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An on-going series of community discussions (a successor to "Thinkers and Explorers") is intended to inform and gather community insight about trends and matters that will shape our community and encourage the community to develop a vision for the future of Hyde Park and Kenwood and the South Side. Prep yourself: read updates on these and other topics in the web pages throughout this website. Ask us. Visit Community News, HPKCC News

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In our radar- Forums and other programs exploring our commmunity, its ideals and HPKCC mision as we move beyond our 60th Anniversary

Garden Fair lecture series- Tuesdays in February 2011- 2nd, 8th, 15th, 7 pm, Augustana Church, 5599 S. Woodlawn. Descriptions in Garden Fair page.

September 26, Sunday, 3 pm, Coalition for Equitable Community Development and co-sponsors hold a forum on Changes in the Property Tax Law. With State Rep. Barbara Flynn Currie and someone from the Cook County Assessor's Office. Co-sp with HPKCC Condos Committee, OWL? University Church, 5655 S. University.

Schools Networking Dinner for principals and LSC-PAC-PTA- September 29, 2010, Shoesmith School- See Schools. (The Committee holds one or two a year.)

October 28, Thursday, 6 pm. Seminar on Family Internet Safety. Cosponsored by HPKCC Safety Committee and Hyde Park Systems and others. Kenwood Academy Little Theater.

PLEASE TELL US YOUR BURNING TOPIC, from 53rd development and where the TIF is going to the direction of our schools, trends in public safety..........

Previous forums:

Past Presentation-Discussions under the Thinkers and Explorers banner organized by Meryl Dann:

Tony Bryk, Prof of Education, University of Chicago
"Progress & Problems of Chicago School Reform"  1/12/96

Hon. Abner Mikva,
Visiting Prof of Law and the Walter V. Schaefer Scholar The University of Chicago School of Law
"From here to Washington and Back Again"  4/13/96

Bishop Arthur M. Brazier, Pastor Apostolic Church of God
"Faith Based Development: Building Strong Communities" 7/24/96

Joseph Shuldiner 
"New Directions for CHA" 4/19/98

Report to Community by our elected officials (var.)


Some details on the November 15 block building exercise-- see more in 53rd TIF news page and

In the exercise, participants literally play with two sets of blocks that represent retail space or residential space and have spatial and economic significance. Participants use these blocks to build concepts of buildings and get immediate feed back from developers and number crunchers on the economic feasibility of the development. The exercise allows residents to gain a more realistic understanding of commercial development in their community and its relationship to the current market and residential density. The data collected from the exercise is made available to potential developers so that they plan developments with an understanding of what the community wants to see.

We are looking at sites that need to be developed along 53rd Street, a commercial corridor that is utilized by the entire Hyde Park community. U of C students are an important part of the population in Hyde Park and should have an active part in the commercial and residential development process.

Please find attached a press release announcing the event. We ask that you forward it so that students know about this opportunity. You can find more information about the process and benefits of the exercise at