HPKCC Mission and History

In partnership with the Community since 1949

President: Fylynne Crawford
Vice Presidents:
Ismail Turay (1st)
Michael Bradley
Secretary:Gary Ossewaarde
Treasurer: Eric Thompson

Other Board members:

*Ali Ammoura
*Dr. Damon Arnold
Barbara Barreno-Pasch
**Gino Betts
Betsey Budney
*Joslyn Carson
*Christy Casey
George Davis
Stephanie Franklin
Nina Helstein
Racquel Irvin
Mila Jamison
Rich King
Louise McCurry
Dawn Posey
Eric E. Reaves

Contact us at Telephone: 773 288-8343
1507 E. 53rd St. #404
Chicago, Il 60615

E mail hpkcc@hydepark.org, president@hydepark.org

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Our Mission ... HPKCC is an independent community organization, connecting people in a diverse, green and safe community. We convene individuals and groups to network, and build community around multigenerational activities, community resources, and major issues that affect our future.

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HPKCC is a dues-paying membership-based neighborhood association. Most of our work is done by our committees and collaborations. Won't you join us and one of our committees?
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Our board meets in open session 1st Thursdays, 7 pm, Treasure Island lower level, 1526 E. 55th St.

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History and about

1949: A Community in Crisis

In 1949, a group of urban pioneers in Hyde Park-Kenwood, facing a radically changing neighborhood, deteriorating property, and increasing crime, banded together to reverse the tide of physical and social deterioration. To do so, the residents formed the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference (HPKCC). The major focus of the new organization was urban renewal, stabilization, and neighborhood safety.

As part of the strategy, the conference formed 20 block clubs in 1950 to help residents in their relationships with each other, diagnose neighborhood problems and take action, and build a greater sense of community.

Although HPKCC concentrated its earliest efforts on upgrading property and zoning codes, it soon became apparent that the community had other needs. As a result, the Conference organized committees to improve the schools, the appearance of the community, the parks and recreation facilities, and the communities youth services.

Over the years, the Conference identified more community problems and developed new and specific programs to work toward solutions:

  • Tenant/landlord relationships
  • School volunteers
  • Safety, rights and justice
  • Women's rights
  • Medical Care
  • Air and water pollution

Once a problem was identified, and a program established, HPKCC members took the steps necessary to attack the problem, whether it meant working with city officials on needed ordinances, organizing a tenant's union, working to establish good relationships with varying community groups, developing medical services, or pressuring the city agencies for action.

These activities were carried out in addition to HPKCC's ongoing programs in the areas of schools, urban planning, jobs for teens, parks and beautification.

Down through the years, the continuing goal of the Conference has been to meet the needs of an ever changing community.

Today: A Community Beyond Crisis

Today, the Conference continues working to meet the community's changing needs for maintaining diversity, ensuring neighborhood safety, promoting the welfare of the community, and beautifying the environment.

Our efforts in building community in our second half century may be seen in our wide array of programs.  All participants in the Hyde Park - Kenwood Community are invited to be part of our program activities and to join the Conference.

To each HPKCC Program and Committee home pages with chairs and contacts

Some of these are our own action and activity groups, others are organizations for which we serve as fiscal agent and umbrella-supporter. In addition we have several administrative committees including Editorial, Financial, Membership and Fundraising, and Nominating- more about these in the HPKCC About and Membership page.

Click here to view brief descriptions of our program committees. Or go to the hydepark.org homepage and click on the program names.

The following program descriptions introduce you to the programmatic committees of the Conference. Click the links to see full reports for each committee's activities.

Condos / Co-ops / Plus
Provides information through lecture/seminars and classes with attorneys, discussion, and the Conference Reporter, regarding the law, insurance, and other matters relevant to owners of these dwellings. If you are interested in participating on this committee or for details contact hpkcc@aol.com or 773 288-8343. Co-Chairs.George Rumsey, Allison Hartman-contact hpkcc@aol.com. The board is evaluating this committee.

Manages the Conference Reporter quarterly publication, Website hydepark.org, and social media. Chair George Rumsey

HPKCC sponsors ongoing community forums on topics of special interest to the neighborhood. Check in our pages or email hpkcc@aol.com.

Development, Preservation and Zoning. Committee.
Monitors, engages collaboratively with other organizations, officials and agencies and holds public forums and surveys on development and planning issues, community character, and University of Chicago and other institution and organization policies that affect the neighborhood. Chairman Darryl Crawford or to be named.

Disabilities Task Force of Hyde Park.
A collaborative inter organizational task force that works for a physically and socially friendly community and to see that the rights of persons of disability and all residents are honored in our community and places of business. Liaisons George Rumsey and tbd.

Friends of Blackstone Library. Chair Brenda Sawyer.

Garden Fair. Committee page.
Twice a year the Garden Fair sells plants, bulbs, and garden equipment-Friday and Saturday after Mother's Day and 3rd Saturday in September unless a religious holiday conflicts. Proceeds benefit the Hyde Park Community Conference and garden projects in the Hyde Park - Kenwood Community. Leslie Bloch chair. Visit http://www.hydeparkgardenfair.org for contacts.

Hyde Park Used Book Sale. Collection begins in Treasure Island lower level 1526 E. 55th St. August 15. Sale is in Hyde Park Shopping Center Courtyard near 55th and Lake Park Avenue. Columbus Weekend, Saturday, Sunday 9-6, Monday 9-4 (box and bag, free after 2). Prices drop daily. Chair Jane Ciacci. George Davis.

Nichols Park Advisory Council
An affiliate programmatic committee of the Conference, Nichols Park Council advises the  Chicago Park District  on the maintenance, care, and landscaping of the park.  It oversees the wild flower meadow and more. President Stephanie Franklin, 773 955-3622.

Parks. Committee page.
Works cooperatively with local and citywide groups to enhance our parks maintenance, landscape design, park activities and good planning as well as  improve our environment. Actively participates in forming and granting to PACs. Chair Louise McCurry, with Gary Ossewaarde. parks@hydepark.org.

Promotes community support for schools ("Every School a Source of Pride), provides supplemental suport resources, follows school issues in the community, works for strong LSCs and afterschool programs ensuring our youth develop the skills and assets needed to succeed, and supports/engages prinipals. Chair Donna Peace. schools@hydepark.org.

Transit Task Force. Transit pages home.
Works to improve transit [particularly bus transit and the Gold Line Metra upgrade] to and from the community and parking in the community.  Chairs Roger Huff and Gary Ossewaarde. transit@hydepark.org

Whistlestop promotes street safety and crime prevention through individual and neighbor whistle alerts.  Whistles are available at neighborhood events and various community venues.  Bulk whistle purchases are possible.  All whistles include program information.  If you are interested in participating on this committee or for Whistlestop details contact hpkcc@aol.com or 773 288-8343. Chairs Stephanie Franklin and Nina Helstein.

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