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Hydepark.org is a major project of the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference.

Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference, a 501(c)3, is a membership organization serving the community since 1949. It is an independent civic watchdog, neighborhood association and forum, beholden only to its members and seeking the betterment of the neighborhood and its residents' quality of life. Full mission statement.
Dues schedule. Membership Appeal letter.
1507 E. 53rd St. #404, Chicago, IL 60615
Website: http://www.hydepark.org
Email hpkcc@aol.com. Phone 773-288-8343.

President: George Rumsey

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Our mailing address is 1507 E. 53rd St. #404, Chicago, IL 60615.

To current officers and board
Current committee descriptions and contacts. To be updated.
Board meetings 1st Thursdays 7 pm in Treasure Island lower level.
2016 Annual Meeting- was on Sept. 18, Sunday, 2 pm in Augustana Church
In addition to hearing from Alderman Hairston and brief annual business, one-third of the Board was elected:
Jane Ciacci and Rudy Nimocks (eligible to run for a 2nd term) and Merry Bolt, Marjorie Bryant, Betsy Budney, Fylynne Crawford, Camille Hamilton-Doyle, and Ismail Turay (the latter two having served previously)
Following this program was a splendid community forum co-sponsored with Chicago Hyde Park Village- guest speaker Chief Fountain Walker of University of Chicago Police Department--Link to Herald article on UCPD Chief Walker's talk at HPKCC Annual meeting Sept. 18, 2016. http://hpherald.com/2016/09/21/ucpd-chief-focuses-on-community-transparency/ -

December 10, 10 am-1 pm. (HPKCC) Is reactivating the WhistleStop program. We are sponsoring a Whistle Day on this coming Saturday, December 10, from 10AM-2PM. We are seeking volunteers, especially people knowledgeable about the WhistleStop program, to man stations in Harper Court and the Hyde Park Shopping Center. We need at least 8 people to sell whistles in 2-hour slots. Call Stephanie Franklin at 773-955-3622 to volunteer to sell whistles on that day. Thanks.

The Hyde Park Used Book Sale Columbus Day weekend. Visit http://hydepark.org/booksale/booksale.html for more information including release and link to flyer. . Almost all books are $2, $1 and below. Monday is Box ($5) and Bag ($4) day.
Sale October 8-10 Hyde Park Shopping Center Courtyard, 55th and Lake Park. Credit cards accepted.
This past year, proceeds from the book sale provided financial support for:
Friends of Blackstone Library
SECC Neighborhood Enhancement Grants
CECD Housing Market Study
Oral History Project of HP Historical Society
DARE cooking facilities
Projects and needs at Ariel, Shoesmith, Brett Harte, Murray, Ray, Kenwood, and King
Financial and office support for Park Advisory Councils

Thank You for the 2016 Book Sale success!

I'm happy to report that the volunteers who make the annual Used Book Sale work every year have survived another year, thanks to beautiful weather and tons of customers.

For those who always wonder where the money from the Garden Fair and the Book Sale goes, last fiscal year HPKCC donated $9,200 to community groups (CECD, HPHS, SECC, 4th on 53rd Parade, Blackstone Library, and several others), $3,880 to parks (Nichols, Spruce, Midway, Jackson, and others), and $5,780 to neighborhood schools (including Ray, Brett Harte, Shoesmith, Murray, Ariel, King, Kenwood, and others). That's $18,860 put back into our community.

And remember that no book goes to waste. After we spent Monday morning giving free books to instructors at Cook County Jail, to teachers from area schools, and to various nonprofits, the remainder were loaded onto a truck for distribution by literacy programs in northwestern Indiana. Jane Ciacci, co-chair

Watch for our other major funder for our programs and neighborhood beautification: Hyde Park Garden Fair Spring Sale.
And watch for upcoming forums on cyber security and the 4th Ward Special Aldermanic Election.

FIND IT AT "HOME" or by typing in http://www.hydepark.org (no extension) from the outside.
(We want the general visitor to see it first- come back to Record's homepage via the Hyde Park Record button there.)
YOU ARE IN HYDE PARK RECORD, THE REST OF THE SITE, mostly about the neighborhood and its hot topics from HPKCC's perspective. ALL THE INTERNAL PAGES ARE ADDRESSED http://www.hydepark.org/(extension) EXCEPT FOR HYDE PARK RECORD'S HOMEPAGE with its important links, WHICH YOU WILL HAVE TO ACCESS BY CLICKING HERE OR TYPING http://www.hydeparkrecord.org.

EXTRA! ONLINE YOU CAN JOIN or donate to THE CONFERENCE- GO TO THE CONFERENCE HOME WEBSITE, http://www.hydepark.org; there click MEMBERSHIP at the top, then Membership form (but you will need to print that and send in the form)
JOIN FRIENDS OF BLACKSTONE LIBRARY, OR DONATE TO OUR SCHOOLS COMMITTEE'S HPK SCHOOLS SUPPLY DRIVE from the homepage by clicking the program- Friends of Blackstone or Schools Committee.

Next board meeting Thursday, November 3(normally 1st Thursday), 7 pm at Treasure Island lower level "Island Cellar" room. 1526 E. 55th St. 1st Thursdays. Open to the public.

HPKCC, with CECD and the Southeast Coalition testified at the Metra board meeting July 22 2015 to push for a real seamless transfer system, as in the intent of the 2011. Read background, testimony and results, and media articles in Metratransferability. We believe this is an affordability and social justice issue.

HPKCC is a cosponsor of a project interviewing and videotaping youth in Woodlawn on their lives and experiences with policing. Here is a u-tube link from Gab Piemonte to part of the footage:

To current officers and board


Latest HPKCC board news:

January 8 2015. After lengthy board discussion, the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference affirmed its support for having the Obama Library on the South Side of Chicago; it did not offer an opinion on the siting or conditions in the U of C bid

April 2015. the board resolved to send a letter to CPS supporting the Coalition to Revitalize Dyett High School's proposal for a district-run open enrollment neighorhood high school.

July we heard presentations on the Lakeside development and organizations and an update on the recording of youth experiences with policing et all (see next item below the picnic announcement.)
August 16, Sunday, 12-3 pm. Coalition for Equitable Community Policing Cook Out in Nichols Park. HPKCC participates in a broad based committee and set of projects seeking improved transparency and community (particularly youth) relations and policing re University of Chicago and other police.
This email is an invitation to come out Sunday Aug 16, from 12-3 for the Campaign for Equitable Policing's family friendly CEP Cook Out at 55th and Kimbark in Nichols Park. Please come and enjoy some free food from the grill while getting to know like-minded members of the University and Hyde Park community. Also, please come at any time in the three-hour window and share and discuss your thoughts about the neighborhood, UCPD, community safety, and what your vision is for all of these things. Hopefully from these conversations we can start to come up with ways to ensure that our vision for a better Hyde Park that serves all people justly comes true.
Please follow the link to RSVP to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/393025404235662/.Please Like our page on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter. Want more information on the UCPD and the history of our campaign? Please check out our website.

November 2015. We had a report from MAC Properties on Solstice on the Park, 56th and Cornell, which is going forward as a rental project (see in the Solstice page). Also on the great success of the Used Book Sale, membership, Blackstone Library and the vision of its Friends, parks and school successes, and signed on to a letter in support of our legislators to request upgrades to Metra and fare integration.



HPKCC is working with the Hyde Park Herald in an effort to document community experiences with the University of Chicago Police Department (UCPD). The project theme is education and empowerment of community teens: (HPKCC is providing $1000 of this $1500 project.) Parts are now up in YouTube.

A videographer will record six in-depth adult interviews with UCPD, state representatives, HPKCC representatives, and other community leaders.
The Herald will choose 20 teens to tell 3-minute accounts of their UCPD experiences, along with videos that educate teens about how to file police conduct reports, how to behave and talk when stopped by police, and how parents can support their teens in making their reports. Teens would do the videography and interviews as a skills-building project.

The resulting videos would be on the Herald's site for educational use by schools, community groups, etc. The HPKCC Whistlestop / Safety Committee, which is issuing the grant to fund this project, feels it is a win-win for the teens, the Conference, the Herald, the UCPD, and the community

The April 3 2014 and August board meetings weres largely devoted to frank discussion with University of Chicago Police Deputy Chief Gloria Graham about community concerns about policies and practices of UCPD. In October Ava Benezra presented the Coalition for Equitable Policing position and asked HPKCC help in requesting tdransparency with regard to stops and profiling. Also, a subcommittee was established to research retail realities in Hyde Park- rent trends, space and sustainability for small businesses etc. and concerns were considered regarding the teardown of historic graystones on Harper Avenue. A small grant was made to Dyett's senior class. The Conference affirmed its support of an effort to repurpose Dyett High School and keep it open as a neighborhood school with environmental and urban farming focus.
In May the Conference heard a presentation on bid for the Obama Presidential Library by Susan Sherr and David Mosena of the U of C bid review committee, and agreed to send the committee a letter of support including the benefits to and from the community from an Obama Library somewhere in the mid-South Side. Planned for May 21 was the Schools Committee Biennial Recognition Dinner for area school principals, new and retiring LSC members and other parent support groups.
The Conference relocated. A grant was given for books for Kozminski school.
So, both the board and community members have expressed concern about the following. To reach a wider audience, members may want to write to the Herald about them:

MAC's demolition of 5110, -12, -14 S Harper,
the UofC's Police Department and it's effect on the community and public safety issues in general
loss of small businesses on 53rd Street
growth of community through such connections as news disemination and social media (which we are underwriting with the Herald)
preservation of park open lands against big new institutional facilities.

In mid year the Conference was contacting a director for our fall Used Book Sale.

In late spring 2014 HPKCC partnered via grant with the Herald and Andrew Holzman for a new digital media project. Here is the first announcement. Andrew has already been busily videotaping public meetings, small happenings, and persons of note or interest.
Radio Hyde Park-Andrew Holzman writes- You are the first to know about a new project of the Herald: Radio Hyde Park. This is a new way to tell your stories and get your news in Hyde Park. Read on to find out what it is and how we hope you will get involved!
In a week or two, you'll see a SoundCloud player go live on the Herald website. When you press play, you'll hear, or be able to choose if you prefer, news stories, music from and interviews with local artists, and, maybe most excitingly, stories and opinions from your neighbors.
If you have a story about your past, the history of the neighborhood, an opinion about it's future--- if you have anything to say, I want to hear from you. The Hyde Park Kenwood Community Conference has given me funds to come and record you using state-of-the-art equipment, and your voice will be added to the programming on Radio Hyde Park.
So get excited; there are interviews with the neighborhoods political and cultural players, carefully crafted news stories, and thoughts from your friends on the way. andrew.lee.holzman@gmail.com.

In September we grante funds for boks needed at Kozminski School. And a guest answered questions about Uniersity policing.

HPKCC held a forum in fall 2013 on issues relating to historic properties preservation, such as Frank L. Wright's Blossom and MacArthur houses in Kenwood, where there is a historic district but not protection of significant interiors, which are intact but in need of very expensive restoration.

