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When it's useful to call 311 (from Conference Reporter). Here's how to contact 311 electronically and have request tracked: .

City Stickers available. 2014 street cleaning schedules. 5th ward schedule is all the way down.
The new link to report electronically issues such as infrastructure (lights out..) (311) is


This page also has links and contacts for many government agencies. Here's the short quick-list: (to full) Key Agencies & Public taxing bodies:
               City of   City services  Chicago Park District  Chicago Public Schools  Chicago Public Libraries  CTA
               Chicago's Departments of       Planning  
TIF registry   Environment   Police   Water
               Cook County        Depts:  list of Bureaus & Agencies   Search by services wanted
               State of Illinois                       An access to all Illinois government + links to some cities 


OPEN DATA ONE-STOP: Find Chicago, Cook, and Illinois services/facilities/agencies, offices/info sites of officials, approved homecare providers, check register, mapof restaurants and inspections, public health data, crimes, gov't officials/workers salaries, vendors and contracts. According to The Daily Whale, the site organizes data sets into categories consisting of: housing and property; economic development; education; environment; government administration; ethics; health and human services; public safety; tax and revenue; and transportation. Also included on the website are newly created data sets. These features include: an interactive map of the area's hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities that are operated by the city, county or state; a directory of government buildings and facilities in metro Chicago; and tax, permits, investment incentives and regulation data for businesses.

Report street lights out-

4th and 5th wards street cleaning schedule 2015

5th WARD:

4th WARD:

Numbers: Chicago-request city service/make complaint ("Request service" forms) 311 or bypass to ald. office
Emergencies: 911 (Police recommend when in doubt its 911)
Police non-emergency (312) 746-6000
Fire TDD (312) 744-9110
Poison Control Center (800) 942-5969
Heat Emergencies (312) 744-5000
Homeless Help Line (312) 563-1620
Free low-income income tax preparation sites:
Senior Freeze and Exemption programs- download at


Report problems to the city via a smart phone- point and click-
311 Tracking System

Chicago’s new “Open 311” service request system was announced recently, it allows Chicagoans to track service requests from the time they are submitted and receive an email when the issue is resolved through a new “311 Service Tracker.” The system also allows residents to submit photos with service requests, encouraging more accurate and detailed reporting of issues to City departments. Here is the web

City of Chicago Emails are generally first initial ahead of last name


Page Index. (Scroll through subject headings for more hotlines.)

Meetings, program explanations et al

Residents interested in the 2013 street sweeping schedule and map for their community may visit

For information regarding the street cleaning schedule, please feel free to contact the 5th Ward Service Office at 773-324-5555, or the Streets and Sanitation Office at 312-747-7900.

Note, trash pickup is now under the grid system, rather than by ward- but still call your ward sanititation ofice with any questions.

Also, some city departments are using new ward boundaries, others are under the old (pre 2011 election).

Our community's current liaisons from city agencies


311 Tracking System

Chicago’s new “Open 311” service request system was announced recently, it allows Chicagoans to track service requests from the time they are submitted and receive an email when the issue is resolved through a new “311 Service Tracker.” The system also allows residents to submit photos with service requests, encouraging more accurate and detailed reporting of issues to City departments. Here is the web

Elected officials' basic contacts phone nos will have to be researched. Or are the charts below in city-county-state

Senator Richard Durbin 312-353-4952
Senator Tammy Duckworth312 886-3506
Congressman Bobby Rush 773-224-6500
Congressman Robin Kelly, Jr. 708-798-6000
IL Representative Curtis J. Tarver II
IL Representative Kambium Buckner.
773 285-1110,
IL Senator Robert Peters 773-363-1996 (yes)
Alderman Sophia King (4th Ward 773 536-8103 (yes),,
435 E. 35th St., 773-536-8103
Alderwoman Leslie Hairston (5th Ward)
2325 E. 71st Street 773-324-5555
email: or

3rd Ward Ald. Pat Dowell
20th Ward Ald. Jeanette Taylo.



Aldermanic and Ward Service Offices

(4th and 5th ward phones have a menu of aides who handle various topics.)
(re: Aldermanic websites)

Residents interested in the 2013 street sweeping schedule and map for their community may visit

For information regarding the street cleaning schedule, please feel free to contact the 5th Ward Service Office at 773-324-5555, or Gloria Pitman, 5th Ward Superintendent, Streets and Sanitation Office at 312-747-7900- 1619 E. 73rd St.

