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The Conference Reporter- Candidate Responses

This is a service of the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference Editorial Committee chairman and HPKCC President Jane Ciacci. Reporter editor Gail Isenberg. Website editor Gary Ossewaarde. Aldermanic questionnaire task force chair Jack Snapper.
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Candidates for Alderman of the 4th and 5th Wards of Chicago in the February 22 2011 Nonpartisan Election
Responses to a set of 7 questions submitted by Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference

Project task force: Jack Snapper, chairman. Jane Ciacci. Gail Isenberg. Gary Ossewaarde

To More about our questionnaire (and Herald editorial commending) and other resources, forums on this election, who is currently on the ballot.
Note- the Herald of January 19 will have the full HPKCC letter (see 1st bullet) and the first installment of the responses.
(Candidate forums- see in Hot Meetings. About responses to others' questionnaires, interviews- see Voting.)

The Hyde Park Herald is publishing at least most of the answers starting with the January 19 issue.

The responses can also be seen in a different format in http://1537news.com.

On the ballot with punch numbers- 4th Ward Burns-51, Scott-52, Bolden-53, Williams-54, Rumsey-55, Maguet-56, Yokoyama-58.
5th Ward Miles-51, Tankersley-52, Hairston-53, Ross-56, Chalmers-57


HPKCC release letter to media, January 2011

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January 11, 2011

Ward candidates respond to HPKCC questionnaire

The February 22, 2011 aldermanic and citywide election will be one of the most important and memorable elections in Chicago history and will likely set our civic agenda for years to come. An unprecedented number of candidates filed in the 4th, 5th and adjacent wards.

Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference encourages residents to register to vote, learn about the issues and candidates, attend forums, and otherwise question the candidates and also tell the candidates their perspectives and ideas. The Conference will co-sponsor a forum for 4th Ward candidates presented by the Coalition for Equitable Community Development, on Saturday, February 5, 10 a.m. at the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club.

As its main contribution to this public debate, the Conference sent all the candidates who filed for Alderman of the 4th or 5th wards a questionnaire with seven questions, with the responses to be made public. The questions were prepared and responses collected by a board task force led by Jack Snapper and assisted by George Davis, Gail Isenberg, and Gary Ossewaarde.

We thank those candidates (about half of those who filed) who took the time to respond. We are releasing to the public the responses from those candidates who are (or are expected to be) on the ballot at the time of this writing, and whose responses were in the form of answers to the questions. Responses are presented as sent. They are from William D. “Will” Burns, George Rumsey, Brian Scott, and Lori S. Yokoyama (4th Ward) and Carol Hightower Chalmers, Leslie A. Hairston, AnneMarie Miles, and Michele A. Tankersley (5th Ward).

The questions and responses are online in the Conference website, http://www.hydepark.org (linked from the homepage). They are also being released to media and online news sources for their unrestricted use. They will also form the main content of an expanded January 2011 issue of the Conference’s quarterly publication, The Reporter, which is sent to our members and community stakeholders. Copies will be placed in Blackstone Branch Library and be available at appropriate community events between now and election day. Individuals will receive a copy upon request by joining the Conference. Please contact us at hpkcc@aol.com or 773 288-8343.

Jane Ciacci, President and the HPKCC Board of Directors