June 22 2013, HPKCC and its Safety Committee held a forum with 2nd District police on forming block clubs and other crime prevention and alert measures. Faleesa Square, CAPS Community Organizer for the 2nd District, was lead presenter and answered many questions. Contact us if you are interested in block club formation.
HPKCC created over 60 block clubs in the 1950s that were crucial in re-building the community during a time of challenge. We think they can be useful today. As are Whistlestop crime-stopper whistle!

May 6, 1212. HPKCC HELD A zoning and 53rd St. forum With panel of experts and Q and A- Planning and Zoning 53rd St. United Church of Hyde Park. Speakers included John Norquist of Congress for the New Urbanism Tim Barton, Hyde Parker and former city zoning staff), and Adam Kingsley of O'Donnell law firm specializing in the issues and 53rd St. Release with description.

HPKCC Information Forum on Zoning coming up!
Monday, May 6 from 6.30-8.30 pm, HPKCC will hold a community forum featuring zoning experts at the United Church of Hyde Park.
The purpose of the forum is to educate the community about zoning followed by a Q and A discussion.
Tim Barton - Hyde Park resident and former staff at the Chicago Zoning department. He supervised the creation of the 2004 Chicago zoning ordinance.
Tim will explain the potential within the ordinance for communities to plan their own futures in an open and comprehensive way.
Adam Kingsley - Attorney,O'Donnell Law Firm specializing in land use, zoning and historic preservation, helped the Woodlawn Home Owners Association negotiate the PD43 Subsection 'O' agreement with the University and the City. Adam will talk about the present zoning designations of the Vue 53 (McMobil) site and of 53rd Street in general, what's allowed now, what zoning changes the University would have to get from the Alderman to do the project as planned and the sequence of meetings required, what effect these zoning changes might have on subsequent development on 53rd Street, and other potential zoning options.
John Norquist - President, Congress for the New Urbanism and former Mayor of Milwaukee, WI, will talk about 'best urban planning practices' regarding transit oriented development, pedestrian oriented development, and traffic/parking. The Congress is the preeminent national proponent of "Jane Jacobs' style" sustainable urban development. Their recent publication 'Sustainable Street Network Principles' speaks directly to our neighborhood issues.

Email: hpkcc@aol.com
New address to be posted. 773 288-8343
President Jane Ciacci

Page contents/index. Visit About HPKCC (home), Visit HPKCC start and current page. Home.
Portal to 2009 Jan, April and July issues and 2010 January issue Conference Reporter (what's in these Reporters)
To May 2010 Reporter FLASH. To August 2010 Reporter (note annual mtg. changed to 3 pm). JANUARY 2011 REPORTER.

Our archived collection is in UC Library- Regenstein Special Collections- find out about and path to the guide. (new Feb. 2012)

Thanks to all who made our Have A Heart schools supplies drive a big success! Watch for the next this fall.

NEXT BOARD MEETING- April 2, 2015 (1st Thursdays) , 7 pm, Treasure Island lower level "Cellar" room. 1526 E. 55th St.

To view June 2011 issue (Vol. 17, No. 2) in pdf; Find its individual articles

Find our releases.
Disabilities Task Force) WALK AND ROLL: SIDEWALK SURVEY OF 55TH STREET: From the Lakefront to Elllis Avenue: FINAL REPORT (comments: gwrumsey@att.net)

Woodlawn Ave. historic corridor- page on this topic.

"The Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference takes the future of the Woodlawn Avenue Corridor very seriously. We hope the university will present at the October 6 meeting some constructive and substantial plan that will protect this community asset."

Library cuts- HPKCC Letter. General release. Partial restorations. See Blackstone Lib. page
HPKCC gives a word of thanks to TIF Chair Howard Males upon his stepping down.
and endorsed Friends of HPK Public Schools subcommittee letter for a quality school day.

Reach our office or webmaster: hpkcc@aol.com.
Join our e-alert list: hpkcc.chicago@gmail.com.
HPKCC on Facebook. News from the board and president. (See sequential series in News from Board and President page.)


Updated Informational brochure (printable pdf) FORUMS. HPKCC QUICK FINDER.
2009 Annual Meeting. 2010 Annual Meeting. Brief on 2010 Annual Meeting here. From the President's Desk. News From the Board.
2011 Membership Appeal Letter. Membership Form.


To report on the September 2012 Annual Meeting
To report and thank you on the 2012 Used Book Sale

HPKCC is a membership based and supported organization. PRINTABLE FORM- NOTE THAT "NONPROFIT" MEANS 501c3. Anyone who shares our interests may become a member by paying and remaining in good standing with annual dues payments. Members get the Reporter and other informational services, discounted fees at events that charge, and receive (one) vote at the Annual Meeting in September. See above for links to appeal, membership form, and informational brochure. We have about 150 members at present and would love to include you. Also, most of our work is done in our open committees.
Dues schedule: Individual $20, Family $30, Senior $15, Nonprofit Organization (501c3)* $75, Business, institution etc*. $100. Contributions at any level are welcome. Since HPKCC is a 501c3 nonprofit in good standing, contributions are deductible as per law. Please print and fill in the Membership Form in its entirely (we need current email addresses, also current contacts for condo and coop associations) and mail to HPKCC, 1525 E. 53rd St. #907, Chicago, Illinois, 60615. Questions? hpkcc@aol.com or 773 288-8343. Membership chairs (selected June 2010): Jane Ciacci and Irene Freelain.
*New categories adopted July 2010

These are in their own page:

HPKCC grant helps Neighborhood Club teens learn the city via transit
HPKCC and its development committee weigh in on opening Harper Avenue, Shoreland project
HPKCC with SPAF completes commissioned structural study of Harper Theater
Condos Committee holds seminar on important requirements
Internet Safety Seminar held, next planned for October 16
Schools Committee holds networking dinners, investigates school/out of school enrichment, shows intern teachers the neighborhood.
Garden Fair holds successful spring sale, planning fall's; Used Book Sale being organized for Columbus Day weekend


Cached and of interest:
The Role of the HPKCC Board in Harper Theater & Harper Court Development by Jay Ammerman.
The Chicago Theological Seminary Buildings and the Woodlawn Avenue Corridor by Jack Spicer.
Development in Hyde Park-South Kenwood and map by George Rumsey.

Or find out about events or what's happening right away by email: Ask to join our e-alert list: hpkcc.chicago@gmail.com.

Virtual HPKCC
The HPKCC Membership Committee is working on ways to reach our members and friends by e-mail. If you'd like to receive e-mail alerts from the Conference about upcoming events, including our Twitter feed, let us know by sending a message to hpkcc.chicago@gmail.com or rumsey@aol.com. and we'll add you to our developing e-mail list.
And be sure to "fan" us on Facebook!

The new mailing address of the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference is 1507 E. 53rd St. Ste. 404, Chicago, IL 60637. Telephone 773 288-8343. More urgent messages should be sent via email to hpkcc@aol.com or ammerman@interaccess.com. Our website is http://www.hydepark.org (you're here!)

Next board meeting November 5
, 7 pm Treeasure Island lower level Island Cellar, 1526 E. 55th St.

To this Page's index. To Profiles: People You Should Know. View: Harper Court Survey Results, Harper Court, 53rd and Development actions, Youth Programs Database
Adopts Co-op Used Book Sale.
On the Boards' Jan. 8 2009 meeting with Ann Marie Lipinski, UC VP for Civic Engagement
Anniversary kick off Forum page. (Feb. 18 2009) About HPKCC at 60th Anniversary page. More About. Committees.
Informational brochure (printable pdf)

Reach our president, Anita Hollins- ladya007_2000@yahoo.com.

Visit our fanpage in Facebook! Thanks to Trish Morse, HPKCC Secretary for setting up our Facebook presence.
Ask to join our e-alert list: hpkcc.chicago@gmail.com.
HPKCC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization: dues/ gifts are tax deductible as permitted by law.

One third of the board was elected in September 2015, and Offices October 1:
All officers and board members. Members served staggered 3 year terms.

President: Timika Hoffman-Zoller
Vice Presidents:

George W. Davis (1st),
Trish Morse
Secretary:Gary Ossewaarde
Treasurer: George W. Rumsey

Additional Directors:
Nancy Baum
Michael Bradley
R Carson
Catherine Celimene
Jane Ciacci
Joy Clendenning
Jane Comiskey
Darryl Crawford
Stephanie Franklin
Allison Hartman
Nina Helstein
Louise McCurry
Rudy Nimocks
Emilie G. Pulver
Eric E. Reaves
Erika Rhone
Michael Weeda



Hyde Park Used Book Sale page. We are grateful to all who made our sales a great success, including our sponsor, Treasure Island Foods. Next Oct. 10-12 2015. Book drop-off in Treasure Island Lower Level mid August through October 5 2015.

Hyde Park Garden Fair website- Next sale Spring Garden Sale Fri and Sat May 15, 16 2015 (after Mothers Day) Hyde Park Shopping Center Courtyard, 55th west of Lake Park. Our page about it. Find special anniversary Reporter issue about.


Recent and recent years actions:

Early 2014: HPKCC wrote letters in support of keeping Dyett school open (Canter had been supported before), repair and reopening of Darrow Bridge in Jackson Park. Funds were granted for the Dyett senior class.
Letter of support for a Obama Presidential Library on the mid South Side.
Research into options on community policing and on encouragement of small local businesses.

HPKCC asked many questions and gave its views on Harper Court issues (see letters) and its support of the Shoreland and Del Prado projects, hosted a forum on zoning issues for 53rd St. and another on historic reuse and zoning for Wright houses in Kenwood.

The Conference solicited answers to questions to 4th and 5th Ward aldermanic candidates for the February 2011 election and asked a number of questions of elected aldermen Burns and Hairston at the June 2 board meeting.

The Conference is in touch with and meeting with several organizations and convened a meeting October 15 of reps from civic organizations and groups to make sure matters are being addressed and where possible in a collaborative and non-duplicative manner. Follow up meeting was held March 10.
One outcome was movement toward a collaboratively sponsored housing stock and needs survey (particularly rental). HPKCC at its February 2012 meeting pledged $2,000 toward this project, spearheaded by CECD.

The Conference formally opposed library cuts, and is following other ones, including merger of the police district.DThe Conference endorse a letter calling or a funded, quality school day.

The Conference supports in-progress negotiations concerning both the University's properties in the Woodlawn Corridor re: Planned Dev. 43 and the Woodlawn Corridor and issued a strong call to start the process for a landmark district. (See Woodlawn Corridor/District and University Master Plan/PD 43 Amendment.

HPKCC Schools Committee held its first schools supply drives in February 2012 and fall 2012. The committee honored LSCs, PTAs, PACs at a dinner May 3. The board welcomed a new temporary subcommittee, Friends of Hyde Park Kenwood Public Schools. ABCs of CPS was a well attended information program for parents.

The Conference gave a support grant to Hyde Park Historical Society for Oral History Committee interviews of persons of note in HPKCC.

HPKCC convened two meetings of HPK community organizations to discuss general issues and coordination. Outcomes included a sidewalk survey of 55th St., more coordination on parks, recommendation to study a trolley for 53rd St., and a report on various topic and action areas such as schools, transportation.


