Bios of elected members of the Board of Directors, Hyde Park -Kenwood Community Conference, at September 14, 2008 and September 13, 2009 Annual Meetings

The meeting is held September 14, 2008, 2:30 pm at Hyde Park Neighborhood Club, 5480 S. Kenwood.

One-third of the board is elected each year. A slate is presented by the Nominating Committee, but eligible members may be nominated from the floor. To be eligible to vote, one must be a paid member. Memberships are taken at the door.

These bios can be viewed in and printed from the pdf version of the September 2008 Vol. 2 Conference Reporter. To.
All bios are available in print at each Annual Meeting.


Bios of elected nominees for 3-year term at the 2009 Annual Meeting

Jane Ciacci (re-elected)

Originally from Western Canada, I've lived and worked in Hyde Park for 29 years. I'm the Staff & Organization Development Librarian at the University of Chicago Library, where I direct staff training and development. I hold masters' degrees in library science and human resources management.

I live in the Midway Apartment Building Cooperative, a self-managed building,w here I am currently a m ember of the board, and for many years have worked in teh garden. I have served on the Hyde Park Garden Fair Committee for the past 5 years, and am in my second year as co-chair of the Hyde Park Used Book Sale. My community interests include gardens and parks, security, and the relationship of the University to the Hyde Park-Kenwood community. I am a student of yoga, and an amateur musician, and enjoy traveling to visit parks and gardens around the world.

Judy Dupont (returning)

HPKCC board member 1997 to 2008 and Vice President 2000 to 2003. Member, Garden fair committee.

Hyde park resident for 38 years. Member of Hyde Park Music Club and Hyde Park Piano Seminar for 50 years.

Member of various groups under the auspices of the University of Chicago Service League including Book Group, French group and Chair of the Business Patrons committee.

Good familiarity with computer use; great with the telephone, good managerial and organizational skills. Very persevering.

Irene Freelain (returning)

Irene Freelain is hoping to return to the board of HPKCC. She has previously served two terms on the HPKCC Board of Directors as Treasurer.

Irene has worked as a consultant in her own business for over 20 years, doing small business accounting and computer training. She consults with clients in Hyde Park and throughout the Chicago area.

She has lived in Hyde Park for over 42 years. She attended Roosevelt University and received degrees in Computer Science and Public Administration. She has raised a son that attended the neighborhood schools and went on to the University of Illinois-Champaign and received a masters degree.

She enjoys living in Hyde Park, raising a family, and participating in the community.

Camille Hamilton-Doyle

I was born in Englewood and moved to Hyde Park at the age of 5. I attended Shakespeare grammar school for five years, then Kenwood grammar school (now Canter), where I graduated and then attended Hyde Park High School. After graduating from high school, I attended Chicago Teachers College.

Illinois Bell Telephone company was my employer for 26+ years where I worked various positions in business marketing. After several years of retirement, I entered the workforce again as a Director of Childcare and Development at the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club for five years, and just recently retired, for the last time, as an employee at Kenwood Academy for the Chicago Board of Education. Currently I am pursuing leisure time and becoming more involved in community activities (including Hyde Park Kiwanis, university of Chicago Service League, 57th Street Children's Book Fair, St. Thomas, Chamber of Commerce, 4th ward Democratic Ward volunteer, and HPKCC Schools and 4th of July committees).

David Nekimken

I am David Nekimken. I've lived in Hyde Park for three years in the Qumbya Housing Co-op (Bowers House on University). I graduated from Antioch College in 1968; I've been involved in the college's revival. I have been a member of HPKCC for over two years, on the board for a year. I am a participant in the Affordable Housing Advocacy committee of CECD. I am greatly interested in affordable housing and the direction of economic development in Hyde Park. I am glad to see such civic involvement in the issues before Hyde Park. On a larger venue, I am committed to be a cause for creating more peace in the world.

John W. (Jack) Snapper

I have lived in Hyde Park since 1968, coming here for graduate study at the U of C, where I received a Ph.D in Philosophy in 1974. From about 1970 to 1995, I worked as a bartender at Jimmy's Woodlawn Tap. From 1979 to the present, I have been on the faculty at the Illinois Institute of Technology. (I had both jobs for many years, but discovered at about age 50 that I no longer had the strength to seve drinks until 2:00 and be at the academic office by 9:00 the next morning.)

At IIT, I am a tenured Associate Professor. My publications are mostly in the philosophical foundations of intellectual property. I am co-editor of tone o the first books on ethical issues surrounding new computer-based technology. I have a small reputation in that field. Recently, however, I have lost interest in doing further research in that field, and only write articles when asked to do so by academic friends.

