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Maps. Community Profiles.

Homepage quick meetings. About HPKCC. HPKCC WHAT'S UP NOW. History of HPKCC
Neighborhood Calendars and Directories.
Portal to neighborhood websites, news sites, media, blogs. JPAC/Jackson Park home. Friends of Blackstone Library.

Hot Topics and Community Issues home (with links to subject shorts). (To Shortcuts in this page to some key community issues)
Community Development, Harper Court home and portal, Parks, Schools-Education / Youth Programs Databases*, Transit and Access, History and Preservation portal. CANDIDATE RESPONSES TO HPKCC QUESTIONS. (watch for 2015 aldermanic forums- 4th Jan 24, 5th Jan 31)
HPKCC convenes the community organizations Oct 15, March 10 2012. HPKCC opposes library cuts (larger release. Blackstone page).
HPKCC, schools committee and subcommitee, calls for quality school day.
Release on May 3, 2012 Schools Appreciation Dinner and some of what Dr. Charles Payne said.
New park PACs are being formed with HPKCC parks committee help- Harold Washington, Cornell

Below Left: shortcuts to subject home pages, key events, hot issues, about and around Hyde Park, other key websites.
Below Right: Schools specials*, and to Navigate to websites of some friends including JPAC; Subpages of Neighborhood; HPKCC pages (to see by itself)

Calendar: Events, Gatherings
Calendar: Meetings
Calendar: Arts and Culture
Cal.: Civic/pol./social/pers. l
Calendar of Neighborhood Club
Calendars & Directories-index all
Community News pages
53rd Future. Plg. Vision, studies
Innovative, explor'tory in Hyde Pk
Afford. Liv/Hsg Info home Org.
(Hyde Park Village-
what's that?)
Business Climate and Dist. Dev.

Small Business Improv't Fund
Commun. Nonprof. Orgs Media Help
Community Resources
Condominiums and Co-ops
Co-Op (Hyde Park Co-Op info, archived)
Culture/Arts News
Culture/Arts Res. Cal. Used Bk Sale

Chicago Theol. Seminary
City Hyde Park/51st-Lk Pk TIF
Civic Knowledge/SoSide Network
Devel.Comm. home, what's in play
Devel. Navig, Dev/Pres/Zon'g T F
Development main page/home

Disabilities Task Force
Disabilities Business Info Packet
Education Res.; Schools home
about schools committee
Elected Officials
Elections and Voting
Elm Park, threatened
Environment'l Sustainab'ty T F
Garden Fair.
Their site
Good Neighbor/Voluntg. Involved
Government Services
Green Resources, tips
Grocery scene
Harper Court Redevelopment home
Harp RFP Guidel. HPKCC Comment
Healthcare Delivery
Help Line
(for you)
w pages index
Housing homepage See also Helpline
Hunger issues and programs
Jackson Park. Wooded I. Osaka Garden
Landmark districts HPK
Landmark distr crit., RehabFAQs
Local Option liquor zoning as tool
Murals, Viaducts, Lake Park proj.
Neighborhood Goals devel.
Neigh Club (HPNC), sched. About
Neighborhood Res. Links & Media
Obama Effect
Olympics 2016
Jackson Nichols Issues Counc mtgs
Pkg/Transp. Enhan. Distr./Recoms
Pols-elections-vot, map, partic bud
Preserv home. Hot. Beat. Act'n Fund
Promontory Point navigator
Promontory Pt. Latest home
Promontory Point Swimming crisis
Pub. Safety*; CAPS; WhistleStop
Quality of Life issues.
Setting N. Goals
Recreation Directory
Religious, Spiritual Orgs, Resources
Restaurants. Grocer scene
Schools Comm & home. New idea
Schools Hyde Park Schs Initiative
SSA proposed
HPKCC Youth Programs Database
Schools Directory. (table
by itself)
Schools and Educ. News, gen.
Schools, news from area schools
Schools-UC outreach, research
Kenwood Acad HS
Local School Councils
Sustainable Environment Task F
Shore Protec. Pebble B/Morgan
South East Hyde Park
Southside Pres. Action Fund
Theater (Harper)
TIF, 53rd St. Bus. District home
Tracking Community Trends
Transit web home. Transit Task Force
UofC & Community home. Opposition
Univ. Projs. S. Campus. Releases
Univ-City MOU deal/projects
University master plans
Urban Renewal homepage
Vision for the Hyde Park Retail D
Zoning-Devel. 53rd TIF Taxes
Prop Zoning Chges. Liquor changes
Woodlawn Av Cor. UC Pl Dev 43
Woodlawn news, big grants Promise

Key HPKCC events (also in site home):

Hyde Park Used Book Sale continues under
HPKCC mgt.
Annual Meeting 3rd Sun. Sept.
April 2007 Reporter
and August 07
Report: March 28 After School Providers

(Also Report: May 30 with After School Matters)

Latest about key neighborhood issues:

Anniversary: History, next decade perspectives

UC-city agreement MOU
Woodlawn Ave. Univ Planned Dev 43 & subpages from these two
Library cuts, HPKCC release
other city budget
Police district closing and new CAPS mtgs.
Big Choice Neigh grant for Woodlawn

53rd and beyond redevelopment
McMobil- Vue 53
Report May 2013 forum 53rd zoning
61st St. Garden
Chicago Theol. Seminary and Woodlawn Ave
Harper Ct homepage
HCt & TIF funding July 2010
Harper Court Priorities Survey
HPKCC& Harper,
HCt forums full reports- in PDF
Summ. of past HCt Priorities input
Antheus/MAC Properties
incl. Sutherland
Shoreland Village Center
Lab School-Doctors Hospital

Olympics (archived)
Promontory Point
Housing, Affordability home. A H Forums.
Co-op Markets
Density, high rises & condo constr./conver.
Development (visit its homepage)

Disability Rights and Mobility
Cleanslate 53rd cleaning
Parking, Transp. Enhancement District
Retail, Business climate
South East Hyde Park
Viaduct murals, Lake Park project
HPKCC and Community Safety
Woodlawn news, grants.