HPKCC's Southside Preservation Action Fund committee, other orgs including HP Historical Society, sponsor a structural study of the Harper Theater-Herald building. Led to renovation and reopening as a theater.

The study, by the same firm that did an earlier study for the current owner, U of C, has completed the study, which is under review by the University. Funding came from a grant by the Driehaus Foundation.

This committee also commissioned a study of Michael Reese Mies van der Rohe buildings and is producing a study of the Woodlawn-University district and its structures and parameters of landmarking the district.

The Conference continues meeting with community organizations and businesses on meeting community agendas and keeping our services and small nonprofits healthy, and partnering with them.

From the President's desk. From the Board. The Conference is looking for ways to promote (re?) growth of community institutions and involvement and to redefine community principles in action: watch for programs throughout of 60th year.


WELCOME TO OUR NEWEST COMMITTEE, by way of affiliation: FRIENDS OF BLACKSTONE LIBRARY! Joined August 7, 2008. Friends of Blackstone Library meets 1st Thursdays, 6 pm at the library.

WE ALSO HOLD TWO GARDEN FAIRS (2oo9 May 15-16, September 12) AND OUR USED BOOK FAIR (OCT. 10-12- BOOKS NEEDED can be donated starting mid August, TREASURE ISLAND LOWER LEVEL 1526 E. 55th St.

OUR COMMITTEES DO THE BRUNT OF OUR WORK- THEY SEEK NEW HPKCC AND COMMUNITY MEMBERS. Some meetings regularly occurring or announced are: Schools Committee - March 3, 7 pm, United Church, 1448 E.53rd.

Carry that whistle (what's this?). Whistles can be bought at the Co-op Customer Service Desk, or at our table there (or take membership in the Conference) at the Co-op 2nd Saturdays 11:30-1:30.

"What's Wrong/Right with Hyde Park?" October 19 2005 public discussion. Preliminary data and comments from Autumn O5 Reporter--see What's Right What's Wrong page. Forums and Workshops. List of our forums since 1995.
See our first "HPKCC Says" in the Harper Court Sale page. Public Forum and Workshop Announcement

To Links to additional information pages about HPKCC. See also/return to About HPKCC
bios of three new board nominees (elected Sept. 17 2007).

In this page: (Annual Mtg. Announcement is in its own page. )

Meetings and Special announcements. Read HPKCC on Harper Court.
Announcement on HPKCC assumption of Hyde Park Used Book Sale.


From the By-laws: Purposes of the Conference, conditions for membership and voting

Dues schedule

Board actions, doings, news; state of the Conference; what we're doing now. January 09 meeting with Ann Marie Lipinski .
Highlights of the March 2009 board meeting and beyond.
Conference Adopts Two New Committees

Board Resolutions and happenings.

Neighbors write their well wishes for the Obamas.

See how one of our longest programs, Academic Games, is being revitalized with the U of C University Service Center. In the CAGL homepage.

HPKCC Appeals, requests, and kudos

The Conference: What's It All About-a snapshot from early in the new millennium?

Thank you's

The purpose of the Conference is to attend to the civic needs of the community; work toward an attractive, secure, diverse, and caring community; and to promote participation of residents, businesses, institutions, and organizations in programs and activities that advance the interests and concerns of the community. It serves the community as a watchdog, independent voice, and clearing house in the community's ongoing conversation and decisions about those matters which affect and define community life.

Special announcements, Meetings

Watch for the next Friends of Blackstone Library Despres Family Author Series - gen. 4th Wednesdays. Blackstone Library auditorium, 4904 S. Lake Park Ave. http://friendsofblackstone.wordpress.com.

The Hyde Park-Kenwood Disabilities Task Force.

Schools Committee meets at 5221 S. Blackstone 3rd Thursdays, 5:30 pm.

Parks-networking and discussion event likely to be scheduled.

Development, Preservation, and Zoning- Tasks. talks with developers, and monitoring in progress

Condos forum April 19- see above.

Safety WhistleStop is planning its next forum on internet and other safety and is gearing up to sell whistles at a local store.

Friends of Blackstone Library meet the first Wednesday of the month in the Library.




HPKCC and Harper Court: View Survey results. (HPKCC/TIF 2008 survey on Harper Court Priorities)

View/print the Harper Court HPKCC Letters re: our position, forums on Harper Court and results from workshops. See Harper Court Sale home (including Feb. 2010 letter) and linked pages that together have the whole story! Our comments on the May 2008 Harper Guidelines. See neighbors' ideas and principles for rehab or development, and extended papers sub linked. See the main Conference material together in the special June issue of the Conference Reporter (all on Harper Court). The Conference regularly comments to the TIF Planning Committee on evolving plans


From election of 2013, "As of" October 2, 2014

Term expires Sept. 2013, elected to 2016 Term expires Sept. 2017 (elected 2014) Term expires Sept. 2015
vacancy Nancy Baum* Joy Clendenning
Jane Comiskey* R Carson Rudy Nimocks
Darryl Crawford* David Farley Mike Weeda
George W. Davis* Allison H. Hartman* Camille Hamilton-Doyle
Jane Ciacci Vera Louise McCurry Trish Morse
vacancy Emily Pulver vacancy
Timika Hoffman-Zoller * Eric Reaves John W. (Jack) Snapper
Gary M. Ossewaarde * George Rumsey Ismail Turay

See bios for those elected 2014. * = elected to 2nd of 2 allowed 3-year terms.




The Board also annually reconstitutes its Program (Working) committees and task forces- in progress. These committee's memberships change throughout the year.

Condos/Co-ops: Allison Hartman, chair

Editorial/Publicity Committee: Jane Ciacci (chair), Trish Morse, Gary Ossewaarde, George W. Rumsey, Brenda P. Sawyer, John Snapper

Hyde Park Used Book Fair: George Davis (chair), Jane Comiskey, Camille Hamilton-Doyle,

Nichols Park Advisory Council: Stephanie Franklin (Chair)

Parks: Gary Ossewaarde (chair), Nancy Baum, Jane Ciacci, George Davis, Timika Hoffman-Zoller, Mike Weeda

Preservation, Development and Zoning: (Chair to be appointed), Nancy Baum, George Davis, Allison Hartman, Trish Morse, (others from the membership and community orgs)

Safety Focus- whole and part of WhistleStop

Schools: Nancy Baum and Camille Hamilton-Doyle Chair), Irene Freelain, Gary Ossewaarde, Ismail Turay, (many others from community)

Transit:, James Withrow (chair), David Nekimken, Gary Ossewaarde, John Snapper (others from the community)

WhistleStop: Timika Hoffman-Zoller


In addition, affiliations which have the Conference as fiscal agents are committees:

Friends of Blackstone Library: Brenda P. Sawyer (chair)

Disabilities Task Force of Hyde Park: George Rumsey (chair), Amy Becker, Gary Ossewaarde, Sue Purrington George W. Rumsey, (others from the community)

Hyde Park Garden Fair: Leslie Bloch (chair), Jane Ciacci, Judy DuPont, Camille Hamilton-Doyle, Trish Morse, John Snapper

Nichols Park Advisory Council: Stephanie Franklin (chair)



The Conference holds its annual meeting and election each autumn- recently 2nd or third Sunday in September (gen. the Sunday after the Mum and Bulb Sale). All members are invited. The meeting is open to the general public. Paid memberships, which convey the right to vote, can be taken at the door, although we prefer members pay dues and participate throughout the year. Top T


HPKCC Board of Directors meets 1st Thursdays 7 pm. We are leaving our good host Hyde Park Bank building and will meet starting June 7, 2014 in Treasure Island lower level "cellar" room. The meeting is open to HPKCC and community members, but space is very limited. You can inform us you are coming at hpkcc@aol.com. The agenda usually includes HPKCC and community updates and reports and program reports, and sometimes guests from community interests and stakeholders.

Getting the Conference Reporter delivered

Get on the list of edelivery of News from the Conference.

email hpkcc@aol.com or call 773 288-8343.




HPKCC hosts an ONGOING SERIES OF FORUMS (more in Forums page) designed to inform our members and the public on major issues and directions for the community and to help form a vision for the future of Hyde Park and Kenwood. The range has included parks, transit, neighboring communities, motorcycle noise , zoning reform, candidates and condos/co-ops issues, and What's Right and What's Wrong with Hyde Park." These topic are likely to be revisited and expanded, especially to include collaborations with other organizations. Stand by for fall 2009 Anniversary meeting or forum. And the next on issues of condo governance.
To reports on the February 19, 2009 forum Hyde Park-Challenging the Next Decade.

See above for topics, dates, descriptions!

You can depend on d www.hydepark.org to bring you timely information about what the Conference and its committees and task forces are doing. The April 2009 Reporter is out and will soon be directly linked. Contact president Hollins to be placed on our enewslettre/eannouncement list, or to become involved in our committees and task forces. We welcome volunteers. Membership form.

Index to. Note: most recent Reporter newsletters (2008-2010) are on in PDF in entirety:

Issues of the past few years (most recent is last):

Where to find features from the Summer 2004 Conference Reporter

Kids and Games: CAGL's Natural Combination- Chicago Academic Games index page

Bickley Forum on Co-Ops Set for September 20- Condos_Coops index

From the President's Desk..- (HPKCC News) membership (this page- click here)

Transit Changes (When Will They Stop!)- Transit Task Force page

The Conference at Work: WhistleStop- WhistleStop page

Annual Meeting announcement & nominees- - (HPKCC News) membership (this page- click here)

In the Parks: Jackson Park Advisory Council, Guarding the Park- Jackson: Who We Are

Fall Garden Fair-this article, by Joy Rosner, was topical and so is omitted.

Someone You Should Know: Sara Spurlark- Profiles ...Someone You... page

Also, information on Blackstone Library and Blue Gargoyle specials

Where to find features from the Autumn 2004 Conference Reporter

Transit: Does Hyde Park Have a Parking Problem?- Transit Task Force page

Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust Appeals to HPKCC- Robie House page

From the President's Desk...- here, click

A Hyde Parker You Should Know: Gerda Schild- Profiles/Should Know page

From Obama to Raoul: An Eye on the Process- Senate Selection page

HPKCC at Work: News from the Schools Committee- Schools Committee home

The Garden at 53rd and Lake Park- Garden Fair (HPKCC's page)

Programs at the Neighborhood Club and... pulled due to lack of timeliness.

Actions of the HPKCC Board-Visit in Membership page.


Where to find features from the Winter 2005 Conference Reporter

View Winter 2005 Reporter in pdf

Community Safety Focus Group- Community Safety page

Schools forum of March 14 detailed announcement- was in old Schools Committee page, to be relocated?