I am a popular teacher. I teach courses far removed from my research reputation. I teach a course on recent art theory, starting with Duchamp and continuing through today's theorists. I teach a couple of courses on 19th Century intellectual history. And most recently, I have taught Greek and Latin philosophy, including an emphasis on the later Stoic writers. Most of my courses satisfy undergraduate requirement for general education in the humanities.

For most of my tenure at IIT, I have been a low-level dean, as well as an instructor. My jobs included the review of undergraduate student progress, and the assistance of students in trouble. (Although I wrote the nasty letters, I think that I was generally successful at saving borderline students.) I gave up the dean's position two years ago, and have returned to a regular department position. I remain a member of many academic governance committees, including the faculty council that is the main governance organization at IIT. I am chair of the faculty senate, a title that sounds more impressive than it is.

I have an interest in the fine arts in Chicago. I am in the process of establishing a fine arts coalition on the unified campus of IIT, Shimer College, and VanderCook College of Music. The plan is to encourage performance and presentation of the fine arts at the 33rd St. campus, bringing in as well the near-by fine arts organizations in Bridgeport, Bronzeville, and Armour Square.

My wife, Zoe Spirra, is a fine artist, with a studio in the Fine Arts Building in the Loop. Her work can be seen on the Chicago Arts Coalition site ( We have no children. We live with Teddy, a moustache parakeet.

I am a member of the Hyde Park Garden Committee. I am president of my condominium association. I collect both tribal art and contemporary art. I attend some very odd "music" events.

Ismail Turay

My name is Ismail Turay, Sr. I'm a 30-plus year resident of Hyde Park/Kenwood Community. I'm married and a father of five. My children all attended or are attending Hyde Park/Kenwood schools. Presently I'm chair person for Kenwood Academy Local School Council and a Community Representative at Shoesmith Elementary School. I'm also an active member of the Hyde Park Schools committee. I hope to bring a great deal of experience to your organization and contribute positively in all your decision-making endeavors.


Jay N. Ammerman

Jay N. Ammerman seeks an opportunity to be a candidate for another term on the HPKCC Board of Directors. He served on the Board of Directors from 2001 through 2007 and held positions of First Vice President, Chair of the Bylaws Committee, and Chair of the Condos/Coops Committee. He also served on the Finance Committee. In the past year, he has continued to monitor and participate in community meetings related to the Development Committee and the TIF Advisory Council. Ammerman has been a Hyde Park resident since 1972 and is an alumnus of both the College and the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago. Following a professional management career with the American Bar Association, he founded Ammerman Consulting and has applied business, technology, and mathematical problem-solving skills to support business ventures, community banks, and a variety of technological and financial applications. Ammerman has worked with Boards of Directors, Officers, and Committees from a number of diverse organizations including the Americn Bar Association, The National Judicial College, TASA (Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys), United Way Crusade of Mercy, "The Manor" Condominium Association, BRASS (Behavior Research and Action in the Social Sciences) Foundation, and the Hyde Park Co-op Federal Credit Union.

Amy Becker

I was born and raised on the East Coast, in a suburb of New York City known as Franklin Square. In 1977, I graduated from the University of Rochester with a B.A. degree in Biology. After working in a research laboratory at Yale University for a year, I came to Chicago to attend graduate school at Northwestern University. In 1983, I completed a Ph.D. program there in Cell Biology and Anatomy.

I have lived in Hyde Park and Kenwood for 30 years. During that time, I raised three children, two of whom are currently attending college. I have served as secretary on the board of the Akiba-Schechter Jewish Day School and as Special Events Chair for the board of Keshet, an organization of Jewish families which serves handicapped children. In addition, I have served on a Research Review Committee for the Michael Reese Child Development Center, done volunteer work in a laboratory at the Field Museum, and taught Folk Dancing at the International House.

I have worked in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Chicago as a laboratory technician and on health follow-up study of mothers and their children exposed to Diethylstilbestrol (DES) in the 1950s. Currently, I am doing research there which involves coordinating clinical trials for patients with ovarian cancer and maintaining a research database of subjects involved in the studies.

Gwendolyn Bonds

Gwendolyn Bonds is an employee of the City Colleges of Chicago, District Office. She is the Assistant to the Associate Vice Chancellor of Research and Evaluation, and has worked in this capacity for the last seven years.

Ms. Bonds attended Wheaton College and graduated from Grace College in Loris, South Carolina. She has her Masters Degree in Divinity. She continued on and has received her Doctorate of Divinity from Grace Theological Seminary. In the Spring of 2009, she will be attending DePaul University, to work on a second Masters Degree, which will be in Education. Her final goal will be to finish with a second Doctorate Degree, which will be in the same discipline.

Gwendolyn Bonds is the President of the American Association for Women in Community Colleges, District Office Chapter. She is also the AAWCC Co-Vice President of Professional Development for the Illinois State Section, Co-Chair of the Professional Development Committee for Region V and a board member of the American Association for Women in Community Colleges Region V.

