The 2009 Annual Meeting and Election
Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference-
60th Anniversary!

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The 2009 Annual Meeting and Election was held Sunday, September 13, 2:30-4 pm.
Hyde Park Neighborhood Club, 5480 S
. Kenwood Avenue. Elected


Annual meetings are open, but you must be a member or pay at the door in order to vote.
(Membership Form with rates.) Meetings feature i
ntroduction of the slate, vote, followed by reports and questions on the state of the Conference and community,
including by elected officials.
Election results will be announced at the meeting.

The Annual Meeting elects one third of the Board of Directors, up to 8 of a total board maximum of 24 (minimum of 19). Directors, who must be members in good standing (dues-current) can serve a maximum of two three-year terms, after which they must stand down at least one year. The new board is installed at the October (or within 60 days of the Annual Meeting) meeting (first meeting of the year) and at that meeting elects the Officers for a one-year term. That meeting also elects the Nominating Committee.
For the Annual Meeting, see below for procedure. Appearance is in alpha order of the Nom. Comm. slate (up to 2 over the openings available), followed by alpha order of any others previously nominated from the membership; then the floor is opened for nominations (any such not present must have written consent submitted for them). Vote is by secret ballot, no proxy, and is counted and announced at the meeting.

The Nominating Committee is slated by the Executive Committee (the Officers) and introduced at the Annual Meeting, where additional candidates for those to be filled from the general membership may be nominated from the floor, and is elected by the new board at its first meeting. The Committee has up to five persons, at least three of which are board members, only two members of the executive committee and excluding the President, and having up two of the five non-board members of the Conference.

Qualifications and conditions for voting at the Annual Meeting: from the Bylaws

Article IV Membership

Section 1, Qualifications and Categories
Any individual, family or organization who subscribes to the purposes of the Conference is qualified to be a member.

Section 2, Vote
A member is in good standing and entitled to vote if their yearly dues have been paid. The Board may from time to time establish membership categories and shall establish a schedule of due. However, each membership category shall have only one vote. A family or organization note shall be cast jointly or by its designated representative.

Article V Board of Directors

Section 4, Election, Tenure Qualification
The number of Directors shall be at least 19 but not more than 24. One third of the directors shall be elected each year by a majority of votes cast by Conference members. Members shall cast their votes as set forth in Article VII in person at the Annual Meeting. All candidates shall be members in good standing and shall remain so in order to serve. Votes shall be counted and the results announced at the Annual Meeting. Each director shall serve a three (3) year term commencing at the Annual Meeting and effective at the First Meeting of the Year, or until the Director becomes disqualified to hold office. Commencing from the first election held under this revision of 2002, Directors may serve two (2) successive terms. Following one year of not holding Board membership a past Director may be re-nominated.

Article VII Committees

Section 2 Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee shall be composed of up to five (5) persons, at least three (3) being members of the current Board of Directors, only two (2) of whom may be a member of the Executive Committee and excluding the President, and, if desired, up to two (2) members selected from the general membership of the Conference. The Executive Committee shall propose a slate for the next year's Nominating Committee and announce it along with the announcement of the Annual Meeting and Board slate. The slate will also be announced at the Annual Meting and additional nominations for the general membership representatives, if to be filled, may be taken. The committee wil be elected by the Board at the First Meeting...

(c) ..... The Committee's slate [for Directors] may have up to two (2) more nominees[for Board of Directors than there are positions to be filled. As many resumes as possible of candidates shall appear in this issue of the Reporter, others will appear in subsequent issues before the Annual Meeting. All resumes of the Nominating Committee's slate of candidates will be handed out at the Annual Meeting. Nominations will also be accepted from the floor with the consent of the person nominated.

(d) All nominees must agree to serve and must be members of he Conference in good standing in order to appear on the ballot. Names of candidates selected by the Nominating Committee will be presented in alphabetical order followed by the names of any general membership nominees in alphabetical order. Short vitae, if furnished by candidates, shall be provided. At the Annual Meeting, the candidates shall be presented in ballot order. the floor will be opened to additional nominations. Such nominees shall be members and shall give consent, in written form if they are not present. At the close of nominations, any member may vote by secret ballot. All ballots will be counted and announced at the meeting....