City services: Don't curse the darkness, call 311- Government Services page

Condos/Coops plans forums- Condos Coops Committee page

Garden Fair Mourns Loss, Announces spring dates- replaced with Winter 2006 feature in Garden Fair Committee page

The Historic Preservation Process and National Register Nominations- Landmarks Criteria page

Profile-Someone you should know: Ron Grzywinski- Profiles page

HPKCC represented at U of C Civic Knowledge Project Enhancing Assets Conference- Arts News

From the President's Desk, Actions of the Board Dec.-Feb.- this page, as linked- removed for timeliness


Where to find features from the Spring 2005 Conference Reporter

View Spring 2005 Reporter in pdf

Community Safety and Community Relations Update- Community Safety page

From the President's Desk and comments by Joy Nieda on Safety- Community Safety page

HPKCC Promotes Civil Behavior on 53rd Street- Community Safety page

HPKCC Board Members Aid CAGL Rejuvenation- Chicago Academic Games home

Friends of Blackstone Library Update: Reading Around the Globe- Friends of Blackstone page

Around the Parks- Parks Committee page

Harold Washington Park Discusses Framework Plan- Harold Washington Park page

Earth Day Cleanup, New Vision for Spruce Park- Spruce Park home

On the Road with the Garden Fair- Garden Fair Committee page

Transit Update: CTA Funding Woes Continue- Transit Task Force Spring 2005 Update/Report page



Where to find features from the Summer 2005 Conference Reporter

Announcement of the September 18, 2005 HPKCC Annual Meeting. Above

Public Safety Still a Major Concern, by Gary Ossewaarde. Community Safety

Bring Color Back to Your Garden at Fall Garden Fair, September 17, by Joy Rosner. Removed for timeliness.

CAPS: What's In It For You? by Joanne Howard. CAPS News

Standing Room Only for Condo/Coops Forum Held April 28, 2005 at South Shore Cultural Center, by Jay Ammerman. Condos/Coop page

Promontory Point Threatened by New Deal, Pressure against Legislative Rescue, by Gary Ossewaarde. August 05 Point

Around the Parks-Wearing the parks down, by Gary Ossewaarde. Parks home, Park Issues

The U of C and "Community Schooling," by Joanne Howard. U of C Schools Initiatives

A Hyde Parker You Should Know: Robert Starks, by Nancy Baum. Profiles-People You Should Know

Tree Crisis in the Neighborhood, by Stephanie Franklin. Drought and Tree Care 2005


Where to find features from the Autumn 2005 Conference Reporter

From the President's Desk, by George Rumsey, and News from the HPKCC Board. Removed for timeliness.

Offensive Campus Party Reason to Re-Engage on Race, Respect, by Gary Ossewaarde. Thuggin'

Safety and Hyde Park, by Joanne Howard. HPKCC Community Safety

Around the Parks: The Point, by Gary Ossewaarde. Point August-September 05

"What's Right and What's Wrong with HPK Public Discussion." What's Right ...Wrong... page

Two Hyde Parkers You Should Know: Mary and Bob Naftzger, by Nancy Baum. Profiles


Where to find features from the Winter (March) 2006 Conference Reporter

Debating the Future of Harper Court. Harper page on voice of HPKCC

From the President's Desk and Recent Actions of the HPKCC Board. Removed for timeliness

Around the Parks: Parks to Keep, Take Back, or Upgrade. by Gary Ossewaarde. Parks home

2006 Award Ceremony for Local School Council Member. Schools Committee

A Hyde Park Tradition for 47 Years: Volunteering at the Garden Fair. by Trish Morse. Garden Fair Committee

A Hyde Parker You Should Know: Nancy Hays. by Nancy Baum. Profiles


Where to find the features from the May (June) 2006 special issue of the Conference Reporter on Harper Court (See also next section for another way to read.)

We expect to have it up in pdf in the website. It was distributed at the May 8 TIF meeting. Some extra copies can be obtained by calling the office 773 288-8343 or emailing at hpkcc@aol.com.

The Conference in Action: Actions of Board Endorse Original Harper Court Mission
and Key Points. HPKCC and Harper Court

Draft Notes from March 28, 2006 Planning Meeting on Harper Court Aimed toward the May 8 TIF. by Trish Morse. HPKCC and Harper Court

April 11: Express Yourself: The Future of Harper Court. by Gary Ossewaarde. HPKCC and Harper Court

What would you like the Harper Court Arts Council to do with assets from the sale of Harper Court? Answers from the April 25 Evaluation. Also: Mission of the Harper Court Arts Council.
HPKCC and Harper Court

April 25, 2006. HPKCC Harper Court Forum: Ideas and Principles. HPKCC and Harper Court (not organized as presented in the Special Issue)

Excerpts from "A Vision for the Hyde Park Retail District" March 2000. This version is not reproduced in the website. See page with near-complete copy of the referenced document in A Vision for the Hyde Park Retail District.

Excerpts from the University of Chicago RFP for "53rd and Harper Properties." Harper Theater RFP Guidelines.


All the features from the special June 2006 issue (all on Harper Court) are in the June 2006 Reporter page.

Where to features from the September 2006 Reporter

Annual Meeting Announcements. September 17 2006. Above. Bios of nominees (both this page).

From the President's Desk (Communications with Harper Court). Below

Affordable Housing Forum draws Hyde Parkers. Affordable Housing Forum page

The New Chicago Academic Games- U-CAGL. CAGL homepage

Bulbs, Mums and Answers at the Fall Garden Fair. By Joy Rosner. Garden Fair Committee page

HP Celebrates 20th Anniversary of 57th St. Children's Book Fair. 57th Ch. Book Fair page

Promontory Point: With park district sign-on to unique arrangement, design work can begin. Point Latest page

Swim ban changes lead park problems, could endanger the public. New Testing and Swim Bans page. (Being repositioned- temporarily removed)

Big changes for UC/CTA routes, bunching on the #6 reappears, poor bike/pedestrian interface continues. Transit Webpages home (index) page


Where to find features from the December 2006 Conference Reporter (Vol. 12, No. 4)

HPKCC Holds Community Forum on the Future of the Co-op. By Gary Ossewaarde. Co-op page

Disabilities Task Force Educates Local Businesses. Also: From the President's Desk and OWL Holds Forum on Disabilities Issues. Disabilities and Disabilities Task Force page.

HPKCC Parks Committee Hosts Small Parks Networking Event. By Gary Ossewaarde. HPKCC Parks Committee page

Theater, 53rd Classic Storefronts Morph into Bold Retail Plan. By Gary Ossewaarde. Theater RFP page

Hyde Park Garden Fair Sponsors Free Winter Lecture Series on Gardening. Garden Fair Winter Lectures 2007

Novel Parking Improvement District Discussed for 53rd Street. By Gary Ossewaarde. Parking District Recommendation page

CleanSlate Coming to 53rd Street. By Jane Comiskey. 53rd TIF Street Cleaning projects page

Year-End Roundup: Transportation and Parks Matters. By Gary Ossewaarde. Community News page

HPKCC Hosts Networking Dinner for School Principals and LSC Chairs. By Nancy B. Baum. Schools Committee page.

Development: New Directions Require a Broader Look--Will Public Input Be Both Sufficient and Wise? By Gary Ossewaarde. Development discussion page.

Neighborhood Club Hires New Director. By Clairan Ferrono. Collaborers in the Community page

Recent Actions of the HPKCC Board. Membership News page (this page)


Where to find features from the April 2007 Conference Reporter

Whole issue (typed text)

The Conference in Action: HPKCC Schools Committee Features "After School Matters." By Nancy Baum

Garden Fair Schedules 48th Annual Plant Sale (and what was learned at the Garden Inspiration lectures. By Trish Morse

From the President's Desk... (retail options). By George Rumsey. This page.

HPKCC Board Discusses Proposed 56th & Cornell Development with Planners, Critics. By Gary Ossewaarde

Don't Leave Home Without Your Whistle! By Joanne Howard

A Hyde Parker You Should Know: Peter Cassel, [then] Executive Director, Hyde Park Neighborhood Club. By Joanne E. Howard

Brief update from Disabilities Task Force

Officials Update Lake Issues, Swim Bans at Jackson Park Meeting. By Gary Ossewaarde

Recent Actions of the HPKCC Board (in this page)


Where to find features in the August 2007 Conference Reporter (13 #2)

HPKCC Adopts Co-op Used Book Sale The Conference in Action. By George W. Rumsey. (in Hyde Park Used Book Sale home page)

Fall Bulb & Mum Sale: Green All Year Not Just a Dream. by Joy Rosner. (in our Garden Fair Committee page)

Party in the Parks: "Old Skool Reunion" Rocks the Neighborhood. By Jane Ciacci. (in Quality of Life issues page)

UC Forms Environmental Sustainability Task Force. By Rani Fedson. (in Env. Sust. TF home)

Update from the Schools Committee. By Nancy Baum. (in Schools Committee home page)

From the President's Desk.../Annual Meeting 07. By George W. Rumsey. (deleted as untimely)

Development: Where Is It Gong? Where Would We Like It to Go? By Gary Ossewaarde with contributions of Trish Morse; with an Open Letter from HPKCC on Doctors Hospital. (in Development- look for Op Eds from Reporters- and Doctors Hospital pages)

Olympic Process and Outcome Questioned by HPKCC Committee, Neighborhood. By Gary Ossewaarde. (in Olympics home page)

"Import Substitution" Is a Poor Retail Strategy for Hyde Park. By James Withrow. (in Development Analysis: look for Op Eds from Reporters)

Nominees for Election to the HPKCC Board. (in this page)

Asking for the Parks: Jackson and Nichols. By Gary Ossewaarde. (in Parks Budget)

To December 2007 (Vol. 13 No. 3) Conference Reporter in typed text

What's there:

  • Eli Ungar Discusses Future Plans, Impact of MAC Purchases. By Gary Ossewaarde
  • School Committee, KOCO Meet with Senator Raoul. By Julie Woestehoff
  • Condos/Coops+: Associations Learn Key Financial Priorities, Steps at November Forum. By Gary Ossewaarde
  • Brighten Your Winter with Garden Lectures. By Trish Morse
  • 53rd Street Workshop in December Catches Development at the Crossroads. by Gary Ossewaarde
  • Development, Preservation, Zoning committee Rep0rts on HP Acuities
  • View from the Parks: Gains, Pains, and Olympic Sweat. And HPKCC Meets with Chicago Park District about the Olympics. by Gary Ossewaarde
  • From the President's Desk... And News from the Board. George W. Rumsey

March 2008 (Vol. 14 No. 1) Reporter--readable single put-up being sought. Find articles in context:

HPKCC and 53rd Street TIF Survey Priorities for Harper RFP , by George Rumsey and Community Learns About, Queries RFP Process for Harper Court, by Gary Ossewaarde. Harper Court Sale page

Garden Fair Winter Lectures Ready Members for Spring, by Jane Ciacci and Getting Started with Organic Gardening. Garden Fair Committee page

Kenwood Park and Kenwood Council Dispute Affects Community, by Gary Ossewaarde. In Kenwood page, part in Olympics page.

HPKCC Schools Committee Hosts Second Biannual Local School Council Recognition Ceremony, By Nancy Baum. In Schools Committee page.

From the President's Desk and From the Board. Also: Announcement we will hold the Used Book Sale Oct. 11-13.


