Hyde Park Used Book Sale
every Columbus weekend in October Sat-Mon

Hyde Park Shopping Center courtyard at 55th and Lake Park

A project and committee of Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference, serving as neighborhood association since 1949. hpkcc@aol.com
Sponsor: Treasure Island Foods, http://www.TIFoods.com

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Thank you to everyone including our chief sponsor Treasure Island Foods, for a fine 2015 sale. We look forward to seeing you agin Columbus weekend 2016 (book collection starts about August 15). More. http://www.hydepark.org/booksale/booksale.html. Early colllections - call George Davis about the possibility- kenwoodgwd@yahoo.com.

AUGUST 2015 ANNOUNCEMENT by George Rumsey, HPKCC President

On Columbus Day weekend, we sell these books in the Hyde Park Shopping Center plaza at 55th and Lake Park. Prices range from 25 cents to $2.00, with some special books priced up. The Book Sale Committee sees this sale as a community service and an opportunity for our customers to make great discoveries, so we like to keep the prices affordable.

At the conclusion of the sale, non-profit organizations are invited to select books. If your non-profit organization would like to be included, please email janeciacci@aol.com. At the conclusion of the sale, the leftovers are turned over to an organization which sells, donates or recycles, as appropriate.

This sale is the main fundraiser for HPKCC, giving us the wherewithal to support projects in the neighborhood that align with our interests: schools, parks, accessibility, development, transit, and safety. It's a terrific community event, whether you are a volunteer or a customer. Join us!

For information about any of the above, see www.hydepark.org/booksale/booksale.html, or email janeciacci@aol.com, or call 773-419-1384 and leave a message.


THANK YOU ALL FOR A FANTASTIC 2015 SALE!!!!!!! A Nonprofit wholesaler took the remainder of the books to distribute them to facilities in need of new homes for good books or to store. Procedes from our sale enable the programs of Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference.
Andrew Holzman mgr. of HPKCC-cosponsored Herald Radio project writes: Gabriel Piemonte at the Herald sat down with some of the organizers; if you're interested in knowing more about the sale, check out this from Herald Radio: https://soundcloud.com/hyde-park-herald/talk-hyde-park-used-book-sale.

Next sale October 2016 Columbus weekend, October 9 and 10 Saturday & Sunday 9-6, October 11 Monday 9-2 (which is box and bag day!) Hyde Park Shopping Center Courtyard, 1500 block of E. 55th St. near Lake Park Ave. Free parking lot.

Book drop off starts in mid August, Treasure Island lower level. Thank you for your books!

Information about past Book Sales


About the Sale

From the June 2011 Conference Reporter: Hyde Park Used Book Sale 2011

The 2011 Used Book Sale will take place as always on Columbus Day Weekend, October 8-10, in the plaza at the Hyde Park Shopping Center. The Conference expresses its thanks to Treasure Island and Hyde park store manager Babe Magnus for their continued support of the sale with sorting space and banana boxes!

Collection of books on the lower level at Treasure Island will begin on Sunday, August 14, and continue until Saturday, October 1. For those who can't bring their books to the store, pickup service will be available. Watch for our posters and ads during the sorting period. This year's co-chairs are George Davis and Jane Ciacci. For more information, or to volunteer, call 773 419-1384 and leave a message.

The annual Hyde Used Book Sale comes on Columbus Day weekend, October 8-10 2011 at the 55th and Lake Park Shopping Plaza. The sale is a community service of the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference, which assumed responsibility for it in 2007 in order to maintain this Hyde Park tradition. It was previously run for [about 50 years] by the Hyde Park Co-op staff and volunteers. Once again this year, we are fortunate to enjoy the sponsorship and support of Treasure Island Foods, which provides us with a room for sorting, and a central collection point for books. We appreciate the space for the storing and sorting.

Where do we get the books?

All our books are donated, and this year we will begin to accept donations at Treasure Island on Sunday, August 15. Many of our long-time loyal customers enjoy culling their books every summer to offer us donations, and then shopping the sale to fill the gaps. The sale typically offers 30,000+ books in over 50 subject areas, for sale at very affordable prices. In recent years, donations have been especially strong in areas such as fiction, mysteries, literary classics, religion, and drama. Our strengths each year depend on the donations we receive. In addition to books, we sell donated sheet music, CD and LP recordings, and DVDs.

Would you like to clean up your bookshelves and be one of or donors? We accept usable books in all subjects, with some exceptions. We do not sell multi-volume encyclopedias, magazines, or journals, except National Geographic and Poetry magazine. We sell travel and computer books from the last 5 years only, unless they are of historical interest.

We ask, urgently but respectfully, that donations be in readable condition. Please discard books that are already so damaged, or so moldy, that you don't want to touch them, because we won't want to either!

What happens after the sale?

The HPKCC Book Sale Committee is always looking for ways to ensure that the books left over at the end of the sale can be donated for the benefit of others. Last year we had a great many mysteries and fiction titles of good quality left at teh end of the Monday "bag & box" day. If you know of organizations such as churches, nursing homes, shelters, schools, hospitals, etc. that would be interested in receiving free books, (and would be able to have someone come and take them away on Monday, October 11) please call Jane Ciacci at 773-419-1384 well before the sale, so we can talk about it!