Note, trash pickup is now under the grid system, rather than by ward- but still call your ward sanititation ofice with any questions. FAQ ON BLUE CART ROLLOUT

Blue cart rollout- frequently asked questions (from Ald. Burns Newletter April 26 2013)


When will my community receive the Blue Cart Recycling service?
All residents who live in single family homes, 2-flat, 3-flat or 4-flat buildings, will receive the residential Blue Cart Recycling service by the end of 2013. The citywide roll out will take place in phases, and residents will receive a postcard in the mail informing them about when the service will come to their area.

Will I be notified when the service begins?
Yes, you will receive a postcard in the mail informing you that the service is coming to your community and when cart distribution and the service will begin.

Why is my cart being delivered to the front of my house?
Carts are delivered to the front of the houses so that the City can assign the cart to the address on the house.

I don’t want to recycle. Can I use this cart as a garbage cart?
No. If you do not want to recycle, please provide your address and we will remove your cart.

Who will be collecting my recyclables?

Depending on your location, recyclables will be collected by the Department of Streets and Sanitation, Waste Management or Sims Metal Management Municipal Recycling. Regardless of hauler, all residents will receive bi-weekly recycling collection.

Will you collect on the same day as my garbage?
If you have curbside service (ie you bring your cart to the front of the house) your Blue Cart will be collected on the same day as your garbage. If you have alley service, the days may not be the same, so please leave your cart in the alley for the entire week to ensure collection.

How frequently do you collect my recycling?
All recycling is collected every other week.

What types of materials can I put in my Blue Cart?

When your cart arrives at your home, you will receive a brochure describing what materials, including paper, plastics, glass and metals can be placed in the cart. In addition, there is a permanent decal on top of the blue cart with similar information.

Do I have to put the recyclables in a special bag before putting them in the cart?
No, recyclables can be put in the cart bagged or loose. Any type of bag may be used.

Do I have to wash all containers before I put them in the cart?
No, you do not need to rinse containers before placing them in the cart.

Can I put yard waste in my Blue Cart?
No. All yard waste should be collected separately, placed in a tightly sealed bag and set out next to your recycling cart. Yard waste includes grass clippings, leaves, and branches.

I want to become a Recycling Block Captain. Where can I sign up?
Residents can call 312.744.5702 to request information on the Block Captain Program

The Chicago City Council is the City's legislative body, comprised of 50 alderman both representing and in several key respects managing city wards. In addition each ward has a Ward Superintendent responsible for services. Click to find out about aldermanic Ward meeting times and rules for attending, citizen advisory committees, and to see what standing City Council committees the aldermen serve on. There is no online information yet on what ordinances are being proposed, but you can try in the City Clerk's site Guide to current legislation activity.

Complaints and requests for services may be best fielded by your alderman's office:

When especially to contact your alderman.

Aldermanic websites: go to, find City Council and scroll to alderman's name. Their e-mail is first initial of first name followed directly by last Example
Current Ward maps are available in City Hall, ground floor.

Fifth Ward on Facebook:

Whom to call at the 5th ward Office (773 324-5555)

Kim Webb (x11). Chief of staff. Development, infrastructure, resurfacing, potholes, speed humps, landmarks, liquor license, permits, real estate, zoning, city council resolutions.

Lanita Ross, others given in phone no. directory

Ward Superintendent (Streets and Sanitation): Gloria Pitman 312 747-7900 out of date?



Alderman 4th Ward
Sophia D. King

435 E. 35th St. Chicago, IL 60616
(373) 536-8103
(773) 870-2760 Simmons aide.

Cherise. Prentice Butler
Constituent services Margaret Kutyna-

Ward Phone: 773-536-8103
Fax 773 536-7296
City Hall Office: 121 N. LaSalle St.
Room 300, Office 10
Chicago, IL 60602
City Hall Phone: 312-744-2690


4th or last Saturday ward meetings, 10 am Monumental Baptist Church.
Open hours 1st Monday 5-8.