To September 2008 (Vol. 14, No. 2)

To January 2009 (Vol. 15, No. 1) Whole in pdf. Where to find features by themselves in context:

Hyde Park used Book Sale 2008 a Great Success! By Jane Ciacci and Jane Comiskey. In Used Book Sale page.

Green Thoughts on Snowy Night: Garden Fair Lectures Tuesday Nights in February. By Trish Morse. In Garden Fair page.

From the President's Desk and Conference Adopts Two New Committees. By George Rumsey. In this page- visit index at top.

Condos/Coops Forum Explores Finances and Foreclosures. By Jay Ammerman. In Condos-Coops page.

The Year 2008 in Review: Big Stories in Hyde Park-Kenwood, Chicago. By Gary Ossewaarde. In 2008 Wrap Up page.

Schools Committee holds Networking Dinner. By Nancy Baum. In Schools home page.

The entire April 2009 issue (Vol. 14, No. 2) is on the 50th Anniversary of the Garden Fair.
Whole in pdf.

July 2009. Whole in pdf. Topics include

HPKCC Kicks Off 60th Year with Future of Hyde Park Forum. By Gary Ossewaarde
Get Ready for the Hyde Park Used Book Sale. By Jane Ciacci.
From the President's Desk... By George Rumsey
Staying Involved
Hyde Park Jazz Festival
Development Committee Takes Positions and Leads in a More Collaborative Approach by the Conference. By Gary Ossewaarde
Talking with Our State Representatives. By David Nekimken
Eye on Neighborhood Schools: Developmental Assets Program Outlined by Schools Committee. By Nancy Baum
Kenwood Academy High School Continues to Raise the Bar. By Cynthia Liberty
Actions of the Board (January-May 2009)
Membership and interests form
Exhibit: 50 Years of Garden Fairs July 18.
Fall Bulb and Mum Sale Sept. 12.
Conference vitae, programs and contacts

January 2010 (Vol. 16, No. 1). Whole in pdf. Topics include

Profits from Used Book Sale Help Support HPKCC Programs. By Jane Ciacci
HPKCC Monitors Harper Court Development. By Gary Ossewaarde
From the President's Desk... Did George Rumsey Really Retire from HPKCC? By Jay Ammerman
Development Impact on the 53rd Street TIF Budget. By Gary Ossewaarde
Friends of Blackstone Opens New Lecture S. By Brenda Sawyer
HPKCC Schools Committee Holds Fourth Annual Networking Dinner. By Nancy Baum
A Hyde Parker You Should Know: Chuck Thurow. By Jack Snapper
Membership Form with Programs
Come to the Garden Fair Lectures for a Taste of Spring. By Trish Morse
Vitae and contacts

August 2010 (Vol. 16, No. 2). Whole in pdf. (Next to final- Annual Meeting was changed to 3 pm.) Topics include

Hyde Park Used Book Sale is ON!
Dreams of Spring--The Fall Garden Fair,
President- Harper Court- Boon or Boondoggle?
HPKCC Helps Club's Teens Learn City via Transit,
Elm Park Playlot...,
HPKCC Schools Committee Plans Upcoming Activities,
Toward a Hyde Park Village,
Summertime at Blackstone Library,
Save the Date-Annual Meeting and Election,
Qumbya and Co-operative Living,
Join the email list and fan us on facebook,

To view January 2011 issue in pdf (Vol. 17, No. 1). Responses of 4th and 5th Ward aldermanic candidates to HPKCC questionnaire;
From the President's Desk- cast an informed vote- in this page;
HPKCC Schools Committee- Engaging communities and schools;
Announcement of Feb. 5 4th Ward cand. forum;
Congratulations to Shirley Newsome interim 4th Ward Alderman- in this page;
News from the Board- in this page;
Announcement of Chicago Theological Seminary history and dismantling documentation.

To view May 2011 FLASH. Spring Garden Fair, Board news February-May 2011.

To view June 2011 issue (Vol. 17, No. 2) in pdf.
Find articles from the June 2011 issue -
The Role of the HPKCC Board in Harper Theater & Harper Court Development by Jay Ammerman.
The Chicago Theological Seminary Buildings and the Woodlawn Avenue Corridor by Jack Spicer.
Development in Hyde Park-South Kenwood and map by George Rumsey.
From the President's Desk by Jane Ciacci
2011 Membership Letter by Jane Ciacci. Call for Nominees. Hyde Park Used Book Sale 2011.



From the By-laws:
Purposes of the Conference (Articles II and III)

The Conference serves the interests of the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community.

The purpose of the Conference...is to attend to the civic needs of the community; work toward an attractive, secure, diverse, and caring community; and to promote participation of residents, businesses, institutions, and organizations in programs and activities that advance the interests and concerns of the community. It serves the community as a watchdog, independent voice, and clearing house in the community's ongoing conversation and decisions about those matters which affect and define community life.

Conditions for Membership (Article IV)

Any individual, family or organization who subscribes to the purposes of the Conference is qualified to be a member.
A member is in good standing and entitled to vote if their yearly dues have been paid. ...each membership category shall have only one vote.

Dues are set from time to time by the Board. Current levels are:

News from the Board and Highlights of the past year's board meetings:
Skip to April-June 2011 board.

March 2009 Board meeting. The Conference is in fine financial state; member renewal letters are going out.
Members reported on meetings with Antheus Capital-- a public zoning change hearing on on the Del Prado and an as-interested meeting with Board and Development Committee members. Both were highly informative.
Concerns were aired about the University of Chicago Medical Center policies and whether Hyde Park is becoming a health care desert, which hardly fit the University's commitment to building up Hyde Park. A small meeting with a Hospitals official was suggested.

Evan Miller discussed his Hyde Park online mapping project and collaboration with a IIT class to design a separate website about HPKCC. a color edition of the Reporter for the Garden Fair 50th celebration was approved. In autumn we would like to stress the history of HPKCC and the findings of our forums. Our Annual meeting was scheduled for September 13 at the Neighborhood Club and will feature a special celebration.

Rumsey said he will be attending a meeting of leaders of service and other providers, at the Neighborhood Club, concerning economic difficulties. One way we could help was suggested. Concern was expressed about the city and state holding back and reneging on payments to small organizations.

Gary Ossewaarde and Jane Ciacci reported on the very successful February 18 2009 Anniversary Kickoff Forum on Hyde Park Challenging the Next Decade. What worked and what not were discussed. The Committee will meet to finish evaluation and results and to plan the next steps.

The next board meeting will review limits on lobbying and taking of positions.

Brenda Sawyer showed preliminary designs for the cover for our giant community well-wishes book for President Obama.

Jay Ammerman reported on significant proposed changes to the condominium law re foreclosures.

Announced were meetings and rallies on Olympics impacts and benefits, Schools Committee, 53rd TIF, OWL, and a heads up for Community Service Day September 28.

Highlight of the April 2009 meeting was grant of $2,530 to Hyde Park Neighborhood Club for CTA passes for its Summer Teen program introducing transit and the city to youth. Discussed were help for nonprofits, Olympic outreach and community benefit agreements, Schools Committee move toward a collaborative effort on building youth assets, Community garden at 61st, anniversary initiatives, Southside Preservation Action Find actions.

Highlights of the May 2009 meeting. Proposed Del Prado changes were presented. Endorsement, and other zoning issues were referred to the Development Committee. Several matters were referred to the Anniversary or Finance committees. Latest Garden Fair, SPAF (including Harper Theater), University matters were discussed. An invitation to Rudy Nimocks of Community Partnerships was proposed. A meeting with Ilsa Flanagan , University Sustainability director, was authorized. Our summer party was set for July 23.

Highlights of the June 2009 meeting. Alderman Hairston cc'd to UC will be sent a letter asking for a public meeting on opening 57th to two-way traffic- approved 20-1-4. Discussion was had of the Schools Committee beginning initiative seeking a coalition to promote subsidiary ways to provide kids with skills and assets for life. A joint task force (under aegis of the Parks Committee) with the Historical Society was formed to consider Washington Park and the Olympics. East Hyde Park issues were briefly discussed. Camille Hamilton-Doyle will the new chair of Whistle-Stop. Used Book Sale organization is getting under way. HPKCC will join the Hyde Park Alliance for Arts and Culture at $100 but declined to buy a booth at the Jazz Festival. Our contingent for the 4th on 53rd St. was identified. $100 was donated to a scholarship fund at McCormick Seminary in honor of the work and leadership of Homer Ashby for the Conference during difficult years. Southside Preservation Action Fund is working on a obtaining a structural assessment of the Harper Theater buildings, funding help was in the hands of the Development Committee. Development discussed plight of Harper Court tenants and state of the redevelopment process. The Garden Party and Anniversary Meeting were discussed. Brenda Sawyer of Friends of Blackstone reported the dome murals will be restored with a lecture to be planned; Land of Lincoln Summer Readers will be a gangbuster (even HPKCC President George Rumsey will be reading to kids); a pre Jazz-Fest and an author series named for Leon Despres are being planned; the "Obama Card" was at the binder.

Highlights of the July 2009 meeting. The 2009-10 proposed budget was unanimously adopted as amended. Ossewaarde presented a resolution proposed by the Parks Committee, which in process was framed as a Whereas of concern for preservation of and about Olympic endangerment of Washington Park and a resolved that Chicago and 2016 should choose another venue than Washington Park. The motion resulted in a 5-5 tie, broken in favor of the motion by chair Jay Ammerman. The Conference will host a grand opening for the Chamber of Commerce at the Chamber's new offices July 15, 4-7. Fourth of July was finalized; alert was given for a book sale meeting; garden party and annual meeting were discussed; desire by a foster care provider to host a meeting was discussed in broader context; events at Blackstone Library, Museum of Science and Industry, upcoming TIF and Jackson Park meetings, and the September 28 University student day of service were announced.

At the September 2009 meeting, the Board heard an extensive report from Antheus Capital/Silliman LLC on the Shoreland concepts and difficulties and planned a site visit. The board entered negotiations to provide HPKCC membership as a perk of joining and supporting Friends of Blackstone Library, heard report from the Nominating Committee ahead of the Annual Meeting and report from the Book Sale.

At the October 2009 meeting, the board elected the Nominating Committee (Judy Dupont, chair, Amy Girst, Wallace Goode, Julie Monberg, and new officers (Jay Ammerman, Pres.; Jane Ciacci; 1st VP; Brenda Sawyer, 2nd VP; Trish Morse, Sec.; Mark Granfors, Treas.). Other actions included support for the South Lakefront Transp. Corridor Study, and praise to Antheus using sound community planning and preservation principles in its proposed Shoreland redevelopment.

At the December 2009 meeting, the board reconstituted the Nominating Committee and confirmed standing and working committee rosters. The Editorial Committee reported on plans for the next issue of the Reporter, need for website changes, and our new foray into social media.
Ammerman reported on a small Southside Preservation Action Fund meeting with a University official on Harper Theater future and the future of several campus buildings. Jane Ciacci gave a wrap up report on the Book Sale. Gary Ossewaarde reported and led discussion on Harper Court and other community development issues. Brenda Sawyer updated Blackstone Library hours reduction and on upcoming library programs. Nancy Baum reported on activities and projects of the Schools Committee on several fronts, including Shoesmith School issues. (The committee next meets January 4 and is planning an awards ceremony and forum for February 23.) Lenora Austin reported on Chamber doings, city actions on snow removal re businesses, and request for ideas for relocation of the sculpture in Harper Court.