Ms. Bonds interests are music, travel, public speaking, community outreach, and her church. She has a very deep interest in the education of our youth and adults.

Amy L. Girst

My involvement in downtown redevelopment began in 1978 when, fresh out of law school, I volunteered by services to a redevelopment task force seeking to revitalize Topeka, Kansas' downtown to better appeal to the community, including students at the local university.

I later moved to a larger city where I represented financial institutions and public financing entities in connnection with private and public financing of industrial and commercial transactions. In 193 I moved to Hyde Park to obtain a Master's degree. Since then I have worked primarily in the management consulting field.

I am quite attached to Hyde Park, yet at the same time eager forthe community to develop rational plans for redeveloping 53rd Street and other commercial areas to better serve Hyde Park and its neighbors. I am an active member of First Unitarian Church.

Wallace E. Goode, Jr.

Wallace E. Goode, Jr. currently serves as an Associate Dean of Students and Director of the University Community Service Center (UCSC) at the University of Chicago.

Goode regularly cites the Marian Wright Edelman quote, "Community Service is the rent we pay for living" and constantly reminds his students not to let their academics get in the way of their education. He speaks throughout the city on the importance of service to our community and on the value of cultivating community service leadership skills.

As Director of the University of Chicago's Community Service Center (UCSC), Mr. Goode encourages students to experience community through service learning, to cultivate their cross-cultural dexterity and to broaden their perspectives through partnerships with community based organizations.

prior to joining the University of Chicago, Mr. Goode worked for seven year with the City of Chicago as: Special Assistant to the Mayor; Executive Director of Chicago's Empowerment Zone; Assistant Commissioner of the Mayor's Office of Workforce Development and Director of the Mayor's Workforce Solutions Division.

Wallace Goode has 22 years of experience in higher education. He has served as Assistant Dean of Students at both Earlham College and at the Illinois Institute of Technology; Dean of International programs at Allegheny College and did his time as a Residence Hall Director at the University of Vermont.

Mr. Goode has lived and traveled to 39 countries. He managed offices in Jakarta, Berlin, London and Detroit for an international training company that prepared senior level executives, of Fortune 100 companies on how to negotiate internationally.

Mr. Goode has served two tours of duty as a Peace Corps Volunteer (Central African Republic and the Solomon Islands). He currently served as the "vice-president-for-life" for the Chicago Area Peace Corps Association Board of Directors; serves on the Board of Directors of Mt. Carmel High School; the Board of Patrons of St. Thomas Elementary School; the Board of Directors of Elliott Donnelley Youth Center; the Board of Directors of the Canaryville Lions and the Board of Directors of Archi-treasures.

Anita R. Hollins

Upon returning to Chicago from South Carolina in 2000, Anita Hollins became a resident of the Hyde Park-Kenwood area in 2001. Ms. Hollins was familiar with the community as she attended the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools and frequented the local businesses prior to moving to the southern part of the 1980s. Ms. Hollins is interested in the community's continued socio-economic growth and looks forward to serving on the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference in that capacity.

Julie Monberg

Julie Monberg is a lawyer and has lived in Hyde Park for approximately five years. She moved to Chicago after graduating from Indiana University - Bloomington, where she earned a joint Juris Doctorate/Master of Public Affairs degree. She also earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University, with a major in French and Political Science and a minor in German. She spent her senior year studying in Germany after having spent her senior year of high school in Belgium.

While in graduate school, Julie worked for more than three years in assisted-living homes for adults afflicted with mental illnesses. Upon graduating from law school, Julie practiced in a small general practice firm. she later worked in university administration, where, among other duties, she was responsible for advising international faculty and staff of immigration regulations. After leaving university administration, Julie returned to the private practice of law with a firm in downtown Chicago that specializes in immigration law.

She is licensed to practice law in the states of Illinois an Indiana. She is a member of the National Organization of Social Security Claimants' Representatives, Chicago Bar Association and Illinois State Bar Association. She recently formed her own law practice, Law Office of Julie A. Monberg, P.C., which is located in the Hyde Park Bank Building. Her practice focuses on administrative and general civil law, including Residential Real Estate, Estate Planning, Social Security Disability and Immigration Law.

Julie lives with her husband, Jeff, and their 15-month-old son, Nathan. She regularly uses public transportation and recognizes its importance to the Hyde Park Neighborhood. As a mother, Julie is also very interested in Hyde Park's schools and parks.

James Withrow

B.A.-Government, University of Texas at Austin, certified teacher of Social Studies in the State of Texas, 12 years working in retail, currently employed at the University of Chicago supporting desktop computers. Former 2nd Vice-President of the Conference and active on public transportation issues, interested in zoning and retail issues in Hyde Park and Kenwood and owner of the blog Hyde Park Urbanist.