4th Ward Committeeman: Toni Preckwinkle, 1516 E. 53rd St. 2nd Fl. 773 288-0000, fax 773 288-0005. Aide Mae Wilson and

Ward meetings Dem Org 4th Saturday ams at Monumental Baptist, 929 E. Oakwood.

4th Ward Republican- Babette Peyton 773 536-5326

Reach malderman's webpage via (/Ward4 ?)

Ward (Sanitation) Superintendent:

4th: ?? staying? Nathaniel McGowan, 4352 S. Cottage Grove, 60653, 312 747-0860. Fax 312 747-0861.

Ward Sanitation Office.
4th Ward- 4415 S. Cottage Grove. (312) 747-0860

3rd Ward Pat Dowell

20th Ward Jeanette Taylor (incoming)

Leslie Hairston

Alderman, 5th Ward
2325 E. 71st Street
Chicago, IL 60649
Phone: 773-324-5555
Fax: 773 324-1585
Lead: Kimberly Webb

City Hall Office:

121 N. LaSalle St.
Room 300, Office 23
Chicago, IL 60602
Phone: 312-744-6832

Extended ward open hours Tuesday evenings, 2nd Sats. 10-2, Free legal counseling 2nd Tuesdays at ward office 6-8 pm.
City stickers on sale June 10 10-2, and July 13 11-6.

Ward meetings 4th Tuesdays 6-8 pm. Location rotates.

Reach the alderman's webpage via

Ward Committeemen:

5th Ward Democratic- Leslie Hairston (Ald.)
5th Ward Republican- Christopher Coordes

Ward (Sanitation) Superintendent:

5th: Gloria Pitman, 1619 E. 73rd St, 60649, 312 747-7900, Fax 773 687-6477

Ward Sanitation Office. Superintendent Gloria Pittman. 1619 E. 73rd St. 312 747-7900. M-F 6-2:30


Chicago city-wide elected officials' services:

City Information and Complaints Click Here for all city services.
Telephone (312) 744-5000 or 311. City Hall: 121 N. LaSalle St., Chicago, IL 60602- include Suite or Room.
City of Chicago /(Office of the) Mayor (The Mayor cannot be directly sent e-mail.)
It is best to substitute where they used to read

Citywide elected officials. Note, the Mayor cannot be directly e-mailed

Lori Lightfoot.

Office of the Mayor
City Hall Room 501
121 North LaSalle Street

Chicago, IL 60602
Telephone (312) 744-3334

__ Valencia
City Clerk

(312) 744-6861.



____ ____-Ervin
City Treasurer

(312) 744-3360

Mayor's Office:


Chicago City Clerk
E-mail to
121 N. LaSalle Street. (312) 744-6861, TDD(312) 744-2939

Get info here on:


Other City Services (selection)
Click Here for all city services.
Or, Chicago-request city service/make complaint ("Request a city service" forms) 311. Go to city website for departments without links.

New! Dept. of Children and Youth Services consolidates lots of programs.

Consumer complaints (800) 386-5438

Department of Aging
e-mail: (312) 744-6777, (312) 744-4016. Fax (312) 744-1022. 121 N. Lasalle
Administration: (312) 744-8176, 30 N. LaSalle St. Fax (312) 744-0680

This site can help you do the following:

Services for Seniors (any level of gov't):

Area Regional Center: Southeast: Atlas 1767 E. 79th St. (312) 747-0189

Volunteering: Light Up Chicago One To One. (312) 744-5795

Animal Care and Control

2741 S. Western. (312) 747-1406

Department of Buildings

121 N. LaSalle St. (321) 744-3400 incl. Commissioner's Office.

The department has been divided into Buildings (code enforcement and inspections)
and Construction and Permits that now has one-stop centers.
Business Express312 744-CITY Assigns you a single contact.