At the January 2010 meeting President Ammerman reported on a U of C neighborhoods summit and a meeting with UC Real Estate Operations.

At the February 2010 meeting the board learned of or advanced plans of the Schools Committee (Feb. 23 Recognition Ceremony), Friends of Blackstone, investigation of developing a finding aid to our archives (scholars requesting to use our unique information), a condo informational seminar, an informational seminar on electronic security, learned the latest on Shoreland Hotel, Harper Court planning-- we want the developer to come to our meeting, and Lab School plans likely to affect Doctors Hospital. We heard an important report on Harper Theater, took a survey on Kenwood Academy school improvement plan, had a heads up on program support for the Neighborhood Club (director to be invited). And the board elected two new members, has its Reporter ready to mail, and sent membership renewals.


October 2010. The "Firsts Meeting of the Year" is organizational in nature; the new Executive is elected, committees are constituted, and the Board members elected at the September annual meeting are seated and introduced to the workings of the Board.
Jane Ciacci succeeded Jay Ammerman (who remains on the Board) as President; Brenda Sawyer and Anita Hollins are Vice-Presidents; Mark Granfors remained as Treasurer; and Gail Isenberg succeeded Trish Morse as Secretary. New Board members are Darryl Crawford, of the KImbark Laundry; Timika Hoffman-Zoller, of the U of C Police Department. Former members Jane Comiskey, George w. Davis, Irene Freelain and Gary Ossewaarde rejoined the Board.

November 2010 (Sawyer presiding). The board discussed the situation of Elm Park and the apparent disjunction between the Park district, which was supporting the park, and the plans by other to annex th park to Kimbark Plaza for a parking lot. It is assumed that the decision will be left to the next alderman of the 4th Ward.

The Board heard a written report from Ciacci about the Used Book Sale, which appears to be a viable and necessary source of revenue. For future years, it will be necessary to scout other locations for sorting, to better organize pickups of donated books, and to recruit more volunteers who can lift heavy boxes.

Snapper distribute the cover letter written by the Ad Hoc Committee on Aldermanic Candidates. Contingencies for dealing with responses were discussed.

December 2010. The Board heard a presentation by Susan alitto and Allison Hartman, the co-conveners of Hyde Prk Village, and discussed some mutual concerns.
Jane Comiskey offered remarks in memory of our friend and colleague Judy Dupont.
[Camille] Hamilton-Doyle reported on the Forum on Schools in Hyde Park, organized by the Herald and the Neighborhood Club on November 7. A role for the Schools Committee in this new venture was not clear, and the committee continued to discuss this issue at its January meeting. Our Schools Committee has focused its attention largely on after-school activities. however, it was decided that the committee would help out by providing a directory of staff in each school who are useful contacts. Snapper reported for the Nominating Committee that their membership in addition to himself as chair is Rumsey [general membership], Ammerman, and Sawyer. The Committee has two vacancies to consider (Bond and Dupont). They wil attempt to fill the latter and leave the former open until September.

January 2011. Peter Cassel of Antheus Capital, a former Board member, made a presentation to update members and answer questions on the progress of Antheus' rental, retail and development projects in Hyde Park. Interior demolition at the Shoreland is beginning and the Del Prado wil be ready for occupancy in May. Antheus has received approvals form the city for the 51st & Lake Park project. The condominium market is improving but is still very difficult; Solstice on the Park is on hold, but planning with Bret Harte School to reconfigure their grounds continues.

The Board voted to send the complete aldermanic responses received by the Ad Hoc Committee on Aldermanic Responses to the Herald and other new outlet. The Board also voted to make a donation in memory of late Board member Judy Dupont, to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International.

The Conference congratulates Shirley Newsome on her appointment as interim alderman of the 4th Ward! Ms. Newsome is Board Chairman of the North Kenwood-Oakland Conservation Community Council.

February 2011. The Board noted that the “Gold Line” proposal to run CTA trains on Metra Electric Line track will be reviewed by the RTA in March. Since Immediate Past President Ammerman wrote a letter of support for this proposal on behalf of the Conference in 2009, we may expect to be called to testify. In the absence of James Withrow, chair of the Transit Committee, who is on leave and living in Beijing, George Davis was tasked with convening the committee so that we may again focus our attention on transit issues. As of press time, we learned that a hearing is scheduled for April 13, and will plan for the Conference to be represented.
President Ciacci briefed the Board on garbage issues in the 5th Ward, which were first discussed on the Good Neighbors e-mail list. Briefly, the problem [is] apartment residents using public garbage receptacles for their household trash, instead of using the containers provided in their buildings. This led the Chicago Park District and the city to remove numerous receptacles along 57th St. Board members commented that this misuse of public garbage receptacles is a problem all over the neighborhood, and we will monitor the situation as summer comes.
Jack Spicer alerted the Board to the need to monitor developments in the Woodlawn Corridor, 57th to 58th Sts., which he will outline in an article in the
next issue of the Reporter.
The Jackson Park Advisory C[ouncil] requested and received a letter of support for a grant proposal to the SECC to fund an interactive nature trail in the natural areas of the park. Unhappily, despite the merits of the proposal, JPAC didn’t receive the grant.
Board member Ismail Turay reported on the Friends of Shoesmith School, which is working on forming a 501(c)3 organization.

March 2011
The Board learned of the upcoming renewal of the University’s contract with the CTA, which Conference member Roger Huff had reported to President
Ciacci. The Conference’s strong support for a community meeting with the University to discuss the CTA service, and our willingness to help publicize
such a meeting, was expressed by Ciacci and conveyed by Huff to Rodney Morris, Executive Director of Transportation and Parking for the University.
The issue of transit is the most visible of a number of community issues which are of common interest to various formal and informal groups in the neighborhood. Ciacci proposed to the Board that the Conference consider bringing together board members from such groups to get to know each other, understand our common issues, and hopefully plan for concerted action in the future. This was enthusiastically referred to the Executive Committee, which has since met and has begun to plan such a meeting. Our next step is to identify both formal and informal neighborhood groups which will be
invited to send representatives. A second stage of this project is contemplated; that of reaching out to groups on the South Side beyond Hyde Park-Kenwood, but the Executive Committee decided that the local outreach is needed first.
The Board discussed the possible use of Constant Contact, a web service for producing newsletters and publicity and communicating easily with large
numbers of people via e-mail. This was approved, and Jane Ciacci and Secretary Gail Isenberg will begin work on it in April, with the goal of building an e-mail database and using it to communicate more frequently with our membership.

April 2011. From June 2011 Reporter:
The Board discussed Alderman Hairston's recent press release about the privatization of blue cart recycling. Two issues are evident: the provision of efficient, effective recycling service that meets the needs of all residents, including seniors and those with disabilities; and the larger issues of privatizing city services without a transparent review process. President Ciacci was directed to contact Ald. Hairston to ask if there was any way the conference could support her, and ultimately represented the Conference along with board member Ossewaarde at a press conference held at the 5th Ward Streets and Sanitation office. Here, Alderman Hairston focused her remarks on the privatization issue, displaying a huge binder for another city contract, which she had less than 2 days to review.

The board heard a report on the Garden Fair Specail Projects meeting, at which funds were committed. Projects supported include: the maintenance of gardens at the north end of Nichols Park and the south end of Spruce Park (on 54th between Blackstone and Harper); the meadow in Nichols Park; the 4th of July parade on 53rd St. (the Garden Fair has a float every year); and grants to the SECC 53drd St. hanging baskets project; Growing Home; Elm Park, the DARE residence on 55th St., and the OpShop.

Secretary Gail Isenberg requested that the Board provide a letter of support for the OpShop's ongoing negotiations with the Unitarian church to rent Fenn House, and this was done. Board member Jack Spicer alerted teh board to the wetlands project planned for Washington Park, which would disrupt the original design for the park and later provided information about becoming an "official consulting party," that is to say having the ability to comment on the project. Unfortunately, we later learned that the Army Corps of Engineers, which is responsible for the project, is no longer accepting requests, and we are questioning the timing of the opportunity for public comment, which has supposedly passed. The Conference will continue to monitor the Washington Park situation. [ed. update- the state preservation agency nixed the project with the unanimous support of a broad coalition of advocacy groups].

From Minutes: New Business: The Conference was apprised by the 5th Ward of a plan to privatize expansion of the blue cart recycling pilot, with alleged little transparency and possible great expense. President Ciacci was authorized to contact Ald. Hairston about ways to offer support. Members were encouraged to attend their ward meetings. At the most recent 5th ward meeting, Ald. Hairston with Ald. Moore introduced a method of participatory planning for spending services monies the alderman receives.
This would involve neighborhood assemblies and or committees. A multi-ward initiative to revitalize 47th street was noted.
Redistricting of various bodies will happen this year-- the executive committee was asked to consider ways for HPKCC to promote general principles such as transparency and perhaps meet with officials known to be having a role in redistricting.
The Garden Fair Special Projects Committee grants and works was announced: $4,000 for projects in Nichols Park, $3,000 in Spruce, $1,000 for hanging baskets, landscaping allocation for 53rd and the 4th on 53rd Parade and Picnic, to Growing Home, Elm Park, DARE disabled housing, and the Op Shop Children's Garden. We would work with the Garden Fair on a press release. Camille Hamilton-Doyle will spearhead HPKCC provision of refreshments for the Garden Fair Spring Sale set up day. Volunteers for all three days are needed.
Jack Spicer reported concerns about including minimal consultation on a 62 acre wetlands project proposed by the Corps of Engineers for historic Washington Park. The Conference and committees were authorized to seek status as consulting parties.
At request of Gail Isenberg, we will write letters asking First Unitarian to consider renting Fenn House to S.H.o.P. community center and congratulating First Unitarian upon its 175th Anniversary (First U played a seminal role in the founding and early operation of the Conference).
Timika Hoffman-Zoller reported on a Woodlawn Summit and a growing block club movement there.

Unfinished business: The exec. committee recommended also a future board meeting with the 4th and 5th Ward aldermen and separately a get-together of local groups with common concerns (possibly with a professional facilitator, to be contacted by Anita Hollins). Each committee was instructed to come up with three questions for the aldermen.
Constant Contact has been purchased and is being set up.
The Schools Committee reported on its sponsored showing of "A Race to Nowhere," at Kenwood Academy, with attendance of over 300.

May 2011. From June 2011 Reporter:
The board welcomed as a guest Shaz Rasul, the new director of the University of Chicago's Neighborhood Schools program. A request from Schools Committee member Nancy Baum to assist the friends of Shoesmith School with an offer of temporary financial agency was discussed. The following week, President Ciacci attended the May meeting of the Friends, and learned that they are actually quite far ahead with fiscal agency and ready to open their own bank account. However, the Conference will maintain a connection with this very energetic and active group through Board member Ismail Turay, who is also a member of the Friends.

