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Harper Court Redevelopment Project - Construction log

2010- south building on the east side of Harper (Dixie Kitchen) raised. Intermittent drill-testing thereafter through 1st half of 2011


End of July, 1st week of August- abatement and preliminary site prep done

2nd week of August- fencing erected around Hollywood Video and across Harper Ave. Drilling, utility disconnect started.

By end of the third week, demolition was well underway for Hollywood Video and preliminary work on Harper St. buildings. a

By August 26, Hollywood video had vanished except for some pillars and lintel and a platform, and crews were starting on the Calypso and west-of-Harper buildings.
53rd St. sidewalk is closed off and on by Hollywood Video. The fence blew down over Labor Day.

By September 16, most of the remaining foundation of Hollywood was torn up and being taken off site. New electrical conduit was being placed in Lake Park Avenue from 52nd south and several yards west on 53rd St. Foundation removal continued from the Calypso building through the former courtyard and through the west building.

October 12 financing closed. By October 26, Com Ed work was still underway in Lake Park and 53rd St. That day, the city lot was closed and removal of pay machines, barriers between sections etc. was underway. Lake Park covered walkway in the street was well underway and heavy work was underway throughout the site in early November.

Sidebar: City Council passed on November 2 at behest of Ald. Burns an ordinance enabling the infrastructure changes for Harper Court. These include alleyways, sidewalks, and the return of Harper Ave. to through traffic 51st to 53rd.

November 7: Crane construction was underway. Then caisson drilling. They continued to hollow out the foundation, finding lots of piping, wiring, walls and fittings of old pre-urban renewal buildings and probably Old Lake Park Avenue. One of the more interesting finds was an old boiler.


By January 10 2012 they were done drilling and laying pylons and had over half the sheet metal laid out around the perimeter (finishe a few days later). Hollowing out was in progress.

By January 30 the platform had been lain for the site crane and work on it begun. Erected over a week plus in February.

By Feburary 15, pylons to floor 1 level and various concrete platforms were being installed. Heavy perimeter butressing work was in or being constructed, especially on the Harper Ave. side.

In the first week of April, ped-walk scaffolding was going up in 53rd Street itself. Traffic issues were heightened. The alderman intends to make both sides of old Lake Park for parking. Work is stil being done on the sub level and level 1 (concrete being poured, lots of things set down.

By the end of June, they were laying floor 7 in the office tower- and adding the outside construction elevator on the se corner. The north retail building was slowly being built over parking, and the hotel pad awaited topping out the office tower.

The project received something of a setback from a severe storm on Sunday July 1-- lots of the pre-flooring tiles on the floor under construction fell into the floor below or had to pushed down by the fire department, the pouring timbers were blown way out of shape, and equipment stored on that scattered-- possibly some onto Lake Park Avenue. The mess was cleaned up quickly with barely a skip of a beat.

End of the 3rd week of August, the office building was nearing topping off, the retail and parking complex west and north were adding their final floors for Phase I, and columns were being started for the hotel. The water connection had been made.

The office building was topped off in the third week of September 2012, but the formal topping off (last pour) was in the 3rd week of October. In the last week cladding was being applied to the north building. The hotel was doing the 3rd floor above grade.

The high crane was being dismantled November 29. The Hotel was on floor 3.
December 4- green-glass cladding was starting on the 53rd front of the office building.