Where does the money go?

The Book Sale is currently the major fundraising activity for HPKCC. Profits in recent years have enabled us to rent an office in the Hyde Park Bank Building, and to support the work of the Conferences' numerous committees and task forces. In summer 2009 and 2010, we have supported the Neighborhood Clubs' summer teen program, described elsewhere in this issue.

Get involved!

If you have questions about the sale, or suggestions of groups that could use leftover books, contact Jane Ciacci, 773 419-7932. If you would like to volunteer, either as part of the book collecting and sorting team between mid-August and mid-October, or at the sale itself, contact Jane Ciacci or George Davis as above; also if you would like to donate books, but need a pickup. we will be able to make a limited n umber of pickups by prearrangement only, after September 1.

Look for our notices and ads beginning in mid-August. We look forward to seeing you at the sale!


Used Book sale is a big hit--again

From Jane Ciacci and George W. Davis, as in the October 24 Hyde Park Herald

Over Columbus Day weekend, the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference (HPKCC) held the annual Hyde Park Used Book Sale. We are honored by the continued sponsorship and support of Treasure Island Foods, which helps us to preserve this neighborhood tradition. Special thanks to Mari Kamberos, and to Babe Magnus, his staff, and especially to the produce department, for providing all those banana boxes!

We thank the members of the HP-KCC Book Sale Committee, particularly Cheryl Miller, Jane Comiskey, Gail Isenberg and George Rumsey. Our loyal volunteers did the sorting and worked the sale. And of course we thank our donors and our customers for their continued support , as well as teh Herald for helping to publicize the collection period and the sale.

Leftover book were donated to non-profits and to Discover Books, a corporation that resells, charitably redistributes, and recycles used books.

The proceeds of the Book Sale support HP-KCC's continue operations a a watchdog, independent voice and clearing house in the community's ongoing conversation and decisions about matters that affect and define community life. We welcome new members and offer opportunities to get involved in neighborhood issues and events. Read about us in hydepark.org.

Book sale once again a smashing success (2010)

Hyde Park Herald November 3, 2010. By Jane Ciacci, President, HPKCC and book sale co-chair, and Jane Comiskey, co-chair

Over Columbus Day weekend, the Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference held the annual Hyde Park Used book Sale. For a third year we have enjoyed the sponsorship and support of the Hyde Park Treasure Island store. Specail thanks to Babe Magnus, store manager, his staff -- especially to the produce department for providing an endless supply of boxes! From mid-August until the sale, Treasure Island provided the collection point for books and a room in which to sort and pack them, as well as the manpower to send boxes of books up the conveyor belt and move them on pallets to the plaza on setup day.

This year we are proud that the Book Sale in turn made donations of books to organizations that will make good use of them. Residents of D.A.R.E. at 55th and Cornell selected books to start a library there. An anonymous benefactor selected books for Whittier School in Pilsen, where parents are fighting to establish a library in a fieldhouse that CPS would like to demolish. Books were selected for Shoesmith School, on the west side of Kenwood Park. Books left over on Monday afternoon were donated to Reading Tree, a literacy organization which will distribute many of them free as part of its programs to promote reading, sell others and recycle responsibly what cannot be used.

The profits from the Book Sale support HPKCC's mission of working toward an attractive, secure, diverse and caring community. HPKCC is a membership organization which serves the community as a watchdog, independent vice and clearing house int eh community's ongoing conversation and decisions about matters which affect and define community life. We welcome new members! Read about us at hydepark.org.

Thanks again to Maria Kamberos, owner of Treasure Island, to Babe Magnus and his staff and thanks also to our many donors, our volunteers, our team of paid workers and to our costumers old and new for ensuring another successful sale!

Past Book Sales

To 2009 Thank you. Jan. 2010 Reporter update.

A hearty thanks for previous years successful sale to all who volunteered, gave, bought books or spread the word. Special thanks to official sponsor Treasure Island foods and to several of its employees in both 2008 and 2009. The sale underwrites the programs of Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference.

Thank you to all who gave books or helped and especially to our official sponsor, TREASURE ISLAND FOODS.
Thanks to our co-chairs and volunteer chairs, Jane Comiskey and Jane Ciacci.

Yes! we do give receipts for tax purposes for GIFT OF BOOKS if someone is there to see the books, but cannot give an appraisal.

From the 2009 sale.

Before the sale..

Picture before the sale... Thanks to Amy Girst (taken by a friend).