At the request of the church, a letter of congratulation was drafted by Vice President Brenda Sawyer for the program book to be produce for the 175th Anniversary gala of First Unitarian Church. Leslie Pennington, one of their former ministers, was instrumental in the founding of HPKCC. The HPKCC archives, held by Regenstein Special Collections at the University of Chicago, is very heavily used by researchers, and President Ciacci will work with th Regenstein archivists to determine if there is more material in the Conference office that should be added to the archive. The archivists plan to begin organizing the material soon.

The Board voted in favor of a request for a letter to Alderman Hairston and the Jackson Park Advisory [Council] in support of naming the north bridge to Wooded Island in honor of long-time Conference member Nancy Hays.

Treasure Island Manager Babe Magnus recently confirmed that TI will once again host the Conference during the sorting period preceding the Hyde Park Used Book Sale. The sale will be co-chaired this year by Board member George Davis and Jane Ciacci.

Board member David Nekimken reported on the recent South Side Transit meeting held at IIT. This was mainly for the purpose of collecting opinions and ideas rather than presenting ideas, and is one of a series of such meetings.

Board member Jay Ammerman reported on a meeting of of the Development, Preservation and Zoning Committee with Chris Dillion of Vermilion Developers. The group was able to ask detailed questions, and was treated to the first view of new renderings provided by the architect. This was only a few days before the news came that Vermilion lost the opportunity for federal stimulus money under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, because financing for the project had not been completed in time.

From Minutes: Board guest was Chaz Rasul, director of the U of C Neighborhood Schools Program. News and advice were shared on a host of topics including the Harper Ct. Farmers' Market (with a new home), new options for the Woodlawn Corridor (the board approved suggesting historic district status), letter of congratulations that was sent to 1st Unitarian on its 175th, letter encouraging same to consider renting Fenn House for S.H.o.P., Record of our Kenwood Park Usage Committee went to Special Collections (which is organizing the Conference collections), decision to have a summer party, a Reporter FLASH will be sent out on the Garden Fair, to be followed by a full issue on development sites and issues, we're starting a Constant Contact, we are seeking involvement in review of a wetlands project in Washington Park, approved a letter of support for naming for Nancy Hays in Jackson Park, Elm and Harold Washington Park news, good news from Treasure Island on space use for the Used Book Sale, South Lakefront Corridor Transit Study, our meeting with Harper Court developers, action on membership.

June 2011. The bulk of the meeting was devoted to a series of Conference and Committee questions to newly elected aldermen Hairston and Burns. Further report is coming.

Letters sent to First Unitarian Church by the president April-May 2011

To the Board of Trustees and Members of First Unitarian Church,

On the 154th anniversary of the First Unitarian Church of Chicago, we look back with gratitude for its role in the formation of the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference (HPKCC).

HPkCC was formed in 1949 by a group of church leaders, community members and business leaders to formulate an answer to the social upheaval occurring in and around Hyde Park at that time. Through the leadership of Rev. Leslie Pennington, First Unitarian Church brought its beliefs of racial integration, openness, inclusivity and fairness to bear on the formulation of public policies that directly affected the stabilization and growth of the area, and shaped the enduring mission of HPKCC.

The ideas of community involvement, the ability of ordinary citizens to chart a course for their lives and that of the surrounding community are foundations upon which the Conference continues to build. We congratulate First Unitarian church on this anniversary, and share in the fruit that their founders and early promoters planted.

Sincerely, Jane Ciacci, President, for the Board of the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference

Dear members of the Board of First Unitarian Church

The Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference has followed with interest, and appreciated, each new appearance of the Op Shop. Each location has proved to be a delightful addition to neighborhood life, offering residents of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to come together and participate in a variety of enjoyable artistic and educational events.

We wish to express our support for their efforts to form a larger entity, S.H.o.P., and find a location that will allow them to expand their activities, draw in a stable multi-generational user base, and become a hub for projects designed to enrich the quality of life in our community. We understand that the church's property Fenn House has been suggested as a site for S.H.o.P.; they intend to utilize it fully as a community center; providing a much needed space for local organizations and individuals to meet and share resources.

We believe that such a center will greatly benefit the Hyde Park and Kenwood neighborhoods.

With best wishes, Jane Ciacci, President, for the Board of HPKCC



Conference Adopts Two New Committees. From the January, 2009 Conference Reporter

In two of its last meetings, the JHPKC board of Directors voted to adopt two new committees as parts of the Conference.

In November, at the request of Brenda Sawyer, chair of the Friends of Blackstone Library, the Conference Board made the Friends an official committee of the Conference. Brenda was then elected to the Board to fill a vacancy created when a director recently left Chicago.

At its January meting, the Board voted to serve as the fiscal agent for a new entity to be called the Southside Preservation Action Fund. Funded by a generous grant from The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation, the purpose of this committee is to provide small grants to neighborhood groups around the Southside who are interested in historical preservation.

The committee wil be chaired by Jack Spicer, and committee members will include representatives from the Conference board, the Hyde Park Historical Society, North Kenwood, Woodlawn, and Washington Park neighborhoods.

The fund will make small financial contributions to cover expenses and/or professional service for a variety of preservation project needs, such as:

The intent is to quickly provide small amounts of money, when and where it will really help. For more information, contact the Conference at (733) 288-8343 or email hpkcc@aol.com. Top


We have continued to engage on Harper Court redevelopment; we are have gathered information including from the Illinois Attorney General's Office, organized forums and undertaken other ways to have the community's input on the RFP process for Harper Court and the City Parking Lot and on the future for Harper Court. We want the original purpose of nurturing small businesses continued, the current tenants able to stay in business, and a real public process. We have written to the arts council unsuccessfully so far asking a meeting and posing question. We have kept up pressure in the press and worked with other residents. Press coverage of HPKCC views and positions has been extensive.

We set up community forums and events on several fronts, ranging from schools to affordability, disabilities, retail future, development. Two coming up are on the Neighborhood Club and on/with Antheus Capital.

Currently HPKCC is engaged or monitoring in schools, community safety, condos governance issues, University and Hospitals expansion, community development and rezoning , the transit funding crisis and optimization of bus routes and alternatives and continues to work with park improvement councils and groups, Friends of Blackstone Library, the Garden Fair, and Academic Games (which are both affiliate committees). Academic Games and Whistlestop are being revitalized. We are engaged with focus groups considering the future and focus of both the Conference and the community. We're busily improving the services of www.hydepark.org. We held a Public Discussion on What's Right/Wrong with Hyde Park and what the Conference should be doing in late 2005.
The Schools Committee in 2007 held an After school programs forum and a public meeting with the director of After School Matters May 30 and with Child and Youth Services in late June.
Watch for a condominiums governance and finance seminar.
HPKCC is also exploring with other organizations and agencies ways to increase Seniors' and persons with disabilities' options and enhance expression of their perspectives. And we are working with other organizations on affordable housing.

The State of the Conference's finances are good and HPKCC is in good standing and has many financial and other friends and is increasingly turned to for help, advice, and information. The website continues to grow in use and stature. However, the Conference has to grow membership and member participation as well as project involvement and partnership in the community.

Our condos governance seminar in April 2008 in South Shore was attended by nearly 90. A second is being planned. Our School Committee is actively engaged with the local school councils. More were held in subsequent years.

We held a splendid yard party in August 2007 for our donors and friends.\

In February 2009 we held a well attended forum on the next 10 years for Hyde Park, as part of our 60th anniversary celebrations.


Neighbors write their well wishes for the Obamas. Hyde Park Herald, January 14, 2009. By Sam Cholke

The Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference (HP-KCC) closed a "best wishes" book for the Obama family recently with more than 10 poster-board-sized pages with notes of congratulations, admiration and encouragement to the neighbor turned president-elect.

Before and even as president-elect, Obama has been a neighbor, and it's been exciting, said Brenda Sawyer of HP-KCC and the Friends of Blackstone Library. "For the people at East View Park, they knew the family when they lived there, so for them it was more personal and they were very excited," she said.

The book made the rounds of Hyde Park institutions over the last weeks collecting signatures from neighbors and living institutions like former 5th Ward Alderman Leon Despres and community activist and historian Timuel Black. The pages ended their circulation through the neighborhood at the Regenstein Library on the University of Chicago campus after making stops at Hyde Park Produce, Blackstone Library, Valois Cafeteria and 57th Street Books among other sites.

"It's a wonderful thing," said Ann Marie Coleman as she signed the book at 57th Street Books, 1301 E. 57th St. "People were just very excited to have the opportunity to participate in something like this," Sawyer said.

On Monday, Sawyer wasn't sure yet how they would get the book to Obama, who isn't accepting packages for security reasons. "The target is to get it there by the inauguration," she said. Top


In 2008-2010, the Board of Directors and Officers passed resolutions on:




From the President's Desk, January 2009 Conference Reporter. George W. Rumsey January 21, 2009

What a momentous year 2009 has been and will be. Now that we can officially call our favorite son "Mr. President," we can start thinking aba out what comes next.

You know retail and development will top the awareness agenda for this year. With Harper Court, the theater building, Village Foods, and other areas facing major re-development, we need to stay informed about how decisions are made and what impact they will have long-term on our neighborhood .

HPKCC's year got off to a great start when we had a visitor at our first board meeting. Ann Marie Lipinski, Vice President for Civic Engagement at the University of Chicago, met with the board for over an hour, and engaged in an open exchange of ideas and concerns about relations between the University and the surrounding communities. I can only express my sincerest hope that Ms. Lipinski (and her staff) will continue to converse openly with groups like the Conference, which makes everyone more knowledgeable about the changes being sought by the University.

Antheus and MAC Properties continue to play a major role in Hyde Park's redevelopment. The HPKCC Development Committee will meet with Eli Ungar in late January, and we appreciate his willingness to interact with us on an on-going basis.

Don't forget the Chicago Olympic Bid will be released in early February. Many of us look forward to seeing what it really says.

And talk about momentous occasions! Hyde Park Garden Fair turns 50 this year. Its free lecture series will be held on Tuesday evening in February at Augustana Lutheran Church. If you like gardening at all, don't miss the chance to meet the renowned Craig Bergmann, guest lecturer on February 17. The Fair itself wil be held May 15 an 16 (the weekend after Mother's Day). We plan to feature the history of the Garden Fair in the next Reporter.

And . . . the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference turns 60 this year. We are working on a series of events to commemorate its history, while exploring its role in the future of Hyde Park-Kenwood. Stay tuned.

From the President's Desk April 2009

It's with a great deal of excitement that I write in this special edition of the Conference Reporter. Our Garden Fair turns 50.

Many years ago, I started volunteering at the Garden Fair on set-up day. I had heard it was a terrific way to learn all about plants, and quickly found that was true. As we unloaded each truck, the volunteers and GF members love to critique each plant. "This did well in my yard." "Never plant that--it's a pest." "Not winter-hardy in my backyard."

So,at some point, I inquired how one "joins" the Garden Fair Committee. that was when I learned that anyone can volunteer for the Committee, but that the organizing group is selected based on how hard you work and a history of volunteering. Someone also mentioned to me that it helps if you join the Conference.

