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Recent summary issues on development: August 2010 (Harper Court), June 2011 (Harper Theater, CTS/Woodlawn Ave., general-- to be up soon. See where to find individual articles).

The Conference Reporter is produced quarterly by the HPKCC Editorial Committee, Chairman Jay Ammerman. We welcome your material, letters, comments, suggestions, and questions.

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We express our appreciation to Elizabeth Fromm for several years of work producing The Conference Reporter.

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Older Conference records are archived in Regenstein Library Special Collections on the University of Chicago campus.

Where to find features from the Summer 2004 Conference Reporter- those that cease to be timely are removed.

Kids and Games: CAGL's Natural Combination- Chicago Academic Games index page

Bickley Forum on Co-Ops Set for September 20- Condos_Coops index

From the President's Desk..- (HPKCC News) membership (this page- click here)

Transit Changes (When Will They Stop!)- Transit Task Force page

The Conference at Work: WhistleStop- WhistleStop page

Annual Meeting announcement & nominees- - (HPKCC News) membership (this page- click here)

In the Parks: Jackson Park Advisory Council, Guarding the Park- Jackson: Who We Are

Fall Garden Fair-this article, by Joy Rosner, was topical and so is omitted.

Someone You Should Know: Sara Spurlark- Profiles ...Someone You... page

Also, information on Blackstone Library and Blue Gargoyle specials

Where to find features from the Autumn 2004 Conference Reporter

Transit: Does Hyde Park Have a Parking Problem?- Transit Task Force page

Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust Appeals to HPKCC- Robie House page

From the President's Desk...- here, click

A Hyde Parker You Should Know: Gerda Schild- Profiles/Should Know page

From Obama to Raoul: An Eye on the Process- Senate Selection page

HPKCC at Work: News from the Schools Committee- Schools Committee home

The Garden at 53rd and Lake Park- Garden Fair (HPKCC's page)

Programs at the Neighborhood Club and... pulled due to lack of timeliness.

Actions of the HPKCC Board-Visit in Membership page.


Where to find features from the Winter 2005 Conference Reporter

View Winter 2005 Reporter in pdf

Community Safety Focus Group- Community Safety page

Schools forum of March 14 detailed announcement- in Schools Committee page

City services: Don't curse the darkness, call 311- Government Services page

Condos/Coops plans forums- Condos Coops Committee page

Garden Fair Mourns Loss, Announces spring dates- Garden Fair Committee page

The Historic Preservation Process and National Register Nominations- Landmarks Criteria page

Profile-Someone you should know: Ron Grzywinski- Profiles page

HPKCC represented at U of C Civic Knowledge Project Enhancing Assets Conference- Arts News

From the President's Desk, Actions of the Board Dec.-Feb.- this page, as linked


Where to find features from the Spring 2005 Conference Reporter

View Spring 2005 Reporter in pdf

Community Safety and Community Relations Update- Community Safety page

From the President's Desk and comments by Joy Nieda on Safety- Community Safety page

HPKCC Promotes Civil Behavior on 53rd Street- Community Safety page

HPKCC Board Members Aid CAGL Rejuvenation- Chicago Academic Games home

Friends of Blackstone Library Update: Reading Around the Globe- Friends of Blackstone page

Around the Parks- Parks Committee page

Harold Washington Park Discusses Framework Plan- Harold Washington Park page

Earth Day Cleanup, New Vision for Spruce Park- Spruce Park home

On the Road with the Garden Fair- Garden Fair Committee page

Transit Update: CTA Funding Woes Continue- Transit Task Force Spring 2005 Update/Report page


Where to find features from the Summer 2005 Conference Reporter

Announcement of the September 18, 2005 HPKCC Annual Meeting with board nominee bios. Above (part still relevant)

Public Safety Still a Major Concern, by Gary Ossewaarde. Community Safety

Bring Color Back to Your Garden at Fall Garden Fair, September 17, by Joy Rosner. Garden Fair Comm

CAPS: What's In It For You? by Joanne Howard. CAPS News

Standing Room Only for Condo/Coops Forum Held April 28, 2005 at South Shore Cultural Center, by Jay Ammerman. Condos/Coop page

Promontory Point Threatened by New Deal, Pressure against Legislative Rescue, by Gary Ossewaarde. August-September 2005 Point

Around the Parks-Wearing the parks down, by Gary Ossewaarde. Parks home, Park Issues