Business Licenses are handled by the Department of Revenue

Also: Department of Business Affairs and Licensing, incl. Local Control Commission

Acting Commissioner Mary Lou Eisenhower, City Hall 121 N. LaSalle

Department of Buildings- Public Affairs Bureau, including Landlord Training Program

(312) 744-3430. Programs on keeping illegal activities out of rental buildings, crisis resolution, eviction process, crime prevention through environmental design, contract clauses and leases, warning signs of illegal activity, accessing required city services. (More information in Helpline)

Business Licenses are handled by the Department of Revenue

Also: Department of Business Affairs and Licensing, incl. Local Control Commission

Acting Commissioner Mary Lou Eisenhower, City Hall 121 N. LaSalle

Cable Communications

33 N. LaSalle St. suite 1650. (312) 744-4052

Construction and Permits

Department of Consumer Services, Business Affairs and Consumer Protection

50 W. Washington and 121 N. LaSalle

MOPD- Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities, Note also Mayor's Pedestrian Access Committee (MPAC).
e-mail: (NONE) website (312) 744-6673 121 N. LaSalle room 1104. (See also
Mayor's Office of Workforce Development, 1615 W. Chicago Ave. (312) 744-7777.)
This site can help you do the following:

More in Disabilities page and Helpline.

Domestic Violence

Mayor's Office On: (312) 747-9972
Helpline 24 hour multilingual voice toll free: (312) 1-877 863-6338

Department of Housing and Economic Development. New name for Dept. of Planning and Dev., which see below.

Department of the Environment
e -mail:, Directory

30 N. LaSalle St. 60602, (312) 744-7607


Department of Public Health
This site can help you do the following:


Public Aid and Health Services-any level
of government

Department of Housing

Main office 318 S. Michigan. (312) 747-9000
Homeless Hotline. (800) 654-8595

Human Relations Commission

Department of Human Services

e-mail: online at website (click "feedback")
Information 24 hours: (312) 744-5000
Community Service Center. King HSC 4314 S. Cottage Grove. (312) 747-5619

This site can help you do the following:


Inspector General

(773) 478-7799, Hotline 24 hour (773) 478-2127

Landmarks, Commission on Chicago

121 N. LaSalle. (312) 744-3200

The Landmarks Commission meets 1st Thursdays, 12:45 pm, 33 N. LaSalle, room 1600.
Department of Planning and Development- Commission on Chicago Landmarks
33 North LaSalle Street, Suite 1600. Also given as 121 N. LaSalle, Chicago, IL, 60602
312 744-3200, TDD 312 744-2958
Reach website from
To contact concerning Commission dates, location of meetings, and agenda: Terry Tatum, 312 744-9147.



License Appeal Commission

50 W. Washington (312) 744-4095

Department of Parking

Department of Planning and Development (Now D. of Community Development)

121 N. LaSalle Room 1000? or 7th floor? (312) 744-4190


Department of Revenue

At 121 N. LaSalle Room 107

Department of Streets and Sanitation

Department of Transportation

Vehicle Stickers-see City Clerk and Dept. Consumer Services

Contact aldermanic offices for days the City Clerk's comes to the office to sell city stickers

Department of Water Management

Emergencies, need evaluation: At least in the 5th ward call Tom Laporte, 312 742-109. cell 312 614-7719.

Department of Zoning and Zoning Board of Appeals

(312) 744-3508. Appeals: (312) 744-3888
New Zoning Ordinance


Safety, Policing and Emergency contacts (city and other)



Dial 311 when: (911 2ill be rerouted to 311 when + certain non-threatening crimes will NOT have an officer sent but require report-by-phone)
a. The situation is non-emergency
b. The offender is NOT on scene

Dial 911 emergency when:
a. The crime is in progress
b. The offender is on scene
c. A serious offense is being committed

** Always obtain a police report when a crime has been committed. If an arrest is made, sign complaints and be prepared to appear in court.

To give or receive additional information in regards to a report, contact:
a. Area Detective Division
b. District Tactical Team (when applicable)

Chicago Police Dept. 3rd District Desk 312-747-8201
Commander’s Office 312-747-5530
Tactical Unit 312-747-8619
CAPS Office 312-747-7004
Area Central Detectives (Property Crimes) 312-747-8384
Area Central Detectives (Violent Crimes) 312-747-8380

Community Policing

More including more links in Public Safety and CAPS pages. Not here? Look in telephone blue pages Chicago-Police Department.


Cook County

Cook County Website: or

This site has been recommended to us for sorting out contacts at county government.