I had been thinking about joining the Conference anyway, as I was interested in the work being done by the Parks Committee. So I sent in my membership. Not too long afterwards, I was attending the Service League Homecoming Luncheon as the guest of Marianne Smigelskis, and was seated next to Judy Dupont. Turns out, Judy was the chair of the nominating committee of the Conference. She and I had an animated conversation over lunch, discussing the ins and outs of Hyde Park (and a lot of gardening).

Next thing I knew, I was back at teh Quad Club for lunch again, this time with Judy and Homer Ashby, then president of the Conference. When they invited me to join the board, I wasn't sure I had anything useful to contribute. But I did know the Conference was lagging in its technology, so I agreed, thinking I could help set up a website, upgrade the office equipment, and maybe help make the Conference more visible.

I had no idea that I would be spending all my free time for the next eight years being the president and trying to re-invigorate this grand old institution. But I did get my small measure of revenge -- Judy is now on the Garden Fair Committee! Hope to see y'all soon at the Garden Fair....

George W. Rumsey, April 17, 2009.

From the President's Desk, July 2009 Reporter, Vol. 15, No. 3

George W. Rumsey, June 22, 2009

Thank heavens, it's over for another year. As much fun as the Garden Fair is, it's a lot of work--especially when it's pouring rain and there's a chill wind a-blowing. And this year was harder than many. We didn't know how many people would show up and spend money (the economy, you know). Plants cost more, delivery charges are up, and frankly, it was a bad winter for a lot of plants.

But, much to our wonderment and pleasure, the customers kept coming, even in the rain on Friday afternoon. Yes, we had a bit fewer plants, and, maybe people didn't buy quite so much, but as usual, it was al gone by 4:00 on Saturday afternoon Thank you, gardeners!

Of course, the special focus this year was on the Garden Fair's 50th anniversary. We were all very pleased at the turnout for the 50th Anniversary Gala, held at Rodfei Zedek on May 31. The wine flowed, the piano played, and we all had a merry time. Although the gala was intended as a way of thanking our many volunteers, it also gave us Garden Fair members a chance to thank Lesley Bloch and Bam Postell (current and past chairs of the Committee.)

And don't forget . . . the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference turns 60 this year. Please join us at our annual meeting on September 13 to celebrate 60 years of community involvement. It will also be my last annual meeting to chair as President, as my term is up. I'm a firm believer in abiding by the bylaws, and board turnover is good for the health of the Conference. So stop by to say "good bye"!

For From the President's Desk in the January 2010 issue (Vol. 16, No. 1)- see in pdf. And for July and August issues also go to whole in pdf- see General Index of Reporters.

From the President's Desk January 2011 (Conference Reporter Vol. 17, No. 1)

Cast an Informed Vote in February!

The upcoming municipal election in February 22, 2011 gives Chicagoans a rare opportunity to change the status quo with mayoral and aldermanic choices. As a public service, this issue of the Conference Reporter is devoted to responses to questions HPKCC posed to all the aldermanic candidates for the 4th and 5th Wards. As a 502(c)(3) organization, the Conference does not make political endorsements, but we encourage every voter to make informed choices in the voting booth on February 22.

there are several organizations which are concerned with life in HydePark as a whole, including the South East Chicago Commission and the Hyde Park Chamber of commerce (of which HPKCC is a member). HPKCC is a community-wide membership organization, which offers opportunities for m embers to get involved in community activities and issues. If you've just picked up this issue of th e Reporter and are unfamiliar with what we do, please give us a call at 773-288-8343 or send an email o hpkcc@aol.com, and we'll be happy to talk to you! We'd love to have you join us!

HPKCC Board member Judy Dupont passed away in November after an illness of several months. As longtime chair of the HPKCC Nominating Committee, Judy did much to identify community members with talents to bring to JHPKCC, and shaped our recent boards. In the Hyde Park Garden Fair Committee she helped coordinate the many volunteers who make the Fair a success. Judy is sadly missed by her many friends among our membership and in the Hyde Park-Kenwood community.

The April issue of the Reporter wil be dedicated to a roundup of development issue in the neighborhood. Stay tuned!

Jane Ciacci, President. January 2, 2011.

From the President's Desk June 2011 (Conference Reporter Vol. 17, No. 2)

This issue of the Reporter highlights the Conference's work in monitoring and influencing the development in the neighborhood, with reference to two areas: Harper Court and the vicinity of 58th and Woodlawn. George Rumsey and Jay Ammerman, past presidents of the Conference, were very active in community debate about Harper Court, a major concern of the Conference for some years now, as Jay's article outlines.

Those of us who have seen and heard about the plans for the hotel phase of harper Court development by attending recent TIF Council and TIF development subcommittee meetings are happy that the hotel seems to have been designed with sensitivity to its surroundings. We are hopeful that this sensitivity will be reflected in the remainder of the development. The movie buffs among the Conference Board members are thrilled with the prospect of a 5-screen art house in the Harper Theater space, as described at the March TIF Council meeting! We also look forward to trying out Five Guys, the popular burger place which is coming to 53rd and Harper.

Jack Spicer, the Board's resident preservationist, and steward of the Southside Preservation Action Fund, (for which the Conference acts as fiscal agent), writes eloquently about an evolving concern: the ongoing controversy over the University's re-use of the CTS building, and th future of Woodlawn Avenue from 57th to 58th Street as the campus appears to be moving eastward.

George Rumsey offers an invaluable precis and map of all the developments in the neighborhood that are announced or underway, as well as those "planned, rumored or potential."

The Membership Committee co-chairs Jane Comiskey and Irene Freelain are engaged in a campaign to increase the Conference's membership. Members are encouraged to take advantage of the reminder to renew their memberships, and in coming months the Committee will be reaching out to attract new members too. The annual "membership letter," which has been mailed out with renewal notices to those whose renewals were due up to May 2011, is reproduced in this issue, and I hope this stimulates you to renew your membership, or join us if you are not a member. When you renew, please give us your e-mail address, so we may communicate with you.

Jane Ciacci



Appeals, requests, and kudos


We're always looking for material, letters, etc. for the Reporter or the website, including suggestions for Profiles, people you should know, to be interviewed.

Mail or e-mail. Print articles can also be e-mailed to rumsey@georgerumsey.com or faxed to George at 773 955-4455. Web materials can also be e-mailed to rumsey@aol.com.

How well to do you know the history of HPKCC? If you know a lot and would like to help our membership committee write it up in a brief, zippy (but honest) brochure , contact us. We could use pics of the past 60 years and the Conference for our late summer retrospective issue.


The Conference: What's It All About?

Adapted from the Spring, 2003, Conference Reporter. By Executive Director Betty Fromm. Updated October, 2003 by Gary Ossewaarde

HPKCC has held a series of Community Forums on the future of the neighborhood and its connections to its neighbors. Winter, 2003, between January 18 and February 12, the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference sponsored or co-sponsored four community forums--one on the proposed new zoning code and three on the aldermanic elections. (Follow ups are expected on zoning issues and applications.) The next is on Condominium law and issues. Future possible topics include the University and the Community, Transit Options...

On January 29, the Conference and the South East Chicago Commission held a forum on the proposed revision of the city's zoning code. Presenting the revision were Tim Barton, Zoning Reform Commission staff, and Peter Skosey, Metropolitan Planning Council.

Earlier in the month, January 18, the Conference partnered with the Hyde Park Chapter o the League of Women Voters to give aldermanic candidates in both the 4th and 5th wards an opportunity to "present the case" for their election to office. This forum was followed up by separate Conference-sponsored forums for 4th and 5the Ward candidates--February 5 and 12. Question-and-answer sessions followed opening statements by candidates in the two wards. (An unexpected question in the 4th Ward--one concerning police brutality--came from a former death row inmate.)

Ongoing Commitments

In collaboration with our aldermen and other individuals and organization in Hyde Park and Kenwood, the Conference has been working hard to bring improvements on many fronts--parks, transit, development, and neighborhood safety, among them.

Transportation. The Conference has spearheaded efforts to improve public transportation for the Hyde Park-Kenwood community, through the Transit Task Force. Members of the task force meet regularly with CTA officials and monitors the #6 bus schedules. It has also surveyed ridership and come up with and developed public support for new transit ideas and changed bus routes.

Community Parks. During the past year, Conference members have worked closely with Jackson Park Advisory Council, the Nichols Park Advisory Council, and the Promontory Point group in efforts to preserve and protect the parks.

Neighborhood Safety. Because of Conference concern over neighborhood safety, The Reporter has included columns written by Sgt. Scott Oberg, 21st District. The Conference supports the CAPS program, through reports to the board on CAPS activities and by publishing a schedule of CAPS meetings and a description of beat boundaries. It also makes WhistleStop whistles available to community residents.

Identifying and monitoring new issues in the community--e.g., new development—is also an important focus of HPKCC. Conference efforts include board review of development proposals, as well as holding community meetings when appropriate. Zoning changes and how they will affect Hyde Park Kenwood brought city planning officials to a Conference-sponsored forum. And we're not necessarily working just in traditionally-bounded Hyde Park and Kenwood any more.

HPKCC has not only organized or supported task forces and committees in Hyde Park-Kenwood, but is has also provided special help to them. The Conference, for example, maintains the database for the Jackson Park Advisory Council.

HPKCC works with individuals, too. A member of the board has worked on a grant proposal and budget development in support of CAGL, the innovative learning program for grade school youngsters.

Special focus

Focusing on special needs is another Conference commitment. Because of the many condos and co-ops in Hyde Park-Kenwood, HPKCC conducted a survey to determine ways in which the Conference can provide services to condo/co-op association boards and resident owners. One result of the survey is the development, by the Conference, of a directory of trades people. (Complete results of the survey appeared in an earlier edition of The Reporter. )

Communicating with the Hyde Park-Kenwood community is another important function of HPKCC. It does this by providing up-to-the-minute information on critical issues through its web site, www.hydepark.org, and by presenting more detailed discussions in The Conference Reporter. Check hydepark.org for continuing updates on the zoning revision. HPKCC also welcomes community input--commentaries, letters to the editor, etc,--for either medium.

If you have any ideas for programs, projects, or issues to address, let us know. Call us, write us, or e-mail us at hpkcc@aol.com.

To sum it all up, the commitment of the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference is well-encompassing, and continuing. Come on aboard.


The Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference would like to thank Hyde Park Bank and Aegis Properties for the use of their conference room for Board meetings, OnShore Communications for web hosting, and the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club use of their meeting room.
We thank the 55th Street Hyde Park Co-op Market for providing our Board with meeting space for many years and Treasure Island and Hyde Park Shopping Center for generous help and space re the Hyde Park Used Book Sale and Hyde Park Garden Fair sales.
We thank the University of Chicago for gifts to our Chicago Academic Games League and WhistleStop programs.

We also thank First Third Bank for its recent gift.

HPKCC thanks the Hyde Park Herald for featuring our website, www.hydepark.org, and three others, on its new homepage, www.hpherald.com.

[Membership Form]


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