Article XI Annual Meeting

The purpose of the Annual Meeting is to elect members to the Conference Board of Directors and to hear and discuss reports on the State of the Conference and the Community.

The Annual Meeting of the Conference shall be held within the final four months of each year. The board may move the date of the meeting for that year, but not by more than two months either way and provided provisions governing notice to the membership are followed. Thirty (30) days written notice of the Annual Meeting shall be given to each member. In addition, notice shall be published in the Conference's official publication(s). The meeting is open to all members of the Conference.


Elected to the Board, September 13, 2009 (leaving: Jane Comiskey, George W. Davis, Gary Ossewaarde, George Rumsey, Vicky Suchovsky)

Jane Ciacci (re-elected)

Originally from Western Canada, I've lived and worked in Hyde Park for 29 years. I'm the Staff & Organization Development Librarian at the University of Chicago Library, where I direct staff training and development. I hold masters' degrees in library science and human resources management.

I live in the Midway Apartment Building Cooperative, a self-managed building,w here I am currently a member of the board, and for many years have worked in the garden. I have served on the Hyde Park Garden Fair Committee for the past 5 years, and am in my second year as co-chair of the Hyde Park Used Book Sale. My community interests include gardens and parks, security, and the relationship of the University to the Hyde Park-Kenwood community. I am a student of yoga, and an amateur musician, and enjoy traveling to visit parks and gardens around the world.

Judy Dupont (returning)

HPKCC board member 1997 to 2008 and Vice President 2000 to 2003. Member, Garden fair committee.

Hyde park resident for 38 years. Member of Hyde Park Music Club and Hyde Park Piano Seminar for 50 years.

Member of various groups under the auspices of the University of Chicago Service League including Book Group, French group and Chair of the Business Patrons committee.

Good familiarity with computer use; great with the telephone, good managerial and organizational skills. Very persevering.

Irene Freelain (returning)

Irene Freelain is hoping to return to the board of HPKCC. She has previously served two terms on the HPKCC Board of Directors as Treasurer.

Irene has worked as a consultant in her own business for over 20 years, doing small business accounting and computer training. She consults with clients in Hyde Park and throughout the Chicago area.

She has lived in Hyde Park for over 42 years. She attended Roosevelt University and received degrees in Computer Science and Public Administration. She has raised a son that attended the neighborhood schools and went on to the University of Illinois-Champaign and received a masters degree.

She enjoys living in Hyde Park, raising a family, and participating in the community.

Camille Hamilton-Doyle

I was born in Englewood and moved to Hyde Park at the age of 5. I attended Shakespeare grammar school for five years, then Kenwood grammar school (now Canter), where I graduated and then attended Hyde Park High School. After graduating from high school, I attended Chicago Teachers College.

Illinois Bell Telephone company was my employer for 26+ years where I worked various positions in business marketing. After several years of retirement, I entered the workforce again as a Director of Childcare and Development at the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club for five years, and just recently retired, for the last time, as an employee at Kenwood Academy for the Chicago Board of Education. Currently I am pursuing leisure time and becoming more involved in community activities (including Hyde Park Kiwanis, university of Chicago Service League, 57th Street Children's Book Fair, St. Thomas, Chamber of Commerce, 4th ward Democratic Ward volunteer, and HPKCC Schools and 4th of July committees).

David Nekimken

I am David Nekimken. I've lived in Hyde Park for three years in the Qumbya Housing Co-op (Bowers House on University). I graduated from Antioch College in 1968; I've been involved in the college's revival. I have been a member of HPKCC for over two years, on the board for a year. I am a participant in the Affordable Housing Advocacy committee of CECD. I am greatly interested in affordable housing and the direction of economic development in Hyde Park. I am glad to see such civic involvement in the issues before Hyde Park. On a larger venue, I am committed to be a cause for creating more peace in the world.

John W. (Jack) Snapper

I have lived in Hyde Park since 1968, coming here for graduate study at the U of C, where I received a Ph.D in Philosophy in 1974. From about 1970 to 1995, I worked as a bartender at Jimmy's Woodlawn Tap. From 1979 to the present, I have been on the faculty at the Illinois Institute of Technology. (I had both jobs for many years, but discovered at about age 50 that I no longer had the strength to seve drinks until 2:00 and be at the academic office by 9:00 the next morning.)