County Number: (312) 443-5000 (-5656 can also be used to reach County and Court Clerk)

Cook County Hospital. (312) 633-6000 835 W. Harrison

County Building (312) 443-5000

Deceased Removal (312) 666-0200


Regional Transportation Authority
Chicago Area Transportation Study


Toni Preckwinkle
Board President
Toni Preckwinkle
Cook County Board President
118 N. Clark Street Room 537
Chicago, IL 60602

312 603-6400
fax: 312 443-4397

Jerry Butler, Commissioner, 4th District
Telephone (773) 224-1705

Fritz Kaegi
Cook County Assessor

Dorothy Brown
County Clerk New recommended site:

Karen Yarborough
Clerk of the County Court

Tom Dart
Cook County Sheriff

Kim Foxx
Cook County State's Attorney

Maria Pappas

Cook County Treasurer

Area Commissioner 4th District- Bill Lowry

5th Subcircuit, Circuit Court of Cook County. (South Side north of 75th and east of Western Avenue)
Ed Washington II

Key relevant divisions and departments

Note: see expanded information from the Treasurer and Assessor in Seniors and Others Tax page.


State of Illinois

Governor-- JB Pritzker


Local legislators

State Representative, 25th District
Curtis J. Tarver II
1303 E. 53rd Street, Chicago, IL 60690-2026
Telephone ?(773) 667-0550, fax 773 667- 3010
(872) 365-2055
Facebook @repCurtisJTarverII
Email-incl. to set up a meeting.
District Director Bernie Williams


Kambium Buckner. 26th Representative District. Each house district constitutes one half of a senatorial district.

Track legislation at

State Representative, 26th District,
west part of HP-K:

District office stays at 449 E. 35th St., Chicago, IL 60616. 773 285-1110, fax 773 285-1117
Capitol office 276-S Stratton Building, Springfield, IL 62706. 217 782-2023,
Fax 217 782-8569.
or Springfield- 1240A-W Stratton Office Bldg.
Springfield, IL 62706
Chicago- 449 E. 35th St. 1st floor, Chicago, IL 60616-
773-924-1755 (office)
773-924-1775 (fax)



Robert J. Peters
State Senator, 13th District (25th and 26th House districts comprise the 13th Senatorial District)

Contact information see in Elected. Stays at Kwame's old office with same number and Springfield address and numbe.
1509 E. 53rd St. 60615.
(773 )363-1996. Fax (773) 363-5099
email and link to social:

Springfield: M121 Capitol 105B State Capital, Springfield),
IL 62706, (217) 782-5338, fax 782-5340

Redistricted state legislative maps are
available at the State Board of Elections,
State of Illinois Building (Thompson Center).

State of Illinois Website: Old.

General state information: (312) 814-3500. Note that the state is too vast to incorporate here. Ye olde phone book will help you get started if you get lost in the webmaze.

State Income Tax (800) 732-8866.

Follow in the website top left column for any bill introduced in the current session through the legislature and find out its contents and status. (Note, many bills start as boilerplate filler- shells, they are called- especially a duplicate of one in the other chamber, until it's actually heard, composed and negotiated.)


Illinois Dept. of Agriculture. (217) 782-2172

Children and Family Services. (312) 808-4039

KidCare/FamilyCare: Applications and list of Application Agents: or hotline 1-866-4-OUR-KIDS.

Illinois Commerce Commission. 160 N. LaSalle St. Suite C-800. (1 800) 52-0795.

Illinois Dept. of Financial and Professional Regulation. 100 W. Randolph. (312) 814-4500

Illinois Historic Preservation Agency

Illinois Inspector General. (773) 478-2127

Illinois Dept. of Insurance. 100 W. Randolph. (312) 814-2420

Illinois Natural History Survey

Illinois Department of Natural Resources: Water Resources, Fish and Wildlife, Geographical/Geospatial Data and Clearinghouse, Land Management and Parks: big sites

Illinois Dept. of Public Aid. Child Support Division 32 W. Randolph room 890. (1 800) 447-4278

Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH)

Illinois State Police. (847) 294-4400


Office of the Attorney General

Kwame Raoul

Downtown main number (Thompson Center, 100 W. Randolph, Floor 12, 60601) (312) 814-3000.
(1 800) 386-5438, TDD (1 800) 964-3013.
South Side office (7906 S. Cottage Grove, 60619) 773 488-2600. Otherwise if in Chicago it's either at Thompson, 100 W. Randolph or at 160 N. LaSalle.

