53rd Street Central Hyde Park TIF District Maps

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See close up of Harper Court in Harper Court Sale home.

Map 1 is essentially a generalized final boundary, with minor changes along the Metra/Canadian National tracks. (Except for saying "Proposed", the map is essentially accurate except for showing the Osteopathic Center, now residential development, and not showing 53rd Street now opened to Cottage Grove with jogs.) The second map is more specific.

Some institutions near the district could not be included because of strict rules excluding properties not meeting standards of potential deterioration/dilapidation, deleterious land use, and real estate (tax) valuation stagnation. Excluded properties include upscale homes between the district's north edge, Blackstone Branch Library, Kenwood Park, residential property between the district's west boundary at Woodlawn Avenue and Kozminski School, properties between Cornell and Hyde Park on 53rd, (some may now wish) the new Hyde Park Art Center building at 5220 Cornell. Of course, the thriving and recently renovated Hyde Park Shopping Center could not qualify.

Map 1

Generalized map of the 53rd St. TIF district

Map 2, Neighborhood Capital Budget Group (based on Chicago Department of Planning and Development records?) NCBG has a GIS program and a data bank to superimpose economic, tax, and demographic data on such maps. This service is available to its members, attn: Pat Nolan. (Such data tends to reflect reporting and release from several years back.)

More detailed map of 53rd St. TIF district