At IIT, I am a tenured Associate Professor. My publications are mostly in the philosophical foundations of intellectual property. I am co-editor of tone o the first books on ethical issues surrounding new computer-based technology. I have a small reputation in that field. Recently, however, I have lost interest in doing further research in that field, and only write articles when asked to do so by academic friends.

I am a popular teacher. I teach courses far removed from my research reputation. I teach a course on recent art theory, starting with Duchamp and continuing through today's theorists. I teach a couple of courses on 19th Century intellectual history. And most recently, I have taught Greek and Latin philosophy, including an emphasis on the later Stoic writers. Most of my courses satisfy undergraduate requirement for general education in the humanities.

For most of my tenure at IIT, I have been a low-level dean, as well as an instructor. My jobs included the review of undergraduate student progress, and the assistance of students in trouble. (Although I wrote the nasty letters, I think that I was generally successful at saving borderline students.) I gave up the dean's position two years ago, and have returned to a regular department position. I remain a member of many academic governance committees, including the faculty council that is the main governance organization at IIT. I am chair of the faculty senate, a title that sounds more impressive than it is.

I have an interest in the fine arts in Chicago. I am in the process of establishing a fine arts coalition on the unified campus of IIT, Shimer College, and VanderCook College of Music. The plan is to encourage performance and presentation of the fine arts at the 33rd St. campus, bringing in as well the near-by fine arts organizations in Bridgeport, Bronzeville, and Armour Square.

My wife, Zoe Spirra, is a fine artist, with a studio in the Fine Arts Building in the Loop. Her work can be seen on the Chicago Arts Coalition site ( We have no children. We live with Teddy, a moustache parakeet.

I am a member of the Hyde Park Garden Committee. I am president of my condominium association. I collect both tribal art and contemporary art. I attend some very odd "music" events.

Ismail Turay

My name is Ismail Turay, Sr. I'm a 30-plus year resident of Hyde Park/Kenwood Community. I'm married and a father of five. My children all attended or are attending Hyde Park/Kenwood schools. Presently I'm chair person for Kenwood Academy Local School Council and a Community Representative at Shoesmith Elementary School. I'm also an active member of the Hyde Park Schools committee. I hope to bring a great deal of experience to your organization and contribute positively in all your decision-making endeavors.


Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference
Annual Meeting September 13. 2009

Forty-six atended the meeting held in the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club. Refreshmetns included a cake (from Abunance Bakery on #ast 47th Street) and champagne to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of teh Conference. Jay Ammerman raised a toast to outgoing President George Rumsey, to thak him for giving 125% to the Conference, for tackling the tough issues facing the neighborhood, and for leading the spirited discussions of the board.

The meeting was caled toorder at 2:45 P.M. by President George lRumsey. He reminded the attendees that the monthly meetings are open to all.

Alderwoman Leslie Hariston of the Fifth ward gave a report on isues facing her ward and answered questions and concerns from the membership, especially about the Olympics proposal, parking meters, and the porblems of older buildings meeting the Life Safety regulations.

Illinois State Senator Kwame Raoul spoke extensively on the diffiuclty of addressing the problems facing the state in Springfield in straightened economic times.

The Nominating Committee presented the slate of candidates for the board. There were no nominations from the floor. Ballots were distributed along with biographies. The slate of candidates was elected. The new board members were Jane Ciacci, Judy Dupont, Irene Freelain, Camille Hamilton-Doyle, David Nekimken, John W. "Jack" Snapper, and Ismail Turay.

The candidates for the Nominating Committee, to be elected at the October meeting of the board, were announced. They were Irene Freelain, Amy Girst, Michael Doss and George Rumsey (as member at large).

President Rumsey closed with a few remarks aboaut his six years as President. He said, "If there is one thing I'm proud of, it's th ast I'm leaving the Conference stronger than when I found it." The stasement was endorese with a long round of applause. The meeting was adjourned at 4:05 P.M.

Respectfully submitted, Patricia Morse, Secretary.