HPKCC's What's Right and Wrong with HPK

Reports from Challenging the Next Decade

About and around Hyde Park:
MAPS of Hyde Park-Kenwood & its wards and TIFs and venues
(get print maps from the Chamber or SECC)

People You Should Know
HPK Profiles, demographic summary

Walking Tour: Midway Plaisance 1893-now

Columbian Expos
. Fountn of Time. Nikebase
Urban Renewal days, HPKCC early history
Harper Court, Robie House

Annual Art Fairs/Fests, HPK big 12 events
Sculpture and archit'l. highlights,

Metra- Viaducts and Murals
Monk Parakeets

Key websites. Full in Neighborhood Links incl. blogs
University of Chicago websites
Coalition Equitable Comm. Development
Hyde Park Art Center website
HP Chamber of Commerce website
Hyde Park Garden Fair website
Hyde Park Historical Society website
Hyde Park Neighborhood Club website
South East Chicago Commision

* Schools/Education Specials: Youth Program Databases. Expanded afterschool.
Are "promise neighborhoods" the way to go for poverty neighborhoods? See page about. Schools Committee idea for our neighborhood's schools-page about.

To a more complete description of the CPS After School/Office of Extended Learning Opportunities programs (separate page).
Schools Comm. home, Educ. resources, School Directory, LSCs, Schools news, Educ. news, Scores/Rankings,
UC schools progs/research and substudies.

May 6 forum on 53rd Zoning
School closings resol, Canter closing letter
Release on May 3, 2012 Schools Appreciation Dinner and some of what Dr. Charles Payne said. USED BOOK SALE.
HPKCC supports landmark district for Woodlawn Ave.
HPKCC thanks TIF Chair Howard Males upon his stepping down

JANUARY 2011 CONFERENCE REPORTER May 2011Flash June Reporter
HPKCC convenes the comm orgs: How can we best see community needs are met?
Metra Improvement Letter Nov 2015
From the Board and the Presidents' desks

Brought to you by the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference and its website, www.hydepark.org. Join the Conference, support our work. Mission
1507 E. 53rd St. #404, Chicago, IL 60615, hpkcc@aol.com, hydepark.org
Rockefeller Chapel  at University of Chicago, 59th and Woodlawn, detail, on the walking tour of the Midway

View of 53rd Street at Harper Theater
Rockefeller Chapel at the University of Chicago, 59th/Woodlawn
Herald/Harper Theater building at heart of 53rd business district

Sub pages of Neighborhood:

What's innovative in Hyde Park?
Neighborhood Profiles
Reflections by Hyde Parkers on state of the neigbhorhood
Retail: 2000 Vision for the Hyde Park Retail District
Obama Effect?
Antheus/MAC Properties
Development home

Persons with Disabilities, and Task Force on
Business Information Packet on accommodating disabilities

Business/student interfaces
Small business Improvement Fund program
Health Care Delivery
Neighborhood Club programs
Neighborhood links and websites, blogs incl. photos, stories
Neighborhood Quality of Life
Payday Loans

Seniors perspectives, issues.
Setting Neighborhood Goals
South East Hyde Park

Some Close Friends: See in Collaborers in Community
Staying Involved. Good Neighbors-Volunteer Opportunities

Blackstone Library & Friends of- our page
Blue Gargoyle Service Center
Coalition for Equitable Community Development
HP Chamber of Commerce
Hyde Park Garden Fair
Hyde Park Historical Society
HP Neighborhood Club- our page. Their site
Interfaith Open Communities (HP Cluster)
Jackson Park Advisory Council/J Pk website home (Jackson Park official)

Urban Renewal home and timelines. History and Preservation home
HPKCC and block clubs in Urban Renewal era


Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference: Facebook fanpage.
2010 Membership letter. Membership form. Printable brochure

More About.
What's up at HPKC.
Membership and Informational Page (Includes
where to find Reporter features)
Latest From the President's Desk(s) and Actions of the Board Reporter columns
Call for Board Nominees 2011


Early HPKCC records and in urban renewal context. Why Block Clubs?

A look at HPKCC at 60 and our year 2008
Our February 2009 Anniversary Kickoff-contains histories and analyses of the Conference and where the neighborhnood might go in 10 years.

Purpose and Goal of the
Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference

The purpose of the Conference is to attend to the civic needs of the community; work toward an attractive, secure, diverse, and caring community; and to promote participation of residents, businesses, institutions, and organizations in programs and activities that advance the interests and concerns of the community. It serves the community as a watchdog, independent voice, and clearing house in the community's ongoing conversation and decisions about those matters which affect and define community life.

Working together makes better neighbors and neighborhoods. See GoodNeighbors/Volunteer Ops page

HPKCC -current descriptions and contacts list
Programmatic and Committee homepages:
Book Fair
Chicago Academic Games League

Condos and Coops
Development, Preservation, Zoning
Disabilities Task Force
hpdisabilities@aol.com (cc to hpkcc@aol.com)
Friends of Blackstone Library
Sustainable Environment Task Force (see also Green)
Hyde Park Garden Fair Garden Fair's website
Parks home
Schools home.
About the HPKCC Schools Committee
Southside Preservation Action Fund
Transit and Mobility Task Force