The U of C and "Community Schooling," by Joanne Howard. U of C Schools Initiatives

A Hyde Parker You Should Know: Robert Starks, by Nancy Baum. Profiles-People You Should Know

Tree Crisis in the Neighborhood, by Stephanie Franklin. Drought and Tree Care 2005


Where to find features from the Autumn, 2005 Conference Reporter

From the President's Desk, by George Rumsey, and News from the HPKCC Board. This page, below

Offensive Campus Party Reason to Re-Engage on Race, Respect, by Gary Ossewaarde. Thuggin'

Safety and Hyde Park, by Joanne Howard. HPKCC Community Safety

Around the Parks: The Point, by Gary Ossewaarde. Point August-September 05

"What's Right and What's Wrong with HPK Public Discussion." What's Right ...Wrong... page

Two Hyde Parkers You Should Know: Mary and Bob Naftzger, by Nancy Baum. Profiles


Where to find features from the Winter (March) 2006 Conference Reporter (Vol. 12., No. 1)

(To get the pictures, join the Conference and ask for the Winter 2006 issue)

Debating the Future of Harper Court. Harper page on voice of HPKCC

From the President's Desk and Recent Actions of the HPKCC Board. HPKCC home, news and membership page

Around the Parks: Parks to Keep, Take Back, or Upgrade. by Gary Ossewaarde. Parks home

2006 Award Ceremony for Local School Council Member. Schools Committee

A Hyde Park Tradition for 47 Years: Volunteering at the Garden Fair. by Trish Morse. Garden Fair Committee

A Hyde Parker You Should Know: Nancy Hays. by Nancy Baum. Profiles


All the features from the special June 2006 issue (all on Harper Court) are in the June 2006 Reporter page. (Vol. 12., No. 2)


Features in the September 2006 Conference Reporter (Vol. 12, No. 3)

Annual Meeting Announcements. September 17 2006. Above. Bios of nominees (both this page).

From the President's Desk (Communications with Harper Court). Below

Affordable Housing Forum draws Hyde Parkers. Affordable Housing Forum page

The New Chicago Academic Games- U-CAGL. CAGL homepage.

Bulbs, Mums and Answers at the Fall Garden Fair. By Joy Rosner. Garden Fair Committee page

HP Celebrates 20th Anniversary of 57th St. Children's Book Fair. 57th Ch. Book Fair page.

Promontory Point: With park district sign-on to unique arrangement, design work can begin provided funding is obtained. Point Latest page

Swim ban changes lead park problems, could endanger the public. New Testing and Swim Bans page. Note- being repositioned, temporarily out of given page.

Big changes for UC/CTA routes, bunching on the #6 reappears, poor bike/pedestrian interface continues. Transit Webpages home (index) page


Where to find features from the December 2006 Conference Reporter (Vol. 12, No. 4)

HPKCC Holds Community Forum on the Future of the Co-op. By Gary Ossewaarde. Co-op page

Disabilities Task Force Educates Local Businesses. Also: From the President's Desk and OWL Holds Forum on Disabilities Issues. Disabilities and Disabilities Task Force page

HPKCC Parks Committee Hosts Small Parks Networking Event. By Gary Ossewaarde. HPKCC Parks Committee page

Theater, 53rd Classic Storefronts Morph into Bold Retail Plan. By Gary Ossewaarde. Theater RFP page

Hyde Park Garden Fair Sponsors Free Winter Lecture Series on Gardening. Garden Fair Winter Lectures 2007

Novel Parking Improvement District Discussed for 53rd Street. By Gary Ossewaarde. Parking District Recommendation page

CleanSlate Coming to 53rd Street. By Jane Comiskey. 53rd TIF Street Cleaning projects page

Year-End Roundup: Transportation and Parks Matters. By Gary Ossewaarde. Community News page

HPKCC Hosts Networking Dinner for School Principals and LSC Chairs. By Nancy B. Baum. Schools Committee page.

Development: New Directions Require a Broader Look--Will Public Input Be Both Sufficient and Wise? By Gary Ossewaarde. Development discussion page.

Neighborhood Club Hires New Director. By Clairan Ferrono. Collaborers in the Community page

Recent Actions of the HPKCC Board. Membership News page


Where to find features from the April 2007 Conference Reporter (13 #1)

Whole issue (typed text)

The Conference in Action: HPKCC Schools Committee Features "After School Matters." By Nancy Baum. (Its own page)

Garden Fair Schedules 48th Annual Plant Sale (and what was learned at the Garden Inspiration lectures. By Trish Morse. (In Garden Fair page)

From the President's Desk... (retail options). By George Rumsey. HPKCC Membership page.

