volunteer workdays. Burnham: 1st Sat mornings (but call because of conflicts -gw.davis@ezi.net). Jackson 2nd 10 am-1 pm Bobolink Meadow and 4th Sat t 10 am-1 pm Wooded Island.


Jackson Park Museum of Science and Industry south portico, Crown Space Center (right) and Columbia Basin 2006 or 7, set up with 2 props for Redmood theater for its September 15-25 "Loves Me-Loves Me  Not" spectacular

Preservation and Landmark Status

and the
P reservation
Action Fund

Preservation operates under the HPKCC Development Preservation and Zoning Committee. Contact the President regarding chair and committee.

HPKCC serves as fiscal agent for new Southside Preservation Action Fund, which has received a generous grant from the Driehaus Foundation- See SPAF.
Our first appropriation was for research on the role of Walter Gropius in design of several Michael Reese Hospital (area slated for the Olympic Village and afterwards mixed income housing). More projects are in the pipeline.

We endorsed the process and principles for a new plan for restoration and reuse of the Shoreland Hotel and a zoning change for the Del Prado. We continue to support adaptive reuse of the Harper theater, are concerned about impacts of city ordinances and other financial pressures on our large and mid-sized buildings, community planning, parking and more.

Ways to apply for national register and city designation, tax advantages. Frequently asked questions

See our history, preservation pages for latest happenings and significance. Preservation Beat, Preservation Hot Topics
Urban Renewal and Timelines.


Schools Committee

Committee homepage. Chair Joy Clendenning.
Schools Hot Topics. HPKCC Schools Committee. About, including printable pdf brochure. Shortened.


To help meet this need, the HPKCC Schools Committee is organizing a Back To School supply drive. For a $10 donation you can provide pencils, pens, markers, crayons, spiral notebook and filler paper for one child.

HPKCC Youth Programs Database is at http://www.hydepark.org/schools. Download and share this database about afterschool and other activities and opportunities. This was a major project of the committee. We also maintain a larger, topical and continuously-updated resource base in Afterschool.
We learned more about it and the CPS initiatives to expand arts and other opportunities in the schools at our Schools Next Networking Dinner late Sept or early Oct 2011 tba

Schools Directories. Contacts, in own page.

Schools Committee Prospectus for an Asset-building coalition for our youth.

The committee will be producing a new simplified schools contact directory and cntinue to act as a resource and issues facilitator for schools in conjunction with Hyde Park Schools.

The mission of the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference Schools Committee is to provide community support for the schools and to provide a place where Local School Council and other school support group members can get together to share information. We want every to be one to which school parents are willing and proud to send their children and every child has access to programs in and out of school that provide the assets and promises that empower them to be come successful adults.

We seek new members. Schools Committee meets tba.

Learn about our Biennial Recognition Ceremony with information forum and program (including public drum-up for participation in upcoming LSC elections), speaker Jacqueline Edelberg, neighborhood school renaissance expert, who with Ruth Kurland wrote How to Walk to School about the turnaround of Nettelhorst School in Chicago (http://www.howtowalktoschool.com) and Kenwood Jazz Band.
Recent activities include visits to community and other enriched schools, a tour of the neighborhood for intern teachers, promotion of involvement in SIPAA planning and LSC elections, and planning our fall networking dinner for LSCs and principals. Also gift to Kozminski library for books, worked to set up Community Action Council for Schools.


Transit Task Force

and accessibility

TTF: The HPKCC Transit and Mobility Task Force. Visit the Transit Task Force committee homepage
Chair - check with the president. Looks at being revived.

Transit web pages home. Accessibility Hot Topics.
We occasionally meet or hold public forums
Our strongest interests remain the Gold Line Metra upgrade, optimizing CTA and UC-CTA routes for this and nearby communities, strategic access and accessibility including linking to and within retail and throughout the neighborhood for various constituencies/segments of the population needing this, transit-oriented and green/smart development, and regional mobility. We are encouraging bike sharing and other ways to make getting around optimal for all means of getting around and for good interfaces between people using different modes. We are also the folks for parking and infrastructure issues.

HPKCC and many other organizations have testified before Metra for fare integration and other service improvements. A joint letter specifying and calling for these improvements was released December 2025 (approved by HPKCC board Nov. 2015).


Hyde Park

Hyde Park Used Book Sale

Next Columbus weekend 2016. Book collection not before mid-August 2016
Co-chairs Jane Ciacci (773 419-1384) and George Davis.



WhistleStop and Safety

and Safety

December 10, 10 am-1 pm. (HPKCC) Is reactivating the WhistleStop program. We are sponsoring a Whistle Day on this coming Saturday, December 10, from 10AM-2PM. We are seeking volunteers, especially people knowledgeable about the WhistleStop program, to man stations in Harper Court and the Hyde Park Shopping Center. We need at least 8 people to sell whistles in 2-hour slots. Call Stephanie Franklin at 773-955-3622 to volunteer to sell whistles on that day. Thanks.

Learn about HPKCC's WhistleSTOP and community safety action program. Background on block clubs
Visit also HPKCC's concerns and actions in Community Safety. Tips for staying safe and emergency contacts are in Public Safety and CAPS beat. Whistles are starting to be sold again at Treasure Island- details coming. Chair Camille Hamilton-Doyle. Contact us at hpkcc@aol.com.
Visit report on HPKCC's April 19, 2010 "Keeping YOU and Your Computer Safe" seminar.
Poisonous Houseplants (in pdf, from On the Safe Side -Timika Hoffman Zoller) Note: some dispute the seriousness of exposure to aloe vera and poinsettia.

Chair Joy Clendenning


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