From the January 2010 Conference Reporter
Profits from Used Book Sale Help Support HPKCC Programs
By Jane Ciacci and Jane Comiskey, co-chairs

In 2007, HPKCC took over the management of the Hyde Park Used Book Sale, formerly operated by the Hyde Park Co-op and a crew of volunteers. The sale has been a Columbus Day Weekend tradition in hyde Park for [about 50] years. The books which are sold are donated, and included both general titles and specialized titles reflecting the interests of Hyde Park's academic community. While book dealers are an important part of our clientele, we are proud of the fact that this is principally a distinctive neighborhood sale, and work to keep it that way. Every year our neighbors look forward to the opportunity to donate books they no longer need, and to find new ones at the sale. Profits from the sale support the programs of teh HPKCC and allow the Conference to expand its activities.

For teh second year, the sale was made possible by the generous sponsorship and support of Treasure Island Foods. Treasure Island supplied a sorting room rent-free, a huge number of banana and fruit boxes for packing, and a forklift and river for the labor-intensive task of moving books from the basement to the plaza. This year the Conference showed its gratitude to our good neighbor Treasure Island with a certificate of appreciation presented to the Hyde Park store manager, Babe Magnus, in early November.

Each year before sorting begins, the Book Sale Committee reviews the all-important matters of pricing and subject categories, as well as operational issue that arose during the previous sale. Our philosophy is that even in a poor economy, we want to give our buyers the opportunity to make surprising and affordable discoveries, so for the most part, prices remained the same as in previous years. This year, one new category, Literary Classics, turned out to be especially popular. However, mysteries of all kinds are still Hyde Parkers' leisure-time reading of choice!

The book acceptance and sorting process took just under two months, beginning on August 17. We were able to sort everything that was received, with the help of volunteer who ensured that sorting took place daily.

Our group of about 50 volunteers included Board members, friends of Board members, and community members who had volunteered in previous years. Board members accept assignment to particular days or evenings to ensure that someone is present to receive books and guide volunteers. Some people sort books; others, especially Hedy, our packing expert, pack them; still others work at the sale tallying purchases, taking the cash, or "on the floor," keeping the books in order and answering buyers' questions.

Volunteer John Loftus and co-chair Jane Comiskey made many trips to pick up donations; as usual, we were offered more than we were able to pick up. For the pickups and the sale itself, the volunteers were ably supported by a paid crew of 6 men. We are grateful to all our volunteers and crew for your contributions and enthusiasm, which survived the inauspicious wind and rain on setup day, and the chilly sale days.

We estimated that there were 30,000 books on the sales floor at the start of the sale, somewhat fewer than last year. For our "special books," we were fortunate to have the advice of Doug Wilson of O'Gara and Wilson Books on 57th St., who helps us understand what really is special. we have also begun to consider how changes in in the book trade may affect the sale in future years.

mike McNamee and the Resource Center took away two truckloads of books to be recycled at the end, including unsaleable ones. This year it was necessary to recycle some saleable material because we have no year-round storage space.

For the 2010 sale, the Book Sale committee is mounting a serious effort to identify and work with nonprofit organizations that could use leftover books, especially those that could not afford books otherwise. These could include shelters, schools, retirement homes, after-school programs, etc. If you know of such an organization, please tell us early by emailing Jane Ciacci at kjc2@uchicago.edu.

Thanks to our generous donors, to our tireless volunteers, and to all our enthusiastic shoppers! we look forward to our fourth year managing the sale in 2010. If you'd like to volunteer, please contact one of us. Happy Reading!


So what, specifically does the Book Fair enable, and in some cases fund?

Jane Ciacci writes:

Our current financial report shows that the October 2009 book sale took in $15,614.91, and our expenses were $6,538.73, so we had a net profit of $9,076.18. This was somewhat less than we had hoped for (we were looking for $10K or more) but the weather wasn't in our favor, nor was the economy.

However, the profits of the sale are currently the Conference's major source of support for its ongoing expenses, such as the office in the Hyde Park Bank building, and space rental and other expenses for community events throughout the year. For example, coming up next week is our Schools Committee's biennial award ceremony for Local School Council members and volunteers, with speaker Jacqueline Edelberg (author of How to Walk to School- Blueprint for a Neighborhood School Renaissance). In April, the Condos and Co-ops Committee expects to host a forum on condo > issues with Attorney John Bickley, who has worked with the committee for > several years to provide these popular forums on topical questions.

In 2009, we hosted the HPKCC Forum "Challenging the Next Decade,"to kick > off our 60th anniversary year, and added two organizations as committees > of the Conference, the Friends of Blackstone Library and the South Side. Preservation Action Fund, which commissioned a structural engineering assessment of the Harper Theater Buildings, paid for with grant funding obtained by the Fund.

Our Development, Preservation & Zoning Committee is particularly active, and collaborates with a number of other community groups, including the 53rd Street TIF Advisory Council and its committees, Coalition for Equitable Community Development, Hyde Park Disabilities Task Force, Hyde Park Historical Society and its Preservation Committee, Interfaith Open Communities, Older Women's League of Hyde Park and Illinois, Southside Solidarity Network.

The profits of the 2008 book sale made possible a $2,500 donation to the Hyde Park Neighborhood Club to help fund transportation for the Summer Teen program in summer 2009.

As you probably know, you can read more about the various activities of the Conference and its committees at http://www.hydepark.org/hpkcc/index.htm.