HPKCC Board Discusses Proposed 56th & Cornell Development with Planners, Critics. By Gary Ossewaarde. (Development page; also 56th Cornell page)

Don't Leave Home Without Your Whistle! By Joannne Howard. (WhistleStop page)

A Hyde Parker You Should Know: Peter Cassel, Executive Direcor, Hyde Park Neighborhood Club. By Joanne E. Howard. (Profiles: People You Should Know page)

Brief update from Disabilities Task Force

Officials Update Lake Issues, Swim Bans at Jackson Park Meeting. By Gary Ossewaarde. (JPAC: Beaches, Swimming and Pollution page)

Recent actions of the HPKCC Board (HPKCC Membership home, look for Recent Board Actions)


Where to find features in the August 2007 Conference Reporter (13 #2)

HPKCC Adopts Co-op Used Book Sale The Conference in Action. By George W. Rumsey. (in Hyde Park Co-op Used Book Sale home page)

Fall Bulb & Mum Sale: Green All Year Not Just a Dream. by Joy Rosner. (in our Garden Fair Committee page)

Party in the Parks: "Old Skool Reunion" Rocks the Neighborhood. By Jane Ciacci. (in Quality of Life issues page)

UC Forms Environmental Sustainability Task Force. By Rani Fedson. (in Env. Sust. TF home)

Update from the Schools Committee. By Nancy Baum. (in Schools Committee home page)

From the President's Desk... By George W. Rumsey. (in HPKCC Membership home page-look for Annual Meeting)

Development: Where Is It Gong? Where Would We Like It to Go? By Gary Ossewaarde with contributions of Trish Morse; with an Open Letter from HPKCC on Doctors Hospital. (in Development- look for Op Eds from Reporters- and Doctors Hospital pages)

Olympic Process and Outcome Questioned by HPKCC Committee, Neighborhood. By Gary Ossewaarde. (in Olympics home page)

"Import Substitution" Is a Poor Retail Strategy for Hyde Park. By James Withrow. (in Development- look for Op Eds from Reporters)

Nominees for Election to the HPKCC Board. (in HPKCC Membership/Overviews/Bios)

Asking for the Parks: Jackson and Nichols. By Gary Ossewaarde. (in Parks Budget)


March 2008 (Vol. 14 No. 1) Reporter--readable single put-up being sought. Find articles in context:

HPKCC and 53rd Street TIF Survey Priorities for Harper RFP ,by George Rumsey and Community Learns About, Queries RFP Process for Harper Court, by Gary Ossewaarde. Harper Court Sale page

Gardem Fair Winter Lectures Ready Members for Spring, by Jane Ciacci and Getting Started with Organic Gardening. Garden Fair Committee page

Kenwood Park and Kenwood Council Dispute Affects Community, by Gary Ossewaarde. In Kenwood page, part in Olympics page.

HPKCC Schools Committee Hosts Second Biannual Local School Council Recognition Ceremony (By Nancy Baum). In Schools Committee page.

From the President's Desk and From the Board. Also: Announcement we will hold the Used Book Sale Oct. 11-13.

September 2008. In pdf. Features locator coming.

January 2009 (Vol. 15, No. 1) Reporter--In pdf. Features by themselves in context:

Hyde Park used Book Sale 2008 a Great Success! By Jane Ciacci and Jane Comiskey. In Used Book Sale page.

Green Thoughts on Snowy Night: Garden Fair Lectures Tuesday Nights in February. By Trish Morse. In Garden Fair page.

Fron the President's Desk and Conference Adopts Two New Comittees. By George Rumsey. In About HPKCC.

Condos/Coops Forum Expores Finances and Forclosures. By Jay Ammerman. In Condos-Coops page.

The Year 2008 in Review: Big Storeis in Hyde Park-Kenwood, Chicago. By Gary Ossewaarde. In 2008 Wrap Up page.

Schools Committee holds Networking Dinner. By Nancy Baum. In Schools home page.

April 2009 (Vol. 15, No. 2) Reporter--In pdf. The entire issue is on the 50th Anniversary of the Hyde Park Garden Fair, a committee of the Conference.