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Summary Document on Harper Court Priorities

Complied by Trish Morse, HPKCC Secretary, as a fulfillment of request of Alderman Preckwinkle for the TIF committee and HPKCC to compile/prepare community input into Guidelines for a Harper Court RFP for March 2008. Morse used the documents listed in the Harper Court homepage in preparing her report, submitted to Harper Court Future Steering Committee February 4, 2008. The headings and organization were suggested by Harper Court Arts council in its June 2006 document. The following was the foundation for a Priorities Survey being compiled.

The 53rd Street Future Steering Committee,
Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference Development Committee
RFP guidelines task force: Gary Ossewaarde (chair), Trish Morse, Charles Newsome

*Harper Court*: Draft Guidelines for RFP and Possible Points for Priority Survey
By Patricia Morse - February 4, 2008

*Gateway to 53rd Street Business District*
1. Pedestrian friendly on Lake Park, 53rd, and Harper Avenue to welcome into the space
2. Flexible design for changing needs
3. Relate to the 53rd Street streetscape—modern design with sensitivity to the three-story brick buildings and redone Hyde Park Bank building as its immediate neighbors.
4. Destination –needs dramatic design, signage
5. ADA accessibility
6. Environmentally friendly (e.g., rooftop garden, green technology, trees

*Mixed Use Development*
7. Recreational
a. Opportunities for teenagers (e.g., skateboard park)
8. Shopping
a. Clothing
b. Specialty stores
c. Stores that serve the arts (e.g., sewing, crafts, art supplies, fiber art)
d. Art galleries
e. Major retail
9. Nightlife
a. Cinema
b. Theatre/performance space
c. Spaces for poetry readings, smaller interactive performances
d. Music
10. Dining
a. Sidewalk café
b. Bars
c. "Destination" dining
11. Office space
a. Small businesses and professionals
b. Space for services (e.g., veterinarian)
12. Residential (e.g., Upper story residential)

*Public Space for Street Level Activity*
13. Large public space (e.g., for Farmers' Market, Art Festivals, Concerts)
14. Spaces for impromptu gatherings (chess tables)
15. Landscaping—trees, seating, flowers
16. Well-lit ambiance at night

17. Multilevel parking garage to serve it and the Hyde Park business district
18. Available day and night
19. Unobtrusive parking at the back of the development or underground
20. Unobtrusive truck delivery (along 52nd?)

*Carry Forward the Original Purpose of Harper Court*
21. Space for small businesses, artisans, and cooperative art galleries
22. Provide subsidies/"affordable" rents to nurture local artisans
23. Space for interactive entertainment (e.g., music, poetry, art)

*Developer Must Present Development Plans for Public Comment*