TIF Council by-laws changes proposed, some adopted late 2003

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These were adopted, except still under consideration is whether council members can serve an unlimited number of terms and must be replaced annually--a small committee is considering this as of early 2005.

Italics indicates a change.

Terms: 3 years terms for initial appointment to Council. Reappointment for 2 year terms-renewable indefinitely by the Alderman. [not yet approved], Council years begin each September. 15 members.

Officer Terms: 1 Year (September to September) - officers are elected annually by majority vote.

Meetings: The evening of the second Monday of every other month (except August and December). Schedule - July, September, November, January, March, May and July.

Quorum: At least seven Advisory members present. Absent members may vote their proxy.

Votes: A simple majority of members present is required to carry all voted issues.

Replacement of Members: Vacancies to b filled by completing biography and statement to the
Alderman's office for review. Alderman will name replacements.

Officers: Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary and immediate-past Chair (ex-officio).

Committees: There are three (3) standing committees:

Planning and Development

Each committee will be comprised of a Chair elected from the Council and other members of the Council and interested public. No committee shall have more than (9) members. The committees will meet in between regularly scheduled Council sessions on a regular schedule. The Advisory Council may form other committees as it sees fit from time to time with a vote of the full Council.

Public Announcements of Meetings: The Herald will be the principal channel for announcing all meetings of the Council. All council meetings are to be open to the public. All announcements will be made in a timely manner so as to satisfy publication deadlines. The Secretary shall be responsible for announcing such meetings and ensuring that the minutes from prior meetings are prepared.

Duties of Council:

  1. Annually (January Meeting) re-evaluate and/or modify the proposed use of TIF resources and priorities on specific projects.
  2. At least annually (January Meeting) hold public hearings for community input and information sharing regarding information on status of the TIF.
  3. Review and recommend approval of all proposed redevelopment agreements, as well as any development that may impact the TIF area.
  4. Annually review (January Meeting), initiate or recommend needed changes to the TIF budget and the TIF development plan.