Numbers: Consumer Fraud (Chicago) (800)-385-5438,
TYY (800) 964-3013

Charitable Trusts Bureau (312) 814-3374
Children's advocacy (312) 814-3489
Internet Child Exploitation (312) 913-3505
Sex Offender Registry-
Crime Victims (800) 228-3368
Automated Victim Notification (866) 5-NOTIFY
Disability Rights (312) 814-5684, TTY 312 814-3374
Environmental Crimes (888) 288-9436
Franchise Bureau (217) 782-4465
Freedom of Information (217) 782-9005
Gang Crime Prevention (877) 411-GCPC (4272)
Health Care Hotline (877) 305-5145
Senior Citizens Consumer Fraud (800) 243-5377
School Violence Tipline (800) 382-3000
Veterans Helpline (800) 477-0024
Violence Against Women (312) 814-2592

Deadbeat parents and more:

Areas of representation: Antitrust, Civil Appeals, Civil Rights, Consumer Protection, Disabilities, Environmental Enforcement and Asbestos Abatement, General Law, Land Acquisition, Industrial (Workers' Comp)

Illinois Department of Employment Security: Employment/business websites and one-stop portals: (See more in Disabilities and Helpline-Employment pages.)

From the Illinois Department of Employment Security: Unemployment and Workers' Compensation Information for Employers and any others, business license information and business regulation. (Remember that all libraries now have free computer access.) 33 S. State St. , Chicago IL 60603, 312 793-9276.

Services are now immediately available in one place through Business Portal at

Statewide internet unemployment claims system at
. Watch for future services over these and other internet sites.

Illinois Skills Match free internet job matching: (to be enhanced in the fall for businesses that do not need a 100% match)

Illinois TaxNet from IDES and the Dept. of Revenue lets businesses file, apply for an account,make address and employee info changes between quarters:

Workforce data, economic information and career information:

State Environmental-responsibility departments are found in the links section of the Green Hyde Park page.

Some state agencies involved in disabilities:

Illinois Attorney General's Office. In Chicago, Disability Rights Bureau, 100 W. Randolph Street, Chicago, Illinois 60601, 312 814-5684, TTY 312 814-3374. Violations of the Guide Dog Access Act or White Cane Law, instances of discrimination or non accommodation.

Illinois Department of Human Services. 800 720-4166, TTY 800 447-6404. Provides information about and eligibility for Medicaid, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, food stamps, and other services.

Illinois Department of Insurance. 877 527-9431, TTY 312 814-2603. Health insurance.

Illinois Department of Public Aid. 800 226-0768, TTY 866-675-8440. Provides information about and eligibility for Medicaid for individuals with disabilities who are employed. Illinois this program is known as Health Benefits for Workers with disabilities (HBWD).

Illinois Office of Consumer Health Insurance. Also 851-2751, TTY 800 545-2455. Provides information about I-CHIP. (Will find out what that is.)

Illinois Rx Buying Club. 866 215-3462, TTY 866 215-3479. Provides options for purchasing some subscriptions at discounted prices.

Heating cost assistance. Available to eligible Peoples Energy customers. Federally-funded LIHEAP (Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program. Help to reconnect, pay bills, keep service. Spring to Nov. 1- available to customers disconnected, disabled or elderly. From Nov. 1 open to all eligible.
Call LIHEAP hotline at 1-800-571-2332, WECAN at 6450 S. Stony Island, or Peoples Energy-
People's Energy also has a Budget Payment Plan (but read the fine print).



Web portal to federal services

Now you don't have to wait inline for services and information because the Federal government opens its doors "one-stop" at Or call 1-888-FED-INFO (333-4636)

Senators and Representatives: See from Elected Officials or (uploadable directory with contacts) or

Some Federal Agencies

Federal Bureau of Investigation, 218 S. Dearborn, 60604. (312) 431-1333

Federal Trade Commission, 55 E. Monroe St. Suite 1860. (312) 960-5633

Rehabilitation services (See Disabilities Business Packet for ADA resources and services.)

Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services
U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue SW, Room 3006-MES, Washington, DC 20202-2500,

Office of Civil Rights
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 200 Independence Avenue Sw, Room 515F-Humphrey Bldg., Washington, DC 20001, 202-619-0403

Disabilities Right Section (ADA)
U. S. Department of Justice, P.O. 66738, Washington, DC 20035-6738,
800-514-0301, TDD 800-514-0383

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
1801 L Street, Washington, DC 20507, 800-669-3362, 800-669-3302

Consult also Family Resources Center on Disabilites (FRCD). 20 E. Jackson Blvd., Room 300, Chicago, IL 60604, 312-939-3513, TDD 312-939-3519,,
(Unclear whether this is state, federal or both)

Social Security Administration, ( 800 772 1213.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

U.S. Department of Agriculture

U.S. Department of Energy. Solar Energy

U.S. Department of Immigration and Naturalization 10 W. Jackson, (312) 385-1500

U.S. Department of the Interior

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Green landscaping (best practices at home)
77 W. Jackson Blvd. 60604. (312). Inspector General: 202 260-4977
Hazardous Material or Oil Spill: (800) 424-8802
Environment and Natural Resources Division of the Department of Justice: (202) 514-2000
Environmental Justice-Public Lands: (202) 452-5050
Environmental Library: (202) 452-5050
Home or Community Environmental Issues: (312) 814-6026

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

U.S. Geological Survey including water resources and Great Lakes; geol,eco, official land use and topological maps


Don't Curse the Darkness, call 311!

Hyde Park-Kenwood Community Conference. Vol. 11 No. 1. Winter, 2005

By Trish Morse

Be the eyes and ears for the city services and the aldermanic offices for your neighborhood. They aren't always in a position to know when things aren't working--but you are. People may not know why they feel better in a neighborhood with enough trash cans, fixed sidewalks, and lit streets. Things are transparently right. But it's obvious what's wrong when a street is covered in trash over broken pavement that trips you up in the dark. Neglect feeds on itself. For a safer, healthier neighborhood, when you see something that needs fixing, call 311.

This was my discovery one night as I was walking home from work. The street lights were out on 56th Street. Ordinarily, I'd have just walked through the darkness, muttering to myself that someone ought to fix it. But for once, I had another idea and I called someone in the Fifth Ward alderman's office. Sure enough, the lights got fixed. What a sense of accomplishment the next night to see my way home!

I often would mutter about a pothole or a piece of badly broken sidewalk, but I had been daunted before because I didn't know who to call when I saw something wrong. I had been reluctant to call 311 because I thought it was mostly for non-emergency police reports. I also assumed that a call there would get lost in the shuffle. As it turns out, 311 is there to get your call about city business to the right place--whatever place that is. It can even answer questions about city and Park District events and festivals. Better yet, your call for a city service becomes part of a tracking system that the aldermen use as well as the city to follow through on the problem.

So, I called for a garbage can for the bus stop on my block for all the trash that gets strewn about. I called about an abandoned car that was slowly settling into last autumn's leaves as the air left its times. As a result I have a neater street with more parking. If your request isn't one of the routine ones, 311 will tell you who to call. For instance, if t he lights are out in the park across the street, that's a Park District responsibility, but 311 can get you to the right place.

If you don't want to call, you can enter things into the 311 database directly by going online to Click on "Request a City Service" in the left-hand list. On the page that opens, the link to the full list of forms will give you the full range of possibilities--from building code problems to potholes, abandoned animals and animal cruelty to street signs, form graffiti to trees on the public way. But remember, the city doesn't shovel sidewalks or fire hydrants.

There is of course a hitch. The city doesn't have the money to fix everything. as a result, the city provides each alderman with a limited amount of money. As the budget crunch worsens, more and more gets put on the same menu with no increase in the amount of money the alderman has to work with. But the city can't fix and aldermen can't put on their menues what they don't know about. It's still worth a try.

You can also call the aldermanic offices to report problems during office hours."

Fourth Ward, Toni Preckwinkle
4646 S. Drexel
Chicago, IL 60653
Ward Phone: 773 53608103

Fifth Ward, Leslie Hairston
1900 E. 71st Street
Chicago, IL 60649
Ward Phone: 773 324-5555.